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Chad 11 Jul 19

Was with Hostapolis for a time. Moved to host as they supported SSL via Let's Encrypt and Cloudflare integration along with all the cPanel standards. After figuring out Wordpress, I was able to build my site and get full load times to under a second - very impressed. And then...

-They changed from Let's Encrypt to Comodo cPanel for SSL (no communication or documentation, had to figure out how to get certs to properly renew with service but got it to work).

-Dropped cPanel Cloudflare support (from what I could see).

Not world ending items but then...

-Outages throughout the day for no reason, dropped uptime down to around 96%

-Completely changed IPs with NO forewarning and site was offline for some time because...

-Communication about IP change came in AFTER the change was already made AND the IPs provided were incorrect, took time to troubleshoot issue to figure that out.

-Email was coming in but could not send out.

Their 24/7/365 support claim was within reason to start, in the past few weeks, tickets marked HIGH took 2-3 days for any response.

PRO: For the price, service and latency were quite good and worked.

CON: Lack of communication, lack of documentation

Summary: Hopefully all their issues get worked out as overall, I was satisfied until the last few weeks, especially given the price. Just to have some stability, moved site to new service as I needed a stable, working site and email service.

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