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Koddos is a premium hosting service that specializes in high end hosting. Koddos utilize the latest technologies and high end hardware to provide an environment where your webpages will be served at the fastest possible speed while providing security against ddos and other attacks.

Koddos equipment along with servers is located in California, United States, which is an additional guarantee of quality.

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German Finn

The pricing offered by Koddos offshore VPS hosting is competitive - you will get what you pay for. Any time we have any problems or any need for anything these guys get right on it. They have given us support for every problem in less than an hour and have gone so far our of their way to ensure we are satisfied with their services.

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Nestor Raven

They are no longer very cheap, recommended! My experience with koddos offshore hosting has been awesome so far. I experience very little downtime, download speeds are good for the most part and I have yet to run into a serious problem where I would have to contact customer support. I also love that they add new features every month and the amount of bandwidth and disk space you are allocated grows every week. If you are looking for a reliable host for a site that uses MySQL, this is the place to deal with.

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