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Founded in June of 2005, has quickly grown from its local home town office in Spokane, Washington into one of the fastest growing, and most respected name in the industry. Renowned for exceptional customer support, and unrivaled in terms of customer satisfaction, allReseller has taken the lead in the highly competitive, and densely populated world of web hosting providers.

Denver, CO, USA

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robert strong

Hello i moved to and it has been fantastic , they moved my files for me and set up a whmcs

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Stephen conklin, jr.


I thought I should get on here and help set the record straight. I've already filed a Rip Off Report, but then I saw this thread and thought it was an appropriate place to comment.

I wanted to try so in Dec. 2008 I signed up for what I believed to be a month-to-month / pay as you go plan. I paid the initial 8.95 for the first month, then decided I wanted to cancel before the end of the month. I contacted them, Nathan asked why I wanted to cancel and I told him I just wasn't interested in trying to switch everything over after trying their services as I found them to be a bit slow and customer support is flakey at best. Every time you contact them with detailed information about your problem, they seem to give you the shortest one line answer imaginable, and of course it does not address any of your concerns.

So I thought I had it cancelled and guess what - I get a bill in January. No problem I thought, I'll just "not pay it" and that non-payment will cancel the account I already tried to cancel. Simple enough, I thought, but then PayPal sent me an email saying the subscription payment to AllReseller in the amount of $16.95 (double the initial month) has been paid.

What??? Has been paid? I never authorized this and what is a subscription payment? I had no idea what the hell was going on. I contacted AllReseller again to complain that I had cancelled and now I am getting billed and charged for a second month anyway? I requested a cancellation once again, along with a refund, and of course I was completely ignored this time. I received a default letter saying my ticket was being reviewed on January 22nd and never heard anything more than that.

February comes around and guess what - same thing happened - I got billed and once again, AllReseller extorted another $16.95 out of my PayPal account. This time I contacted PayPal and they explained to me about the subscription payments which I never knew existed until this crap with AllReseller began. They told me how to cancel the subscription within PayPal, so I did, but low and behold, AllReseller must have re-initiated the subscription because I got billed a third time in March. I went back into PayPal and cancelled the subscription once again, and I will be in there one the last day of March to make sure it didn't get set up again.

Of course, I contacted AllReseller requesting a refund for the past 3 months where money was extorted from my PayPal account without my authorization, and guess what AllReseller had to say this time:

"i dont show any charges incoming , i do show you got refunded"

That is it - no name, no nothing else and there was definitely NO REFUND ever given to me.

I've contacted them about a dozen times now and only ever got about 2 responses back. I'd really be concerned if they were in fact my web host provider because the way they've handled this situation with me has led this incident to become the worst experience I've ever had with any company anywhere in the world, ever. Now I've been left with no choice but to post my story all over the web anywhere anyone is talking about AllReseller in an effort to help protect others from becoming victims themselves.

They are sneaky, they set up payments to be extorted from you without your authorization, and they make it very difficult to learn about them and how to cancel those subscriptions, and when you finally do figure out how to cancel it, they reinstate it and bill you again anyway, try to contact them for help, there is no telephone number and they give you vague responses when you email them which offer no help at all. And of course, I am still waiting for the $50 or so dollars they stole to be refunded to me. Thanks AllReseller.

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DO NOT believe anything on their website!

Children hosting from their bedroom.

You will be dissapointed, like I was fooled by these crooks. It's a shame hosting has stooped this low.

I hope I have saved somebody.


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This reseller does not honor its 30 day money back guarantee! Support is extremely poor and arrogant 'kiddies' appear to be running this business.

Stay away from this extremely poor web host! I have reported them to the relevant authorites and I am currently awaiting a response.

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Juan Martinez

The Worse Service Around The World

- by Juan Carlos Martinez of on 26 Mar 2010:

" Stay away from, please !! dont loose your money.

Server downs All The Time

Server loads 15%+ all the time

I get Deleted tickets

I get Deleted files !!!

They hide like little girls when things go bad..and believe me..things goes bad All The Time with them.

They delete lot of files from a client cart, my company was close to be demanded for that !!

A Nigthmare !

Stay Away From TheM "

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Foong Pon

I cannot deny that is the worst in the world. They delete negative comment, they entered positive feedback themselves, they do not refund to their customers as promised. They EVEN BLOCK the customers IP WHO GIVE THEM NEGACTIVE COMMENT.

Here is my experience with them;

I signed a reseller hosting package based on the review from

and I trusted the review.

After I signed up I realized that the initial setup email, with Dns, Login, etc was NOT sent to me. Then I logged a ticket and only then they resent the email to me. During the support, the analyst named "ZAC" was absolutely impolite. But I let it be, I thought it could be lots of stress in supporting business.

Then, I found out their server is Not supported with ioncube and they dare offering out Wchms as their feature. And I logged another ticket to ask for help. Then they said it is already installed. I could not be waiting for this "I ask they fix" cycle, I switched back to my old server by a different company and asked for a refund.

So I logged another ticket to ask for refund. For 4 days already, someone keep closing my ticket without any reponse. Which make believe someone is trying to avoid my ticket and refusing to refund me at all. I wrote a final email to them, someone named NATHAN answered my ticket, and here is the answer "Yes, we will not refund you because you are using a license we purchased" What is this? They meant to say they DONT expect to invest in anything to do business?

The worst is that when I kept logging tickets to them, they even BLOCKED my IP. How could they do that? They think they can control all negative feedback and try to hide the truth from the world? I commented them as they are doing JOKER services, NATHAN replied to me and said similarly "YOU CAN USE THE LICENSE NOW AS YOU ALREADY PAY FOR IT, JOKER"

Also, I started to doubt some of the reviews at vistainter were actually true at all and actually done by themselves.

I owed 2 software companies and been with different hosting companies, this is the WORST of all.

If there is a way to STOP and PREVENT them cheating anyone else, even were to report any government authority, I will be happy to do so.

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