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The mission of is to help provide users all over the globe with a proactive web hosting solution that you can count on.

A proactive solution in the hosting industry is hard to come by let alone deliver upon. Most often Elief is alerted and working on issues which are effecting your website before their users even notice.

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Cheryl M

I was happy with my previous web host until they started tweaking settings on their end, which would either cause my blog to not show at all or cause the blog to display blocks of code at the top. After trying to work through the issues for a couple of months I decided that it was time to make a change.

After looking at several web hosts, I decided to go with Elief. My previous host did not have cpanel, but Elief assured me that would not prevent them from being able to transfer my sites.

The transfer was a little rocky - it took about 5 days for everything to show up the way that it was supposed to, although the blog was readable much faster than that. But even when things were in transition, Elief was in regular communication with me, making sure that I knew exactly where they were in the process.

Since moving to Elief, my sites have been faster than they were with my previous host. To my knowledge there has never been an outage. Richard at Elief made a point of touching base with me about a month ago to see how things were going and ask if there was any area in which I felt they could improve.

I love the stability of the service. I appreciate the communication of the company.

Overall, I highly recommend Elief to anyone who needs a new web hosting service. In my opinion the service and quality cannot be beat.

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Ranka Cau

Elief has a very flashy website which seems very promising, however, they are guilty of overselling their services and deceiving their customers.

I purchased an account with 20 gigs of BW and it was suspended after my account used more than 4 gigs of bandwidth.

This is unfortunately an old scam run by various web hosting companies who try to attract customers by listing services that actually do not exist.

Its a dame shame too, it seemed like a good and a reliable host, but once more they failed via the overselling game a lot of other hosts got buried because of.

Once more, as far as speed/support go, this is a good host, but be vary of their overselling package prices because they are not as they are listed on the page which is an unfair and a sleazy way to attract customers who get duped into purchasing something that is actually not offered.

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Elief's Response

This user was suspended for sharing illegal MP3 files and the massive amounts of downloads caused the server to become unavailable. It has nothing to do with overselling and does not reflect the quality of our service.

elief user

Unmatched customer support! I was amazed at how quickly they responded. Whenever you send a message it notifies them via a pager or cell (I am assuming) and someone gets on and resolves the issue right away. Of the 5-10 support tickets I have submitted I have never had to wait more than 20 min for a resolution.

They also offer alot of features(mySQL, php, fantastico, cpanel access, etc).

Thats it for the good. When we signed up we were told we were getting put on one of their "top of the line" servers. A week later after about 80% uptime I submitted a ticket asking why the server was down so much. They said that it was b/c we were on one of their older servers. They offered to give me a free month and move me to one of their "top of the line" servers(that we were suppose to be on already). I said go for it and within a few days everything had migrated over to the new "LiteSpeed" server.

What a headache! We are using Joomla with mySQL and ever since the migrate it has been issue after issue. PHP issues, database issues, etc. We have gotten several error messages when trying to work on the site. We assumed that it was just due to the fact that the database had been set up on a different host then migrated so we tried starting another site on a subdomain and had the same issues.

For a basic website that isn't going to use much space or traffic I would highly recommend elief. For anyone using an average amount of space(like another reviewer said) you will run into overselling problems. The new server we are on seems to be ok but when someone first signs up they put them on one of their default servers that are overloaded.

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Elief's Response

Client was effected on the server by the user below from the illegal files, he was offered compensation for that month, and he is still a happy client with us over a year later :).

Mark Van Wye

No host is perfect. With all the regular changes in basic infrastructure like PHP handlers, things are always bound to go wrong one way or another. So have there been problems from time to time? Sure. But the same is true with any and every other host I've ever used, and anyone who has had a different experience can't possibly be running a particularly high traffic site.

So for our company it ultimately comes down to customer support. Pricing and features and headaches all seem to be relatively in the same ballpark for every serious hosting solution we've ever explored. There's only one variable: support. Because things will go wrong. And that's when you need true professionals at the helm, available 24/7, willing to put in the extra effort to ensure that no stone is left unturned in creating a workable solution.

In our opinion, Elief has completely surpassed our expectations for truly above-and-beyond hands-on assistance: not only with glitches, but with general questions relating to making the most of our assets.

We can't recommend them strongly enough, specifically on their exceptional customer service.

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MonaLisa Twins

When we decided to go with Magento as our e-commerce software I was looking for a reliable host who would be specialized in the needs and resources of this platform. After a rather unpleasant experience with our previous host we finally went with Elief on a monthly basis to test out their services and speed. In comparison to other hosts their servers are quite fast. Their cPanel provides everything we need, and I appreciate that I can configure everything myself - unlike with other hosts who do not enable many cPanel functions. They also provided quick install of Magento which was good for me as a complete beginner.

As we are musicians and not web developers it was a great thing for me to have a knowledgable, patient partner behind me. I had literally no clue about Magento, nor about web developing not to mention servers and hosting, but I always felt safe with Elief by my side. They are highly reliable, fast in their response (max. 3 - 4 hours, mostly below that) and give valuable, comprehensive instructions.

I have nothing bad to say about them. Such outstanding service is definitely rare and I am very happy to have found them. No downtimes in this half year we host with them, no crashes, good backups. When you are running an online business, depending on this basic infrastructure, reliability and trust is the most important thing. I feel they are always there for me and have an answer when I need them.

This really helps me to concentrate on my business instead of doing troubleshooting all the time. 100 % recommendation.

Michaela Wagner

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I left my last hosting company because I felt I was getting the run-around from their support staff. With all the intricacies and inter-relatedness of servers and the broader network, I expect the occasional problem as long as occasional remains just that. What I cannot deal with is a lack of problem ownership or a bunch of bs. This is where eLief shines in my book - they are honest with their customers and don't just provide some canned response for questions or problems.

I respect that they don't play the "Unlimited" game and that they simply reduce responsiveness rather than just suspending an account because you have exceeded their piblished resource allowances (so manyhost with "Unlimited" resources don't post their limits because their plans are supposedly unlimited).

I am actually writing this review because I had a problem a couple of weeks ago with the server being unresponsive. Lower levels of support could not find the problem and appropriately bumped the issue up the chain. I pressed - providing more information - and within 15 minutes received an email saying I had spotted a problem and that it was addressed. No bs, just ownership of the issue and a problem resolution. Service has returned to the rock solid reliability I had had for months before this event.

In the end, most hosting companies offer more or less the same features and close to the same services. For me, support and accountability is a huge issue and eLief has passed that test.

If I could point to one area for improvement, it would be that first-level support seems unable to handle anything but the most simple issues. Then again, this is typical of most hosting support.

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Probably one of the most horrible hosting companies that I have ever used. Confusing Cpanels, horrible support and then some added with an overpriced structure screams to me and everyone else to STAY AWAY!

I haven't been using these guys for a month and a half or so, but stumbled on here somehow looking for another company and thought I would share my piece.

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After purchasing SSL for install, elief failed to contact me to request SSL information, so I had to create a separate ticket.

With all other hosts I have worked with SSL install from purchase takes 2 days maximum.

It is now 5 days since SSL was purchased. Each of my support requests for update has been ignored.

On their homepage they state 24 x 7 x 365 support.

Don't trust this company. Useless..

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Jeff Olsen

Please be aware that this company does not do regular backups. That being said they lost a development and production database on both of our sites. We would have lsot more data but they where able to use our back up. This mistake by eleif cost not only our company but many others 10's of thousands of dollars in lost work and data that will never be recoverable. They flat out did not do backups of our sites.

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Not Available

Complete hosting failure. Lost numerous customer databases.

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Tom Jason

I have signed up for Elief webhosting in March 2011 and requested service cancellation in the same month as per elief 60days money back guaranty displayed on their website . I was confirmed by elief billing as per below email about the refund will take 5-7 days, where that was never taken place until then.

—–Original Message—–

From: [] On Behalf Of eLief Sales

Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 1:45 PM


Subject: [#HHI-836874]: RE: Cancellation Request Confirmation

It should be processed by or before Thursday, as I said before it takes 5-7 business days(our billing department is not opened on the weekends, so those don’t count as business days).

Best Regards,

Richard Rowan Administration

Ticket Details


Ticket ID: HHI-836874

Department: Billing

Priority: High

Status: Open

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Choosing this company as your host would be the biggest mistake you have ever made.

Constantly down and when you open a ticket nobody answers them. There is no contact number so absolutely no chance to speak with anyone. Its also very slow when it actually works.

A very disappointed customer who has taken his business elsewhere.



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Awful service - well, non existent. They sent me numerous emails and texts telling me if I didn't pay my account would be expired and URL removed. However, they had already auto billed me to the credit card info they had on file for me AND sent me an invoice account invoice status states paid. Yet they cut my service anyway and I no longer have a URL for my business because of this mess. I submitted 3 help tickets and no response. Their Live Chat link does not work. They have no other contact info. I had to call my credit card company and submit them for fraud to get my money back.

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MonaLisa Twins

We submitted a very good review about Elief in 2012, when the service was really excellent. However, for some reason they completely stopped their customer services, you can't reach them in any way. I paid for hosting, even got a payment confirmation from their automatic system but still they tell us that our website is expiring in 28 days. Now the cPanel isn't working neither anymore and we don't have access to our files and Database. It looks like everything is lost. A nightmare!

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This may actually be the worst company in the world.. I'm serious. They have NEVER, as in not once, answered a support ticket. Want to call them? No phone number listed. Email? Good luck.

The only hope you have is the support ticket system which has never been answered.

They have a separate log in for the Cpanel which you can not reset the password for. Need to make changes? To bad, doesn't care.

This company could not possibly care any less about their clients. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY... If you can even call them a company. They're only interested in taking your money, nothing else.

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