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All Eco Web Hosting packages are 100% carbon neutral, with 5-star customer service as standard. Eco Web Hosting packages are fast, reliable and easy to use, so that you can save the planet without compromising your business.

As a small, friendly, UK-based company Eco Web Hosting can offer you a flexible, personalized service that big hosting businesses can't match, without compromising on price or reliability.

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I was a customer with Eco Web Hosting for approximately 2 years. During the first year and a half or so I didn't have any major issues, some of my sites were slow, but I just thought that was other things I had to fix and the fact that the server is in the UK and I'm in the US. I started looking around at other hosts within the US. About a month ago they were migrating all of their information onto a new faster server, so I thought I would wait and see if things got faster then since I don't like the hassle of having to change hosts. I ended up with multiple issues with many of my sites. Some that worked fine in the migration ran into problems a week later and were down. The answer I received on one of my sites was that since I hadn't changed DNS it was still pointing to the old server, but if it was still on their old server(where I had no issues whatsoever) why would I start having issues randomly after the migration. They were unable to answer this question. I had multiple trouble tickets that had to be submitted with my websites. It took multiple days to get any answer, which I fully understand they were busy with issues with the migration so I tried to be patient, but there were many of my trouble tickets that were deleted without getting a response. There is NO way to contact them with issues except by filling out a trouble ticket and waiting several days for a fix. In all this mess and lack of customer service I went to another host, but then I was locked out of making any DNS changes on my account, so had to contact them multiple times and wait for them to "make a change" and allow me back into my DNS. After all this was said and done I had all my sites but one, which was going to expire and not be transferred, moved to my new host and I was just temporarily using Eco Web Hosting for my domain registrar. Because I wasn't going to use them for hosting anymore I cancelled my auto payment for the hosting renewal each month and was going to cancel the full hosting at the end of the time frame I had already paid through(April 30th). Well as soon as I deleted the auto payment I was locked out of my account, even though I still had 6 days left in the month. I contacted them about it, when I finally got a response asking why I was canceling and making an offer for cheaper hosting to try to keep me and telling me I could have the account changed to domain only, I explained my issues I was having and right now I have been waiting 2 days to even get a response. The customer service is horrible! With all these issues I have decided I'm going to get my domains away from them and cancel everything! I'm basically being held hostage right now because I can't get into my account that has been paid for to make any hosting or DNS changes, so I have to just wait to hear back from them to let me into my account so I can even transfer my domains out. I'm stuck! I would NEVER recommend this company!

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