DDoS-GUARD is one of the leading companies on the European market of protection against DDoS attacks by price/quality ratio. What sets us apart from many competitors?

- Own infrastructure of unique filtration nodes, developed and regularly upgraded by the company’s specialists.

- Geodistributed filtering network. The nodes are located in major data centers in different countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, USA, China and Japan. The network is steadily expanding.

- Huge channel capacity of 1.5 Tbps with the possibility of a “hot” extension at the customer's request can provide protection against attacks of any power and complexity, including IP malformed, ICMP flood, TCP SYN flood, TCP-malformed, ICMP smurf, SlowLoris, HTTP POST flood, HTTP SLOW POST and others.

- Own equipment allows us to not depend on third-party suppliers and their prices, giving us an opportunity to implement a flexible pricing policy across the whole spectrum of our services.

- Customer focus. It is important for us not only to promptly activate the service, but also to provide a proper operation for the customer regardless of cost categories of service provided.

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Vitor Rodrigues 4 Oct 19

Overall: Brilliant low-cost solution for DDoS-attacks mitigation and traffic management. We were exposed to L3-L4-type attacks and DDoS-GUARD managed to mitigate it perfectly. We receive the alert messages by e-mail when our services are under attack. During the attack and after it we were able to trace the statistics via the analytical section in dashboard. Moreover, they never stop the fair traffic avoiding confusion with malicious one. DDoS-GUARD offers the unlimited legitimate bandwidth: you will never be charged something extra besides the ordinary fees of your tariff plan. Also they provide hosting services (bare metal servers, VDS)

Pros: Instant launch of settings, quick customization, wide range of tariff plans, no hidden fees, numerous traffic optimization options (caching, Brotli compression, recompression), very low prices!, fast and responsible NOC available 24/7.

Cons: if you can’t use their API, the analytical toolkit of the dashboard may be insufficient, but it matters only for big companies interested in precious and detailed traffic analysis. For the rest of customers, it is not so easy to find any ‘Cons’.

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Michal Krivanek 6 Jul 17

My servers were strongly DDoS attacked and I had to look for a quality and reliable DDoS protection service and is that a company which provides the best DDoS protection service for me!

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Cseh Monika 29 Jun 17

My game servers overlived severe DDoS attacks and I had to protected them against these things and helped me much in making my servers well DDoS protected.

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Mary T. Linkous 1 Jun 17

Have to say is really genius, their DDoS protection service is beyond praise and pricing policy is simple and flexible.

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Teresa Evan 16 May 17

To avoid DDoS attacks I have made up my mind to use DDoS protection services at competitive rates. I'm grateful for you for your quality services.

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Hana Amanuel 8 May 17

I thought much of making my servers well DDoS protected and helped me much in it. Their prices are affordable for me and since using them I have faced mo issues in terms of security.

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Dominguez 26 Jan 17

I like a new customer panel with access to traffic statistics which provides for their customers. It has a user-friendly interface and its navigation is comfortable and easy-to-use. Thanks!

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