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Inception Hosting Limited is a UK registered company that was set up in response to what we felt was a lack of quality service available to end users, all employees have a personal investment in the company to ensure the best possible service is given to you the customer.

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Dah85 6 Mar 18

Avoid this backyard operator "company". The guy who runs it is absolutely rude and has zero customer service skills. After i signed up i opened a ticket requesting to mount Ubuntu and he rudely cancelled my account amd told me my person details were made public online!!!!!


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PJ 4 May 15

extremely poor! customer service is shocking, if you care for your reputation then avoid using this host. I have now migrated over to another firm and have a lot less issues, the value for money is what attracted in the first place but after signing up that value for money opinion I held quickly vanished!! I believe the firm has little infrastructure to support its services properly, didn't get the impression I was dealing with professionals.. avoiding is your best yet, (you cant recover those customers once you loose them)

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Jim Bobbins 14 Apr 15

Agree with the above posters. My host was suspended after a mysterious complaint from a UK bank claiming I was hosting malware. Complete fabrication and just an excuse to get rid of a customer that had been on a cheap plan for too long I guess.

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M 22 Jun 14

Server suspended after 3 weeks without reason. NO refund.

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Helen Kwok 30 Mar 14

Stay away from this host, they hold your overpayment and give no refund!

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Rocky 3 Sep 13

After shutting down the server after one day when a client had a spam complaint..the owner rebilled me and refused to return my money.

I disputed the charges and won. However he then put me in collections for double the amount of the rebill and original month. SCAM to the max.

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