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HostsVault offer a range of highly affordable solutions, on professionally managed non-oversold servers; backed up by prompt and friendly support with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

HostsVault was built by expert administrators who believe in bringing customer service back to web hosting. With over six years of hosting administration the owners believe there is a better way to run a company. Profit is only second hand to customer service.

HostsVault specializes in fast reliable affordable web hosting. Our packages are designed for people looking for the best services. At HostsVault we don't try to squeeze as many sites as possible on to our servers. Instead we strive to provide the fastest and most reliable hosting support in the industry.

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I host a small site, but it appears even this can create troubles in hosting, which I changed a lot. The last one was chosen after recieving the recommendation at some forum and realizeing this host is rather suitable.

Currently, being recent customer, I cannot make an objective estimation of the service quality, but may definitely report of the high uptime and very friendly support this company is offering. It can be slow sometimes but really this is minor thing compared to the nightmare I got with several other cheap hosts.

I cannot say hostsvault is the cheapest one, as they charge about average price for their shared service, but the services and plans are WYSIWYG, just like I was promised. Pay reasonable recieve reasonable. I like these guys, hope they will remain at least as good as they are during the time I am going to hold a site. For the moment this company can be recommended.

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