One of Canada's first and original .ca Domain Name Registries.

In 1999 when the internet was still very young, Coolcom Premium Web pioneered the way offering assistance with domain registrations for a then very complicated system of .ca domain name applications. Today, our strength is still in personal assistance through knowledge and quality of workmanship.

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Nikki Mountford 20 Dec 18 has had very good service and support from this company for a number of years now. As a service provider I understand not all clients can be happy all of the time. In my case I have had fast service (they do use a help desk not telephone but when I use it I get support fast). As another Godaddy face in the crowd refugee I know how really bad service feels. I would not move from coolcom ever.

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Sean 12 Sep 18

One of my clients devs set them up on this host.

They accused me of harassing them when I reached out for support.

Use another host, this one is no good.

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A Grant 27 Mar 18

The contempt this company has for its customers is incredible. Ignore the glowing reviews that are clearly written by the owner. You cannot speak with anyone at this company, they take forever to resolve issues that should be sorted out in 1 minute over the phone. They make it impossible to communicate with them. They're awful in every possible way. Avoid at all cost.

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CANFib Canadian Women with Fibroids Ltd 7 Oct 17

I can't say enough about these guys. Until you need someone to take a personal interest in your business you never really understand what it means to have it. Our network is very large and we use tools, have meetings online, everything we have built we need running in top shape. With the help of Coolcom it's been that way for years now.

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Patricia Lee 19 Sep 17

Love Love Love. Real people that are

incredibly responsive when I need help. Half the stuff I need they do for me and anything else is always really well explained. I'm a refugee from a "big" isp so it feels really good to be with a place that is big enough to give good pricing but small enough to give good service.

One other note is that I use their cart for my store and after trying every cart out there.. this one was by far the best. It has features I thought were perfectly obvious yet other carts simply can't do (like color swatches). I can't say enough about this place if you need to do business they sure do help.

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Sean Maguire 15 Sep 17

My site has a lot of attention and traffic so my choice to work with Coolcom was based on the understanding that I'm treated like an individual. Boy am I glad I got this right, since starting my business the amount of security info alone they have given me is impressive. I can't say enough about being with a place that focuses so heavily on customers except .. glad to be here.

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Gary Beyer 12 Sep 17

Been with Coolcom since 2010, they are fabulous. Our store is busy and keeping up with site changes and security has been left in their hands for a few years now. We're okay with the pricing and find the support to be bar none. Excellent provider.

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David Thompson 10 Jun 16

Terrible Registrar.

Their phone number is answered only by voicemail and messages are not returned. Their "support department" cannot be reached without logging in. If you attempt to fax their form to establish access to your account you will find their fax number is not in service. Google lists this business as permanently closed and the last two locations of this business were in residential townhouses. All indications point to a home based business / one man show.

Registration details for domains are hidden. No whois information can be accessed. No ability to transfer your domain without logging in. No ability to modify your nameservers. No intelligent life! BUT they will charge you $50 for a $10 renewal if you cannot access your account... No conflict of interest there right?

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