DailyRazor Hosting is a division of Vecordia Web Services, Inc., a provider of world-class technology solutions to small and mid-sized businesses across the world.

As a leading small to mid-sized business web hosting provider, DAILYRAZOR strives to offer the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available to DAILYRAZOR customers across the world. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of DAILYRAZOR hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on DAILYRAZOR servers are highly secured and performs at optimum level. Unlike other web hosting companies, DAILYRAZOR does not overload their servers.

Lanham, MD, USA.

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Hosting Reviews for DAILYRAZOR

Irvin Dolby 17 Apr 18

I wasnt able to find any cheaper web Hosting service other than Dailyrazor web host. I must say their windows hosting service is great with what i need. Their windows shared plan is feature-rich and cheap. All what they claim was true and they have a great customer service.

Recommend this host to everyone.

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Shanel Burrell 7 Sep 17

These guys do anything to keep the sites up. Their support is outstanding when you compare them to all the other major hosting companies. The price is very cheap and setup very quick, the control panel is different but houses loads of features and after a while is really easy to use. My webmail is a lot easier to get to than it is on other hosts using cPanel.

Transferred all my sites to dailyrazor web host and no regrets!

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Jean Travassos 19 Jul 17

I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of dailyrazor finally I managed it. Their support is outstanding. Very fast and friendly. Even I'm using dailyrazor for a short time, I'm very happy with my choice. The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like one-click WordPress, drupal, joomla installation and unlimited databases.

It is professional host which I can highly recommend to others.

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Padraig Brady 23 Jun 17

You know I've been in the internet business for a long time and been with many hosting companies as well, and as far as am concern dailyrazor is the best in prices, features and the best is the support totally amazing. Since I am fairly new to internet programming and that sort of thing I have used it several times. Wow, I must say they are GOOD! I have had responses in a short amount of time and they have solved my problem every time.

Excellent service!

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Anand Desai 5 Jun 17

They continue to impress me with their high quality included web applications, powerful control panel, great reliability and excellent pricing. If you are not the least knowledgeable person in the world about web hosting and do need to call support at least one in a daily basis then Dailyrazor is really the host company for you.

They may be a bit more expensive, but the support is superb - usually less than 10 minutes for response and solution. For me, that cheerful, ungrudging support is priceless. I simply LOVE my host!

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Edwin Rodriguez 21 Apr 17

I have used dailyrazor for about 4 months I think now. Hosted multiple domains. All in all they have been the best. You can't beat the price, the support is wonderful and quick, they love giving their users (new AND old) all sorts of goodies. I love the referral program.

You can make your own backups too and retrieve a file which you've accidentally overwritten or deleted from the directory. I LOVE IT!

Overall, a very good host who looks on the fun side apart from what they do.

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LSI KSA 3 Apr 17

This host is simply superb. It's the first one who has my site up and running in no time, where I can define virtual directories myself, all in full trust and which really performs at high speed.

One of the best things from dailyrazor is the impressive, fast and very professional guaranteed 24/7 support, within one hour, guaranteed - I have never wait for more that 10 minutes for a response. This is true!

Great satisfaction and reliability. Highly recommended.

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Matt 14 Mar 17

I have been browsing the web in order to find good host for about 2 weeks and found out dailyrazor to be everything I need in a web host. I bought Linux shared hosting plan which served my demands. I've been with them for more than 3 months and as for me, the 3 most important things are

- excellent network uptime,

- super fast speed connectivity,

- sweet pricing.

I highly recommend this host for anyone who wants an inexpensive, easy to user hosting provider.

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Sfiso Ngcobo 6 Mar 17

I selected Dailyrazor to provide hosting for our site based on good reputation, testimonial and the fact they are physically based in the continental USA, as I have experienced it is important to buy products and services where the service promised get delivered through the application of sound quality management principles. Well I am delighted with my decision and very thankful to dailyrazor team for going the extra mile in ensuring a constant flow of communication with the customer while they exceed all my expectations in trying to assist. Warm congratulations to the whole team. Have a fantastic day!

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Dennis Martens 22 Feb 17

I recommend dailyrazor shared hosting, without reservation, to anyone that asks. You simply can't fail to be delighted with the high speed, low cost and top notch customer service they provide. I've never had hosting services before, but after doing my research dailyrazor hosting was the only host I could find without no bad comments. But with the prices being so cheap I was still a bit skeptical, but I gave it a go and it has just been such a smooth and hassle free experience.

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Alfred 8 Feb 17

I would like to say that Dailyrazor do offer a very good price and on the half dozen or so times that I have needed to speak to them, including in the middle of the night, there has always been a technically competent support person available immediately.

No doubt, it is the best hosting service I have ever used and I highly recommend it to anyone without reservations.

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Sigifredo 31 Jan 17

I was looking for the host with US high-end servers and cheap pricing, and found dailyrazor web host.

Their pricing was good and met my monthly budget, so I contacted them directly, they answered very fast and paid via paypal. Their customer support is really cool, professional and super fast.

They helped me to upload all my files to their shared hosting account and in 5 minuted my website was up and running.

During the time I have been hosting my site with them, I have no outages and server is really fast.

I highly recommend dailyrazor hosting.

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Gurkan Lleez 24 Jan 17

All I want to say is that I am very happy using dailyrazor web hosting services!

This is an excellent host, which is well-priced and easy to work with. The scripts that I had selected for installation were just right for me.

Their platform is really good one I must say. It's totally different than virtuozzo and openvz and works very very well with the hardware and gives me great performance and stability - nothing crashes!

Uptime is good, my site is always up.

If you are thinking about switching, this is the host to go with.

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Kiran Patil 19 Jan 17

When I was first looking for a host, Dailyrazor was the only one that stuck out to me. It seemed to have a good deal with enough features for me to start a website. At this point the technical support and customer service was great! I couldn't figure out why something wasn't working, so I sent a 'trouble ticket' and they got back to me in less than a half and hour!

The billing was okay, and the prices were pretty good. There were no hidden fees or sneaky required payments.

And they had all the features I needed... But then I got a new website. One that was going to be a lot more powerful for my audience.

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Kelly McCain 13 Dec 16

I appreciate DailyRazor quality of service, from the reliability of their servers to their live chat support

Response time was okay. They usually reply 5-10 minutes after you submit your ticket with a logical answer. Uptime mostly at 99%, there maybe some few downtime but I understand that no providers can actually guarantee a 100%.

It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.

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Desire Larue 7 Dec 16

I had never hosted my domains anywhere prior to signing up with The support staff is amazing, and friendly and well informed. They offer a comprehensive FAQ database, and even forums for their customers to intermingle with one another, staff and moderators. This is a great source of assistance for all your web building needs, and questions!

I can also add that their 24/7 Skype support is there when we need it, even in the middle of the night! Phone Support is available during the day light hours and provides a perfect opportunity to get some first hand information and assistance from a friendly voice always ready to help!

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Aleksandr Zhornyak 15 Nov 16

I have more than 15 years of experience in developing and hosting websites and applications using different types of technologies, but this is the first time I deal with such a great web hosting provider like Dailyrazor. Very professional and advanced dashboard, latest cPanel, impressive support, reasonable price, and very efficient servers.

I believe that this web host will meet your needs, dudes.


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Samir Abubakar 1 Nov 16

I am satisfied dealing with Dailyrazor web hosting provider. Their US servers are very stable and really fast.

NO SETUP FEE Reliable and affordable cPanel Linux web hosting. So - yeah! I am pleasantly surprised by the service that this decent host provides and would recommend to anyone looking forward to excellent service. I am excited about finding such a webhost and look forward to doing business with dailyrazor for the long haul.

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Thurman Sanders 13 Oct 16

I believe that it will be useful for others if you share my personal experience using Dailyrazor hosting.

While I was browsing web hosting discussion boards and looking for reliable host, dailyrazor hosting deals impressed me with the price, features and nice bonuses. So I decided to give them a try.

I have been using their services for not so long, but can say that I have had any downtime or outages.

Everything work fine and I am 100% satisfied. I will definitely continue using their hosting services if they go on providing such professional and stable hosting services.

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Suarez 23 Aug 16

Dailyrazor is great. Never leave us hanging, they explain everything great for us and make it easy to use our website. we are very satisfied with them - their hosting service as well as tech customer support.

These folks keep me in the game. I recommend to everyone and would never even consider accepting a referral fee. They have saved me a tremendous amount of time, money and aggravation.

Best hosting company on the planet - bar none!

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Vivar 11 Aug 16

Issues happen, but it's how we resolve the issues that matters in my opinion. Dailyrazor excel at this and as a busy man with lots to do its always a pleasure to chat to the guys in support who are friendly, efficient and experts at what they do. Well done all of you and for anyone reading and thinking about who is the best.

Have tried other hosting providers and Dailyrazor has proven to be on point to provide exactly what i need.

Thumbs to Dailyrazor team!

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Dewayne 5 Jul 16

Really good hosting provider that goes the extra mile to help their customers. Dailyrazor support team always so helpful and resolves issues as soon as they are given. They are honest about any issues arising and explain why issues happen.

Their servers are also faster than one would expect for shared hosting, much faster than some other hosts I've used.

I have never been aware of any downtime - this is a great plus for their team of experts.

Look no further - this host gets Double Thumbs!

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Haugen 23 Jun 16

I will be migrating all my current customers, their sites, hosting and domains to Dailyrazor next week.

The application packs they now support also help facilitate almost effortless setup of great commonly used web based applications. I am very much satisfied by their customer service, they are available 24/7 and provide instant service whenever required.

And the server cost is way too cheap. And the technical support is just awesome.

You can't go wrong with this web hosting provider! Would highly recommend to others.

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Schoenberger 25 May 16

I can express the point that Dailyrazor is one of the best places where you can order shared hosting plans at good rates.

When I contacted their sales representative, he shared nice coupon code: 15PD - it gave me 15% off the price!

I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. So far, I am extremely impressed with these guys. There is nothing that counts more than decent support, they go beyond the call. I really hope the rest of the support team are like this.

They are the most professional and engaging technical experts I've dealt with in the past 10 years.

Good uptime, fast speed, helpful support - I am totally impressed with these guys!

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Benny Cheng 6 May 16

As a developer, I now use Dailyrazor to host every website that I build. I have used other hosts, but I have to say that this decent host offers the same level of performance and features for much less money. Support is usually great, my only complain being that the original average support response time of 10 minutes is now more like 30-40 minutes. This is to be expected with the kind of growth they've experienced, however.

I have not noticed any downtime or slow browsing speed. Some of my sites are e-commerce, so database speed is important.

I would recommend DailyRazor hosting to anyone who is looking for a new host! The prices are good, customer support is awesome and it is quite reliable!

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Rickey Direnzo 25 Apr 16

I followed a friend's suggestion and decided to give dailyrazor a try. I must say that I so happy with their service. They make things so easy - trust me! They got a custom website designed for me, manage and host the site at a ridiculously affordable price.

+++their web servers are fast and stable and I have no issues with viruses and malwares unlike before at my previous web host. Before you spend your hard earned money elsewhere, give them a try. I highly recommend this them.

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Cameron Fishburn 14 Apr 16

These guys are just awesome! They are never down and their technical support is superb - support tickets and live chat tend to get a response within minutes, which usually resolves the problem. I know I’m not good in properly describing tech issues, but they always tend to find the understand and way to solve the issue. Their server and network up-time are cool and overall speed connectivity is outstanding and consistent.

I wish they had more payment options. Bitcoin for example as I had to use my credit card when I'd prefer to use Bitcoin. Hope they will add that soon. They are good for running any kind of web sites, taking into account the abundance of useful features included into their hosting packages.

Highly Recommended!

Review Rating
Duncan Amison 24 Mar 16

Having used several web hosting providers before now I’m with DailyRazor. I dare say they provide me with better services then I used to have, but still have some moments I want them to improve for me.

Support guys are very fast with their responses and help (but I did not have some serious issues I suppose). And I do understand that is their TOP priority to be as fast as possible.

But sales (or billing) department not that fast. I had the situation when my Credit card expired and payment was not successful I had to wait for about an hour for them to come up with solution for me. Yes they did what I wanted but not that fast as expected.

Their control panel is not custom made. They use Cpanel is 100% easy to use and it is amazing. That is good point because some hosting providers what to be different and start creating their own panels. I do not like this and it was the reason of me moving from them.

Hosting related part: no downtime, fast servers, no email is lost - more then enough for me.

Price: neither high nor low. Fair enough.

Notwithstanding that their sales is not that fast I can recommend DailyRazor.

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Chung Geddie 14 Mar 16

Have had great experience with Dailyrazor guys. I've had numerous others in the past, only for them to cause hours of work with every change they made to their systems. Never had a problem with them, except a server glitch, which they took care of within 40 minutes of my notifying them.

Great prices and package deals, too. If you have a one or more sites you may well have many years of happy service with them. I highly recommend DailyRazor to anyone looking for a courteous and reliable web host provider.

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Dave Dahmen 2 Mar 16

First of all I have to say that I was referred to the DailyRazor, by my friend. But I had not been told that I would be called for verification. I used my sister’s credit card (with her permission) and they started suspecting that card was stolen. I paid several time in the internet using her card, but it was first time I was contacted to verify that as well as my sister. I was not happy about that and that is negative side of their service as for me.

I can say that my website is always online and I have never had downtime. That is the best option. I have one email with them and none of emails has been lost. I have not used their support assistance, since I’m fine and they have Cpanel and that is easy to manage.

But overall service is great and I’m satisfied. I think they need to change their approach to new clients and there should be more trust from them.

I recommend DailyRazor.

Review Rating
Ken Kapp 17 Feb 16

I LOVE DailyRazor web host. They are always on top of the game.

I would never switch to another host, and I recommend anyone thinking about it to use their hosting service!

Very stable and reliable hosting provider at very good price. Had to use their customer support just once and that too was quite satisfactory. The only thing I could ask for is some additional customization of features at the same price points.

Review Rating
Luis Debose 11 Feb 16

I have been using Dailyrazor web hosting for more than 3 months and must say that I am 99% satisfied customer. Service is great. I use basic web hosting (no SSL), email, MySQL databases, cron jobs. I very much appreciate being able to administer the site via the control panel. Their uptime is very good. Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive, as is their account and billing interface.

I am very satisfied with this service and will recommend it to anyone.

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DIGITALUnderworld 29 Jan 16

The responsiveness of the company is awful. While they appear appealing on "paper" you do not get what you pay for. I never was able to get my sites DNS to resolve and function. Support level 1 is worthless and level 2 ignores your requests. They user Parallel control panel to allow you to manage your hosting. Save you time and money and look elsewhere.

Current customer

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Kayla Eggert 26 Jan 16

I'd like to point out that Dailyrazor is the best host I've ever tried before. I decided to try their service from recommendation of one forum member at hosting discussion board. I ordered their basic shared hosting plan in order to host one of my personal web sites. Frankly speaking I was impressed with the uptime, speed and immediate customer support help and finally decided to transfer all my web sites to them. They were very helpful in transferring files to their servers.

I'm happy, so I can highly recommend their hosting service to all webmasters looking for professional hosting service.

Review Rating
Steve Degermark 17 Jun 15

They have been decent for me, and seem to work well for a simple ASP.NET MVC site, but I am considering going with another hosting provider now that I've learned that "according to security requirements method PUT is forbidden on the server, allowed: OPTIONS, TRACE, GET, HEAD, POST".

Not being able to PUT is going to make it tricky to edit things with Web API.

Review Rating
djuRa 20 Jan 14

After 5 years hosting on this company and let say 'support that do their job very poor' I'm faced with problem that because as they say DDOS attack my sites are down for 10 days(as I write this, still down), shame for them...

Avoid it

Review Rating
Josiah G 18 Dec 13

I have had a resellers account with DailyRazor for almost 4 years now. I have never had any real major issues with them. Their support has always been on top of any issues with an average wait of about 20-30 minutes per ticket. I have had a couple of issues with some down time but support has always been on top and have minimized downtime. Being a reseller it is up to you to monitor your sites for uptime and to report issues immediately. I like the Plesk control panel issued with the Windows plans, it is easy to navigate and get all things done. I had a couple of issues a couple years ago when they upgraded a lot of their servers hardware and migrated to the newer Plesk panels but all was resolved quickly. Billing and accounting support has always been extremely helpful especially recently when my reseller account was somehow taken over by a client. Support was really helpful in restoring my access once I proved my identity and provided necessary information. Overall I am extremely pleased with DailyRazor and look forward to many more years of hosting with them.

Review Rating
Denise Berube 16 Dec 13

It took some research, viewing various places and participating on forums over at least a couple of months, reading various subjects, what staff of various hosts where saying etc.

Once I had a more informed opinion I saw some good hosts including Dailyrazor and this one I chose; their bandwidth is good. As for the support, if something goes wrong they usually respond within several hours and check to see if the problem has been fixed to your satisfaction.

Uptime is good. And I have never had a problem using their control panel.

I can also add that it supports virtually all web development technologies on its hosting servers.

Given their recent upgrades and expanded offerings I see no reason I would ever go anywhere else.

Overall, Dailyrazor hosting is amazing!

Review Rating
Erkan ISIK 29 Oct 13

stay away from this company poor hosting and customer service!...My site FTP destroyed by this hosting Company and they have no back up... they do not respond any phone calls or emails all they do listen and apologize but so far no result... If you want to host your site you better secure your website and files some other hosting company!...

Review Rating
Rick Morgan 15 Oct 13

My site was down for 3 weeks, costing me $Ks of dollars and

valuable customers. Impossible

to contact from my computer because of a problem on their end. Ready to close account.

Review Rating
Arifur 10 Jan 13

I think the guys behind dailyrazor are doing a really good job. I’ve been with them for over 3 months now, and first of all I have to say how helpful their customer support is, you barely have to wait more than 30 minutes with their online ticketing system before you have someone who is ready to solve your problem. And their live chat is always available and online. I have been helped by their support team with so many issues and they have been able to resolve my issues without hesitation. With regards to their hosting setup, I have to say that first, the service is great, the speeds are very okay for the price even on the cheapest package and the reliability and uptime is nothing but awesome. Back to the customer support :), I just like to add that they were even happy to help me when I wasn’t paying for anything, to be honest it’s the best web hosting company I’ve ever seen!

Review Rating
Dondon Espinosa 29 Nov 12

Dailyrazor's customer support & response is the kind of support that makes & keeps one happy. Their patience in explaining my misunderstanding regarding the free domain name offer - and reversing my faux pas such that I could take advantage of this offer - was exemplary, prompt, and and professional.

In addition to this, they had an account personnel follow up with me regularly to learn of what difficulties I may be having with getting my site up and running and offering to help if needed. The process of getting my site (which is more or less a basic asp script) is pretty simple, but the proactiveness of the account personnel impressed upon me.

Suffice to say - their tech support team has always been prompt to respond to my support ticket. Even though they don't offer live phone support for more technical issues, I could always reach someone on the phone to discuss minor topics and have my ticket escalated to the more technical guys. So this is another kudos for dailyrazor.

Lastly, no bad experience so far with their servers uptime and availability. Everything is working superb and for the price, I definitely cannot ask more.

Review Rating
Nancy 23 Nov 12

Thier service has gone from good to bad and now worse and I suspect they have been tampering with my code Thier servers have been running at a snails pace for the past three years, since they overload them.

Review Rating
basil 23 Nov 12

We have been hosting ours and various clients' websites with dailyrazor for about 6 years now. We first started out hosting a few static web sites, but have evolved into a full featured web applications build either on Java or LAMP technologies. Dailyrazor's knowledgeable staff has been very helpful as our hosting needs change with each new client. Technical and customer support are always friendly and respond quickly. Most importantly they've been very willing on several instances to help us with code related issues when needed. Best of all, their web hosting plans are cheap and affordable. We highly recommend them.

Review Rating
Chris 20 Oct 12

I've been with DailyRazor for years now. I needed a provider who could host a Tomcat container - they were the ones I needed at the time.

To start, reliability was great. Customer service however is horrible. When other folks are saying that they question whether their prior messages in an open support request were ever read, I COMPLETELY sympathize. 9 time out of 10, my questions were never thoroughly read and initial responses were ALWAYS poor or not even close to the topic.

I too was double billed. I don't think there's any conspiracy theory behind it. I just think their system is poor and it was just a screw up. They remedied it pretty quickly.

At any rate, between servers going up in smoke (without a proper and timely backup system) and now all my accounts completely inaccessible, it's time to move on. Just thought I'd share.

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Steve Riley 29 Sep 12

Besides the repeated double billing problems, now I quit them, they emailed back and said I would not be billed again, and the day my account expires, they BILLED ME AGAIN! I asked for a refund, they emailed and said they refunded the charge - BUT THEY DID NOT. I have this charge in dispute with my credit card company. Daily Razor is full of crooks just wanting to steal your money. They should be put in jail.

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Kirk Dickinson 30 Aug 12

DailyRazor tech support is very poor. When I contacted the online chat, they never knew anything and told me to email tech support directly. I would do so and get a ticket started. The answer would come back hours later and was never helpful. After two or three emails back and forth, I got the feeling that either a different tech was answering each and every message or that nobody ever read the prior messages in the same thread.

When I called on the phone, the people answering the phone had strong Indian accents and were difficult for me to understand, I could get around the accent if they had been knowledgeable, but they were not. I got put on hold for 10 minutes at a time, then told to send an email. .... and the endless loop of non-helpful tech support starts over.

I once asked to speak to their supervisor and was put on hold for 15 minutes and then told that there wasn't one available. I also got the feeling that I spoke to the same person in tech support and sales, but that he had given me two different names.

The worst part was when DailyRazor suspended my access because they claimed that I was overusing the database server and causing problems with other customers. This was not a new site, but one I had moved from another host. I contacted my old host, who is a personal friend and he said that they never had problems with my database usage and that the DailyRazor servers are probably very over saturated.

No effort, even minimally was exerted on DailyRazor's part to assist me in making my site work on their servers, just immediate suspension. I was unable even to access my site through FTP to try to remedy the situation.

I had a test server there for over a year was impressed with their speed and control panel. When I felt comfortable to move my site, I spent over 100 hours porting it over to work with a different version of ColdFusion and different DB server, then when I went live, I was suspended almost immediately.

Not Happy with them. Can not recommend to anybody with usage heavier than a quilting club.

Review Rating
Steve Riley 21 May 12

Along with everyone else, I was double billed, a few years ago, then on both my accounts I had in 2011. I've emailed their support and they said they refunded the charge on my CC, but in fact they did not. This is obviously on purpose, and it's happened to me man times, in different years, and from a web search - many other customers. They do it about 3 weeks apart, so the two charges to do not appear on the same bill, another attempt to hide that they are stealing from their customers.

Besides the double billing, it seems like every time I need to do something, their Plesk setup is totally messed up, and it takes them days to get it fixed back up. In the past, they'd done pretty well with support, but lately, it just seems to be messed up every time.

Review Rating
Robert 17 May 12

People at DailyRazor don't know what they are talking about, nor take their customers seriously. They have kept a lot of their sites down for 5 days and running, and don't have an ETA, nor a good support structure. Their quality is very poor and based on the competition, I can see that they will go out of business very soon. Never host your site with these guys, if you are serious about uptime and support.

Review Rating
Sergey Gavrilenko 18 Jul 11

I did ask in live chat about MSSQL db backup/restore features. Support said what these features are exist. I did want to pay for one month. They took money for 2 months (up to end of this month and whole next month= $9.1). When account has activated, I saw what backup/restore features are absent and asked about refund. They promised to do it but it was not processed for week. I wrote emails with questions when it will processed but they just ignored me. I wrote to PayPal and did ask about additional symbolic compensation $2. They refunded me only $2. But I don't want to leave it so and will require full refund. Their idea is simple: they provide fake information before payment and just ignore clients after payments. Their idea - to spend time until customer will choose to forget about money because this returns taking a lot of time.

Review Rating
Ahmed Salahaddin 19 Mar 11

I didn't realize that I am getting so many options, space and bandwidth at a very cheap price. Their service people are great and helped me in many occasions with my website problems. Definitely recommend their service.

Review Rating
Leo 27 Jan 11

Very unreliable and and unhonest hosting provider.

They just stopped my account and didn't give money back.

Review Rating
clau 27 Mar 10

We hosted our backup domain with DailyRazor for several years and even though they often have “an application pool stuck on the server” it wasn’t much of a problem since this was just a backup hosting for us.

In 2009 October we started receiving up to 100 junk mails a day, some days even more, and we started investigating.

Even though customer support was generally friendly and promptly they sent me in circles for months until they finally admitted on February 1 (4 months later!) that their servers don’t support SPF checking.

Since I have moved this domain to my main provider my junk problem has been reduced to a maximum of 20 junk mails.

Asking DailyRazor for cancellation and a refund it was bluntly pointed out that they have a no refund policy. After that no attempt was made to work this out neither would they acknowledge my emails anymore.

Not a way to do business and after all NOT A GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and the reason for my review here. Be aware of this hosting company!

Review Rating
Olu Fasogbon 3 Dec 09

DR does really have great customer service. I began hosting with them about three years ago and every time I call or email their support department they always available to assist me 24/7. I would not go anywhere else. Uptime is great. Support is friendly and excellent. Price is awesome.

Review Rating
Salil Shah 6 Oct 09

Please do not sign up with Daily Razor. They have double billed me twice for the last 5 billing cycles. I suspect they purposely double bill all their clients in the hope that most of them will not notice and miss the extra payment. On reporting this, they claimed that there was a bug in the billing system - which not surprisingly seems to reoccur even now.

Proof: Screen from my credit card account

Their support is prompt but poor. One support specialist passes your problem to the next and the cycle continues. Their negligence in a server migration led to 3 of my sites being redirected to a single site because of which Google removed it from their index as it shows up as duplicate content. They have been unable to resolve a technical issue relating to database pooling for the last 10 days because of which any database interaction through the website is unreliable.

Proof: Screen from my gmail account showing messages from Sep 26 to Oct 4

Please make a wise choice and avoid the pain with DailyRazor. It is not worth it.

Review Rating
Buck Dossey 30 Sep 09

Update to my last comment: I just finalized cancelling with Daily Razor. They were very friendly and didn't provide any pushback. I had to provide my last 4 credit card digits, a transaction ID from one of my invoices, and the domain my account was registered under.

Overall, I wish they would allow you to cancel your account from the financial console. Emailing with them is ok, but just creates another hurdle to jump through. While customer service was never an issue for me (actually disappointed I had to leave), they could have kept me if my sites had better uptime.

Thought I'd share this, too - If you need to cancel your Daily Razor account, email (that's who responded to my request that I sent to Support and Billing).

Review Rating
Buck Dossey 29 Sep 09

Pricing was good, and the Plesk management console was easy to use. Their sales staff also didn't have a problem with me changing my account to use unlimited databases after I had started. Pretty nice of them.

The reason I left for GoDaddy is because of uptime. My customers were finding their websites down about once a week. I don't remember exactly how many notices I gave to their tech group ( / got real familiar with that email address), but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1 every other week for 2 months.

All-in-all, they were a decent web host, if you don't really need your site up all the time.

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Dennis 13 Sep 08

Beware of them. They have very poor customer satisfaction.

Non cooperative and does not give you proper answer.

Totally non professional indian people are operating this business.

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Steve Hosegrove 26 Aug 08

Beware dailyrazor will try to sting you for an extra year when you try to cancel. They will auto renew your hosting without any reminder and then not allow you to cancel. It is clear they want people to fall into this trap.

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Benoit 24 Aug 08

DailyRazor is one of the best hosts out there. Been using their service for over three years now and have nothing but praises for them. Technical support is available 24/7/365 and response time is very fast - less than 15 minutes in most instances. Another good thing is that they really take the time to help me solve the problem by providing useful pointers. Unlike many hosts i know... Several examples exist - help configuring and fine tuning mysql db in other to deploy my site. debugging my application after the developers i contracted from india vanished - the overall availability and professionality of their service.

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D N (afraid to publish my name) 10 Jul 08

I had a few problems with the technical side - such as forwarding ALL my websites to some other website. When I pointed this out, they first denied it, then eventually fixed it, it was a configuration problem on their side.

My biggest gripe with them is their billing side - when I tried to cancel service is when my nightmare started. They refused to give me my promised 3 months of free service when I paid for a year (I did pay for a year). And then they said that since I gave them only 2 days notice before the end of 12 months to cancel, they insisted that I have to pay for the whole next year and then only they will cancel it! It sounds crazy, but I have email chains to prove it. They threatened me with collections and consequences! They insisted that I pay for the whole new year of service that I will not get anyway! I offered to pay for a month if they would just cancel, they refused! And yes, no refunds are issued for unused portion of your subscription...

Please stay away from them, they use deceptive marketing practices and strong arm billing practices. This is the worst experience I had with a merchant, ever!

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T Galloway 5 Jun 08

I've been with DailyRazor for over a year now and have been greatly over satisfied with their service. Not only are they among the most affordable web hosting service out there - their customer service and uptime reliability is next to none from my own opinion.

What prompted me to write this review today is I was very impressed on how they handled the issue with some of their servers colocated with ThePlanet. Due to the break-down of a transformer at ThePlanet's data center, the server my site was one went offline automatically. This I believe happened on Saturday the 1st of June of thereabout. DailyRazor's support team was quick to sent our an email communication informing me of this. Not only that, I was given the option to have my site migrated to another server colocated at another data center. I opted not to and decided to wait and see if the issue with ThePlanet's transformer will be resolved in due time. The next day, the problem was still there and upon my request, DailyRazor moved me over to another within ours and the move was seamless. I was rather impressed by this - i.e. the company's ability to put the customer. Good job guys!

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