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Hosting Cove provides customers a worry free service with no hidden contracts or fees. Because we uphold extremely high standards, you are guaranteed a solution for establishing and maintaining a virtual presence on the World Wide Web. We assist you in establishing yourself online by allowing cost effective hosting so you may store, promote, and maintain an industrial strength site. Hosting Cove offers a comprehensive suite of services and will work with you in the future if you require expansion and further scalability. Whether you're new to the web, or an old hand at using servers, you'll find that we make everything as simple as it gets.

Hosting Cove is proud to be a leader in Web Hosting, and Domain Registration, Hosting Cove is a division of Spinikr which reformed as a corpoation in 2012, Spinikr, INC

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I'm a HostingCove customer for 7 months now & I'm very happy with them. I use the account for personal programming tests and showing my customers their requested work.

My HostingCove account costs me ONLY ( $12/year ) + a Free Domain Name. This's simply the cheapest in the market.

As it's only 5gb/month I suggest anyone to host the pictures on or other free image hosting provider to save your bandwidth & this is what I do currently.

I pay only $12/year so I'm not expecting a $120/year like support but amazingly their support is excellent for me. They always reply to my tickets within 1 hour which I consider super fast.

I recommend them for anyone setting up a new website.

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Hosting Cove reliable hosting with competitive prices. Support always available when you need it. Also for shared hosting, they have off-server nameservers, it mean the nameservers not located at the same server as your web server. 2 off-server nameservers located at different country, USA and Netherlands.

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