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We offer such services as managed and non-managed servers, remote server management, virtual servers with tuned raid1 for the 100% guarantee of our customer’s data safety, free servers for file backuping, video streaming and content delivery networks.

We offer servers on more than 10 stages in various countries of Europe and the USA! Our competent and qualified support will help you to solve any issue each day with no days off.

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Brandon Carter

To complete the course on the layout, it required simple, easy hosting, the choice fell on the king servers. Took the tariff "light," I have enough with my head now. As there will be a need for more, I will take already another tariff, I like them, we work further.

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Dominic Blake

Ddos protection copes with its task, but it is not cheap. The server didn't crash. Support group is at a good level.

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David Bern

I host websites for the repair of premises. They work stably even with a large amount of visitors from advertisement, there were no problems with requests. Fast loading, unlimited traffic

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To use the box version of crm bitrix24 lease VDS server in King servers. Technical support helped to establish everything for normal operation of crm. Three months we successfully cooperate, there are no problems in work, thank you.

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Brian Devin Walker

Took for a test period, eventually stayed. Guys qualified specialists, helped with the setting. Good price.

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Tristan Faber

At the start of activity, they took a dedicated FM-01 server, placed a site and allocated part of the memory for storing corporate data. Our specialists, together with technical support, set everything up. The quality of service and service was satisfied

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Adam O. Kale

Previously, he used hosting, the protection of which either did not work well, or did not save from Ddos attacks at all. Moved the site to protected vps from king servers, finally got rid of problems with the inaccessibility of the site. It is not cheap, but it is worth it.

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Christopher Blake

Placed sites on the VDS-RU-1G, it is convenient to place any number of landings, limited only the size of disk space and the amount of traffic per month, if necessary, you will need to pay extra for the traffic used over the limit.

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