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Gabriel A Cameron 2 Feb 20

I purchased a hosting plan with Namecheap and found the entire process to be simple and efficient.

As a customer I contacted their support chat on 2-3 occasions and always received prompt, helpful, friendly service.

I later decided to use a different hosting site because hosting was bundled into the design/development tool that I wanted to use, and Namecheap was so gracious as to honor my request for a refund—even though I was just beyond the money-back period.

Namcheap is a standup company that I wholeheartedly recommend and will definitely seek out in the future.

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Sharaf M 18 Jan 20

I have to comment on Namecheap's customer support. They were simply fantastic and went above and beyond in an attempt to help me get my site up and running. I even woke the next day to a detailed and specific follow-up email with more tips on how to fix my problem.

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David Stringer 5 Jan 20

I've used Namecheap on and off over a period of time, but more recently find myself using them far more regularly.

I had a slight problem over the weekend and, having taken advantage of the online chat, found it resolved very quickly.

Exceptional circumstancess matched by exceptional support, thank you!

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xav 23 Oct 19

Namecheap is a really fast-growing hosting company,

1.) Namecheap's customer service improved a lot - they have instant live chat system to solve client's issues professionally.

2.) Namecheap deserves to become the largest low-cost hosting company in the world, you cannot get a great resources with such affordable price in the market.

Good job namecheap! ;)

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Valentin Valev 6 Aug 19

I have been with Namecheap for 3 years now and I will continue to stick with them. The support are top notch and the services they provide for the price are wonderful. Strongly recommending them!

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Usama Javed Swati 15 Jul 19

I'm using NameCheap since 3 years, and I'll recommend it to all the fellows. Namecheap is the reason I've been able to grow my business. It's important to mention their customer support, they have the best customer support I have ever seen. They reply you in time and help you fix your issues. Uptime is good, pricing is low as compared to other hosting providers, they are just doing great. Hope it helps.

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Jessica Poe 21 May 19

Namecheap's customer service is out of this world. They go above and beyond to assist you if they can with any technical issues you are experiencing.

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Slava Slavik 21 Mar 19

I have been with NameCheap for about 5 years. Initially just for myself to have a cheap hosting to test various projects, but later on, I switched to NameCheap to host my own domains, and then my clients. They keep getting better and better.

Chat is the only way to speak with technical support, but in most cases you don't need it. If you do, the answers come sometimes in 2-3 minute intervals. Obviously, they work on more cases at a time. It makes sense considering the pricing point.

Not the best web host, but far the best for the price. For me 5 stars.

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Ada 18 Mar 19

I am cooperating with Namecheap for a long time and I never had really serious technical issues. If there were any - Namecheap was always informing me about them (you just sign up for the news list) and that I value more than anything. I can recommend it for sure

Review Rating 6 Dec 18

Hi everyone Namecheap it's my favorite hosting because they have a helpful support and best service with a great price and I recommend their web hosting services to family and friends.

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Andre Kish 19 Oct 18

Excellent hosting & domain registration service. 10/10

Transferred from one hosting plan to another with simplicity & ease.

Many thanks to everyone at - they always do a brilliant job for us & that's why we will continue to use them.

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Niche Apex 9 Oct 18

I have used Namecheap web hosting for years and one of the top reasons why I stay with them and recommend their web hosting services to family and friends.

I have used many different web hosts and out of all of them Namecheap support is by far the best of all!

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Mohamad Kassab 28 Aug 18

The best

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Joff Day 25 Jul 18

Apart from offering great hosting packages and features at a very reasonable price, Namecheap's support - especially Live Chat - is second to none.

Their support staff are friendly, patient and will walk you through resolving issues or pointing at a helpful article.

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Tarbiar Swat 21 May 18

This is the best service i have ever seen. Their service is super fast and so much flexible. Their support team is the coolest and best support team. I am getting a huge support from them as well as advanced features, low prices and so many things. Happy to have them.

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Mathew Cohen 19 Feb 18

I could not have been more happy with my choice of NAMECHEAP. NAMECHEAP has hundreds of affordable, and unique domain choices, with unbeatable discount sales, and promotions like FREE SSL Encryption, and has addition "Premium" features such as a Premium DNS and WHOIS Guard. Not to mention the amazing support they offer. NAMECHEAP has dedicated, and polite agents 24/7! I never contact NAMECHEAP with a doubt in my mind the issue won't get resolved. NAMECHEAP is by far the best.

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Ed 27 Jan 18

Always excellent customer service, straightforward interface, and clear, very competitive pricing. Also good to see namecheap branching into new products and services. Great company

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Alex Peach 17 Jan 18

Excellent Support and pricing!

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AMfree Owusu 12 Nov 17

I have tried several web hosting companies as a hosting reviewer. I can confirm that namecheap is the best. Its simple. The have excellent support. Their service is value for money. Uptime is 99.99999%. if you ever have any problems they will help you fix immediately. And yes they are scalable. They have the resources for whatever traffic you have. I have already moved some of my clients and they are so happy about. At this point, I'm moving every client to namecheap. You don't believe me? dont take my word for it. Try them yourself.

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Dave 22 Sep 17

Uptime was very good. Chat was pretty good. Their people have lied to me on many occasions whether they meant to or were themselves misled is debatable.

I have left them for faster hosting with my reseller account keeping my account open until sure the new one was as I thought. I was right 300% faster on the new one. I plan to keep my domains with namecheap unless there is a reduction of quality. Their tech is not as smart as they think.

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koliqi 27 Jun 17

Amazing great supporter lower price everything is great

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roger chapman 4 Jun 17

I have been with Namecheap for many years. Their customer service/support has always been topnotch.

Review Rating
Ryan 13 May 17

namecheap review being a customer since december 17.2016 until now year 2017 so far so good there hosting 95% uptime great small downtime in there hosting plan value plan..good job nemacheap more years to come philippines here

Review Rating
Kevin J Jackson 27 Mar 17

I have been a developer and IT professional for over 2 decades, and I have been a user of Namecheap for the last several years.

In all respects, they have met or exceeded my expectations. Their staff are prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and effective, and I intend to use them for all my domain and hosting needs into the foreseeable future. THese guys are GREAT!

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Mark Burlinson 16 Feb 17

Namecheap is the hosting company that makes it easy, affordable, and low-pressure. They don't try to upsell you like other low-cost providers, and they are attentive and helpful when you have an issue. They are polite and respond quickly, even when it's time to discontinue an account.

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Abby 30 Jan 17

I've been a customer for over 10 years and have never been disappointed! The customer support is great (although live chat can sometimes be slow), the prices for hosting can't be beat (I've compared many companies over the years and honestly can't find a better deal!) and they are always having sales/promos on domain names.

I've never had a major problem with downtime, the servers are reliable.

Great service, great prices. Two thumbs way up!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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Patricia Barlow-Irick 6 Jan 17

I have never been frustrated by Namescheap. They take care of me.

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Keir 17 Nov 16

Super easy, super fast, perfect service. Love this company and their support.

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Abduljabbar 1 Oct 16

The support team is very responsive and solve any issue

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Jason Oliver 14 Sep 16

When I first started looking at hosting packages I was looking based on price alone and Namecheap offered the best prices I could find. So I thought that if their tech support was anything like the domain registry tech support I'd be laughing.

Turns out, hosting tech support is excellent. Not perfect, but so far above average that I would rate it to be excellent.

Review Rating
John 10 May 16

Very Good domain provider , best prices , best interface

like the api part very much

recommended for best domain deals

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China A. 12 Apr 16

I LOVE this company so much! I got their value hosting plan, and their customer service and tech support is just fantastic. I was so shocked at how efficient everything was for such a great value. Really really pleased with this company!!!!

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Andrew Blachut 25 Mar 16

I have used hostgator and godaddy over the past 10 years with ever growing dissatisfaction. Out of frustration with hostgator support I decided to move over to namecheap after registering a domain through them.Their support staff and tech staff have been nothing short of outstanding and I wish I had found them earlier. Special thanks to Anastasia, Irina, Margarita and Stas.

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Jeff Q 16 Feb 16

I had been with NameCheap for years using a shared hosting plan, until in August of 2015. It was then my business email started experiencing problems in deliverability.

I would get bounce-backs from my client servers stating my email server was flagged as a source of spam.

I opened a ticket and NameCheap said they escalated the ticket to the fraud dept. After hearing crickets for a week I contacted them again. No response, then again, no response. After the fourth time I decided it was time to jump ship and move to a different hosting company.

I still have my domains registered with NameCheap, but I found their chat and ticket support, which I had always had great success with in the past, were no longer working. I switched hosting companies by the first of October of 2015.

Review Rating
Andrew Hodes 31 Jan 16

Note that these host ratings, as of the current date (January 31st, 2016), are not intentionally inflated nor exaggerated. Naturally, one may interpret this as they please. However, also note that I consider myself very qualified in Computer Science. Throughout the years, I have tried several domain providers or other web related services. Nobody else can provide the quality of service a customer hopes to receive in 2016. I recommend to everyone, regardless of their level of skill, even first-timers.

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Vince 6 Dec 15

On 11/10/2013 I purchased a domain name on, paid $10.87/year and received a confirmation of account approval from them.

Ten days later, I found I couldn't log in with my ID and password, and therefore I contacted Namechaep. As a result, they said I was flagged as fraud by their system, so they locked my account and canceled my purchase. I'm not fraud. I'm just a normal person who wanted to buy a domain for my own use!

I was not notified by them when they canceled my purchase, which was authorized and the payment was received by them. My domain name was then released to the market and was purchased by someone else. As of now, the domain name I legally purchased from Namecheap is owned by a Chinese website. I not only lost my domain name, but lost all my business because that domain name was what I purchased for my business. That was my business name.

I asked for a reason why I was flagged fraud but they refused to do so. I contacted their customer service but they ignored me. They don't reply to my email in timely manner and try to ignore my questions and requests.

As of now it is December 2015 and I am still struggling on this issue with them. So I asked to delete my account because I couldn't trust them and did not want to have any business with them. But they keep ignoring my request and refuse to delete my account.

What they did wrong:

1. They refused to provide a reason why I was flagged as fraud. Fraud is a crime. They need an evidence to accuse me so.

2. They canceled my purchase and released my domain name that I paid for without noticing me. I lost my domain name and it caused serious damage to me.

3. They refuse to delete my account. I am the account owner, I have the right to have it deleted.

4. They ignore my request and refuse to contact me or provide a phone number that I can call.

Review Rating
Byrner 16 Nov 15

E-mail servers go down on average 3 times a week lately. Can be extremely disruptive. Great support team though.

Review Rating
Hernando Guzman 15 Nov 15

Very satisfied because the excellent support and service received.

Review Rating
Fiore 27 Sep 15

Customer service is extraordinary.

Review Rating
Mary Ann Artrip 2 Aug 15

I have been with NameCheap for years. Their support team has been terrific. Tickets are answered promply and they stayed with me (sometimes through many emails) until we got the problem solved. They're Great!

Review Rating
Cory 14 Jun 15

I used NC for over 7 years. Namecheap was good as domain registrar until they started offer hosting, which is one of the worst hosting service I've ever tried. Uptime is very poor even for tiny sites (WordPress blog with less than 30 unique visits per day).

Support, which used to be very good, became less professional and not helpful at all in the past 2 years.

As a domain registrar, instead of adding useful features, NameCheap is removing those I actually used and that made me chose then at the beginning.

They were able to do very well as a registrar abd they always have been pretty poor with hosting. Now the service quality they provide with the latter has reflected on domains too.

I wouldn't recommend then at all.

Review Rating
Benjamin 30 Mar 15

I have been using Namecheap for the past 3 months and I have to say I am very pleased with the services they offered. Their customer service is top notch and you can get in touch with a person within seconds. If I weren't moving to the cloud I would definitely stick with Namecheap.

Review Rating
Deva 21 Mar 15

Namecheap has the BEST and kindest customer service. I am blown away by the generosity, kindness and expertise. The respond time was super fast too!

Namecheap cares about their customers. This company allows the people who work there to care.

That's unusual for companies, institutions or corporations these days. Namecheap leads with its example into possibilities for a better kinder world.

Review Rating
Simon Ford 2 Mar 15

Namecheap has very good shared hosting servers, but where they fall down is their live support, its terrible, they take at least 5 minutes to reply to anything and when they do, it's usually not the reply you was expecting.

It's taken me 45 minutes to have mod_security rules white listed on my website due to the techs taking forever to respond to anything.

Do I recommend Namecheap hosting? Yes if you never need to speak to their live support staff.

Review Rating
Hazel 19 Feb 15

I used namecheap as a domain registrar and so far I am pleased with it. Price is good, service is instant, interface is user-friendly

Review Rating
Logan 12 Dec 14

disgusted with the support and service, attempted to register a domain name and it failed terribly - Telling me that the domain was already registered, support told me via live chat that maintenance was complete, attempted to register domain - failed, contacted support - they said maintenance was over - I try to register again - fails....

Terrible experience, not recommending or using them again.

Review Rating
Thomy 6 Nov 14

I have been keeping my website on namecheap for a few weeks now, but so far so good. The admin dashboard is a bit confusing, but once you browse through it and try some things like whois protection or verification, it's all right. Anyway, they have Cpanel which is quite simple to work with and all other hosting stuff, like any other hosting provider.


The price is simply amazing! I got hosting for the 1st year for $9.88 ($0.82 per month), with the second year renewal at $38.88 (3.24 per month).

Site is loading faster than my other site at godaddy


Had several downtime issues (less than 5 minutes) in two weeks.

I will send an update is anything changes.

Review Rating
Brian 1 Mar 14

I've been on LiveChat with namecheap support for the last 30 minutes. Our conversation is less than 10 lines long because the chat representative is taking over 3 minutes to respond to simple inquiries. According to livechat timestamps it took him 7 minutes to ask me, "What is your name?" and the follow-up question "what domain are you using?"

Review Rating
Kalev 22 Feb 14

My experience:

I have used and also currently using several hosting companies, experience with the Namecheap is worst of all. I use reseller plan and host 6 websites.

Their servers are down almost daily for 30 min or more, maximum downtime has been more than 24 hours!!!

Their 99% uptime guarantee is total BS. If needed I can and will provide proof.

Once again - Namecheap hosting service is not worth your time or money - just DO NOT use this crap

Review Rating
Taskbiller 2 Aug 13

I am now going to review their RESELLER plan.

First of all, you are limited with the number of dedicated IP you can attach to your account: so if you plan to host a lot of SSL websites: forget about Namecheap Reseller plans!

They have mod_security enabled by default on all accounts: so you will have to activate GZIP compression (ob_start("ob_gzhandler");) to avoid triggering numerous error 500. The good news as a reseller is that you can ask them to remove mod_security for this or that CPanel account.

They allow your own php.ini, however their gateway will cut your scripts off if they execute for more than 60 sec (the script will execute but you won't see the output of the script). Cron scripts however can run for a very long period (which is good!).

They have a strange IP range/subnet which sometimes collide with your own LAN: and some of your devices might not be able to connect. Be sure to correctly set your netmask in your LAN to avoid this!

You can burst to 4GB of RAM usage per CPanel account: which is pretty generous.

Their online time is quite good.

Their support is responsive and always helpful.

They allow overselling which means that you don't have to upgrade your reseller plan until the current used disk space reaches the plan limit.

They offer Softaculous for free which is very helpful to install APPs within 10 seconds.

I would recommend their Reseller plans for anyone hosting your own customers or starting up a hosting business. HOWEVER they are not safe-harbor compliant, so if EU citizens data is held on Namecheap's servers: you are infringing EU privacy laws...

Review Rating 2 Aug 13

I had two different kind of accounts with those guys: I am going to review their SHARED hosting now.

Their limits were too low, and the busy website (in term of long PHP scripts) were triggering 500 errors all the time. They have mod_security activated and you will need to activate GZIP compression in your script (PHP: ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); not to trigger it, but this will pull even more CPU triggering another limit...

Their shared plan is probably good for the joe punter but not for an app using GoogleMap...

Their support is good enough, but cannot go over the defined restrictions.

I wouldn't host any single website on their SHARED plans!

Review Rating
Dave Penny 27 May 13

I recently switched to Namecheap from another hosting provider where the service was down for days at a time and they would not respond to communications. The support team at Namecheap is second to none.

Review Rating
Jimmy 21 May 13

I am extremely happy with this company. The prices are very good and the amount of services they offer are great! On top of that, they never, ever, bombard you with sales or ads trying to sell more services like some other big named companies. The support has been very good and professional.

My most recent experience was with Yulia B from the billing dept. and she was top notch!

Thank you =)


one happy customer

Review Rating
Kari Tasanen 17 Apr 13

I've been using Namecheap for many years to both hosting my domain names and my web sites.

The overall quality of Namecheap -servises has been wonderful, and the friendly staff is a pleasure to work with.

The rare times there has been some problems, everything was solved out promptly & professionally.

I Highly recommend Namecheap.

Kari T.

Review Rating
mark 10 May 12

Namecheap should stick to domain names. Their hosting is subpar unless you only have a few, non intensive sites, I have about ten sites hosted with them and i continually get messages that I have exceeded my quota and they shut down access to my sites.

Also, no phone support like bluehost.

Review Rating
Erin 14 Oct 11

The prices are alright, and servers seem stable. I have only been with them for a few months, and I would have to say their tech support is some of the worst I have seen in this department. their 24/7 chat is all but useless, as every time I have tried to get help through it, I end up being told to use the email support anyways. Other hosts I have used that offered a live chat support, were extremely helpful and much better. NONE of the support issues I have tried to solve with them were ever resolved via any methods they attempted to give me, and as someone else mentioned I was often told to provide information I have ALREADY given them over and over. I have gotten in-comprehensive and irrelevant responses to my questions, and in some cases my support emails have been answered with one-liner message saying simply "Do it again" in more words or less. My most recent problem was with trying to install Joomla, which should have been able to automatically install via Softaculous, but for whatever reason was not working. So far, all they have done is tell me to send them a screen shot of an error message (that quite literally only said "There were some errors while importing the software installed" .. why i needed to email a screen shot of this, I will never know. They responded by installing Joomla FOR me, in a directory I did not make or want - upon inquiry if they could change this I was told Please try to install Joomla with option you need".

I have also noticed that just about every time I contact their support center, I am getting responses from the same two or three people, all of whom offer very little support at all. Its a frustrating headache. The price is low enough that for the time being I will stay there, but as soon as I get the ball rolling for a more complex website endeavor, safe to say i will be going another host and leaving this junk in the dust.

Review Rating
Alex 23 Apr 11

I don't know how someone can say Namecheap support is bad. It is actually the best support team I have seen online!

Review Rating
Jednorozec 21 Jul 10

I've been using NameCheap as a registrar for a number of years now and have been very happy with their registration services. So when they started doing hosting I decided to give them a try as a backup host. When I tried to install Drupal, I got some really strange errors so I submitted a ticket. I was told that I had to use Fantastico for the install. When I pointed out that Fantastico was a couple of versions behind they insisted that I use Fantastico. I finally did the install with Fantastico and immediately upgraded to the latest version. I was so unhappy that I left after a month. They should have kept to what they did well and not gotten into hosting.

Review Rating
sly 28 Jun 10

Namecheap has the ICANN accredited registrar logo on their website, but are a enom reseller. So if you don't like enom don't register any domain names with them. Also if you ask them when they are going to create their own register system. They will just close your forum topic. As for support it's not that great nor is their billing system.

Review Rating
socius 5 Nov 09

I do not recommed using namecheap.

1. They have questionable billing practices. They charged me twice for the same domain transfer. And when I asked for a refund, they asked for a fee.

2. Their technical support is pretty inadequate. On a DNS management query, they removed nameservers without notification causing significant decline to traffic. When asked to speak to website owner, they said he is travelling. I have not heard from namecheap apparently the website is still travelling after two months. I notified BBB, they did not respond to them as well.

3. The cost is comparable to other service providers.

Bottomline, given their questionable billing practices, inadequate customer support, I think they are poor value for money.

I switched to another provider after using namecheap for two months.

Review Rating
Tristan O'Neil 4 Apr 09

I've been with for several months and have had a great experience with them. The servers seem reliable, the signup process was easy and support is fast. Their pricing/feature packages are competitive and they offer business and vps packages as well.

Review Rating
Frank 29 Mar 09

I used cheapname hosting to register my domain and also for web hosting. The biggest problem is that their tech support is via email and not only is it slow, but the responses tend to be uninformed and simply ask you to repeat information you've already given them. They rarely (if ever) solve my simple problems with their help (e.g., changing outlook settings so that emails are secure rather than unsecure ... something we never managed to solve successfully without generating error messages in outlook 2007).

I also had problems setting up in the first place, about 8 months ago, because the server was experiencing major techincal issues for a few days. (They and I thought the problem setting up was on my end, but it turned out to be on their end.) On the positive, I'll note that the server has been pretty consistently up and running since then, though.

Also note that they have created a new "online chat" feature and I tried to used it to transfer my email account to an outlook exchange serve (because I finally had it with the lousy email technical support at namecheap and was tired of not being able to get anything configured correctly on outlook).

The chat support wasn't able to help at all nor provide useful information. They ended up telling me to contact the email techincal support because they could only handle really simple issues. (Although this seemed simple to me.)

Overall, this vendor has sucked about 50 hours of my time to get it set up (not quite right) and to try to transfer email to another domain (which still isn't done ... I'm waiting for their first response to urgent tickets I submitted 90 minutes ago on this.)

Unfortunately I'm only transferring my EMAIL hosting away from cheapname, and not my web hosting too, because the new server/domain I'm using doesn't have web hosting, just outlook exchange hosting. But when I have the time and patience to deal with namecheap again, and I need to do anything using their WEB hosting capability, I will immediately transfer to another web host altogether, that has competent, live, phone support.

Perhaps if you are very tech-knowledgeable, you can deal with cheapname and the "fun" of slow, often ill-informed email responses to your issues. But if you're at all tech unsavvy, then I'd suggest you stay away from email tech support in any host so you can always talk to a live person. (I have live 24/7 phone support for my new outlook exhange server beause of my experience on namecheap.) Why waste hours and hours just to get ultimately useless responses with crazy-bad lag times? I am, in fact, sorry I ever discovered namecheap hosting.

Review Rating
thadu 26 Nov 08

i have experianced several hosting services on different occasions, and non of them are as capable and perfect as namecheap hosting! one service provider that is reliabl! great and quality service!

Review Rating
Justin 7 Nov 08

Really a great domain registrar and webhost! Really friendly and kind staff who is always there for all the customers! Highly recommended!

Review Rating
David J. 5 Jun 08

Namecheap is decent as long as you don't need anything too complex handled by support. Their pricing is wonderful and they are competitive.

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