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JodoHost was launched in December 2002. IT Services to JodoHost are provided by Group Company which has incorporated business in US and in India. Group is a profitable privately owned business. JodoHost's complete operation is in-house which helps JodoHost understand customers requirements better resulting in a service with higher customer satisfaction.

All JodoHost servers are located in Miami, at the Miami Exchange datacenter. JodoHost started off as an India-based company. It has now grown to have customers in over 100 countries providing 24/ support.

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M. Sait

I' am using Jodohost for four months.. They have Hsphere control panel and clustered Windows environment.. Uptime %100, support always fast.. Servers are hacker-proof.. I like Jodohost!

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Jack Kenny

I am using Jodohost for a year.. So far so good.. No downtime, never slow serves.. Always fast support.. Excellent job Jodo! Never change!

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Michael Schroeder

I have been very dissapointed with JodoHost over the past few months. Just like another review said, reliability has gone down the tubes. And their tech support folks seem unable to correct.

One issue I am having was just officially abandoned by their tech support with a note to me saying "sorry, we tried our best to fix it". Their advice was to use a FTP (unsecure) work-around to manage my files instead of HSphere until they "move to their new servers".

I don't take comfort that they are going to be better able to manage new servers when they can't figure out problems on their old ones.

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Md Hoque

I am very much disappointed with them lately. Last 2 months they have very poor uptime. I give you sample uptime report of one of my webpage bellow

Device: NEW

Protocol: HTTPb


Frequency: Every 5 Minutes

Status: UP Since 2011-01-03 08:38:30

Date Outages Downtime Uptime%

2010-12-27 Mon 25 4 hrs, 36 mins, 31 secs 80.797%

2010-12-28 Tue 27 4 hrs, 11 mins, 16 secs 82.551%

2010-12-29 Wed 30 7 hrs, 34 mins, 7 secs 68.464%

2010-12-30 Thu 29 7 hrs, 50 mins, 17 secs 67.341%

2010-12-31 Fri 30 8 hrs, 15 mins, 50 secs 65.567%

2011-01-01 Sat 30 9 hrs, 52 mins, 32 secs 58.852%

2011-01-02 Sun 29 9 hrs, 45 mins, 13 secs 59.360%

Summary: 200 52 hrs, 5 mins, 46 secs 68.990%

Replies to this e-mail will not be read.

For further assistance, please contact

Only 67.99% uptime

I have been in touch with their Tech guy for weeks but they are failed to fix the issue which occurring every few hours..

I suggestion stay away.

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Not good at all. Again today Jodohost went down. Everything. Even the home page. All my sites and email and presumably everyone elses.

No response from support.

It gas been 3 hours so far and no sugn of life from anything. Their home page just says server not found.

My business sites are all down.

Unacceptable! !!!!

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I selected Jodohost because they had listed on their website that they give you 2 dedicated/static IP with your hosting. I signed up because of this and tried to get my 2 Static IPs that were suppose to come with my plan and all I got was the run around. They continually wanted reasons why I needed a static IP and said there are only a few legitimate reasons that they will provide a domain with a static IP. False advertisement! I moved to another host and had no trouble getting what I needed. Jodohost is a JOKE!

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10 Years. Over this time I have had a number of problems with their servers but I accept from time to time this happens. But with them it is too frequent. Cheap is not always good. However I cannot accept email being down for 3 and often 5-6 hours regularly. Support is in India and it is BAD!!

I have had enough - I am leaving.

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A mob of bloody useless Indians who cannot speak proper English and cannot communicate Logically about issues.

They Pretend they are located in the USA but in actual fact they are located in India.

Our sites have been hacked on a couple of occasions and all they can say is, do a restore.

They are worse than useless.

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Just cancelled our Windows account with them after 10+ years, my only regret we didn't do it earlier. Some of their H-Sphere Windows servers were hacked almost 2 months ago and most of the clients accounts were gone along with their backups, no option for account restoration was provided. Support response time is very slow which paired with their based in India support makes solving an issue (if at all) a real challenge.

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