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This server is a little on the slow side but usually plugs along at a decent speed. The support team responds pretty quickly and they were able to resolve a problem I was having with my email, even though the problem originated from a server problem. Another problem I've been having the support team has been less than useful on.

In addition, someone hacked this server and the adminstration replaced ALL the index.htm files with a dummy file, supposedly to protect the users. However, they didn't back the original files up so there was no way to access and replace them. Every index file had to be reuploaded which was VERY time consuming.

Overall the price has been good for the service but the bugs that pop up are WAY too frequent for me to stick around.

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Initially I was happy with their service, and the hosting package price was unbeatable ($20/year for unlimited add-on domains), but lately they start to disappoint me. The above mentioned server hacking is just one thing. Serverway promises 99.5% uptime, but in reality it is way lower. My sites have been down at least 10% of the time within last several months. Sometimes even their customer service is not accessible, like it was today for a while. Their Cpanel failed quite a few times and I was told that Serverway's Cpanel license had been expired. But it has been going for a month now! So I am seriously thinking about moving away.

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Serverway a.k.a. Plan-PC resold my domain names to a third party.

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Doug Brown

Support? Forget about it. When your site goes down, so do their support services. And of late, their servers have gone down more than Paris Hilton.

This is the first time I took the time to actually write a review about a hosting company, so it definately took a LOT of frustration for me to bother writing this.

Dont use Serverway or Plan PC - and if you are using them, switch to someone else. I want to see this company suffer for all the time/effort I spent suffering.

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Like other reviewers, I've been very dissapointed with, particularly when their servers go down: no site, no email, and no cPanel. Worse yet, no support, and certainly no response from support. I will be switching my site as soon as as possible -- it does piss me off that I've already paid for the year.

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maxx head

I used for about 2 or 3 years for a domain that i really didn't use other than a place to host images and stuff - should've moved them to flikr or something cause 2 days ago, they apparently went under without bothering to tell anyone.

I guess at 20$ a year, you get what you pay for - in this case - 9 months and now I'll have to figure out all the problems it's caused me as far as redirects for images etc.

and yes, whenever they'd crash, support was non-existent.

I don't recall having my account compromised, but that happened with another cheap host for a few other domains at least 4 times in a year - talk about frustrating.

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