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Igen Host Specializes in Web Hosting. We Have An Experience of 1 yrs in the web hosting industry. We have developed our own fault Tolerant white labeled system of clustering servers called optimized hosting. All sites hosted with us our hosted on our fault tolerant cluster to give you amazing performance and zero down times.

In optimized hosting each site is hosted on a server which will give maximum performance on for your site. How this is done when you sign up with us your account is created on a random server then after you upload you site we continuously monitor it for usage statistics. Say if your site is a forum based and requires a lot high performance of My Sql server it will be moved to server with the lowest MySql load among the cluster. Best part all the servers are within the cluster so no changes are required from your side in the domain name server's. Get hosted with Igen Host and experience the difference.

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I started a small local business before 5 months,As the business got bigger i bought a new website,So while looking for a perfect web host.I came to Igen HostI bought a domain name and a web hosting.And after purchasing it i never found any problem with them

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