Hosting A Dummy: Register the Domain Name

Tue, 29th January 2008, 18:42

 What's in a domain name. ...This is everything we've existed for. The American dream. Our last chance at fame and fortune. We've spent months, years, maybe the last half hour, deciding its our time to get on line and show them how it's done ....

A cold bead of sweat breaks on my brow as I, one finger type, my new domain name into the box.  zip dot com and I push enter. *%&%&^#$ dot com is not available


ok ok Zip is getting ahead of himself again. What is a domain name. A domain name is your piece of Internet heaven and as long as you pay the yearly fee it will continue to be so. Stop paying and it will be covered in those nasty Internet Ad weeds.

It can end in Dot COM or Dot NET.


Which type of domain name is right for you?

  • If you are going to be a capitalist then you want Dot Com. (commercial)
  • How about an organization... then you'll want Dot Org. (organizations)
  • Maybe your looking for prestige... then try Dot Net or Dot your name
  • How about you Canadians Eh.... You'd want Dot CA (country code)
  • Dot Mobi is mobile.. dot info is get the picture

If in them all and for about thirty bucks a year you'll own the whole city block. Ok've got your name all picked and it's time to close the deal. Now what

(that was a question...not a statement!)


You can read our Go Daddy Reviews by clicking here.

Click on the link and your an Internet Tycoon. A regular ol' Donald Trump. Just with internet property instead of something tangible!


Is your domain taken, they offer suggestions!


Go Daddy actually has a cool little feature that allows you to see who stole your name.

After they tell you that choice is taken, click the link for more information. They even offer you some suggestions. So once you got that name registered drop back and Zip will lead you through the tangled web of acquiring a place with the hosting company...