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Upscale Host is the Canadian leader for dedicated servers providing economical Canadian servers with large bandwidth allotment along with great technical support.

Upscale Host servers are located in the iWeb datacenter in Montreal Canada. iWeb™ offers a high quality network, directly linked by BGP to Peer1 Networks and 360 Networks, offering excellent performance for game servers, web servers and all applications that require high throughput and no loss of packets.

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John Meloche

I have been using this company as a host for one of my server for a few months now. i went to them because of a referral from someone I trust. My experience over all has been OK. Not fantastic as was promised to me by a smooth talking sales man.

I believe they are a new company still trying to sort out the kinks. Between some billing confusion, and my CPanel license expiring every month I have definitely had my issues that could all be avoided with some better management. All in all when the issues do happen, they tend to resolve them fairly quickly. Although most of the issues I do have are out of my own control.

Would I recommend this host to my friends? Probably not. Unfortunately I am locked into a term agreement with them.

Also, if you're looking for a provider that gives you good phone support. STOP NOW! Even though they claim 24/7 phone support, I am yet to ever call their number and get an answer right away.

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