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Advanced Internet Technologies began as a grass roots movement. AIT company culture, core values and technology were built from the ground up and forged on the basis of putting the customer first.AIT also offer private label hosting solutions for large companies, ISP clients and Resellers of every sort.

Fayetteville, NC

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Joanne M Carroll

I have had nothing but the best response from the support staff at AIT.

Easily they are the best in the business!

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George Hallak

We have been with AIT since we first started, fifteen (15) years ago.

The grass always looks greener on the other end! AIT has been responsive to our needs in a timely manner for all of these years.

The staff is hard working and courteous making us feel as if we are the only customer they have! Seriously.

Thank you AIT and we wish a happy sweet 16th. birthday.

George Hallak



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Tom Robinson

I recently requested that my PERL be updated to the most recent version. AIT moved my entire site to a new dedicated server and responded quickly to restore my SSH access which was affected after the move to the new server. Great customer service along with a great product.

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Terri Savage

Been with AIT since the late 90's. Am on a dedicated server and the only reason I stay is their tech support. The best!!!

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hands down the best in the bizz, AIT has been more than a breathe of fresh air for me! thank you AIT!

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Allen Howe

Support has been very quick and professional on the few times I have needed them in the past few years.

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Alec Yaverian

We have been a client of AIT for more than 10 years now for many reasons, just to list a few: 1) extremely professional support and services 2) great product 3) client-centric organization 4) trustworthy 5) database confidentiality guaranteed. Over the ten years we have received unmatched and exceptional service and 24 hours support.

AIT for us is your best bet for hassle free and professional hosting service.


Alec Yaverian

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Mario Roter

Great support!

very good package, all in all.

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Tom Robinson

Been with AIT since the mid 1990's.

They have been getting better and better each year.

Good pricing, with features like MySQL installed locally, command line access, ETC.

I particularly enjoy their prompt, courteous and professional support.

I recommend to anyone particularly to those requiring a full featured, full access to the backend solution.

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Larry Carhartt

I started With AIT about 6 months ago. AIT’s tech staff took me from a very difficult situation with my old virtual host to very top of the line hardware and web site configuration. AIT is very reliable and I can count on superior help when I need it. I highly recommend them without reservation or qualification.

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short wait time for support

professional knowledgeable staff

above and beyond help for all my questions and support problems

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Mark Johnson

Tech Support is excellent. Easy to reach, fast work on the problem, and great explanation of the issues.

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Patrick Riley

Have hosted at AIT for over 15 years and have always been happy.

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Jim W

I have been with AIT for well over 15 years and my experience with them have been great. Prompt, precise and friendly. I have not encountered a problem yet that they have not fixed. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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Host UR Bix

I have been hosting sites for over 10 years with several different hosts. I started about 3 years ago with AIT using their Dedicated Server Hosting. It has been proven to be by far the most reliable hosting and support. The only real down time was during the big snow storm a year or two ago.

I highly recommend AIT.

I am about to sign up for one or two VPS hosting services and move all of my clients to their server.

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S Parr

Best I've experienced in over 30 years of business.

They do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Superb quality and unexpected kindness and integrity for a business.


S. Parr

Owner Netprobe Internet a division of Word Productions Christian publishing and media.

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dan bailey

Good people, good speed. I have been with AIT for 10 years...had some ups and downs but the last two years have been very good. I recommend.

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Tom Robinson

I have been with AIT since the mid nineties. They have gotten better and better over the years. I have found no other hosting solution which offer such great access to your server including shell access allowing you to work from the command line when necessary including locally installed MySql.

Over the years, I have learned how to deal with support in order to give them the necessary detail of information to resolve my issues. When I recognize an issue which reoccurred I am able to easily look back months or even years through closed tickets and give guidance to the support team.

If you only say my email isn't working you may be in for a few back and forth sessions until the techs can get the details of what is wrong so they can resolve your issue. I just hope they never cut back on the services they offer. As for support it continues to get better each year. If you get stumped with tier 1 on a problem don't hesitate to ask to have your ticket escalated to tier 4 Admin if they don't automatically do it for you.

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Not a lot to say, I have been happy with my relationship with AIT since 1998.

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michael dolberry

I am new, but so far so good.

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Dick Nite

We've been with AIT for decades. They went through a couple of periods where email went down frequently and some other challenges, but in the past couple of years, we have had NO problems that weren't fixed rapidly.

Today, we could not access our site or email server for about an hour. Entered a support ticket and within 10 minutes it was fixed and we received an email notifying us of what the problem was and that it was fixed.

It was!

I tell everyone I know that is looking for a host to check out AIT.

Thanks for being a very good vendor for all these years!

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Patricia Barth

I've been with AIT for more than 10 years through its ups and downs. In recent years, the operative trend is professional, wonderful customer service and tech support, reliability, competitive pricing, plan features, and a caring staff. I do highly recommend trying AIT.

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George D.

I've been with AIT for a little more than 10 years and I can say there are 10 times better than when I started.

They will be one of my main hosting companies until I retire in 5 years.

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AIT - stay away! AIT puts out lots of propaganda about how great they are. Some years ago, they were satisfactory, now, the support response has gotten very slow. NEVER EVER give these bandits electronic access to your checking account. If you use a credit card, make sure it has a low limit. I have had my sites shut off more than once with not so much as a phone call or email because of a billing error on their end. After I raised hell, I got a "courtesy" phone call from a drone to let me know my site had been shut down. Seems like they hire warm bodies off the street with little or no training. Putting in trouble tickets with AIT has become part of the weekly routine. Watch out for extra charges in the fine print if you cancel, you will be obligated to pay another 6 months hosting fees even after you leave. If AIT spent as much time on supporting their services as they do coming up with bogus charges, they would probably be an excellent host.

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Lots of server downtime (dedicated server) and very slow trouble ticket response. Server has been down more than 24 hours at a time. Don't hold your breath expecting a response or update regarding ticket status, either. Lots of stupid, simple mistakes made by techs with little or no experience have added hours and hours to downtime. Overall, I couldn't recommend AIT even if I was paid to do so.

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Completely agree with the rest of reviews. I had to deal with tech support 4 times this past year for various issues and all the time it took days! for them to solve the problem and people answering phone were untrained and difficult to deal with! At one point my site was down for more than a week! VERY dissatisfied with their service.. had it enough and right now looking for a new host.

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Simply put, this company has become a disaster. I've been a customer for 8 years and have been trying to move clients off of them for several years. Tech support is unreliable and untrustworthy. Most of the time it takes several calls to resolve issues, often taking days or weeks. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! DON'T GET SUCKERED IN AND HELD HOSTAGE!!!!

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Dawn Marie Peterson

Yes AIT seems glossy on the top with their range of packages and features. The array of problems I had with them over 8 years is extensive....but my site is large and I didn't want to deal with a move. (Big mistake.) The single biggest reason I decided to move away was there *constant* strong-arm tactics of trying to get me to upgrade my account despite serious problems like a cpanel that never worked.

When my 'dedicated' server with mySQL databases magically became corrupted and they wouldn't correct the problem without a $100 charge, I moved on. It took their lead technicians 14 hours to respond to my tickets (since I didn't get a single reply before then) and then his reply was snotty that I didn't need to send multiple tickets when they already knew of the problem. Apparently, communication isn't part of 'their' job descriptions. When I told them not to bother, I fixed it myself, (I had put in a static file in the place where the PHP scripts was dying,) the next day I started getting phone calls that I needed to upgrade my server AGAIN. It was the last straw.

Strangely enough, my new host moved over all the files, including mySQL databases through cpanel for me and everything works perfectly and my site is never down. Oh and for all the bandwidth and RAM that they claimed I used (remember, my cpanel 'didn't' work there so I had no way to gauge my new server actually has a bandwidth monitor that works AND surprise, surprise...I'm using about a 1/3 what AIT said I was. They were rooking me for years.

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Terrible Service!!!! I've hosted with Ait for almost 3 years and constantly had connection problems. I was on the phone with them at least once a week to resolve e-mail issues. Their Tech support is inexperienced and rude. It was the worst web hosting experinece I had. I've been hosting with another server for 6 months now and never had a single problem. I would never recomend Ait to anyone. "

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Harold Trowne

I hosted with AIT on two occasions and it was not until actually visiting their building outside Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC that I was proven how terrible the establishment actually is. First, the building itself should be condemned. The AC units in their Data Center were out, meaning it was roughly 110 degrees surrounding the servers, not to mention the equipment was old and poorly maintained. Upon entering I was greeting by an early 20s guy who turned out to be the owner's, Clarence Briggs, son. He was friendly enough however seemed to not have a formal education or applicable know how on most of the things going on, simply basic hands on experience. I never met the other tech staff, which were reluctant to come out. Anyway, the data center is on site and located in a heavy outage area which causes a lot of downtime with AIT. My dedicated server constantly went down and upset our 2000- ish users. This led to our ultimate switch away from AIT. In recent months I have found through research that their main business is resellers. Also, they are an umbrella for many other companies like for one. Overall, I did not like my experience and would not suggest them to others. At almost $200/ month I took my business elsewhere. Thanks.

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