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Gandi clients range from individuals, associations and small companies to public institutions (The European Union for example) and large multinational corporations. All have put confidence in us, and that is something we are deeply proud of.

On the Gandi website you will not find empty promises, sneaky advertisements or unwelcome surprises hidden up our sleeves. Gandi simply strive to provide a decent and honest service. Our wish is to provide you with the best products and services at the most reasonable prices. Furthermore, by keeping in direct contact with you (through our blog, Customer Care and FAQ's) this allows us to listen to your feedback and improve our services. The interests of our customers always come first since they will be the source of our success.


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Stephen Lee

I felt the need to write the following:

I am absolutely livid. I have been a Gandi client for a number of years

with accounts SL85-GANDI and BL03-GANDI.

I have always had a dedicated server but thought I trusted Gandi and

decided to experiment with their hosting and if it all worked OK to

migrate my business domain to Gandi hosting. This is a

big deal for me as I have been with Cybercon in the USA since 1988.

We set up our website and database on a Gandi site and just messed

around a bit checkking speeds etc and was about to migrate when I got an

e-mail claiming I had been spamming and that my acccount had been


I can tell you now that we have no interest in spamming, no evidence was

submitted by Gandi, and our password is strong and known only by two


I explained this to Gandi in detail and all they did is repond with

irelevant boilerplate statements preaching to me about how I have abused

the system and not to do it again and that I am responsible for all

acitvities on my domain.



They have reinstated my account but what I REALLY needed was an aplogy

and promise never to shut us down again without consulting me. That was

an absolutely disgraceful way to treat a long term client and there is

no phone number to call anyone.

Unless that apology appears shortly I am closing my account and will

cease recommending Gandi even for domain registration (as I have done

often in the past).

How about it Gandi ? You have my phone number - pick up the phone and

call me or do you want to get the same sort of reputation that Paypal

got in the early days for treating their customers like criminals ?

Your domain registration services have been superb, do not tarnish your

reputation now by shoddy customer service. I will support you but you

must be responsible with us. Reputations are hard to gain and very easy

to lose.

Stephen, Baron Lee of Coolock.

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Gandi's Response


We at Gandi encourage our customers to express their opinions of our service and to and even provide

free and open areas on our website where this is possible, at and Overwhelmingly, the response is positive, and I can only urge you to visit

these pages to see for yourself.

This being said, and with all due respect for Mr. Lee as a valued customer of Gandi, we need to

assure that the facts in his particular case are known and presented accurately, as his post

unfortunately appears to be deliberately misleading.

Upon the reception of a complaint for spamming activity from the server of our customer, we needed

to contact Mr. Lee urgently to inform him of this and to discuss what action we could take together.

Unfortunately, the telephone number that he gave to us when he set up his account was fake, and as

such we were unable to contact him by telephone.

Consequently, we sent Mr. Lee an e-mail explaining that we received a complaint for spam and that we

needed him to verify, update, and confirm his contact information with us so that we could discuss

the situation. In this mail, we explained that we needed him to do this within 15 days, or we would

be forced to suspend his server.

With regards to this point, as a service to our customers, we regularly proceed with contact

information verification, and this, for several reasons. If, for example, there is a problem with

your domain name or web hosting, we need to be able to contact you rapidly, and to identify you as

the legal owner of the domain name and hosting account. The other significant reason for our need to

assure the validity of your account information is that Gandi must uphold our contractual

obligations with ICANN and the registries, which require that our whois database remain completely

accurate and up-to-date.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lee did not reply to our e-mail within the 15-day period, and as we were unable

to call him because of his account's fake telephone number, we were obliged to suspend the server as

warned. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Lee finally contacted us, and we therefore immediately reactivated

his services.

As you can see, the suspension of the server could have been avoided if our customer gave us a valid

telephone number so that we could immediately contact him, or if he replied to our e-mail within the

2-week grace period allowed. The reactivity of our services and was demonstrated in the rapid

reactivation of his account following his contacting us, and at present the case has been closed

without further incidence. We at Gandi pride ourselves in the measures that we take to assure that

the rights of domain name and server owners are upheld, as you can read about in a CNET review of

how well we do this:

Should you have any further questions regarding this case, or our domain name or hosting services in

general, please feel to contact us at:

Thank you :)

The team at

Kevin Chukes

I would advise against gandi. I registered the sites associated with my non profit, public service association with them because they state on their home page (and other prominent pages on the site) that EVERY account comes with a Whois privacy feature. Only after registering did I find out that the feature was not available for "associations"; only individual accounts. The info was buried in a pdf, the link for which was several layers down into the site. They said if I wanted the feature (which was the main reason I went with them), I had to pay some sort of fee. Misleading at best – borderline fraudulent. I say avoid.

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Shockingly useless technical support and hard-to-figure site administration interface.

After a battle with their virtually non-existent tech support over a problem with some odd server behaviour, I've given up and looking for a new host.


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The start 10 anniversary scam, I got my promocode but till yet I did not get my domain.

They asked me to send ID card etc.

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Wolfgang Kurth

I have two domains registered with them and have tried to change the dns pointing several times without success. There is no telephone number for customer service or help. Everything is via email which is dead slow, except for the canned response. I would never host with anyone without 24/7 telephone support.

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M Mendez

Via their website this appears to be a great company --lots of nice graphics, and also some good content.

However, the nightmare comes in when you are trying to build, manage, or do anything complex.

The worst possible feature here is that all of the support is only via email...

There seems to not be any sense of empowerment in support. I had previous experience at HostBaby and what a difference. It was even possible there to get in touch via the PHONE (OH MY GOD) to solve actual problems and talk to the sysadmins.

Gandi's site (for management) is rather weird in some respects, and some of their errors are in French --and their error codes and pages are usually short and incomprehensible.

Of course, each experience might be different, and yours might be good, but our suggestion is to look elsewhere (and pay more if you must) but make sure you have top notch support via true engineers and in English.

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Peter Weeren

In agreement with other posters: Shockingly bad customer support, not user-friendly and one of the worst web hosting sites ever. Also, they are NOT inexpensive, but rather full of "add ons" and other sneaky ways of drilling cash out of your pocket. Their website building tools are abysmally bad, counterintuitive and a total rip-off. There is no method for getting a refund. IN SHORT: MASSIVE RIP-OFF BORDERING ON FRAUD. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS.

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A client wanted a .io domain, and had the best pricing of the registrants offering .io domain registration. Problems from day one with the entire process. Granted, I've worked primarily with Godaddy for domain registration, but is so slow you might think they went out of business. I submitted an owner registration transfer to make my client the domain owner. I had to wait weeks in-between support e-mails, I had to fax the documents 4 times, I wrote to support and left feedback 6 times and nearly two months later the domain ownership transfer has still not been completed. Abysmal support, in intuitive web services, but cheap pricing.

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K Miles

I registered three domain names with Gandi 6 weeks ago. I changed the nameservers to my hosting company on two of these and only one of them propagated. Gandi blamed the host. I changed hosting company, changed the nameservers and this time none of them propagated. Turns out if you look up one of my websites on the Whois database it is listed as for sale, even though I paid for it and it is listed on my Gandi account as having been bought. According to my host the other one is unregistered. I have now had to register a complaint with Nominet as it now appears that it is Gandi and not the hosting companies who are causing the problems. I am running a project that gives work experience and training to people with disabilities and having no organisation email or website has had a big impact on us.

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Ammad Naeem

This happened last week when i tried to buy a dedicated pop email hosting service from through the Mozilla Thunderbird email platform. What happened is they charged me around 3.97 Euros (excluding Vat. Around 6 Dollars were deducted from my Visa card and the order was put on hold. Now 6 days have passed and the order is still not processed. I sent them an email and now they r saying they have not received the money although it was long gone from my card and never been returned. Anyone else experienced such scamming from Gandi or is it just me??

After this event and reading reviews about this host i believe this is a company that could be scamming people..

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Gandi has to be the worst host service out there. There are abominable, life threatening problems with its service. I, who has never lost his temper, got infuriated by their abysmally slow and vacillating sever. They take your page down of their own volition; they cease service for a few hours of their own volition. Truly, Gandi sucks. The funniest part is that they actually dare to shamelessly retort to reviews. Gandi, you suck. That's a fact. I have lost over $260 in just a matter of 21 days. Do not trust Gandi, you will regret it.

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My experience with this host was quite bad, I got my domain suspended by mistake, it lasted for a whole week, also got 0 refunds for the money and time that this issue from their side coasted me. Avoid like plague...

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I think this company has lost sight of their goals and values.

The boasts a strap line of “no bulls**t” .... but let me tell you, I think they invented red-tape and “bulls**t”. It literally took us more than a month to try and gain access to our control panel, in order for us to update DNS settings!! In the end it was easier, and it took Nominet 5 minutes, to transfer away from Gandi.

Every single time we e-mailed them, they asked for more “proof of id” documents. Blaming it on Nominet rules, they even asked for our taxation and bank statements. In the end, going through Nominet not one of these document were required.

I transferred away and will never ever recommend Gandi as a hosting provider.

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Sadly, very poor customer service. Pages that don't work on their recently updated site, card payments that are not secure, support who refuse to answer questions, support tickets that get lost, nobody willing to speak in person. An awful experience.

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