Hosting for a Dummy

Sun, 27th January 2008, 00:03


I'm sure that people like me are a web hosting provider's worst nightmare. I'm the person that  companies foresaw when they placed "is it plugged in" as the first statement in their troubleshooting manual. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me introduce myself.   I'm Zip.

Thought that was a cute name. Techie like a zip file (as if I knew what that was). I've been graciously offered the opportunity to write a blog here at Hostjury about web hosting providers, how-to's and some tutorials on different web hosting terminology.   (I almost wrote a “column”)


At first, I was surprised that I was being recognized so quickly for my geek like suave. Then when I first woke with night sweats, it occurred to me that maybe it was more like, "if he's busy blogging about web hosting companies, then he won't be out surfing the web or worse, hogging the support line asking unforgettable questions!"


So what am I doing. Really, I haven't got a clue. (which Joey, Tom, Frank, and Mary from Tech Support will attest to). But I'm going to enter the world that has made so many overnight success stories. 

I'm going to enter the web hosting world. Maybe as a client, first. 

Really, why shouldn't I. If a bunch of kids who haven't even finished school can do it, well lets just say “I hope their money is made”.

So I'm hoping you'll follow my adventure into the high speed world. No slowskies here. From signing up a host to retirement.

This is Hosting A “Dummy”