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With years of experiences, we have experienced all the possible ups and downs that a typical company and business can ever come to have. From those experiences, we have learned many things and eventually, everything keeps on evolving time after time. Having ourselves being dedicated and hard-working, we aim nothing but to provide you the best services that you can possibly have.

Thriving for excellence and continuous growth, let us do all the hard work while sitting back and ensuring you will have a whopping guaranteed 100% uptime.

We are a medium-sized company established in Australia which has expanded offices into the United States, offering a wide array of services such as Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Server Management, Web Design, Web Development. We strive to offer the best solution for our clients with a possibility of creating a tailored package for each clients individual needs.

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Alex Moore

I have a mixed experience with pavhost,

A month ago I had a slight issue which was fixed though within 2 hours. My VPS was hacked by a friend which I gave access to so we can get our site up as he is my developer.

So to the point, PavHost recovered my password really quickly.

I'd most likely stick with this host :)

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David Picksley

Pavhost are certainly one of the best hosts I've ever been with. Although their servers are from Australia I still get 100mb p/s download speeds from the UK. Which is amazing.

The pricing is fantastic for the servers they offer, Also the support is one of the best features of the company. After 4 months of service I've only had one problem with getting an account hacked and that was resolved after proof it was me and the attackers IP was blocked from the website which was helpful.

NOTE: I think there is only 1 person in the technical department with the name of Michael Long, I just want to say that i do appreciate everything he does for the server and the hours he works and the helpfulness he has.

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