MacHighway is a web hosting service designed by Mac users for Mac users. Machighway understand that there is a significant number of Mac users who need quality web hosting. Too many web hosting companies believe that the Mac platform is not worthy of support and altogether disregard the Macintosh enthusiast. That's where Machighway come in.

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Hosting Reviews for MacHighway

Sam Wallis 19 Feb 20

MacHighway is one out of many hosts that provide everything they promise without fail. No bait and switch tactic used here! How comforting that is!

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Ender Everts 13 Feb 20

I have been using MacHighway for the past month and I have had no trouble at all. Their support is really quick and I have always found someone who answers me back immediately despite our time difference. I am truly impressed with their marvelous services and I recommend to use them for those who are interested in getting quality IT services.

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Cheney Legault 7 Feb 20

No complaints here! I give major props to their support team! I was having difficulties understanding the CP and everything else that comes with building a website but they made it easy and helped me out step by step. This is going to be a long long term relationship!

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Diyar Vreeken 31 Jan 20

MacHighway is a reliable web host. Over a month there was just one small downtime of 4 minutes. Most hosting companies have redundant network connections and power supplies and at MacHighway nearly everything is redundant, which is an excellent principle.

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David 22 Jan 20

I've been a MacHighway customer for at least 10 years. Can't imagine going elsewhere!

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Vachel Bourgeois 16 Jan 20

MacHighway is amazing for personal forums. Their added features make is easy for you to upload, customize and update it. I’ve never experienced any downtime. And I want to say that they are worth every cent you pay for their services.

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Kit Mosden 12 Jan 20

I recently switched from another host after many years of increasingly poor service and increasing prices.

Set up was mostly without problem but in the few cases I needed help it was readily availavable by either tool free phone on online chat. If they didn't immediately know the answer they found it for me.

Minor complaints: They bury the cpanel to the point I had to get help to find it. I wish their email allowed aliases. I used to use Fastmail which had them and it was nicer than having to set up individual email addresses.

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Thijme Bredewold 9 Jan 20

MacHighway is awesome and great. They are responsive any time I contact them and prices are not high on their resourceful services. I have never experienced any downtime using them. My website is online for 24 hours.

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Joe 6 Nov 19

Having been a customer for over 8 years, support has been very helpful and timely, even when an issue may not have had to do with their service. Have not experienced many downtime issues. Overall I would recommend Machighway to business associates and friends.

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JIm 3 Nov 19

I have been with Machighway for several years and appreciate them very much because they provide support for even my old hard drive Dreamweaver maintained site.

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Sebeôk Károly 29 Oct 19

Such a great Hosting service. I am very satisfied with the service of MacHighway. I am using their service for a long time.

I want to stay with MacHighway. Their Support is excellent. They solve any hosting related problem within while I am chatting with them.

I strongly recommend to get service of MacHighway. Also fees is very reasonable. Newcomers should try this service.

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Ömür Oldenhuis 23 Oct 19

MacHighway is my go-to hosting provider for my own sites and client work. Their support is very responsive and provides very good notices in advance of maintenance periods, etc..

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Terry 12 Oct 19

as a graphic designer, with above average web tech abilities, support and stability are above average. MacHighway is better than hosting resellers that i have worked with in the past, even though they are not really reseller hosts. Lets me be a graphic designer foe my clients.

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JT 30 Aug 19

I've been with MacHighway for more than 10 years and they never disappoint. They're CS is top-notch, they never leave you stranded or make you feel "dumb". Very happy with MacHighway.

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Tearlach Marois 11 Jul 19

Brilliant Support team, always there to help. Super easy to use and fully featured.

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Merete Bates 27 Jun 19

I use Machighway for its ecological benefits and because it serves an apple computer so well.

I am a painter and need a web-site so that enthusiasts can easily refer to the whole body of my work and experience and choose accordingly.

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Eldin Dahl 23 May 19

Every time I have had a need to contact customer service I have had an immediate response with clear and concise replies. They are helpful around the clock for me and I appreciate it.

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alan semok 21 May 19

I've been using this service for a number of years, with virtualy no issues. When an issue cropped up, a call to customer service resolved it.

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Leo Knight 8 May 19

I really don't know how they can offer so much for so little. But thanks!

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Catherine Holland 21 Apr 19

I don't need to interact much, and the thing I rely on is my site always being available, which it is.

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Scott Biggs 12 Apr 19

I really like having this to host my personal website. And it's affordable. Time for me to get back to working on it. Life has been busy. :)

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David Myers 10 Apr 19

I'm only medium good at systems setups, and Machighway's telephone support was pleasant and knowledgeable walking me through procedures and troubleshooting when a few things went wrong. Reliability has been perfect for the month that I'm sure of, a bit of a short time to know for sure.

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Lonnie Hirsch 25 Mar 19

What's not to like about MacHighway? They provide every service and assistance one could ever need from a hosting service. I cannot understand anything less than a 5-star rating!

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Alexander Kaestner 29 Jan 19

MacHighway is one out of many hosts that provide everything they promise without fail. No bait and switch tactic used here! How comforting is that!

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Eeva Salli 10 Jan 19

I had a trouble setting up an add-on domain, within an hour I had a great response that instructed me what to do. Thanks a lot!

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Cynthia Morgan 22 Dec 18

Machighway is on top of it all, not once has my website gone down during the past ten years. Their support staff always answers my questions promptly, and it is not difficult getting someone on the phone.

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Owen Ingram 20 Dec 18

Support is always present when you need them. When I ask them for help, they fix issues very fast. Prices are affordable for my tight budget.

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Shannon Wyatt 29 Nov 18

This company provides good cheap hosting. The supports good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done. Quality and reliable services.

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Robert Jason 28 Nov 18

The past 3 years with Mac Highway have been very calm. When the VERY occasional issue cropped up, their customer service/ support was immediately available via phone!

I've recommended MH to all my clients and Mac Using friends.

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Kelli Swan 8 Nov 18

Really happy with Machighway. I was also using GD for several years, and while the service was fine, I wanted to consolidate my websites at one host. MacHighway helped with all of the transfers, and were a huge help when I transitioned to SSL. Response time to questions/help requests has been excellent.

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Tuomo Aaltonen 23 Oct 18

So far I'm very pleased with this company. I have never encountered any problems and customer support has always been very helpful whenever I contact them. Services are affordable and decent.

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Rick L 21 Oct 18

The IP Security features are a big hinderance to this site. It can lock you out unexpectedly. Im sorry GoDaddy got hacked. Don't punish all hosts in a site when new user configures and email setup incorrectly. Ive been here for quite a few years and security headaches tend to be a number one problem, locking out your IP block unexpectedly. Support is responsive but as others noted, can be a bit cryptic when responded.

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Derrick Nelson 22 Aug 18

Best prices Ive seen anywhere and a wide range of features. Tech support needs some improvement. They try to help, but many times issues will go unresolved and, when addressing issues, they do not speak in layman's terms. You need to know something about internet protocols and web design.

They place a high importance on security. So much so that many times the security systems will cause problems for your own access to your website - especially if trying to use third part apps to access features (e.g. MarsEdit or other blogging apps being denied access to a Wordpress installation). The security can even trigger false warnings that cause your own computer from being locked out when setting up your website (which happened multiple times to me).

Those issues aside, they have a lot of features, plugins and add-ons; very good uptime; and they do try to help resolve any issues you have. Plus the price can't be beat.

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Tera Kelly 27 Jul 18

Found this hosting to be the best efficient and cost effective hosts among the existing ones. A better user experience and satisfied performance of the dedicated servers .

I would suggest you to have a 24/7 support on call facility, to enhance service quality and faster troubleshooting.

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Jennifer Rodriquez 19 Jul 18

Quick and excellent Custormer Service response. And uptime is high. I recommend them to anybody who are interested in getting quality services at modest rates.

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Većeslav Jozić 9 Jul 18

In terms of value for money, this is the best I've come across. I'm really pleased.

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Khadija Houtman 5 Jul 18

They are very helpful and guiding. I had an issue, they resolved it and pushed things forward very quickly. I am completely satisfied with their prompt and helpful service!

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Ronald May 5 Jun 18

Machighway has a great support system with a good product. The web builder may be better if I was willing to pay more money. I have been with other hosts and this is far the best.

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Casey Kester 8 May 18

I've been with MacHosting for several years and have always found their service to be first rate. I just did a new site and had some technical issues with permissions and they got it straight inside of a day. Good people to work with.

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Michael Kristensen 8 May 18

Being a very average Internet user the immediately available MacHighway assistance steered me through the processes needed originally and since then. Thanks for your help!

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Josefine Hestenes 4 May 18

This company rocks because they are invisible. Reliability and competence with a hosting company should be that you never have to contact them about anything and everything always works, and this is what this host is about. No spam, no getting filled with email ads about the company and no problems.

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Nermin Gulpen 16 Apr 18

I found this company the best solution to my problems. They are not only most economical in the market but they provide non-conventional / unique services and quality customer support like no one else.

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Sahib Hamzah 13 Apr 18

I'm very happy with their services. The hosting cost at their servers is also very reasonable which is why I have switched to them in the first place. The cPanel at them is also very user-friendly and easy to use.

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Marius Kristensen 6 Apr 18

Great company! The accessories and equipment for the control and management of the account are also exemplary. All in all - it´s a real deal worth the invested money.

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Caleb Skillen 30 Mar 18

They are a fast, reliable, friendly and offer an outstanding service at modest rates.

My websites run super smooth with no issues, if I ever needed to contact them, they always get the problem solved guaranteed in a timely manner.

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Veronika Zemanová 23 Mar 18

They have provided me with the best hosting experience ever. They are very responsive. Yes they have had some small issues and their prices are maybe higher than average but it is completely worth it. I like them!

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Ricky Martinsson 12 Mar 18

I am very happy with the speed and the website security they provided. I was also very happy with their prices and the general customer's interface.

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Sumner Gendron 5 Mar 18

I wanted a reliable host, with good performance that is well supported by people who cared. So far I have not regretted my decision at all as I have signed up with MacHighway company.

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Lily Cuper 12 Feb 18

Server setup was fast and clear. I have ran into a problem with my internet connection to the server and I lost access which suspended all of my work. Support stayed with me for an hour until fully solved. This is great courteous service from these guys.I appreciate their services.

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Victor Guivernau 26 Jan 18

As a Mac user and not tech savvy, it was wonderful to find a team that really knows my Mac and help me out, with plain explanations and guidance (click here, then here...)

Uptime is great, and help desk is awesome. I was blacklisted 5 times in 24 hours (email account passwords went South in all my devices). They were kind enough to whitelist me 5 times, quickly and with all the help I needed to solve the issue.

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Tom finke 25 Jan 18

They have some of the best technical support if any hosting service I have used. They are available 24/7, can speak to the problems in both technical terms and in non-technical terms as well. They have always solved any problem that I encountered.

They are extremely secure, I have not personally experienced any down time, and they are a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend them.

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Kerri Thornton 25 Jan 18

Awesome customer service and hosting performance from MacHighway. Servers work with no glitches and uptime is high. Support is helpful 27/7.

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Gumball Designs 26 Dec 17

7 years with Mac Highway and continue to be extremely pleased..... Highly recommended for any mac users out there!

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Gradasso Verreau 25 Dec 17

My experience of this company is good! I consider that support department is strongest part of this company. A swift 24 hour, multifaceted service delivering well.

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Sherry Zitter 20 Dec 17

Excellent tech support, great reliable service, fixed quickly when down, friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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Poul Løvstrøm 4 Dec 17

I had a really annoying issue and MacHighway's support team was really patient and solved my issue quite swiftly. Great service as usual!

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Robert Ward 3 Nov 17

I like it and seems to run smooth

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Marti Daily 10 Jun 17

I'm the type of person who LOVED iWeb for its simplicity and ease of use. The first web hosting service I used drove me crazy; instructions were confusing, support was condescending; I had to turn over the site to someone else to manage. I found MacHighway through my local Apple user group, and figured that anything with Mac in the name had to be worth a try. I'm still a dolt, but the service is fantastic. And best of all, they never make me feel like a dolt - that's all on me. One of these days maybe I'll actually figure everything out!

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Kenny 30 May 17

I've used MacHighway for over 5 years with up to 4 separate websites and have enjoyed their service and support the whole time. I highly recommend them!

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Aaron Sakovich 22 Apr 17

I'm an IT manager. I live and breath web services. I have run my own ISP in the past. When it came time for re-hosting my own personal site, I checked a variety of services, and then tested MacHighway using their free evaluation. The prompt response to service requests 24x7 and technical knowledge convinced me to sign up. They use standard software, and completely understand the issues UNIX/macOS users have to deal with and don't look down on you just because you're a Mac user.

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Thomas W. Amacker 22 Apr 17

I have been with MAC Highwaynow for more than two years and am very satisfied with its response speed and their knowledgable personnel who have helped me solve a good many problems caused by my own lack of computer understanding and abilities. (One gets out of a computer what one understands how to input in the first place.)

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Catherine Holland 21 Apr 17

I have been with MacHighway for many years, it has proved incredibly reliable for me, which is the main criteria in my book. My only grouse is that I have to go through the website to ask questions as the system won't accept a reply from a forwarded email address. However, I've only needed to do this twice in 10 years. So I'm very happy with the service.

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Scott Biggs 10 Apr 17

I still love the service and it is very reliable and inexpensive. Highly recommend it if you have a casual website like mine.

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Scott Urabe 9 Apr 17

Excellent hosting service with good support, competitive pricing and highly reliable.

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David Collins 6 Apr 17

Very reliable and easy to use service with a clear commitment to customer service. I moved to MacHighway five years ago and am very satisfied with the overall package.

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Jackie Henrion 11 Feb 17

I started with MacHighway when iWeb disappeared (8 years?) and I was able to transfer my entire site with their help. Their customer service has been outstanding. Recently I also experienced access problems, but when I figured out how to confirm the access portal, everything seemed to be fine. As I tackle the job of updating my site and using my ipad more, I hope they will continue to be as responsive as before. But from years of experience, I would recommend them highly. Also I like that fact that they use wind-power and they are dedicated to the Mac platform.

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S. Murtha 5 Feb 17

I've used machighway for years. Whenever I have an issue they find a resolution. They spend the time to walk me through anything that isn't easily resolved.

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Dena Gitterman 19 Dec 16

This used to be an excellent company but was sold last winter. Service went downhill on new server, so we moved website elsewhere and kept email at MacHighway. Between late October and early December the server hosting our email was down about 50% of the time, anywhere from hours to days to at one point a full week. Many emails were lost. Customer service was miserable. Call in service is Tier One and either know nothing or have no power to do anything. Took about a week to hear back on first ticket and almost two weeks to get reply on the second ticket. We tried to get a backup file to make transferring an entire office of email accounts easier. They had disabled this function in c-panel but after first ticket created one. Unfortunately permissions were created incorrectly preventing download, and although I submitted corrected permission codes took them 10 days to take the minute or two that was needed to fix this and give us access to our file.

We lost a lot of money in lost emails/customers, having to manually transfer 12 email accounts because we couldn't access a reliable backup file... Even had to submit a ticket to get a clear answer about why the server was down for so long and why they didn't indicate this on their website. (They did start posting info on website after that, which at least showed some responsiveness.) I had recommended others to MacHighway in the past and now I'm getting them all to pull out as my experience the past few months was actually my worst hosting experience of any company I've tried.

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Bianca 22 Nov 16

Very reliable and super easy to use. I started my service with Machighway several years back with very little hosting experience and everything was super simple to set up with the directions that are provided. Every time I've had an issue, they've also gotten back to me within 24h, so it's great to know that they always have someone on staff in case there's an issue. Have all ready recommended them to several people, who have all had similar positive experiences.

Review Rating
Ward Clark 20 Oct 16

Years ago, when I became frustrated with a mediocre mega hosting service, I asked for recommendations on the TidBITS email list. MacHighway was the clear winner of that poll of Mac users.

I have nothing but praise for all aspects of MacHighway. I've encouraged my Mac clients to switch to MacHighway. Everyone who switch ed is as happy and I am.

Review Rating
Scott 30 Sep 16

I have used MacHighway for years and never had any issues with their service, support or pricing. Great service all around.

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Fernando 20 Aug 16

They've hosted my site for 6+ years and I've had very little issues with their hosting. The issues that had come up were resolved quickly and with the utmost courtesy. Have recommended their hosting services to many and will continue to do so!!!

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Darrell Hoemann 18 Aug 16

I got a lot of advice when I was setting up a web site for my photography business. All were much more expensive and complicated than MacHighway. The best thing is for the several years I've used MacHighway, like my Mac Pro, it just works.

Review Rating
Judy 16 Aug 16

I have had my websites with MacHighway for over 20 years. I have no complaints. I have had sites for business and personal use; custom designed and now wordpress based. When I have an issue customer support is always prompt and helpful. My sites have always run smoothly. This is a very dependable company.

Review Rating
Tom Comstock 13 Aug 16

I have been hosting my sites on Machighway for three years now and have had no problems at all. Setting up the site was a breeze, uptime has been great, service and support has been even better. Could not be happier with the team at Machighway.

Review Rating
John B. 10 Aug 16

MacHighway has been the best web hosting service I have found. Highly Recommended.

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Marcos Saramago 5 Jul 16

Top notch service, super friendly folks. I've been with them for many years and recomended them for all the friends that asked me for a provider.

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Roger 27 Jun 16

Just added a second site after being with Machighway for 10 years. A professional team who are a pleasure to deal with.

Pricing is competitive and they keep on improving user interface and support. New features have been added over the years.

Their service just works. I can leave them to it and get on with life.

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Dennis A. Brown 10 Jun 16

I have used 3 other web hosts in the past. Two are well known, but I won't mention them here.

The learning curve on them was steep and I never really acquired any expertise with them.

Machighway makes setting up a site easy and very intuitive.

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Fed Reggiardo 9 Jun 16

Have been hosting with machighway for over 10 years. Any problem I ever have is always quickly resolved within a couple of hours. Strongly recommend!

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Ward Clark 4 Jun 16

After a bad support experience at a large, uncaring hosting service in 2009, I found glowing praise for MacHighway from Mac users on the TidBITS email list. Since then, I've been totally satisfied with MacHighway's services and support.

I've recommended MacHighway to many of my consulting clients, and they're just as happy as I am.

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Rmontgomery 10 May 16

Invisible till you need them, then very helpful

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Greg Beatty 5 May 16

Great uptime and great support...even by phone.

Everything I've had a problem, MacHighway resolved the issue quickly and professionally.

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James 25 Apr 16

I switched to them more than 8 years ago, and haven't had a reason to look back. Considering the switch was made form Earthlink, the bar was already pretty low. But I find MacHighway to be exemplary, professional, thorough.. their customer assistance links are all seemingly flawless.

And the bang for the buck is great. Their helper apps are comprehensive in their scope and capabilities, customer service response is unbelievably fast... and they're eco-friendly. What's there not to like? :-)

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isabella 17 Apr 16

I use Machighway from 5 years, and I'm quite happy with it, 'cause the price is fair and their support team is really professional, speedy and kind.

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Thomas Koto 6 Apr 16

Never had a problem with MacHighway!

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Shari Damron 18 Mar 16

I have been using them for YEARS, before they became Machighway. Always professional, always helpful.

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Michaelg 15 Mar 16

The changed our email server one day without telling us. Couldn't figure out why we weren't getting any email, nor could we send. Not sure why they thought it was a good idea to change it without first letting us know.

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paul mercier 7 Mar 16

They are terrific, knowledgeable and available whenever I have a question. Service is so good I don't really even have to think about it

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Chenelle 27 Feb 16

The price is as amazing as the customer service team! Very professional and very attentive. I love my website!

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Mike 24 Feb 16

Been hosting with Machighway for years back when it was Really good company and you get to talk to a real person when calling.

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Grace Terry 19 Feb 16

I am a novice, and have had to make several calls to SC/Tech part of MacHighway and they have been helpful and patient.

Customer Service is the most important element that I look at in any company. MacHighway ranks a 10 out of 10 in my book!

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Howard 18 Feb 16

I've been using MacHighway to host my email for my business for seven years now after running from Yahoo as the host due to no human contact. I made the switch a few years after switching the business from PC to Mac. Having human tech support is important but it appears there is an attitude among a few tech support people at MacHighway that the user must be at fault until proven otherwise. Also when a problem is resolved they don't tell you by email and you never hear why it happened or what you can do to resolve issues. Price is fine; reliability has recovered significantly from about a year ago.

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Joe Struss 9 Feb 16

HostPapa jerked me around on price so I ended up here. Better overall package, good technical support, great Mac support and they have yet to greatly increase the price. Just what you want on a hosting site.

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an excellent option

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Richie Bittner 28 Jan 16

They work hard to get thing right, I know because I'm not easy to please.

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Liz 23 Jan 16

The thing I love most and always mention when I recommend MacHighway is the 24/7 customer support. If something happens with my website, I call a number and reach a real person immediately. It's been invaluable to me on a few occasions!

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Greg 14 Jan 16

I've been using Machighway since the days they were known as itsamac. They migrated away from mac os sort of at the same pace I did. I use three other hosting providers (none of the big ones you see advertised on TV, those things are horrible). One uses a custom panel/dash the other uses cPanel like Machighway. I think Machighway is pretty darn solid. There was a several month long hiccup when things were outsourced and cheaper. But I've been happy with the service for most of the past year. At least as happy as with any other host I use!

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Scott Thomas 21 Dec 15

MacHighway has been perfect for my personal, non-commercial website host. If you own an Apple computer and use RapidWeaver to create your website, MacHighway is the "no-brainer" hosting choice.

Review Rating
Laura 18 Dec 15

I have six sites that I maintain on MacHighway's servers. And I always recommend to my web design/development clients that they go with MacHighway, too. It saves me a huge headache should I run into support issues along the way. Every time I've called MacHighway for support, someone has answered the phone. Imagine that: a real person answers the phone! The service and support that follows is personable and expert. I always end up with the issue resolved and I can be on my merry way. Features keep improving and the pricing can't be beat. In the past, I did experience some frequent but brief interruptions on one server, but MacHighway became aware of the problem and fixed it. Since then, it's been smooth sailing. I continue to be a very happy customer.

Review Rating
Karl 16 Dec 15

I've been using MacHighway for various sites for me and clients for the better part of 10yrs. Never really have much of a problem with them and they have steadily gotten better over the years with features offered, pricing, and support.

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Cynthia Morgan 12 Dec 15

Mac highway is so good that I rarely am in need of their technical support. I've been using them for more than five years and have never had any downtime for the site. The few times I've had to call them were when I was first setting up the site. They are the absolute best bro anyone who uses a Mac computer. Their prices are excellent!

Review Rating
Tom H 10 Dec 15

MacHighways service is outstanding - you open a support ticket and normally within minutes it is acknowledged, the problem is solved or someone is working on it. I have 25+ domains with MacHighway, pricing is good and have never been disappointed. Great hosting service!

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Liz Birnbaum 5 Dec 15

I've been using MacHighway for several years and I've found it to be excellent for both web hosting and email. The support staff does not generally default to assuming that the customer did something wrong. The service is reliable -- a couple brief outages were fixed quickly, and customers were kept informed of the status. All in all, far better than my experience in other online environments.

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Su Hedgepeth 30 Nov 15

I have been using MacHighway for several years now and while I have had some issues in the past when initially getting a site running, the issues are always taken care of in a timely and professional manner. I like that I can call and ask a question that some may see as a "dumb question", but I do not feel belittled or intimidated by the customer support. Other hosting sites I have worked with have been complete nightmares and then some others have been great when it comes to customer service, but what makes me such a MacHighway fan is that I can get an actual human being on the phone to speak to about a question I may have rather than only having the option to chat. It's nice to have the option.

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Robin Rees 29 Nov 15

I've been using MacHighway for a few years with no issues other than loosing my password. Customer support reset my password in a matter of minutes.

Thank you MacHighway, I'm a happy camper.

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Coyote 21 Nov 15

I am a rookie at this and was able to set up a site that my fellow clubbers and friends are able to access and find out news and see pictures. I have had it for a few years now and it works well without too many problems. A couple of glitchs here and there that were resolved quickly and nothing serious. My site has been literally trouble free for the last 3 years. Thanks MacHighway

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will 16 Nov 15

I used MacHighway for many years, mostly because I did not want to take time to find a better provider and when there were not problems it would work for months on end. But whenever they did not work, it was always considered to be the user rather than technical issues with the service.

I have used Macs since the early 90's and done all my own work on them, so know the Mac better than most, including most MacHighway support, so the default to user failure always galled, especially since the problem always turned out to be on their side.

The most recent was spam. I started getting loads of it pretty suddenly with several addresses and none with 2 others. Their SpamAssassin did not really help. Tried their fancy spam service for $6.49/month and it fixed most, but I could not interact with it to see that it was not filtering good messages and now my price was 11.50/mo. Many support emails, and some of the guys really tried, but within their culture, the user is always at fault so it got irritating. Finally I was told I had one month left of service. I was fired. I was costing them too much time for something they would/could not fix.

I setup with Little Oak, who's support to date is quite knowledgable. I have a handful of spams/week with the exact same email addresses and SpamAssasin set at 10 (less aggressive than default) whereas, with it set at 3-4 on Machighway I had 100 or more spams a day from 3 addresses.

Still my fault at MacHighway, I am so glad they stimulated me to finally move.

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Jason B 8 Nov 15

I've been a customer of MacHighway for over six years, and can safely say that I recommend them to just about anyone who need hosting. I'm not a professional web developer, but I've hacked around for years and buy domains and set up sites for various reasons or for friends and I think MacHighway is one of the best out there. They work to take care of problems very quickly and are always optimizing to keep data moving (so it seems).

All thumbs are up from this dude.

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Laura Schuler 3 Nov 15

I haveused MacHighway as my web host for multiple years and websites, though a hick up in the past on site issues, they have never failed to communicate and show their diligence and commitment to correction and support. I would like to see more flexibility in the web builder designed for artist web sites - but overall i would not switch as their pricing and support is phenomenal!

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Don King 24 Oct 15

I've read the reviews about MacHighway. Before I opened an account with them. Some really good reviews and some, well, not too good at all. Maybe MacHighway did have some server problems in the recent past (I only know this from what I've read in a few reviews). But as far as I can see they have addressed those problems and moved on. I had a hosting/domain/email account for many years with GoDaddy (with many problems throughout that time). So I finally switched to MacHighway. And all I can say is that as a new customer I can't fault them in any way (hosting/domain/email). MacHighway has really great pricing that can't be matched. With friendly knowledgeable tech phone support far exceeding what you'd think of because of their pricing. In fact the tech support was far better than anything I ever got at GoDaddy. My advice: give them a shot. They are a small "we try harder" Mac friendly company that I think you'd like!!!

Review Rating
Eddy 23 Oct 15

Really helpful and support available 24/7/365. Offer telephone support for international customers. 100% wind powered, 99.99% uptime great service and pricing. What's not to like? Oh and they are Mac people so they speak English, not gobbledegook.

Review Rating
James Rose 13 Oct 15

Great host with reasonable pricing. The thing I want like the most is the ease of using the c-panel tools. Perfect for someone new to being a webmaster. Also, customer service is very good. You get to speak to a very knowledgeable person every time.

Review Rating
derek Ngai 29 Sep 15

Secure and reliable.

Review Rating
Bev Snyder 4 Sep 15

We have been with MacHighway for many years since we first rolled out our web page. Reliability and customer services are impeccable.

Review Rating
Curt Sheller 2 Aug 15

Been with MacHighway since it was ItsAMac and have always been happy with the service.

Tech support is spot on and always responsive.

Review Rating
Carole 14 Jul 15

I originally came to MacHighway because it was so Mac friendly at a time when most other services were not. My site isn't complex and has only modest traffic, and setup and modification couldn't be easier. In 6+ years I really haven't had a problem and have found it to be headache and hassle free. I've rarely needed any support, but when I needed an answer or something done, I was always 100% pleased with the response. I have at this point zero reason to go anywhere else, and the price is fantastic for what I need.

Review Rating
Karin 28 Jun 15

I'm a huge fan of MacHighway. I'm a person with site-building skills, but don't really enjoy dealing with the technicalities of site publishing and hosting, setting up emails, etc. I run a number of small organizations, and MacHighway works great for us. Incredibly affordable, and their customer support via phone is fantastic. Have always had incredibly patient and knowledgeable people on the line to help figure out the challenges. Unless you have a division of people in your company that handle all this stuff as a team . . . with one or two people plus MacHighway, you can have great results. I will mention that we build our sites outside and upload them to MacHighway - have never used their building options that are included with a hosting package.

Review Rating
Heather Gatimu 24 Jun 15

I am looking for service that fits what I want - MacHighway got me set up and going with a minimum of hassle.

Review Rating
robert obrien 14 Jun 15

great service, great support, and reliable

Review Rating
bubba grimsley 11 Jun 15

Came because it's Mac compatible, stayed because I haven't found anyone better. Could be a LOT more user friendly. I'm not a "tech" guy, wish they would write their instructions for the non-tech user.

Review Rating
Alan Flurkey 30 Apr 15

Came for the price, stayed for the support. Excellent support team.

Review Rating
David C King 29 Apr 15

Very good uptime. Very good support (rarely needed). Been with MacHighway for some years and am very satisfied with their service.

Review Rating
nathan fleet 25 Apr 15

Was a great and easy way to go from using iWeb to this. Support is fast and price is great.

Review Rating
Ron Miller 23 Apr 15

The service is reliable, secure, easy to use. It is invisible, just there always working for me.

Review Rating
Scott Biggs 20 Apr 15

I love the service and it is very reliable and inexpensive. Highly recommend it!

Review Rating
Gary Lewis 5 Apr 15

I've been using MacHighway for just under a year for three sites. It was been reliable, but at times I suffer some slow speeds. Issues have been resolved quickly and with friendly on phone help.

Review Rating
euclides 3 Apr 15

I sent different messages to machighway support, because i don't manage my blog update.

I need a support, but machighway forget the promise when a start a service. This service needs support.

Review Rating
Catherine Holland 1 Apr 15

I have been with Machighway as a Mac user since Apple stopped hosting my site a few years back. They do a great job, mainly because my site has been available pretty much continuously in 4 years.

The system has been planned with me, the user in mind, and I appreciate that.

Review Rating
Jeremy 27 Mar 15

I've used Machighway for several years to host a few websites. I'm in no way a website builder but rather a useful nephew and friend with just enough know how to get it done. Everytime I got stuck from lack of knowledge their support was able to help in a timely and friendly manner. Over the years I only recall one multi-hour outage. Beyond that I do not recall any outages. Overall I have been very happy with Machighway and have recommended them to a few friends who aslo have had no problems and are still my friends.

Review Rating
Marcos Miranda 27 Mar 15

Don't waste your time. Just let MacHighway handle it for you. They got this.

Review Rating
Jon Williams 27 Mar 15

Reasonable rates. Always reliable.

Review Rating
John Baughman 16 Mar 15

Excellent hosting service at very reasonable prices. Prompt expert technical support.

Review Rating
Braden 11 Mar 15

I only needed a small site that I could customize. Low bandwidth, low MB, infrequent use. But when it was needed, it had to be there.

The free sites don't give me enough freedom but most of the paid hosting services offer (and charge for) services I neither want nor need. MacHighway is cheap enough I can justify actually paying for hosting because they don't charge me for extra services I don't use.

Review Rating
James Sheets 25 Feb 15

They no longer offer phone support. I just spent an hour trying to solve a problem that, had I been able to talk to a human, would have been solved in 5 minutes. To me their web site(s) are impenetrable and all but useless for problem solving unless you are a serious geek.

I am not. I just want eMail to work.

Review Rating
Rick Harvey 12 Feb 15

I've been using MacHighway now for about six years. I use them for hosting a couple of sites for classes that I teach. In my experience I've never had a problem with MacHighway. Their price is reasonable, though not the cheapest. I've had virtually no down time, except for some very brief scheduled maintenance periods. I'm not very technically savvy when it comes to web related matters, but MacHighway's support has always been prompt and resolved my issues. I would readily recommend them to anyone.

Review Rating
Richard Burke 21 Jan 15

I went to MacHighway years ago because of their position as a Mac friendly company. However, since MacHighway terminated its phone support near the end of 2014 I can attest that they no longer have being a customer friendly company as a priority. Problems with my hosting service have become exceedingly frustrating with nobody to talk with when the impersonal chats and email exchanges don't resolve. While I've defended our company's relationship with them in the past, I'm looking forward to moving to a better vendor now.

Review Rating
Juju Pease 10 Jun 14

I have used MacHighway for over 4 years with very mixed results. It is always frustrating to move all domains so I have tended to give MacHighway many chances to do better, but their last two years (mostly the last 11 months) have been very challenging for myself and my clients. Support is polite, but ineffective. They seem to be reading off a cheat sheet. Their Tier 3 support is not much better. Sorry to be so negative, but I would hate for you to make a mistake and choose an inferior host. Oh mostly the issues is their migration of platforms and the rejection of IP addresses and inability to access the cPanel for weeks.

Review Rating
Vince Vega 17 Apr 14

Over the last month, MacHighway has transitioned to a new sub-contracted server company. The service during this time has been the most unreliable we have ever experienced. During the last 48 hours, connectivity has been down most of the time. No email, no site connectivity - nothing.

This is indeed a major concern for a small business that relies on web presence. Stay far, far away from MacHighway until they resolve their current issues.

Review Rating
Chris Seminara Ceramics 8 Mar 14

I had no complaints about MacHighway until I chose to cancel the hosting of my domain. As specified in the contract, I put the request to cancel hosting in writing in January. They never accepted or honored my request. Next began a series of billing for the hosting and the domain. Since I chose to maintain the domain name, I wanted a separate bill for that. That request was ignored for weeks. Numerous support tickets were opened. Finally, after a month, they separated out the domain billing, which I promptly paid. But the billing for the hosting continued, finally threatening to suspend my account. SUSPEND A CANCELLED ACCOUNT? Are you kidding? After numerous emails and such? The last straw is that they have suspended this cancelled account and advertised that they suspended it for the world-- and my supporters and customers to see. Today I will demand to speak to Chris Graves.

Review Rating
Vanessa King 22 Feb 14

I'm conflicted about their service lately, but I want to write this review because I have been with this company for about 17 years and they've been an amazing host for most of those years—I'd say for 98% of that time!

Recently they changed their data centers, or moved some of their servers to a new one, and I noticed a serious lapse in my uptime as well as a severe change in download speeds. This problem went on for a number of months, without resolution.

If that was the only issue, I wouldn't have considered going anywhere else, but their support personnel, who I really don't have any experience with (READ, great service up until now!) handled the issue badly. So, for a short time, I was having to consider moving my domains someplace else—and I wasn't happy about it.

This company is better than that though, and their co-founder recently wrote a post outlining the issues they're having with the data center and the steps they planned to take to fix them.

If they can find a more responsive way to handle credible customer service tickets, they won't ever have any complaints from me, not even when they have the occasional glitch or hiccup. I wouldn't trade the 17 years of near-perfect, exceptional service in unless I was really up against the wall, so I'm happy that things are getting back to normal and confident I can look forward to another few decades of great hosting with them—and yes, you can use them even if you're unlucky enough to be stuck on a PC!

Review Rating
JulieS 29 Jan 14

I've spent more time down with this host than any other. We are taking my two businesses to a local boutique company, but can't complete the move with the last two email addresses because ... you guessed it. MacHighway is down.

They fouled up my biggest retail day of the year -- Black Friday -- in 2012 by scheduling maintenance that week. They moved me to a new server and didn't correct the pointers, so we kept going to Gill instead of Martin, where the data was.

Four more times in the next year, when MacHighway went down, it took us an extra 12 hours to get back up after everyone else because we'd have to call in multiple times to tell them, "NO, not Gill. MARTIN." They swore on a stack of bibles every time that it was fixed.

Yah, and I own San Francisco.

This company does not communicate to its customers or to each other. I'm pay triple what I paid to this host, and gladly if it gets me away from this kind of incompetence.

Review Rating
Katie 7 Jan 14

We no longer use MacHighway. Not only was our experience less than enjoyable—i.e. constant lockouts from our email and poor customer service—we had our account completely terminated and records deleted over a mere storage quota violation. When were in danger of this, the only warnings we got were to an inactive email address they had on file. Not only did they neglect to ensure we were receiving their communications, but they did not even take the time to make a phone call to a longtime customer in return for our years of business. In the aftermath, we were treated less than patiently, and received no response after expressing our disappointment directly to customer service. A five-year relationship treated with utter disrespect. If you value your business and common courtesy, don’t ever make the mistake of using MacHighway.

Review Rating
Jeff Macharyas 20 Nov 13

This is my second review. I should have followed my own advice from last year and switched providers by now. Problems with MacHighway persist. Right now (11-20-13) my site is down and so is ALL of MacHighway. They are on it, they say. Seems every 2 months or so there are issues. I'm looking at GoDaddy or Asmallorange or something. Customer service is very friendly, but they can't seem to "keep the lights on."

Review Rating
R S 4 Aug 13

After 5 years as customer, our business site was moved to a new server which failed. We were down for days. Finally, our support ticket as long as a football field, support "fixed" everything. Then, two weeks later... 3 days of nightmare down time just as a new client is trying to work with us. With an $80k project at risk we moved our site to Network Solutions. Up and running in an hour.

Review Rating
Pat 27 May 13

I was on a server that permanently crashed. I moved to another server and then another. Now the site is down for the second time because it points back to a server we haven't been on since September 2010.

Email problems? Yes. This last time I was told that it was my gmail account. No, it wasn't. It was at MacHighway and this is a repeating problem.

Review Rating
Mike Slayton 14 May 13

Customer service is getting better. The couldn't solve my problems, but they did respond. Previously, the tech rep would not talk with you other than being told gruffly to log on and find a pdf to download. Need to break my inertia and get around to migrating to a new service.

Review Rating
Randy 5 Apr 13

I moved four of my business websites to MacHighway four days ago. I was immediately placed on a server with a bad reputation. As a result, less than 50 percent of my emails can be delivered. Instead of moving me to a different server, MacHighway has told me to be patient until the server has been approved. In the meantime, I am losing business because I cannot use my email. To say I am frustrated with the poor service I have received is mild. I cannot wait to switch servers. Do not use MacHighway.

Review Rating
Jeff Macharyas 10 Nov 12

Since I work on a Mac, MacHighway was an obvious choice. Their support is very friendly and they answer quickly.

I have hosted many sites with them and for a while it was great. Last year I was having downtime issues and other problems. It took longer to resolve than promised.

Today I am getting an over-quote error even though I'm not. Tech said it is affecting a lot of people. I'm waiting for a response and hope for a quick resolution. But, I seem to be on the phone with them quite a lot lately.

I am investigating other providers. MacHighway: get it together; you're going to lose my business and that of many others if this persists.

Review Rating
Structured Text Solutions 15 Sep 12

We are a new start up company developing bespoke code for PLCs, we needed a cost effective hosting company. But we didn't want to compromise on quality. We also wanted to host a Joomla site, without the cost of a VPS package.

Machighway was the perfect solution, cost effective, reliable and with great support (not that we needed it much). I have even recommended MacHighway to the PC community ;-)

Review Rating
Herman Wood 15 Sep 12

My uptime has been 100%. Support has been above & beyond- happy to help on easy stuff as well as tough questions. They have added support for more options as time has gone by. I recommend them every chance I get!

Review Rating
Mark Landry 16 Jun 12

NO FILE MANAGER!!! If you have to migrate a CMS you're in trouble.

Support is hit and miss, Several times I've called with a simple question only to get "I don't know"

Can't recommend

Review Rating
John Atkins 31 Aug 11

Been with them for 3.5 years, they where great starting out but the last year their servers have been constantly crashing and been down more times than what you would expect for a company claiming %99.9 uptime. When the server crashes expect LONG delays like 7-12 hours. Find support very cold and blunt, we had many many sites hosted with MH, not any more, If your looking for reliable servers for your business needs don't go with MH. Sorry MH you had you chance but just like all the other low end price point hosting providers you feel into the same trap. For those looking for a reliable host I have been using RackSpace for the past year, been solid as a rock, tech support very fast, service exceptional, knowledge A++, costs are high but worth every penny.

Review Rating
Sara 8 Jun 11

When contacting support, I had a serious issue with each tech I spoke with giving me misinformation, and then saying that no one was in the office who could help me until the next day. This went along for 4 days, until I managed to correct the error myself. I was quite disappointed and have changed to a different hosting company.

I did like the cPanel interface.

Review Rating
Peter DeArmond 27 May 11

I have been a customer of MacHighway for many years. I am impressed with their hosting options, but what I like most of all is their service and support. When I have a question or a problem to solve they always respond quickly. Over the years they have continuously improved their product offerings and support system. I gladly recommend MacHighway to my friends all the time.

Review Rating
William C. Ferry 25 May 11

I'm not a great tech person, but was able to transfer my site from another host all by myself and set up the new email accounts. I did call once and was shocked that a person answered! The price is right, the interface easy, the service perfect. I don't know how it could get better. Much like my computers (Macs!). But this is great for non-Mac people, too. Simplicity never hurts ...

Review Rating
Craig Lewis 24 May 11

I've been dealing with MacHighway for six years and have had no problems with my site or the support that I seldom need. Those support requests I've had have been answered quickly and accurately.

I've also recommended MacHighway to friends and clients who've asked me to help them set up and design a site. They've told me that they, too, have had stellar support.

I simply cannot sing the praises for MacHighway highly enough. They're terrific!

Review Rating
LiB 24 May 11

A totally Mac (Apple) hosting, no more problems talking to windows tech who haven't a clue as this company is Mac users for Mac users. This small company really cares about each and every customer, very responsive for support, and if need be virtual hand-hoding. Offers a full panel of web hosting packages with very competitive prices. I would not consider any other company to handle my websites.

Review Rating
Robert 24 May 11

I've been a customer for several years now. I have no reasons to switch providers. Support has been exemplary.

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