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Lush's strategy focuses on virtualization, consolidation, standardization, and optimization, utilizing a web-oriented architecture to support specialized systems and proprietary software services. Lush's efficiency strategy helps customers reduce IT costs, minimize risks, and maximize opportunity, while lowering their carbon footprints.

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Lush technologies is a scam. We purchased image folio and a hosting plan that never got delivered . Greg Raaul the "CEO" does not even answers messages. We have not received the hosting, software or refund. do not deal with this company.

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DO NOT do business with Lush Technologies or any of its affiliates. You've been warned. They are essentially run by ONE man called Greg Raaum. He took my money, provided no customer service at all and to top it off I now have fraudulent charges on my credit card from him. No replies to my emails, phone calls or even tweets. He’ll be getting a call from my bank's fraud department.

The “CEO” Greg Raaum can tweet about funny cats on youtube and his funny looking mustache but can’t be bothered with paying clients. $1500 a year to host a website is not cheap. He has multiple twitter accounts including @atxgreg and @gregraaum so check out this scam artist. I repeat DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company or man. Saying this, after my year of “prepaid” service is up it’s goodbye to him. I will do everything in my power to stop people paying for the hassle I’ve been through.

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Biz Secure, Lush Technologies, Image Folio, whatever else they go by now, all run by Greg and Roxanne Raaum are a total hox. They will bring you in and promise they can do the work and after months of paying up front they do not deliver, wasting lots of time and money. They even charged my credit card without authorization. And then after I paid up front for the work, they did not delivery and Greg asked for more money. They are a fraud and will take you for all you are worth plus more, stealing your intellectual property from you. Buyer beware, stay away from these companies and people. FYI, they are registered in Las Vegas NV but they have not paid their business license there and they live in Lakeway TX and in Austin they also are not have a defunct registration. They have been reported to the Attorney General of Texas and the Feds for their activities. I was naive when I found them, too good to be true I realized. There are good companies out there which I have subsequently found, but do your homework and check them out fully including security check of business registration plus more, it will save you hard ache in the long run.

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Craig Quirolo

Server down for almost a month no response to emails.... it doesn't take much imagination to figure out how this affects a web sites ratings. This is an unreliable company to say the least.

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