May 2018 – Leading cloud service provider Leaseweb USA today announces it has acquired ServInt, a Northern Virginia-based pioneer in web hosting and leading provider of managed hosting services for cloud IT operations. ServInt was founded in 1995 and has since become a renowned brand in the US cloud and hosting industry. The acquisition supports Leaseweb in its ambition to increase its footprint and customer base in the United States, as well as adding deep expertise in the large and growing third-party managed services market. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

ServInt Internet Services is one of the world's most innovative international webhosting providers. ServInt specializes in full-service, high-bandwidth webhosting for businesses of all sizes. ServInt is the webhosting provider you will never outgrow. ServInt also offers high-speed dedicated business Internet access through its Access Services group.

ServInt was founded in 1995 by then 19 year old Reed Caldwell. At that time, ServInt consisted of a single Pentium-100 web server running Linux in a college dorm room. Today, ServInt has grown to include thousands of business customers in most U.S. states and more than 60 countries worldwide.

ServInt offered the industry's first Managed Dedicated Server solution in 1995, and today offers the #1 comprehensive server hosting solution with its scalable suite of VPS, Dedicated and Enterprise-level server options. ServInt is a leader in ISP philanthropy, offering free webhosting, e-mail and Internet training to hundreds of nonprofit organizations through its ServInt FreeNet.

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Kim Huff 17 Nov 16

I have been with Servint since 2012, today I started the process to move to a new hosting company. Servint was great in the beginning. You could actually call them if you had a problem. My server was considered a fully managed server, now they are telling me it is not managed. Hmmm, that was changed without my knowledge.

Now they are forcing us to move to new servers and if we want phone support they want $100 a month. They have basically kicked their loyal customers to the curb.

I switched to this company because of their phone support and because it was a fully managed server. To not only take that away without any notice and then make us stick to their 30 day cancellation policy is crazy.

Stay away from this company. They do not care about their customers.

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John Faust 17 May 16

Terrible experience with Servint hosting. They were good about 6 years ago but they replaced phone support with tickets and it slid down hill very fast. E-mail was hacked. Then server. We noticed. They didn't. Then the server went down no warning. If you want customers screaming at you, then by all means use Servint. However, if you have mission critical stuff (we were doing contests) it is not a serious option. Right now I'm up at 5:30 am setting up client on another server because servint dropped the ball. Don't believe the 5 star reviews. I noticed some on other review sites and they sound like the same person typing them. TLDR They once were good. Now they're not.

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hiddenjiujitsu 6 Apr 16

This company is a JOKE. Any 5 star review on here is FAKE! Their server are awful. But way WORSE is their support response time and their willingness to help. If you use your server to make MONEY! Do not use this company.

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Bob 18 Jun 15

I've had great support until i started having problems with spam.

They tried a couple of thing with spamassassin and then gave up. I'm now bombarded by spam and have to pay a contractor to look into this.

They also left me on my own when had to move my mail services from my old host ( using webmin ) to them ( using cPanel ).

Really sad.

I now rate them 2 stars.

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Rahul Gajanan Teni 2 Mar 15

I am customer of Servint from last 7 years and I hardly got chance to blame their services. I am sure comments which are referring to their bad services or reputation are either from competitor or from people who were unlucky for not getting their problem solved in correct manner

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Amin Sabet 13 Jan 15

Some of the negative posts here have to be from competitors.

I'm a real person who really uses Servint. You can Google my name or visit my site. I've been with Servint for years, starting with a low tier VPS and moving up over time to my current Flex Pro v3 dedicated server. Prior to Servint, I was with two other hosting companies.

Servint's support has been extraordinary. Whether it was asking them to install Litespeed, or a Varnish plugin, or to help me after my vBulletin sites were hacked (vBulletin vulnerability), or numerous other requests - the response has always been fast and the service exemplary. This includes weekdays, weekends, day, and night.

Pricing is much better than my two previous hosts. I do see that some other hosts offer cheaper pricing, but they generally lack some of the features (eg, included daily R1 soft backups) or have sketchy reviews for support. I firmly believe that with Servint, you get what you pay for.

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Tommy 4 Jan 15

I was with them for almost 5 years. They were good initially but down times and slower response times were increasing.

Always they blame it on Wordpress and plugins without any specifics and suggested upgrading the package, but I've moved my sites to different host and they are loading perfectly fine.

Their 30 days cancellation policy is ridiculous. Apart from the performance this should be the reason not to sign up with them.

There are hosts they are willing to provide refund for unused portion when you cancel.

I guess their employees are very active in various forums disguised as happy customers that's how I ended up with them.

Avoid ServInt.

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OldWivesTail 22 Jul 14

SO value for money these guys are the best. pros- are almost never do things go wrong, smooth, they dont bother you. Cons- when things do go wrong customer service might take a bit but super friendly and they take care of it.

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Tim Garner 5 Jun 14

Dear Servint,

I tried to resolve speed issues by upgrading to your SSD package which actually slowed my transfer time down to a trickle. When I contacted support I was ultimately told that my site problems were caused by WordPress and there was nothing they could do to help; so since Servint couldn't fix the speed issues I transferred my service to Site Ground which resolved all of my problems (plus their technical support has been top notch).

I must say I am sorely disappointed that Servint has a policy that penalizes unhappy customers by billing them for an extra 30 days of service when they leave your service (seriously that's a very scummy thing to do). Because of this I will go out of my way to leave negative reviews about your company whenever I find the opportunity. In fact I'll just go ahead and copy this response to host jury now.


A very unhappy former customer.

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Kevin 17 Jun 13

Been with these guys over 5 years, with both VPS and dedicated servers. They offer in my opinion the best value for dedicated or vps servers based on that they give you daily offsite backups which most like liquidweb charge extra for, and their support almost always gets on tickets in under 20 minutes.

Most of their support techs are of very high quality. I never feel I'm being outsourced to India for support.

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Ben Sampson 4 Dec 12

Hands down the worst host we've ever experienced in 17 years of business on the internet. The support department might as well not be there, since it's non-existent. I would tell anyone thinking of using this bunch of clowns to go find another show — since circus isn't worth the price of admission.

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Octa Rendra 28 Sep 12

I've been host My sites in servint for 2 years after my old host outgrow my needs, A good friend of mine recommend ServInt

to me .. In my 2 years Journey with them I couldn't be more happier Support is always fast under 10 minutes average. The support alone for me is worth more than the basic vps package $49 , Polite & knowledgeable MST folks< I really felt like a King - Right now I'm on their Ultimate Flex VPS solutions package! Go with ServInt you can be wrong with those guys

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Kim Abbott 17 Jun 12

I have had 2 Servint VPS account for 7 years... One Plesk, One CPanel.

The price, bandwidth, and storage are excellent. The Support is professional, communicative, and quite Fast.

They help you with any small issue you may have and will install stuff for you- because Servint is Managed Hosting.

I Love these guys!

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Alex 18 May 12

Servint has the worst support ever, I have been with them for close to two years and the support keeps getting worse, I am sure on the lookout for better hosts. I am on the Pro Flex server (Dedicated) yet things are so slow.

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Jayden Prince 28 Apr 11

My ServInt experience was a good one for the most part with very few real issues or prolonged outages and for nearly 5 years I was indeed a happy customer who would have recommended ServInt to my business contacts until I tried to cancel.

I did as they requested sent written email notice to their billing department to cancel. Only to have them come back two months after the fact to say I have not given proper notice and try to charge me.

I sent them a copy of the letter and that wasn't good enough, then they wanted the email headers, and so on.

Why should I have to take time out of my busy day because somebody on their end did not do their job properly???

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kokoro 1 Nov 10

I signed up to a Servint VPS after my UK reseller provider went badly downhill with major security attacks and then sold up. After a short stint with (MT) I realised I needed more inclusive support.

A lot of time was spent answering multiple presales questions patiently that would have driven me mad.

Shortly after signing I saw a 50% off offer on webhosting talk that no questions asked Servint back-honoured and a few months in disk space went from 30 to 50gb totally for free.

The support people are fantastic and usually answer in under 10min any time of day. They've always been prepared to investigate further when they don't have an immediate answer. Usually they just go and fix or change the issue on the spot when they don't always have to under the support agreement.

Ultimately after 9 months I couldn't be happier and after many hosts over the years, this is a fast state of the art product backed up by a company that values and listens to its customers and responds to their needs. Thus I feel comfortable that what I offer my clients is best in class.

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Melvin Neo 5 Jul 09

Although I've been in the web hosting business since 2000, I only switched to VPS recently.

I've been with ServInt for about a month. So far, my experience with them have been quite positive.

Their support is tip-top. Although the response time is not as fast as my previous host (ICDSoft - usually less than 5 minutes), I have no complaint either.

Features wise is excellent for my needs. Price is acceptable to me too. Neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. It's pretty good value for money as far as VPS is concerned. (My advice is: Don't give away your online presence to the cheapest vendor!)

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Michael 2 Sep 08

I have been with Servint for about 1 year now and am still extremely pleased with their service. I've ordered VPS. Very stable servers work, amazing support (very quick, full answers and they can help with tech problems for free) - it's all about Servint.

Yeah, the price is not the best, but you pay for quality in all areas.


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Bert Geens 15 Apr 08

I have been with numerous web hosts, and have yet to encounter one as reliable, fast and supportive as Servint. My business has never been so stable, thanks to these guys. HIGHLY recommend.

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Tim Garner 13 Mar 08

I can't say enough good things about ServInt. Great support that is available by phone 24x7. Stable servers with great uptime and their VPS comes with 4 dedicated IP's. I've tried all sorts of shared hosting plans that always seem like a good deal but when you factor in the downtime, the slow servers, and the slower support it's definitely worth spending a few dollars more to go with these guys.

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David 11 Mar 08

I and a friend decided to go in on a VPS and we chose ServInt. The service is great! It's a lot faster than my previous shared web hosting. When my friend had problems setting up the domain name servers, the forums and support center were very helpful. Our sites were up in running right after we purchased our VPS.

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Jordan Deitch 18 Feb 08

Amazing. The NOC techs are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. Server is always fast, and rarely ever goes down. One of the best web hosts out there.

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Noli 13 May 07

ServInt rocks!

I have left after 2 years of torture with their helpless customer support and non-stop downtime to pay a little more and get a service A+

I have never experienced any downtime so far, quick ticket support and everything runs smoothly!

ServInt is an asset for your business - HIGHLY recommended!

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Lauren Stephens 8 Jan 07

I have been with Servint for over 2 years now and am still extremely pleased with their service.

All tickets are generally answered within a few minutes and asking them to perform minor routine things has never been an issue for them.

The billing people are kind and generous and always answer my questions in a professional manner.


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Stanislav Ruev 22 Nov 06

Recently I was forced to switch from my previous hosting provider (Eleven2) because of their issues. After checking several top VPS hosts, reviews, etc. I choosen ServInt, not cheap, but strong 11 years old company with excellent customer feedback.

Now the uptime is great - my business is always on-line and downloading speed is fast, all features work without problems and support is very helpfull, got replies within several minutes, even checked my scripts and helped to configure VPS software for them. The best hosting service I ever seen.

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