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WiredTree was formed in June 2006 to set a new standard for managed dedicated and VPS hosting. The goal was to provide WiredTree clients with a superior managed hosting environment for clients through customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware. A managed hosting environment that not only supported WiredTree clients at all levels, but also provided a true value.

To realize this goal WiredTree created a modernized internal support structure to better handle client issues and to ensure fast resolution of incidents. Having years of experience in the industry, WiredTree knew what worked and what did not. We used that information to build a new system which would help meet WiredTree goal of enhancing and streamlining the support experience. All support is done in-house and is not outsourced.

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Support is amazingly responsive and helpful. I'd recommend WiredTree to anyone!

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Jonathan Jones

This is my second review of I have now been with WT for over 8 months (I believe 10 months in total) and they have been nothing but 'perfection'.

I recently ordered that Core2Quad I mentioned in my above review and they gave me a nice deal on it. In total I have opened up over 80 tickets with them and all have been answered in under either 10 minutes or 2 minutes.

There support is outstanding and I don't think you can compare these guys to anyone else. They are the creme in this market and they provide such a great service, I'm saving up some cash to pay a full year with them. - As I trust them that much and that I don't think a break down of their service can happen as their support and everything else has been very consistant during the duration of the period of time, I've been with these guys.

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We just switched VPS hosts to Wiredtree a few weeks ago. What a breath of fresh air.

This company well exceeds expectations. I have had a professional response to every ticket or technical question within 10-15 minutes, even at 3 AM. I cannot say enough good things about their support . And the people who talk to you actually KNOW something - no overseas call centers here.

The system itself is rock solid and the software & features are excellent.

I am totally impressed with these guys. I just hope they don't grow too large and lose the foundation that is making them so impressive.

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Unbelievable service. Never really had any problems with the server, we run a managed dedicated server with WT and speeds have been great. Never had any down times yet and have been with them for a few months. I have to say that WiredTree has one of the best customer services I have ever dealt with. Within minutes of submitting a support ticket, someone's on my issue already and things usually get resolved within half an hour. When running a server and having several of my clients on there, it is very important issues gets resolved quickly and these guys have it down, great job WiredTree.

- Happy Web Design Company

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Renae Martin

I have been with for almost a year now. We pay yearly, and get the 10% off that they offer.

Any problems I have had were solved very very quickly. They even respond to low priority billing questions quickly.

We have a VPS512 now, after we were complimentary upgraded from our VPS384 (which was discontinued). We originally had some problems on our first server, we kept submitting tickets for different issues. Most turned out to be hardware, so they just took out down for a short time and moved us to a brand new server.

After being on crappy hosting for so long, all I have to do now is relax and manage my forum, because I know my hosting is taken care of by pros.

I recommend wiredtree to everyone. #1 host in my opinion.

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I have been with Wiredtree for over a year now and they have been nothing but great. I have worked with many other host and always had issues with either hardware or support but Wiredtree has top top of both worlds!

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Greg Priday

I've used a lot of hosts in my years. So far, Wiredtree is my favorite. My VPS was up and running within 12 hours. Their support replies within seconds. Best of all, my site is noticeably more responsive.

So far I haven't had any downtime, and according to a 3rd party uptime monitor, Wiredtree has 99.99% uptime. So I'm guessing I wont have downtime any time soon.

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Chris Schrecengost

I based a VPS selection on multiple good reviews throughout the net and on a hosting discussion board. We have had near flawless service. There have been two brief outages related to a data center problem.

Support has been outstanding. They go out of their way to help. I had a SQL/php slowness issue and service helped me resolve it very quickly. That was appreciated so much as I'm not a database person at all.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wiredtree to anyone.

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I rarely write reviews unless I think a service is outstanding and Wired tree is....

Support is almost instantaneous and friendly as can be. The will always go the extra effort, been with them almost 3 years and never regretted it once.

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Jonathan Jones

I've been using WiredTree for the last couple of days, I currently have a VPS and Hybrid server with them. - All I can say is amazing, their VPS servers are top NOTCH, they are hosted on Clovertown class servers with 8CPU's and 8GB of RAM. Except for the quality of their servers, they supply a 15 minute response (on average) to near every ticket I open. (Though sometimes their sales is a bit slow, however their support team act's very fast)

They also provide a toll-free phone number, which is great for me if I get myself in trouble with my VPS' and servers with them. I currently do not host my main website with them, as it's hosted on another network, however my premium and free hosted services are with them. I've received no-downtime, and their servers are so damn fast.

Plus, they have offered me a Quad Core server, I'm thinking of taking the offer up, after my Hybrid server has been utilized to the max. :)

Thank you for the lovely experience WiredTree.

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Elizabeth Ramsey

We recently moved from a vps to a dedicated at wiredtree. We had been on the exact vps we ordered for almost 6 months but needed to upgrade. Took only 12 hours to get the new server built, took 4 days to migrate to the new server (my site was only down for 90 mins at the end).

Throughout the entire upgrade the technical staff was extremely helpful and responsive and answered all my questions.

Best host I've ever been with.

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Have had terrible expirinace with their support while I was on moday moving from their VPS service. Suffered near 7 hours outage of service.

They have no uptime garanite and no refund policy in their - hiddent TOS.

Also I did not recieve advertised VPS - xeon Gainstown , I've got Harpertown.

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Ray Baron

I ordered a WiredTree VPS for a client based on good reviews. I was aware of some past down-time but not concerned since it was a couple years back.

My server was down for an extended period within a week, then down for 4 1/2 hours (one outage) the following week.

I canceled the server following the second outage.

I received a personal email from the Customer Service Manager apologizing and saying they would do better if I gave them another chance.

I did, regretfully.

I ordered another VPS which was delivered misconfigured. Tech support tried to say everything was fine until I provided detailed troubleshooting. They then admitted that the server was "acting strange" and promised to fix it.

After several unsuccessful tries, I canceled the server.

Needless to say, WiredTree will not get a third strike.

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I signed up and it took 1 week for the server to be ready and then it was slower than a turtle. They refused to refund my money. I guess they think they deserve the money for free! Fraudulent and dishonest people run this company.

They also purposely hide the terms of service from the front page and other important pages, why? you tell me why there is no link to the terms of service. Very shady.

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