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Hudson Valley Host offers a wide variety of high quality web hosting services for everyone, from the home user to the professional. At Hudson Valley we strive to offer our clients the best services at competitive prices. Hudson Valley Host cheap cPanel hosting services include everything from inexpensive shared hosting, low cost reseller hosting, master reseller & alpha reseller hosting as well as virtual private servers, dedicated servers and professional web design.

Hudson Valley Host low cost hosting services include a 14 day money back guarantee, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, true 24x7 tech support and unlimited features on all shared, reseller and VPS packages. You can get a managed virtual private server or an unmanaged virtual server, the choice is yours. If you need a fully managed VPS our support pricing is very competitive starting at only $9.00 a month for tier 1 support!

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Janina Kacprzynski

I started with Hudson Valley on their reseller package. Support is always there for you and are the most patient staff that I have ever encountered.

Currently we are on one of their managed vps. The price, the support, and services are exceptional. Uptime is more then 99.9% and when upgrades or anything is to be done on the system you are notified days in advance. They are a company that has the customer in mind more then the anything else.

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I have about 4 at the moment self-managed vps servers and a vps reseller account. The 4 self managed servers I have are running nginx+mysql for web hosting and I have no problem with wordpress or any of the static sites I have setup. They are the cheap plan 256MB RAM so nothing over powered.

Requests are quicker then my shared hosting with hostgator which is amazing considering I pay more for that then I do all for of the self managed vps's.

For the issues I've had such as not being able to reach a server they worked with me within 15 minutes of opening a ticket and got it up and running in about 45. Just a great company and I wish for them to be around for awhile :D

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Apart from good pricing and support, they are an absolute nightmare. I was hosted with them for a year and 4 times they changed the IP, and 3-4 times my websites were all gone without any backup. If you take a risk of getting your sites hosted with them, make sure you take backup of your sites everyday. Their uptime is very very poor. You have been warned.

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Ryan Yona

Bought the VPS, utilized for 24 hours, and has now been offline for 48 hours. Stay FAR FAR away from HudsonValleyHost if you are looking for reputable hosting.

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Bought a VPS from them today. Worst customer experience ever. They revoked my account, accused me of remotely launching a DDOS attack against my own VPS, and haven't refunded me. Had the VPS for 2-3 hours total.

'Cause that makes sense, right?

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Delivered 1st server 2 weeks late with wrong speed configuration. Delivered 2nd server 3 weeks late. Ernie offered me a full refund for such horrible treatment. Then later Ernie tells me he has "no authorization to give refund, only ColoCrossing does". Called me names such as "fraud" for continuously asking for refund.

Hudson Valley Host is a re-seller of ColoCrossing so when you have problems, good luck. Irresponsible, dishonest, and horrible server speed.

Hudson Valley Host and ColoCrossing have made my life hell and I would certainly NOT recommend this place to anyone.

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there entire IP range is blacklisted on Spamhaus SBL , not for sending SPAM but for sending ALL kinds of viruses and malware ,as Spamhaus said here :

this hosting provider is a wast of time and money ,so ,buyers BE AWARE !!!

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Washington Farias

Slow Dedicated Servers, I faced a lot of issues like machine being offline without any reason!

And I've contracted an Unmanaged Enterprise Dedicated Server with DDOS Protection, and was the worse experience I've been in all my life, under 1 month and I changed to another company, I suggest to anyone who's looking for Hudson Valley go away from it!

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