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ACENET is committed to absolute excellence. That is why Acenet corporate focus is on speed, reliability, and performance. Acenet continually strives to optimize every possible aspect of Acenet service. Further, with the help of cutting edge technology and premium hardware, Acenet is able to provide a service second to none in the industry, guaranteed!

Southfield, MI - USA.

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Peg Fay-Feder

I've had trouble finding the right places to login and the right passwords to use for each one but as long as I get to the right place, things have been ok with Ace-Net for the last 5 years. I've found the tech people to be prompt and helpful via the trouble ticket system.

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Brian Gillespie

I've been using Acenet for more than three years. I've never had a day of downtime during that period of time (at least...not that I've noticed). They've been helpful when I've contacted them with problems (via their support forum, never tried on the phone). I got started with them because hosting was around $3.50/month with nearly unlimited email, space, bandwidth, etc. Granted, my website probably doesn't generate a lot of demand on their servers, but I've been very happy with both the level of performance and the service.

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Kyung Yang

They claim to have excellent communication, but when you have a problem they ignore your emails. If you try to call them (no toll-free number), they claim they will call you back, but never do. If you have any problems with billing you will be pretty much screwed over. Hosting itself is okay, but if you try to cancel you can expect them to make it very very difficult. They have automatic billing, so they will do their best to make it confusing for you to cancel. They will ignore email or phone call requests to cancel and act like you never cancelled and may even report you to the credit bureau if your credit card is not on file. They are theives. They eventually cancelled my hosting after much runaround, but didn't refund a single cent of my money even though I wasn't using their service for about three years. I reported them to the better business bureau.

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I had very similar problems with this company. They make support and billing issues extremely difficult. Try to cancel? Yeah right. Respond to emails, they never "got" them and push you to their confusing ticket system. They nailed me for $100 after agreeing to something and not following through due to their impossible communication/trouble ticket system. You never know who or where to communicate.

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