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Steadfast Networks is a Chicago based IT infrastructure provider that specializes in highly flexible cloud environments, dedicated servers, Chicago colocation, New York colocation and managed colocation services out of our fully redundant data centers in Chicago and New York that have been audited according to SSAE16 (replacement for SAS70) standards.

We have been providing quality service since 1998 and pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality, flexible, and exceptionally reliable services at a very reasonable price. While our services are geared towards small and medium businesses, Internet/network service providers, and the financial sector, we are able to accommodate customers of all sizes, from a highly flexible Cloud Hosting account to a complex multi-gigabit managed colocation configuration.

The focus is to simplify your life by allowing us to handle your IT infrastructure issues and problems, allowing you to focus on your core business while making IT a true asset.

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I don't know what to really say about Steadfast except they are an excellent host. They used the H-Sphere control panel for their shared hosting customers which is easy to use. I've had %100 uptime while with them and their support has allways been great!

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David J.

I was with Steadfast Networks for a total of a year and a half.

I happened to have multiple dedicated servers with them so this review doesn't exactly apply for their web hosting -- but parts of it do (i.e. network).

I was satisifed with Steadfast Network for quite a few months until network issues started popping up. Without notice they would randomly disappear off the net (or at least the router I was on would) for 40 minutes at a time in most cases.

The result with Steadfast Networks' great SLA was multiple free months throughout that one and a half years.

Overall I would say they're better than the majority of dedicated server providers and their pricing is great. Support was also great until the last few months where they kept giving me the runaround regarding the network issues I was having.

I finally chose to leave them just this year but I would consider returning once they get the network sorted.

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SteadFast is a GREAT host. I have had no problems at all with them, and they accept tons of questions and are much cheaper then other hosts, I had to go through tons of host but finally got to them, and they are great! I recommend them to anyone who needs a good host!

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Larry Scott

I've had them for over 2 years, and never ran into any sort of problems. I don't have to use their support because their uptimes are well into the 100+ days on their servers.

I definitly recommend them to anyone I know needing webhosting.

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Russell Baker

We are using Steadfast Networks as a Dedicated Windows application and file server. Initial setup was just a few hours after purchase. Every trouble ticket has been answered promptly, professionally and kindly - usually in about 10-15 minutes. Initial sales questions were handled knowledgably. I'm only a jr. Admin type and the folks there have been patient and helpful - not at all put out by my questions. Also their ticketing system and online account management systems are very intutive/nicely designed. We are very happy that we went with Steadfast.

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Cheryl Maiorca

I've had an extremely positive experience with Steadfast Networks since I signed up in November. I had one period of outage that lasted 10 minutes that I am aware of, and the site has been completely stable otherwise. When I had technical questions, they answered my telephone call and provided assistance within 5 minutes. I'm highly impressed with their customer service and with how well the site runs while I'm paying less than $4/month.

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WOW! I just contacted Steadfast with an account issue. I had planed to get some sleep and deal with it in the morning. One last check of my email, and I notice the response, timestamped 1 minute after I sent in the question. And this is at 3am. I'm impressed!

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I've been with them for about a month now and I'm fairly satisfied with their services. I can see myself staying with them for a long time.

Support is excellent. H-Sphere is not as bad as I thought it would be. The price is definitely "perfection".

I think their shared hosting packages are enough for most people and the price suits what they offer.

I trust them with my website and I've never been happier!

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Steadfast Networks is a great host for your need. Never encountered any significant problem at all and their support is awesome.

I recommend them to anyone who needs a good and reliable host!

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Ok i'll make this short.

For 4.95$ per month my site successfully resisted about 16k uniques in one day (got dugg :D)

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Bogdan Parcalab

Good job!

At first I doubted my self about the choice I was going to make. Now I’m very happy that I choose Very good services, the support team is very professional and the money is not much. Thank you and keep it like it is now.

Bogdan Parcalab

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I was a bit worried about how Steadfast used litespeed instead of apache but I took the plunge based on the good reviews here on Hostjury. I honestly couldn't be happier with the performance and ease of use on their sites. I loved how hsphere setup our ten domains and the cpanel was easy to use overall.

I also spoke to both sales and support who were both prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. I've since referred a few other sites to their network and everyone has been pleased. They even gave us a free dedicated IP for all we have done for them. I've found my new defacto host.

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Alexander Baskhanov

Well were do i start off? Steadfast networks easily blows away all competition and makes them look bad! The company dominates in webhosting without any competition due to excellent service and support! Litespeed servers are just the foundations with h-sphere and secure mail and servers on top! It seems you can't find any bad thing about Steadfast thats because they have perfected there plans to the limit. I am currently on pay $4.90 / £3.10 for 500mb hosting which loads up my heavy php ecommerce script easily, unlike the other hosts which i tried out who could'nt even properly load the script.

Anyone who thinks Hostgator is better is so wrong, they oversell and have slow servers!

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you simon

I have used steadfast products 3 years,I like their products, in three years out of their products only have a problem, customer service staff within 24 hours to deal with, and wish steadfast to continue to provide quality products and services.

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Since signing with them last year, It's just joy and more joy. Their customer support is quick, and the pricing for a small website is just right. Thought about switching, but the reliability I've found with Steadfast makes me stick with this host in case of rainy days. They use Litespeed on shared hosting instead of Apache, which is even faster. Once you go stead, you go FAST!

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I have been with Steafast for over 4 years and have had nothing but good experiences with their service and support. I use their VPS service to host many client accounts and have never had one customer complaint due to server issues. The bandwidth of their network is also very good as my download/upload speeds are far superior to my previous hosts. I have since had several friends purchase servers from them, and they are all happy with Steadfast as well.

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James Voss

A++ for Steadfast Networks! I wouldn't swear by them if they weren't perfect.

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I got the small shared plan cause I wanted to test their latest LiteSpeed setup. Although it was in beta it was stable and very fast. Support mostly answers questions in under 5 minutes. I also like H-Sphere.


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I have been at steadfast for over a month and couldn't be happier. I am on their Litespeed servers and I can see the performance difference over Apache while using Wordpress. Pages seem to load much faster then other places I have been at when using MySQL.

Support, when I needed it has been excellent. I moved to their litespeed servers when they were still in beta, there was a few bugs but they had them worked out with within a few hours. Haven't used support too much so I put it at above average.

The control panel that Steadfast uses is excellent. Some users don't like Hsphere but I like it much more then cPanel. It gives me much more advanced options then cPanel let me do on shared accounts.

The network couldn't get much better, haven't seen any latency on my routes to them and speeds have been excellent.

Pricing is good for the service, I am on their first tier monthly plan which gives me 500mb of space and 30 gb of transfer, plenty for me.

Couldn't be happier with the team there, they are excellent and they have products if I ever need to expand :).

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I just switched to steadfast from Dreamhost because i was sick and tired of the slowness of their database driven website hosting. I even tried their Private servers for a month but had no noticeable improvement so here i am.

I use Textpattern CMS for all my sites and in testing mode one can output runtimes and querytimes for each page. The good news is that steadfast is anything between 200% and 1000% faster. I was getting average runtimes by dreamhost of 0,3 sec. now the average is 0,06 secs. A vast improvement.

However the downside is that the backend admin side is a bit of a mess. Badly designed, and not very intuitive. As the for reseller packet... that is a disaster! totally illogical and user unfriendly. Dreamhost is in this respect so much better, logical. I really hope steadfast improve the admin side because it really needs an upgrade bad!

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Extremely unhappy. They said that a particular configuration would work for us, which it didn't. We had used the server for 3 days before asking to cancel because it the configuration they provided DIDN'T work for us. Thinking that they would at least prorate us for the 3 days we used their resources. Of course NOT!

They would not issue a refund and or ANYTHING! $300 or something dollars down the tube! Not a way to do business. Horrible customer service and business ethics.


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Steadfast Networks's Response

We were not given any information as to what the application was, simply that a large number of IPs were needed. The suggestion was made to use IPv6 and the customer responded saying they checked with their developer and IPv6 would work fine, thus the server was ordered with IPv6 address space.

The server was delivered exactly as ordered, but the customer was unhappy that IPv6 did not function with their application as they expected. To resolve the situation they asked for IPv4 address space. We responded with a standard justification request, as for that volume of IPs we need to report the usage according to ARIN guidelines. Instead of getting any form of justification we were simply told they wanted to cancel. We were given no chance to resolve this issue, as the customer could not even tell us what the IPs were to be used for.

Service was provided as ordered, everything we provided worked without issue, and we were able to offer a solution to their problem, which was not accepted. We put the work into getting the system setup, offered support services, and did everything required of us. The issue was with the client application and the customer's refusal to provide IP justification information, which are issues outside of our control. As we provided all services as ordered, no refund was issued. If we do not provide services, we have absolutely no issue working with customers on refunds.

Pepe Strub

Although reliable host, customer service department has an attitude. It always takes several attempts to get problems taken care off. It is not the kind of service I expected when switching to "praised" Steadfast!

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Steadfast Networks's Response

The support requested was outside of our usual scope, specific scripting/3rd party application assistance. We still try to help, but that type of support does take a lower priority. Also, since we are not familiar with all 3rd party software it will sometimes take longer to understand what is going on, requiring us to ask more questions, get further clarification, etc.

Mike Cason

Stay away from this one. I began doing business with them in January ’09; from the start, they did not actually offer the options they made available to order through their site, which they did not tell me until after I placed the order. They finally came up with a “comparable” system, which experienced a massive hardware failure the second day and had to be replaced.

The second system lasted a little over 7 months, at which point one of the hard drives failed. It took more than a week to get the server back online, because their “support” argued with me every step of the way, insisting that the problems were software issues – I am not sure how a hardware RAID card hanging at 33% of an array rebuild is a software issue, but anyway – once I finally convinced them, after more than a week of downtime, that the problem was a failed hard drive, I still had to explain to their “technician” how to replace a failed hard drive in a RAID array and begin a rebuild. By the time the server was back online, I had already moved my services to another provider, and informed Steadfast of this fact. All along the way, they acted like the problem was my fault; I actually received an e-mail from someone there that stated, “I really cannot see what more we could have done” – gosh, I do not know, maybe have someone actually look into the issue when a customer reports a hardware problem, at least by the second or third report…?

The company continued to send me bills on my cancelled account; I responded a few times, telling them that the account was cancelled and I had moved to another provider, but the responses I got consisted of them telling me what wonderful service they were providing and completely ignoring the fact that my account had been cancelled. Then, more than two months after the last authorized billing, they ran another month’s charges through on my credit card; upon contacting them, they refused to correct the charge, trying to claim that my account was still active. My bank has corrected things on my end, and is pursuing my fraud complaint, but hopefully I can save others the ordeal.

Stay far, far away from these incompetent crooks.

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Steadfast Networks's Response

There were hardware issues with the system, I will admit that. The fact is, such issues do happen once in awhile when you are dealing with computer hardware. I feel we responded to this issue promptly, although not everything went smoothly as hardware was not always behaving as expected.

The first ticket opened regarding this hard drive issue was 4:56PM August 24. As it was a first report, we installed RAID monitoring software, looked things over, saw no irregular errors, and told the customer to report any further issues to us. All this was accomplished, along with some discussion with the customer, within 2 hours. During this discussion, the customer indicated it was certainly a hardware issue. Based on the information available at that time, it was simply stated that it wasn't certain that that was the case and to keep an eye on it, etc.

The issue re-occurred at 12:56AM on the 27th of August. With the recurrence and errors evident at this time, we had enough evidence to show it was in fact an issue with the RAID controller. We proceeded to replace the controller, but still had issues rebuilding the array (hanging at 33% complete) and were getting errors on one of the drives. We then replaced the drive giving us the errors, replaced the SATA cables, again replaced the RAID card, and did a firmware upgrade on the RAID card. The rebuild was then able to complete. This process as a whole took roughly 36 hours, primarily spent on RAID rebuild time, which would have not resulted in downtime, and there was no data loss.

We never accused the customer of being the source of the problem, simply stated the number of hard boots done on the system could explain some of the behavior. We also never insisted this was a software issue, simply indicated there was not enough information to definitively say it was a hardware issue and if it were a hardware issue what component it would be with. I am also not finding any evidence of our support technicians requiring any direction in how to rebuild the RAID array, etc. This was likely a stressful time for the customer, so I fully understand that with high emotions these things could have been mis-understood. I apologize if that is the case.

Once this work was completed, the customer confirmed after several days that everything was fine and thanked us for the work we did.

That covers the primary issue mentioned. I will now cover some of the other minor points in this review.

The initial issue being reported is with the order, stating "they did not actually offer the options they made available to order through their site." What was ordered was a RAID card, that is listed on our site, but is not compatible with the specific system ordered by the customer. This option was not available through the web form, but was requested through our comments field. The customer assumed this would work without any contact with our sales department and even though that combination was not allowed to be ordered through the standard order form.

The next claim is that, the system they were given "experienced a massive hardware failure." The failure was that on reboot, the Windows networking would not function. If you disabled and re-enabled the network device, networking would again function without issue. As this was reported, we attempted some software side changes, but as it was still not getting resolved, we just issued the customer a brand new configuration to save on time. There was no clear indication it was hardware related, as the issue only showed inside Windows, or "a massive failure" since the issue only occurred after reboots and it was easy to restore service once it occurred.

Finally, the customer is accusing us of billing him for service after the service was canceled. The fact is, service was never canceled. We have requested the ticket number of this cancellation ticket on multiple occasions, but it has never been provided. The response that was given when it was brought to our attention that the customer thought they had canceled was exactly, "What is the ticket # of your cancellation request?" It was not ignored, we did not try to convince them our service was great, etc. We simply asked a question, to which we got no response. The account was eventually suspended for non-payment, but we have yet to receive any cancellation requests.

I would be happy to provide full ticket documentation of all of this, with Mr. Cason's approval, to anyone who requests it.

In summary, I feel this is largely sour grapes over being charged for a service they thought they had canceled, but had not. There were some incidents during the time they were with us, as were described, thus it was a perfect opportunity to exaggerate those events in order to defame our company, in hopes that we would cave and issue a refund for service that they were provided. We are generally happy to work with customers on these types of issues, but when we do not get return communication (our requests for information as to how they canceled always resulted in the conversation just ending) and are simply threatened with chargebacks, it really ties our hands as to what we can do.


About the pricing, they are priced well, that's why I selected above avearage, I assume that this was asking about satisfaction.

My server has been pretty reliable, but their support is very lacking. They'll accomplish tasks that you ask them. But god forbid you need an explanation of something. It's been 2 weeks since I asked about a simple backup solution. I still don't know what they are recommending. They point me to a "knowledgebase" page that gives me no insight, just a list of commands. But I need server information to even get that far, how do I get it? Beats me. How do I do backups they way they recommend? Beats me.

For further information I was told to use google!

Maybe I expected too much. I thought they would offer step by step instructions for something as fundamental as backups. If backups are this bad then I shudder think of what I would have to go through to restore my server in the event of a crash.

I think my time with Steadfast Networks is going to be extremely limited unless they put in some amount of effort to the customer service.

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Steadfast Networks's Response

1) We responded to every single question/request within 15 minutes, most in less than 5. There were several multiple-day gaps in the customer's responses, which were outside of our control.

2) I do not see how we were at all ambiguous in our recommendations, "I would recommend you use rsync, not FTP/Plesk."

3) We provided two sets of step-by-step instructions, using different methods - and

4) We tried to assist as much as possible and we had thought we were providing all the information requested. We got no specific feedback as to what was wrong with the directions we provided, simply that they were wrong. Unless we get feedback and cooperation from the customer, there is little we can do.

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