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Also known as BOC Servers.

Designed by web hosting veterans, BOC Servers has had a singular goal to provide the most powerful, secure Web hosting environment in the world at an affordable price. Since that first day, we have provided hosting for clients all around the world. We have maintained ourselves as a leader in the Web hosting industry by keeping to that original goal providing the best technology available with exceptional customer support. The work ethic and integrity that established our business has paid off with many industry awards and happy customers.

With a large client base comes a diverse range of Web hosting requirements. We have tailored our company around these needs by providing flexible and scalable services. These services include Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting, Domain Registration, E-commerce Tools, Web design, and Merchant Account solutions.

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Robert Long

It would not be possible to keep up the site without excellent support from Bits of Cream. The staff is always reachable 24/7 from regular maintenance to emergency fire drills. Information is provided to me for self serve and personal development as well (something I really need). Prices are at their very best. Overall, great host and I am glad I chose them to host my site after leaving my previous provider.

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Diamentis Steel Inc.

I' a Bits of Cream customer with a range of different websites on a VPS and have to say they have been fantastic. Obviously there are challenges from time to time, they turn out to be mostly my fault, but they have always been resolved in good time. For personal reasons I had to review my hosting and was amazed at the prices quoted for the same service elsewhere. All alternative suppliers were much more expensive and in one instance the cost was more than double. Fortunately my personal issues are resolved and I'm a very happy customer still.

Hats off to BOC's team for excellent service.

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I was with BOC for almost 4 months. In that time I experienced technical problems with my weblog that required some trouble-shooting; a few things that I did wrong and learned from, others that required assistance. BOC was consistently unavailable to me for that assistance. They make their contact information available, even tout that they have the “best customer service in the industry – 24/7” - but I was never able to connect by phone (always, “…unavailable-to-take-you-call…” message), their website chat gurus were gone (in all fairness, I connected twice; the first time my guru left me on cyber-hold for 3 hours and then disappeared, the second time was after I’d switched web hosts and simply wanted my guru to connect me with a Manager, which she refused to do – I have the transcript), my e-mails were never returned, and “tickets” were either ignored or summarily “closed” without anyone contacting me or resolving the issues addressed. A month ago, my weblog was down for about a week. I went on-line and posted a review expressing my despair. Now, this had been the only time BOC even acknowledged me. They responded by explaining that a virus had ravaged my website & that in everyone’s best interest my site was shut down, scrubbed clean of all my files (like an idiot, I didn’t back-up), and had installed a “$250-MaAfee Security Suite” for my inconvenience & to prevent this from ever happening again. In my opinion, it happened again – but I don’t know because nobody ever told me what happened. They also gave me $25 credit to be applied to service renewal. The problem there was that I had paid $57.12 for a year’s service in March, but they changed me to a semi-annual plan which renewed in December. No one was able to answer that problem either. So, it is no longer about the $57.12. I told J******r (chat guru) that “I will get my $57.12-worth,” and she took it like I’d made a terroristic treat. No, J******r – don’t take this personally, just admit that all of my issues were valid, and that my business relations with BOC were corrupted due to your utter irresponsiveness and lack of client-care. BOC has made me a better consumer of cyber-services, although a bit more cynical – but that’s not a bad thing. Thank you for the lesson, BOC: I thought the world would end when my baby (my weblog) was in trouble and I lost all that time & effort, the credibility, and those potential subscribers… But, it didn’t. That, Bits-Of-Crap, is worth my $57.12.

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Fernando Lucio

I purchased web hosting service from BOC in March. Last month my site went down, after 3 fruitless days of trying to contact support, I finally reached someone (thru sales dept) who agreed to help. I was told that a virus had infected my site. I lost my data (my fault), but they said they installed an anti-virus suite to "prevent this from happening again. 2 days ago, my site went down again. I wish I could tell you what happened, but I haven't been able to get an answer. On Sunday (the day I lost my site) I was able to open a chat with ROMAN and he assured me that techs were working fast to fix my problem. He told me to keep chat open and he would feed me updates. Like a fool I believed him. After 3 hours of waiting I discovered that ROMAN had split and left me hanging. Since, I have submitted "tickets," called every number I could find, sent e-mails to folks who previously helped me. I have tried to re-establish contact via their web-site, but I'm not even able to log-in to my account. BOC support page touts "The best web hosting support in the industry! Our in-house experienced support team is available 24 hours a day"... Since this is my first web-hosting company, I certainly hope that this isn't true. I hate to sound paranoid, but am I the only one getting ignored here?

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