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Since the launch of Jiffy Domains in early 2013 we have grown from hosting websites for a few friends and local businesses to hosting websites from all around the globe.

We have on stand by a number of staff to provide you with true 24/7 support. Our network utilises only the best hardware based in the UK, coupled with LiteSpeed so you can be sure your website will always be online and performing at it's best.

If you are looking for a host that is devoted to providing a reliable service with fantastic support you've come to the right place.Providing comprehensive web hosting services to aid the growth of your business.

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Katy Fordyce

I signed up to JiffyDomains because I was told about them while I was at work, I have thought about starting a web blog for quite some time now but never proceeded or known how to go about it.

So I contacted their sales teams and they were delighted to help me out and got me online in minutes aswell as offering me a discount.

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I signed up with Jiffy Domains in January 2014. It took over 24 hours from my welcome email for me to receive my hosting settings, this only happened after I submitted a ticket requesting them!

Then after me setting the nameservers that were supplied I had more trouble. after 6 days of constant requests for support and getting mediocre answers ( most tickets went unanswered ) I requested a refund. My domain was still not resolving to the nameservers supplied and no further support was being offered. I confirmed the problem was there end by changing the nameservers to my other host and they resolved within hours. The owner of the company Benjamin Fordyce ( who strangely has the same surname as another reviewer on here ) was never online and his knowledge was poor at best. This was a very poor experience all round and wasted 6 days of my time. Im still waiting for a refund of £7. I have submitted a paypal dispute.

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