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Greenlush has been posting fake reviews on Hostjury since early 2007. This makes Hostjury sad :(

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Thiago Carvalho

It's been four days already that I have signed up and my account has not been set up yet.

They have no support at all. No tickets or emails have been answered.

Either this host is kept by amateurs or it is a fraud.

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Greenlush is a ghost company. Signing up is quick and easy, but then you're on your own. I've been waiting days for a straightforward issue to be resolved, which has stopped me from designing my site. I don't think it ever will be, so I'm writing off my 1 year plan with greenlush and moving to another host. I should have done some more research- the little I found in the forums hasn't been good.

Please don't use them- the price isn't worth it!

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