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Deluxe Hosting exists to help our clients maximize their online potential by leveraging the most advanced internet services and tailoring them to each client's unique needs. Deluxe Hosting offers a full spectrum of solutions, including shared cPanel based hosting services for a truly scalable infrastructure to grow with your business.

Deluxe Hosting shares our small business customer's entrepreneurial spirit. We've worked very hard to build our brand and bring together a consortium of platform specialists to develop each product to specifically fit your needs. In today's climate it is now more important than ever to work with companies who work with you.

Deluxe Hosting knows how important our customers are and how important your customers are to you. That is why we've partnered together with Expedient to ensure privacy and security for all of your hosting needs. Each of our hosting services are built on solid state drives for maximized speed, storage, and security. Deluxe Hosting is commited to providing high end hosting matched with high end support.

Deluxe Hosting is owned by Deluxe Corporation. Other web hosting brands owned by Deluxe Corporation includes and Hostopia.

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Adam Josephson

I have signed with some friends for a VPS and now we host a few websites there. Small downtime every now and then but in the end the overall quality is good. They are really stable.

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Joona Hautamäki

They've been extremely helpful whenever I have a technical or billing question. The customer service personnel are what set them apart from other hosting companies I've used in the past.

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Finlay Holland

Their cheapest package actually a lot of knicknacks compared to the lowest tier package found from other providers. You get everything you need especially if you're just starting out and it's well-worth they money. DeluxeHosting is seriously underrated, I hope more people discover them! They're one of the best providers out there.

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Joachim C. Andersen

Haven’t had downtime, it’s always available and fast. My visitors have no problem or I with my websites.

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Pero Hrvat

I tried lower priced hosts before, but you get what you pay for. DeluxeHosting has the best customer service but I only know that because I had a question. The service is never down.

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Gabriel Pinette

I can't find any fault with the help I received, excellent, thanks

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Eliot Couet

Reliable servers are excellent, reliable, and really powerful - love all the features and the support.

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Lowell Gilden

It's very easy to use a member panel, great speed. Their control panel has various features and also the auto installer softaclious is working great. All is fine.

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Youji Machida

First time using a hosting site of them and dare say they have a great support. Most of my questions were answered with added info and chat option works the best.

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Lima Gomes

Professional and effective service from these guys, brilliant communication they provide! My questions has been answered immediately. Thanks!

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Clarence Holmes

Their service has always been great. Their tech staff have always been knowledgeable and friendly and of actual use to an experienced Linux server admin. They are helpful to Linux gurus and casual users alike. As such, this is one of the few services I'd recommend to true power users.

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Flynn Everard

I am really glad that my site is hosted by DeluxeHosting because they conquered this good rating when they have helped and solved some problems which occurred during the purchase and payment. All the time when I used support I got prompt and according replies.

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Martin Kortig

I was searching for a reliable web hosting for my blog and some new projects. DeluxeHosting offers all I need and a very good customer support. Good prices, great uptime, and amazing !

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Leslie Tillison

This host has a unique user friendly cPanel, easy sign up and various ways to contact them which made my experience a great one.

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Yonatan Efrem

I switched to them not long ago but feel a great difference comparing with my previous provider. The difference is huge in the quality of service and support that I’m getting with them. Turn around time is awesome and the support team is very customer oriented and knowledgeable. I am glad I made the switch and recommend their service without hesitation.

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Cindy Klauss

Sites we were hosting with them got blacklisted IP addresses for the server. When we tried to get them to correct this, they couldn't and when we tried to cancel the hosting service, they wouldn't and billed our credit card anyway. This company can't provide good service and are thieves! A hosting horror story!!

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Here's a rundown of our month after Liquidweb sold our account to

1. They put our site on a server that had an outdated version of PHP installed, which caused errors on our site and made it impossible to update our WordPress plugins.

2. Our site was hacked. Twice. They tried to blame this on our WordPress theme, but part of both hacks involved the hackers getting our FTP, cPanel, and logins. That's not possibly to get from a compromised WordPress theme. Clearly someone had hacked into their system. Still, that's what they claimed and were of no help, so we cleaned things up on our end.

3. The entire server was offline for 3 days due to hardware malfunction.

4. While working on our site they somehow managed to delete all of our WordPress users. All of them.

It's bad enough that all of these issues happened, but to make matters worse they don't respond to tech support tickets for days at a time.

I'm not left pulling my hair out, having to be rude on the phone with their tech support staff because it's the only way I seem to be able to get any response from them, and hoping that they can restore our site to an earlier date so I can grab a working backup of the site and get the hell off their server.

I've been working as a website developer for over 15 years. I have never encountered a host as horrible as DeluxeHosting. I can not stress enough how miserable our experience with them has been.

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Thomas Wolfe

The initial configuration of my shared web hosting plan was delivered insecure, because it used a deprecated cipher (RC4). I asked their technical support to resolve this, and instead of making a proper investment to disable the deprecated cipher they instead took (in my opinion) the 'easy way out' by disabling all versions of TLS, except 1.2 -- making my website inaccessible to a number of still used browser configurations (and potential customers of mine). In my opinion, this was a 'quick fix' and substitute for investing in a proper solution/configuration, which balances information security with usability by disabling only insecure ciphers -- a common practice in the industry. When I complained about this, their response was to upgrade to a dedicated server so I can control the WHM cipher choices myself. Considering they are a hosting company that claims to be invested in information security (at least from numerous solicitations I received from them about the need / importance of SSL certificates, SiteLock, etc.) I was surprised at this poor response. Seemingly, your choices for shared hosting are: be insecure, alienate customers, or pay more to get the security you need.

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