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VS-HS has been serving hosting customers with reliable web hosting since October, 2005. VS-HS mission is to provide reliable and affordable Web hosting services with great customer support by applying VS-HS experience and technical skills.

VS-HS believe that all customers have different requirements and therefore listen to each and every one of them.

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Honestly, I have to rate them as perfection.

They are extremely reliable, as my site has always loaded quickly (Note: The current site connects to a MySQL database on my home system, hence why it loads slowly at the moment. to see how fast it actually is.) I haven't had a single minute of downtime, and the only downtime that the company has had was posted on their website way before it actually happened.

The support is wonderful. I usually get helpful, polite, informative yet friendly responses within the hour, most under 20 minutes. An example of one, is where I wanted my site to be completely reset due to there being a problem with one of the files I uploaded, and the admin instead offered to find that file and fix it for me. He found the problem, and told me exactly how to fix it and why it was causing a problem.

Features are wonderful. The control panel has so many options to choose from, and you get unlimited e-mails, mysql databases, subdomains, FTP users, the works. The only thing that may be seen as remotely bad about this is that there is no plan for unlimited bandwidth, however the amount you get is more than enough for everyone but big businesses.

Pricing is... well. Amazing. I pay approx. £1 a month for my hosting, and get an amazing amount of features with it, as well as 10GB bandwidth and 1GB diskspace. Even the most expensive plan is cheap!

All in all I would recommend vs-hs to ANYONE in a heartbeat, and I seriously hope you do choose them.

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