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Shane Kent

I rated them poor because the service sucks all around. I even rated pricing poor because it's not worth $1 a month and I pay more than that.

Bell doesn't seem to host anything, they seem to have outsourced it to meganameservers. Go to it is a pathetic joke. Looks like the page was made with Frontpage, by an amateur, back in the Windows 98 era. Bell tells me to point my DNS registrar at bellwebhosting NS but in reality it is meganameservers NS doing the job and when I run a DNS health on my name it has error and cautions. I called for support and they lied to me telling me there is no problem and won't accept responsibility. I am dumping ALL BELL SERVICES really soon. 4 Land lines, Fax line, Business DSL, 1-800 number, long distance, and web hosting. I am done with Bell's crap support. From Web Hosting to their Landlines I have got nothing but crappy support from them over the past ten years. Back to their web hosting.

I realize I can fix some of the errors/warning myself but I cannot get a straight answer from them to decide to zig left or right!

Go to the following and you will see the errors I get that Bell's crap outsource won't address and keep telling me it is normal.

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