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True to name, it's an endless challenge hosting with these people. Also known as Champhost, this is an Indian outfit disguised as a US company, and they are basically "learning as they go along". I'm not an expert on all this, but I've had to learn and attempt to become one, I'm actually helping them with problem solving, sending them links etc... I have a $200 usd per month dedicated server with them, and it's routinely DOWN for a week or so at a time because of stupid errors and mistakes they do to break stuff, incompatibility issues when upgrading to new applications, unable to handshake with my domain DNS, turning off Register_globals in the php without telling me, breaking all my php code, requested additional IP addresses so they moved a dedicated site on a fixed IP over to a shared IP, created tons of problems, tried to move it back to a dedicated IP, created more problems, etc... it's never ending. They are basically incompentent and don't know what the heck is going on. On top of this, for the average support request, I have to email them 20 times. Now, you may say, yea yea, this guy's a typical disgruntled exagerator. I'm not. Literally, average of 20 times per request. Sometimes 30, sometimes 10. So, the site will be down because of some stupid upgrade they make that broke something, and in order to get it back up and running, I have to contact them about it 5 times a day for about 4 or 5 days. It's a challenge, it's been an endless challenge. I'm not pissed or angry, I've already been through every conceivable emotion possible, I've been through about 10 sleepless nights, I've had to do my own research and learn shit that I pay them to learn, but I'm not angry, I'm just stating the facts. The facts are, they are incompetent Indians with no sense whatsoever of customer support. I feel like they are doing many other businesses and this is just one of their side hobbies that they figured, yea, we can do that, why not... so they are trying to do it expand their realm of businesses. But they are absolutely CLUELESS on how to manage servers, DNS issues, Hosting issues, etc... they only know about 1 bookshelf more than the average person like me off the street who doesn't know much about all this stuff.

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They really suck. My site has been down for over a week, no one's fixing it. No one has even replied to my request. Don't use them.

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They never answer help requests: somehow our root password changed and they never answered our requests to change it. Really really bad hosting solutions

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Appropriate name... it's a true challenge to get any kind of response from them at all!!!!!

There should be a Zero on the rating scale

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Harvey Ross

Challenge Host has gone beyond Incompetent to Fraudulent. I have had downtime in the past for over 2 weeks at a time. Cannot get them to update our contact information. Just renewed our Annual Fees in May and now the entire site has disappeared. I cannot recover my site content or get any response from any known contact. The damage goes beyond what we paid for an annual fee, as it will take enourmous effort to reconstruct 4 years worth of content structure and details.

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