SiteGround was founded in August 2003 by an enthusiastic team of IT professionals. Since then, SiteGround is constantly growing both in number of employees and clients. Now, SiteGround has become one of the most preferred hosting providers, serving more than 250,000 websites. SiteGround's success is due to their profound technical expertise and unmatched quality of customer care.

The same philosophy is applied to everything we do: from the way we choose our hardware, the attention we put into our server architecture, the innovation in our custom software solutions, the inspiration we get from our partners and the friendship we build with our clients.

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Hosting Reviews for SiteGround

Alex Mathew 21 Jan 20

I love SiteGround Hosting. Thank you for providing such amazing and affordable hosting service.

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Troy Elston 11 Sep 19

Anytime I have a web site issue I know I can count on everyone at Siteground for their excellent support. The hosting service for my real estate website is the best in the industry.

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Sam Mastovich 19 Mar 19

SiteGround has been great to work with. We have yet to have a bad experience with them and we currently host over 50 websites with them.

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Gabriel Griffin 6 Jan 19

I've been with Siteground for roughly 14 years. All well until 2017 when I found one of my three websites with them 'frozen' because they'd changed the sitebuilder - no warning given. I cancelled this website (and started afresh elsewhere), hoping it was a one-off experience. Alas, not so: yesterday I tried to update my two remaining sites with them and they too were frozen, with no warning given. Nearly an hour of live chat resulted only in an offer of another sitebuilder which I tried and is dismal. This is damaging me economically, and regarding my supporters' trust. How can Siteground do this?

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SiteGround's Response

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for being a loyal and long-time SiteGround customer. We appreciate your business and were sorry to hear you have decided to discontinue using our services.

We checked your case and we would like to add some clarifications with regard to your websites.

You have been using a very old site-building tool which was no longer supported by the provider. As the software was very outdated and also posing security risks we have decided to discontinue its offering to our clients.

Please note that in early November we sent a notice to the administrative email of your account to inform you about the upcoming change and provided you with alternative solutions to maintain your websites.

Even though we have discontinued the service we have kept all clients' sites active. In your case the files associated with your websites were available in your account so that you are able to modify them if needed. Since you have informed us that you do not have the technical background to do it directly we suggested you try a different site-builder solution. To make the transition easier our tech team has transferred the files to the new tool so you can start editing your website.

We are truly sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the options in the new site-builder and you have chosen to move your website to another platform.


SiteGround team

HyperSynectics v./Dann Sommer 13 Aug 18

quick and precise response received from your support team

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Kathy Bingham 11 Aug 18

I'm new with Siteground after leaving HostGator because of their recent terrible customer support.

I am very impressed with Siteground so far and enjoy the great customer service whenever I have an issue.

I am saving money since switching, too! :)

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Kiki 10 Aug 18

I was editing the code on a plugin for my wordpress site. My site went down because of my editing so I had to to siteground for help. 11 minutes talking to the live chat user and my site was back up. I just explained the problem and they did everything for me. I love giving my money to people who do the work for me. Thanks so much siteground!!!

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Catarina Borja 31 Jul 18

I've been using Siteground for 3 years now and it is outstanding. My favourite feature is their customer support that is absolutely incredible. For non-techies SG is the place to go.

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Kristen 30 Jul 18

The man who helped me today was great. I felt like we understood eachother easily, and he resolved my problem! What a great relief. I've had other SiteGround support chats before, and each one has been helpful - even in the case where the issue could not be immediately resolved. I wish all of the hosting companies I worked with had the support level of excellence that SiteGround does!

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Kylee Gray 25 Jul 18

Wow! What amazing service. I am a complete novice, but when Google let me down on GSuite, Siteground came to the party and helped me to redirect everything back to me and helped me to configure everything. Lifesavers they really are!

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ahmad 22 Jul 18

I tried many hosts all I can say this host is the best in every aspect. The price it a little bit high by they deserve every penny I pay for the server. they solve all issue in same day or to be precise within 10 minutes or less.

I recommended them to anyone

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Krystina 17 Jul 18

Kostadin A. thank you for helping me with the site issues after migration. We know it happens at the beginning of a new account and we are just thankful for your expertise, knowledge and professionalism. All the sites are running and we are truly happy with it. It is FAST and that's what we are looking for and as for the price, it is just perfect for us! Thank you again...

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Graeme Anderson 14 Jul 18

Easily the best hosting I've ever used!

Range of useful and powerful features.

Support is an absolute joy to work with!

Can't recommend SiteGround highly enough!!!

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Jessica McKenna 10 Jul 18

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with SiteGround so far. Time and time again any issue I have (even if not directly related to the work that SG does) is quickly and efficiently dealt with in a kind and caring manner. I really have to say that the support team does an amazing job at putting me at ease and talking me through the problems. Really really pleased.

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Dennis Mears 6 Jul 18

I have experienced two issues this week with a website and updates (I have two more websites with SG)...possibly due to Elementor Pro not being installed (my fault) each time the response and service was incredibly quick and understanding...I am so grateful to have my websites with SG....Dennis Mears 06/07/2018

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Joe C Kennedy 5 Jul 18

I am super happy with SiteGround's customer service. I can always contact them via chat within a couple of minutes and every representative is extremely helpful.

This morning Konstantin helped me fix my website transfer by finding one character in my config file that I had mistyped.

I fully recommend Site Ground for anyone looking for webhosting.

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Cory 3 Jul 18

Site Ground is always on point with support, and every tech I've interacted with through chat has gone above and beyond to help! I don't think I've had a bad experience with chat do this day...

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David Cross 2 Jul 18

I've purchased the GrowBig plan from Siteground about 6 months ago to start a new website. I use WordPress for my site. It is not a very big site, receives only 200 visitors a day. The performance of the website is very good, however I've noticed 2 outages in the last one month. There were only very minor outages, which last for 5-10 minutes. I've contacted support about this problem and they responded within minutes, that they are doing some maintenance on couple of their servers, including mine.

So far I have a good feeling about this company and most likely I will renew my account.

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El Arseneau 30 Jun 18

This is my first experience with site ground, and I must say that they are able to solve problems within minutes!

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Lic. Mag. Roberto H. Aramburu 28 Jun 18

Siteground Tech Support team is awesome. I´ve tried several hosting services but Siteground commitment to deliver a first class customer service is second to none. Congratulations!

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Shayne Thomas 28 Jun 18

Honestly, I don't think i can put into words how much I want to recommend SiteGround. I cannot find a single thing that is unfair, wrong or not pleasant. I love their service, their support is like nothing i've experienced before, and honestly - for what they ask per month; its so... fair. So... yes! Without a doubt.

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Shubhanshu 27 Jun 18

I use Siteground for my website " Portrait flip " and I totally recommend their service.

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Royston Morgan 27 Jun 18

I am transfering a site and on both occasions for the site move and domain transfer the support was fluid and effective. Good overall support and very quick on the chat function.

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Nehad Saleh 25 Jun 18

I have wasted 14 years of my life hosting my sites with several hosting providers, my only reason of switching from one to another was the support, until I found their support is amazingly unbelievable very fast very effective.

A complete peace of mind when you know the hosting provider is backing you up always.

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Ali 17 Jun 18

This service is hands down the best hosting service I have ever used. The support is immediate, truly 24/7 and they always patiently explains things until I understand what to do.

I would not use any other hosting service now that I found Site Ground.

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Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg 14 Jun 18

These guys have fantastic customer support and patience with less than competent customers. I don't know if they are better than other companies, but I'm never leaving to find out!

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Dougles Chan 14 Jun 18

Great hosting backed by a great support team. Each and everyone in their team is passionate about providing world class support to their customers.


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Gary Kesling 8 Jun 18

Great Service and Support

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Eric 8 Jun 18

I cannot believe I wasted so much time at godaddy. I cant believe how awesome site ground is in comparisson

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Jackie Groundsell 3 Jun 18

Very pleased so far with the service and also Support, which has been prompt and efficient.

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DH 2 Jun 18

Lazar is amazing. I nominate him for Expert Guy!

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Elke de Silva 1 Jun 18

My first chat contact with Siteground was perfect: excellent information, good explanations and already helping with the first starting steps. I am happy to be a new customer, looking forward to design our new hotel website with the great help of Siteground!

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Wayne Walsh 31 May 18

Fantastic customer service and friendly, just a fantastic company to deal with.

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Peter Reck 29 May 18

This is what you wrote above: "SiteGround's success is due to their profound technical expertise and unmatched quality of customer care." - and *THAT IS EXACTLY* what you deliver, day after day, year after year, leaving millions of grateful, happy customers in your wake! - Words cannot capture the difference it makes to be part of your clientele!!!


Peter Reck, Sarasota, Florida

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Victor 28 May 18

I spoke with Vladislav today and his answers were quick and his was very friendly. You are lucky to have him in your team. Because of him I consider to move my client's websites to you.

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Barbara Errickson 25 May 18

Wow - within 10 minutes of starting a siteground chat my problem was handled.

Excellent service.

Adding coordinated Drupal support (like wordpress and joomla) would make all boxes "perfection".

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Patrick Baker 23 May 18

Had an issue with pages getting redirected and after spending some time trying to sort this out contacted SiteGround support. Gabriel was superb and helped me get the issue sorted within 5 minutes. Great support !

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Edward Goble 22 May 18

I'm so glad I found SiteGround. They make life for this novice webmaster a joy. Nice to know there are pro's available to fix an issue when needed. Highly recommended!

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Joris 20 May 18

Superb Support by great, friendly People !!!

When I say Superb, I mean, AWSOME, PERFECT, GREAT, THE BEST EVER !

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Madalin Tudose 19 May 18

I've been with these guys for over 2 years now and compared to the other hosts I've had the chance to work with, Siteground is by far the most reliable of them all.

Simply put, these guys are tech nerds, their infrastructure is top-notch and because of that, I have the peace of mind that they're taking care of my website as they should be!

The support is great and I can fix anything within minutes thanks to the live chat support.

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David Zeleski 18 May 18

This is probably the best hosting company out there, I have only nice words to say about these guys. Only bad thing is I wished I found them sooner.

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Nannette Klein 16 May 18

I broke my site. Opened a chat and they had everything fixed within 5 minutes. Super fast customer service!

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Peter Batah 15 May 18

The kind and very competent folks in the support department never cease to amaze us. Our issues are always dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Bravo!

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Andrew Finkelstein 13 May 18

The customer service is second to none.

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Richard 10 May 18

My old SSL Certificate expired so my site went down and the Tech quickly created anew SSL and got my site back up

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Gracier Yu 9 May 18

They assisted me even for my Wordpress concerns. They also responded quickly.

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Paul A Fechtmeister 7 May 18

They are good. Try them.

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Jeff Butler 6 May 18

Excellent support! I had a half dozen websites and emails migrated from one site to another that was terrible, so I read about SiteGround and then switched them to SiteGround. It was a bit of a mess trying to figure out which DNS and configuration was with which old host and....SiteGround helped me figure it all out. Used both the LiveChat and Phone -- 10 out of 10!

Review Rating
Addie Crum 27 Apr 18

Support was quick and efficient. LOVE that they offer 24/7 support and live chat. My issue was resolved in impressive timing.

Review Rating
John Whitlock 23 Apr 18

A really fast response to solve my problems when I mess up. Thank you very much

Review Rating
Ron Corl 22 Apr 18

The best Customer service I have had hands down from any company let alone a host!

Thanks SiteGround!!

Review Rating
David Walker 29 Jun 17

If there is better CUSTOMER SERVICE in any company, I haven't seen it. What a real pleasure to get exactly what is needed, fast and fun. Thanks again!

Review Rating
Jim Hobson 29 Jun 17

Excellent customer service. Prompt attention, accurate and fast help resolving any issue. The best hosting company I've found in 15 years of being in the internet marketing industry.

Review Rating
Tanya von Zychlinsky 28 Jun 17

SiteGround came highly recommended from the Member Site Academy I recently joined. Today was my first chat box contact with them and I was floored by how very kind, witty, and patient customer service was (Thanks Pavlin!) with my many questions.

A breath of fresh air. Had me laugh out loud many times in the midst of all that tech talk. So cool! Still smiling.

I met many great people before, but this was outstanding. So glad I chose them as my host today.

Thanks you all,


Review Rating
Angel Ligeralde 28 Jun 17

One thing thats highly commendable with siteground is their customer support. Their support team is highly knowledgeable and customer experience focused. I never had a hard time communicating with them and everytime I do, its always a breeze.

They may not have the cheapest price out there but thats ok, I am willing to pay a little extra to get excellent support.

Review Rating
Carol Martino 28 Jun 17

Thanks so much for having such wonderful support hosts available!

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ilias flabouris 28 Jun 17

Im in siteground many years i always i get 10star support in real very good value hosting price . The guys there is real great team .

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Christina Cyr 26 Jun 17

The support team is always patient with my questions, and the technology is excellent.

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chris heyes 26 Jun 17

the rating for chat comes up automatically and when i saw the rate tab i thought when i clicked that i would get to rate it but instead it rated him as full stars and that was not my intention.

site gorund sent me a no reply advice they were going to charge me gst or vat which is not applicable to myself and i had to go to my user page and use the chat section to complain and im still waiting for a reply

much easier if siteground used a reply email so it was quicker and easier to state my case

siteground should also investigate tax laws of each country if they intend to impose tax on its users from any of those countries , i understand tax laws are complex but you cannot impose a tax on somebody when its not relevant or applicable

please siteground do your investigation of any territory where you intend to make charges for or in that territory before you impose a charge or tax for that territory.

under australian tax law i am a non taxable resident of australia buying a service for my honng kong company using my australian credit card.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hi Chris,

Please note you have received a notification about an upcoming tax charge for our Australian customers because your account details have Australian-based address. As a service provider we need to follow Australian tax regulations and to be compliant with them we have to start charging this tax. In the email message we have informed you about the upcoming change, and referred you to your client area to update your details with regard to your tax status.

Indeed we have not included in the email instructions on how to proceed if you have a more specific situation, like in your case a tax-exempt citizen with business operating in another country. We are sorry for the inconvenience and your comment on the process will be considered in our future communications. Our customer care team has already followed up with you via email and when you send us documentation on your tax-exempt status we will mark in our systems that the tax is not applied to your account.

Regina Tuzzolino 25 Jun 17

Siteground gives exceptional, perfect hosting on all levels. I am constantly appreciative of the support and the value. Since I manage client sites as well as my own, Ivan and a few others there have given me great info and support multiple times. Don't hesitate; move your site there today. They will walk you through it every step of the way.

Review Rating
Sara 24 Jun 17

They worked through a really nitty gritty issue and came out on top! Were with me the whole time I dealt with a terrible issue with old hosting site of and and sara and

Siteground comes highly recommended and this is just within the first couple of hours! Great support and superior intel.

Review Rating
dave 22 Jun 17

Siteground has been amazing to work with. Being a total noob, they have taken me step by step through every question I've thrown their way. Could not recommend these guys more highly!

Review Rating
Veronica Anusionwu 21 Jun 17

Fantastic customer service. Amazing work. Speed and Excellence are the only words to describe what you do. Thank you.

Review Rating
Greg Merriman 21 Jun 17

Just excellent, speedy support when something goes wrong. Other hosting providers could learn a lesson from SiteGround.

Review Rating
Jonathan 21 Jun 17

I migrated to Wix for their web-builder. I kept the domain hosting with Siteground, intended temporarily until my Siteground subscription ran dry.

Well, Wix customer service botched my webmail DNS forwarding AND domain DNS forwarding during a crisis. I spent an evening undoing their damage, and SiteGround customer service was there to help me out the whole time.

I'll be keeping my hosting with SiteGround, thank you. Wix has a nice site builder, but they need to get new support team members.

Review Rating
Jim 20 Jun 17

My first experience and the online chat was excellent - all questions answered quickly and honestly (I checked) - Five stars for sure !!

Review Rating
Tim Flaherty 19 Jun 17

Awesome support team!

Review Rating
Dean Hoffman 17 Jun 17

Best hosts ever...... Only small request is to increase server space size somewhat

Review Rating
Dillon 17 Jun 17

Not only is this host the best I've used in terms of reliability and features, but the support is what sets it apart. I had a representative sit with me for well over an hour teaching me the ins and outs of a websites file manager. He answered every question I had and gave me confidence when I was feeling overwhelmed by it all. Absolutely turned me into a lifelong customer.

Review Rating
Ryan Haught 17 Jun 17

Siteground is the best hosting solution I've found as a web designer hosting multiple websites, and all without breaking my bank account! Website performance with Siteground is outstanding. But the thing that keeps me using Siteground perhaps more than anything else is the incomparable customer support. The customer support team goes above and beyond to help, and I feel like I'm actually talking to real people who care about me when I open a ticket or have a live chat. If you're looking for an affordable hosting solution with top-notch performance and customer support, you can't go wrong with Siteground.

Review Rating
Mark Anstice 15 Jun 17

I don't have much experience with other hosts but I am super happy with Siteground. My sites are never down and the support team is excellent.

Review Rating
Cindy 14 Jun 17

I just wanted to say that so far, I've been more than pleased with site ground. It was easy to get set up with, I'm happy with the pricing, the two times I've needed technical assistance, it was resolved in minutes. So happy about that, technical issues can be so frustrating.

Review Rating
Jay 13 Jun 17

I recently switched to SiteGround after seeing a lot of rave reviews about them and I am so grateful I did. Their service and support is, so far, second to none!

Review Rating
Edel Churchill 13 Jun 17

Their Chat Support is fantastic. Lighting fast and always professional. 5/5

Review Rating
Rick Stoneking Sr 12 Jun 17

I continue to be amazed at the incredible features available through Siteground. But what truly blows me away is their support. Never have I experienced such a perfect level of support. They are helpful beyond expectation, and even offer to help with things you did not know you needed to do. If things keep going like this, they definitely have a customer for life. Special thanks to Stefan, Anastas, Mihail and Sergii. You guys are the best!

Rick Stoneking Sr., CEO

International Publishing Group, LLC

Review Rating
Emmanuel Aboh 11 Jun 17

A very good hosting with quick support. It does not take 1 minute reply.

Review Rating
Tricia 11 Jun 17

I had a problem logging into my Wordpress site (due to my error) and they had me back up and running in less than 10 minutes after submitting a ticket. My support guru was Stanimir.

Review Rating
Steven 11 Jun 17

Thank you to the Customer services team for a speedy response to my inquiry. An excellent Host for all my domains and at a very reasonable price I have recently signed up for a new host package and I find SiteGround so far the best company all round, would I recommend SitGround the answer would no doubt be YES thank you to all the team for a excellent Service.

Review Rating
Boris Nicolai 11 Jun 17

Very professional support. They react immediately and really take care to solve your problems.

The loading time of the website is for me unbelievable.

Siteground is a bit more expensive then the providers I used in the past but in my opinion worth it

Review Rating
Hitesh Vadsmiya 10 Jun 17

I have hosted 2 websites on site ground from last couple of years. Websites UP time, security of hosting and support is awesome. I came here after getting quick answers from support. Support staff is well knowledgeable and giving quick replies to questions with point to point detail.


Hitesh Vadsmiya

Review Rating
Volker Wendt 10 Jun 17

I had a problem with my WordPress-Site after an update. The Siteground-Support solved it within 20 minutes. Friendly and very efficient!

Review Rating
Mark 8 Jun 17

Outstanding support and extreme reliability. Pick SiteGround and you can't go wrong.

Review Rating
Andy 7 Jun 17

The main reason I chose SiteGround was the support. Getting chat & phone support 24/7 is so important for me. I'm a developer and I have a number of clients using SiteGround. So every time there's a issue I know that I can rely on SiteGround's support.

Review Rating
Aracely 7 Jun 17

Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I'm inspired!

Extremely helpfful information secially tthe remaining phase :) I handle such information much.

I was seeking this particular information for a long time.

Thanks and best oof luck.

Review Rating
Hugo 6 Jun 17

Really great service. There is always a helping hand, super fast response and great server features. Using it for some years now and its great.

Review Rating
Joe 6 Jun 17

I've had to call on Site Ground 3 times so far and each time they have responded swiftly and have resolved the problems that I was having... thank you very much.

Review Rating
Chuck Moran 4 Jun 17

I simply could not be happier with SiteGround. I am so glad I've moved my own site and all of my new clients' site to this host ... the servers are fast and the features are great, and the main advantage is the rapid and knowledgeable tech support. It is the best I've experienced in 20 years of developing websites. :-) Highly recommended!

Review Rating
Sevan Hagopian 4 Jun 17

SUPER compagnie, un service d'aide 24h/24 et 7jours/7 toujours avec le sourire même à travers l'ordinateur =)

Des prix plus que correct et plein d'explication de toutes les procédures afin de pouvoir gérer son site web en toute connaissance de cause !


Review Rating
Odira Ndubuisi 2 Jun 17

Great hosting company. What I like most about them is their friendly support team and the always take care of your problem on time.

Review Rating
Duilio César Restuccia 2 Jun 17

I never had any problems with the service. I have years as a customer and always the attention was very high technical quality and tremendously friendly.

I always recommend them.

Thank you siteground team

Review Rating
David Tracey 2 Jun 17

I have been with SiteGround for a couple of years now, and their support is really outstanding.

Review Rating
Belinda McCaughey 1 Jun 17

Just purchased a 3 year plan at a great price and their help in setting things up was quick and precise. I would highly recommend them.

Review Rating
Daniel Crawford 31 May 17

Fantastic support from Siteground operator Martin , answered my questions with speed and professionalism. Great host with great package deals

Review Rating
Mary Baker 30 May 17

Stoyko was prompt, polite, efficient, helpful and accurate. What more could you ask for?

Review Rating
Mehul Shah 29 May 17

Siteground hosting is awesome when it comes to uptime, technical support, speed and reliability. I tried many hosting companies but never had such peace of mind. Though metered but that gives you dedicated bandwidth such never you or your client experience delay. Impressed with efficiency and readiness to solve the problem instantly with their technical support as well.

Review Rating
Gene Walker 29 May 17

I have been a user of Siteground for many years and have never been disappointed with their support or reliability. I have tried others but always come back to Siteground.

I really appreciate support like that I just received from Tervel K.

Thanks Siteground.

Review Rating
Joshua Purdy 27 May 17

I used GoDaddy and my website ran incredibly slow, with load times of up to and sometimes over 15 seconds.

Switched to SiteGround and its down to 2-3 seconds per page load, or less!!

Siteground uses the latest technologies like HTTP2 and PHP 7, and they have designed their system to work incredibly well with wordpress. I am not affiliated with them but I LOVE them! THANK YOU SITEGROUND!!

PS - Customer support is amazing and fast

Review Rating
TB 24 May 17

100 visitors per day and wont run on $15/mo plan.

Basically, they charge you on cpu time, but if you want a detailed list of execution times per execution, they do not exist. Sure, they will send you a list of what executed, but when some executions are running for 1 full minute each, they have no idea which.

No TOP for us users, nor other decent tools to diagnose with.

Then even after making all the changes they suggest, they will turn your site off, thereby causing you lost business. I wish siteground would invest in some real servers like Hostgator. I can run 20 of these sites on my hostgator account without issue.

So in the end, while they have knowledgable techs, they will not know the reason why you cant stay on their cheap plan.

Seriously, if you cant even run WP heartbeat on a $15, 0 traffic site, then they are terrible. Math: Heartbeat runs every 15 secs. Thats 21600 times a day, so if the average execution time is 1 second, then you run out before the day is over. Is one second high for average execution time? Not on my account, its normal.

They also blame the downtime of the site on too many plugins, yet have 0 proof. They like to blame the client first.

Siteground: responsive, but unhelpful support, and terrible hardware/limits.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hi TB,

We were sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the support you received from us. As we are not able to identify your account we could not review your tickets/chats regarding the CPU issue and check how they were handled. If you send us the details about your account: domain, ticket IDs, etc. to reviews at siteground dot com, we’ll ensure it is forwarded to our Support team managers. Our supervisor team can access server logs and analyze in depth all scripts and processes running on your website and thus identify the issue causing the high consumption and suggest possible solutions.

Regarding downtime our service level agreement defines our responsibility for uptime standard of your hosting account. In case we have not delivered the levels specified in our terms we can provide you with a compensation.

Courtney 22 May 17

Always extremely friendly and helpful. Support responds SO quickly.

Review Rating
Maria E Hill 22 May 17

I am so impressed with the support. I get great answers not just a formulaic approach that does not really address problems. I recommend Siteground without reservation.

Review Rating

Oggi ho avuto un problema tecnico. Ero disperato , perché convinto di non riuscire a lavorare per qualche giorno nel mio backend wordpress. L'assistenza eccezionale e professionale di Fernanda S. in livechat, mi ha però consentito di continuare a lavorare tranquillamente. Complimenti veramente per un servizio davvero TOP

Review Rating
Mariano 19 May 17

Today I am happy because siteground proves what it means to have a great, speedy technical support when it matters. It is not about technical complexity, but it is about being efficient with key areas for their customers. Mostly when we do mistakes that other providers generally punished you with bad settings and customer service.

I deleted a full site by mistake and they put it back in less than 5 minutes. Thank you!

Review Rating
Phil A. 19 May 17

I have used SiteGround for about 3 years to host 2 sites, with no downtime that I am aware of. I have used their support chat 5 or 6 times and they are just incredible. I have not had to wait, and in every case, the problem was resolved or explained very quickly. SiteGround is everything I need at a very affordable price.

Review Rating
Norm Platt 18 May 17

I transferred my hosting service from another host to Siteground and the support staff brought all applications over to new site flawlessly. There was very little disruption of my service, and a few ensuing Support Request were handled excellently via Support Tickets and chats.

Review Rating
Kullabut K. 18 May 17

I using Siteground for 6 mo. With Startup package, it never down. never slow. Email is very reliable, very few spam pass through my inbox. Get live chat in 20 seconds. very helpful, patient. Goodbye Ipower, GoDaddy and Arvixe.

Review Rating
Erron Barbee 18 May 17

SG is the Only Way to Go. . ..I didn't know which one to choose but after Youtubing and then trial and error...SiteGround ..You WIN Buddy

Review Rating
Fred Bartels 18 May 17

SiteGround gets an A+

Their customer service is fast, friendly and expert. I've had a wordpress site for many years, and never had as good of an experience with a host provider as with SiteGround. They have my full recommendation.

Review Rating
Chrissie 17 May 17

I cannot fault the support I have received time and time again from the SiteGround team.

1st line are VERY HELPFUL and 2nd line answer queries quickly and concisely.

Perfect Hosting Company for a 'half-techie' like me

Review Rating
Ahmad Softwares 12 May 17

I have many saying about Siteground such as they are the best in the Market as i've been using it.

Their fee is a little bit costy but we can manage.

I love their service & their support.

they are the best hosting providers.

Review Rating
Ahmad Fahim Ayub 12 May 17

SiteGround has been the ideal choice for me, my business clients, and in particular for the non-profit organisations I volunteer. Don't look further if you want peace of mind.These guys are generous, supportive and dependable.

Review Rating
Barry Sowder 11 May 17

The thing I like the most about SiteGround is their superb tech support. I am a web designer/ web master and former web host tech support employee with another great host several years ago. So I know great support when I receive it.

Twice now I have contacted tech support about a couple sticky issues of my own making, hoping that they would give me a solution that I could implement that would fix my problems. Both times they fixed the problem for me as I chatted with them and I didn't have to do a thing! They likely saved me hours of time. Wow!!!

Review Rating
Kelly 11 May 17

My computer background knowledge is very limited (checking emails and surfing the net). This is a whole new language to me and I have had so many frustration moments, but SiteGround has the best customer service that I've ever encountered.

I switched from BlueHost to SiteGround and I've been contacting Siteground daily because I am that clueless and I have not had a bad experience. My issue gets solved every time.

I don't have to sit and wait for someone to respond to me. I don't think I have ever waited for more than a minute to connect me to someone. In addition, I feel like the person helping me is ONLY helping me at the moment unlike BlueHost.

So far, I am very happy with the customer service at SiteGround and paying a few dollars more compared to BlueHost is so worth it.

Review Rating
Ravi Ramanna 11 May 17

Best support for my site hosting

Review Rating
Joey Horne 10 May 17

So nice working with a professional hosting service. Coming from another hosting company where they treat you as dumb for asking questions or asking for help. Each time I have contacted SiteGround it's like they are fighting for you and help you without making you feel stupid reaching out. I love these guys at SiteGround!


Review Rating
Abdul 9 May 17

Great hosting - it's affordable and reliable. Best thing is the live chat support - it's excellent. Highly recommended.

Review Rating
Eleazar Martinez Haro 9 May 17

As Always, Good Support and great persons behind the chat

Review Rating
Nicolas 9 May 17

Best support.

Review Rating
Simon 8 May 17

Looking for something affordable, but with great support? Just get siteground. For a basic-moderate site, you won't find any better features+quality+support for the price. The only downside is the limits on CPU time and database size,which does'nt hurt most people and for people like me it's manageable. I honestly don't know how anyone could offer a better package and provide the same *extremely fast* support. I work in support myself, and whenever I log a ticket I'm always surprised how fast these guys are to respond. Just incredible.


Review Rating
Bonnie Unsworth 7 May 17

I just love Siteground support. I have solutions to my issues within minutes-without being put on hold & listening to stupid music and without being bounced around from one support person to another. I've been building websites since the mid 90's and Siteground is just the best.

Review Rating
Alejandro Candela 7 May 17

El servicio ofrecido por Siteground es estupendo, el servicio técnico es muy rápido y eficaz, el precio está por debajo de sus competidores, y la velocidad de sus servidores es muy superior a sus rivales.

Muy contento.

Review Rating
Giannino 6 May 17

I really appreciate the attention and response time, they are a bit more expensive than the average hosting, but really worth paying the service, I already have a year working with them and more and more convinced that the Election was correct

Review Rating
Rick Wilbrink 6 May 17

There are companies reliant on good customer service. They should take there standard from siyeground:fast, reliable, to the point, and honest.

I have several domains with these guys and I have been with them from 2003. Top class support - and they still manage to improve their services every time!

Review Rating
Maureen 5 May 17

The best - love this company. They are easy to deal with and always sort out my problems and answers my questions quickly and efficiently. Keep up the good work.

Review Rating
Alycea 5 May 17

I absolutely adore their chat help. As a non-techy person, to have someone I can ask questions of and I don't feel they are rushing me or talking above me is wonderful. Siteground has made having a website so very easy and taken the worry out of dealing with the background stuff.

Review Rating
Micah Beasley 4 May 17

Just switched to SiteGround from another host and chose them for their high ratings, ease of contacting support, and Free letsencrypt SSL support.

Although I have had a limited experience with SiteGround due to being a new customer; their company offers all the things that are important to me: 24/7 Phone (& Chat) support and reasonably priced SSL (in my case free). In my experience so far they are heads and shoulders better than my 2 previous hosts.

Additionally, when I have an issue and connect to chat or create a support ticket they are quick to respond and just as quick to resolve the issue.

I have had no downtime since switching and the service is quick and reliable.

Review Rating
Linda Ferguson 3 May 17

Support, speed, reliability. Of all of the hosting companies we've used, SiteGround is our favorite. Thank you!

Review Rating
Sandy Nielsen 2 May 17

Siteground's chat tech support people are amazing! I'm only somewhat tech-literate, and each of the 2 or 3 times I've contacted support I've received very polite and thorough help to solve my problem, or point me exactly to what I need.

Review Rating
Bill Rumney 2 May 17

Just the best hosting platform available.

Review Rating
Sophia 1 May 17

Unbelievable customer service and staff are 24/7 polite, helpful and a foenright delight. Seriously. I DONT KNOW HOW THEY DO IT. Ive found the perfect host. Where have they been hiding?!?!

Review Rating
Krista Pfeiffer 30 Apr 17

Siteground is an awesome hosting provider, especially compared to the one I switched from. When I entered my most recent live chat with Siteground, I had two options in mind. "The Best", which I anticipated to be out of my budget. And the one I'd likely have to settle for. But most of the features within "The Best" option were free, except one that was only $14.95 PER YEAR! What?! And I've had 100% up time with them on two websites. Every time I've contacted them they've been knowledgeable, patient and kind. I honestly haven't experienced this level of product and/or services at this price point, maybe ever. I recommend them to everyone.

Review Rating
Lee Otts 28 Apr 17

I came to siteground a couple years ago being a total noob. I just broke multiple vertebrae and always interested in computers with a good degree of technical aptitude decided to try web design.

Whenever I had any problems they were fast and friendly and always resolved any issues... and there were a few or more issues.

Now like I said earlier disabled well fast forward to now and some more medical issues arise and need a little extension on some expiring services and without hesitation the gave me those few days so my sites, even though don't generate much traffic, don't go down.

I sung their praises before now but they just got a new sales guy free of charge.

Do yourself a favor and stop shopping you won't find a better company.

Review Rating
Pat 28 Apr 17

My first time with site ground and the support is infinitely faster than hostgator. Bless Toni

Review Rating
Tom 27 Apr 17

Hi there,

I'm just getting started to host my own website with SiteGround. I was totally stuck and did not know how to move forward with technical issues with my hosting.

The online chatting help with Ivan solved all my technical problems with ease. This is the best online customer service I have ever experienced!

Five stars from me to Ivan and SiteGround! Tom :-).

Review Rating
Chukumekso 27 Apr 17

Quick to respond and help with issues. Keep the good job up!

Review Rating
Chris 26 Apr 17

Been with siteground a few years now. I've had 100% uptime, amazing support, and NO ISSUES. Also awesome they adopted an easy one click solution for lets encrypt certs. Best hosting company I've dealt with over the years.

Review Rating
Ian 26 Apr 17

Fantastic support, best host I have ever used!

Review Rating
Bonani 26 Apr 17

It was a blessing to discover site ground its so good and i manage loads of work easily and affordable prices as well as super fast customer support

Review Rating
Nícia Cruz 23 Apr 17

th service is great and the support is awesome. on live chat i was helped by a very kind person who solved my problem within minutes. 6 stars in five for these guys!

Review Rating
Kimberly Sorenson 22 Apr 17

I love SiteGround. Their support is exceptional, friendly, easy to understand and most importantly PATIENT! I am a novice and they have been able to walk me through the transfer on my domain.

Their prices are quite reasonable, and the website building options are excellent.

Review Rating
Jeannette 21 Apr 17

I have always been given great help, support, aid and service with all the problems that I've had to deal with. Thank you!

Review Rating
Reg Tuzz 21 Apr 17

Siteground migrated my site for me so easily and added the SSL. Live chat is excellent and gives fast solutions/support. Tried three other sites over the years and Siteground is the best IMO.

Review Rating
T. Webb 20 Apr 17

Thus far, SiteGround has lived up to all of the hype that I've heard about them. I'm new to using their platform, which is a little different than what I'm used to, but, Greta G. assisted me, and it took less than 10 minutes to resolve my issue. Thank you.

Review Rating
Jonathan Croley 19 Apr 17

I have been using Siteground for almost 10 years and I must say I am always satisfied with their support and response times. Some of the best I have experiences. No long wait just results.

Thank you Siteground for the years of reliable, affordable, and customer center service!

Review Rating
kasia 19 Apr 17

I just love siteground support! Its the first hosting provider who goes beyond their normal hosting-related support, helping out with everything I need for my websites. Plus the support team is always so friendly! It is the only Customer Service that I actually enjoy contacting! Thank you guys!

Review Rating
Bertil 19 Apr 17

Ticket support is great. Chat support is awesome!

Review Rating
Ade Fajemirokun 19 Apr 17

Quick turnaround always

Review Rating
Dave Marshall 19 Apr 17

I've been using a free wordpress site and these guys set everything up for me.. Within 2 weeks of learning, I've upgraded to host friends sites and they have been so good.. Highly recommended from a someone starting out.. No doubt will use them once I am a webmaster :)

Review Rating
Shail 19 Apr 17

These guys are the best, I just love there support and the way they handle things.

Great work just keep it up.

Review Rating
Tia 18 Apr 17

I meant to give 5 stars not 3 stars. Keep up the awesome customer support SiteGround :)

Review Rating
Tia 18 Apr 17

I contacted them to inquire about their hosting packages and the service I received was out of this world phenomenal. Keep up the excellent work :)

Review Rating
Robert Kurland 18 Apr 17

extremely helpful chat support for this novice in setting up a wordpress site.

Review Rating
Per Norrgren 17 Apr 17

fab help from support.

being a new client it takes a while to find my way around and learn how it all works. very helpful people on support. thanks.

Review Rating
Johanna Owenby 14 Apr 17

We couldn't be happier with Siteground! We had issues with changing our domain name, and Rosita on the support team was phenomenal. She was courteous, helpful, and had our problem fixed within minutes!

Review Rating
Onyinye 13 Apr 17

The host is awesome. I am glad to business with them

Review Rating
Sum 12 Apr 17

I am very happy that I chose siteground. Even though i havent officially launched my website yet, the customer care reps have been fantastic whenever i needed help and offered to do more than I asked for. As a solo entrepreneur with little technical knowledge, the care I have been provided is priceless.

Review Rating
Captain Al 12 Apr 17

I've enjoyed the knowledge and communication between me and the various workers at SiteGround for almost 4 years. I'll be with them for many more years if I have my choice. They have gone above and beyond in service and solving website issues.

Review Rating
Peter Charalambos 11 Apr 17

This is only a review for the support I just received and it's 5 star. They always are (up to now anyway)

Review Rating
Founder 9 Apr 17

Only commenting on support thus far, Finally support with actual tech knowledge. So far excellent got us up and running with a new wordpress install.Great support from SD at siteground

Review Rating
Susan Champion 9 Apr 17

I have only been with Siteground a few weeks so I can't yet give the site the highest rating, but if their impeccable service continues I expect to give the site the highest rating available. The help chat has been efficient, effective, and friendly.

Review Rating
ash 9 Apr 17

Your support so excellent that makes me become a lazy person, keep coming here without trying to do myself. Well I save a lot my precious time tho. Thanks

Review Rating
Daniel 8 Apr 17

The reviews about excellent service led me to SG. My sign-up was smooth and had a chat with Stoyko regarding personal verification / fraud protection. Although I began, first impressions mean a lot to me and I’m feeling good with my choice to sign on with SG. Cheers

Review Rating
Giuseppe 7 Apr 17

SiteGround support is definitively the best I have ever seen in any niche/markets.

Review Rating
Ian 7 Apr 17

Sitground are excellent,not the only hosting company I have but the best. The support is top notch.


Review Rating
Eleazar M 6 Apr 17

I love Site Ground Service because post sale Services and Support, much better than my old Hosting provider

I'm moving all my website to site ground.

So far happy to be Site Ground Customer

Review Rating
Robert G. 6 Apr 17

I'm so glad I switched to SiteGround! It is a pleasure to deal with them. Their support is available without a huge wait time, unlike our previous host. They resolve problems in a timely and professiona manner.

Review Rating
Ben Hiron-Grimes 5 Apr 17

After trying a few hosts, Siteground has come out tops on customer support (i've needed quite a bit of that) and site speed.

An excellent host at a good price.


Review Rating
Richard Byrne 4 Apr 17

Excellent support! These guys go above and beyond in prompt reliable service.

Review Rating
Alisa Natal 4 Apr 17

Love this host. They allow you full access to get everything done in Cpanel. Everything is easy to find, and any time I run into problems I'm faced with the best customer support I've ever come across. The range of host plans are perfect for me and my clients, so it's really easy to find the right services for a fair price. Unlike my old host, they always have the latest versions of everything (like php) and have fast servers, I have never had down time or any of the issues I've run into with other hosts. I feel comfortable recommending them to clients and friends, and have moved most of my clients to them, because I know they're in good hands (and if I'm maintaining their website, I know I won't run into headaches that other hosts cause).

Review Rating
Joseph Ketchum 4 Apr 17

Best customer support around. Very courteous, efficient, and helpful. Powerful services for great prices. Siteground is great.

Review Rating
Shannon Polok 4 Apr 17

As always superb service, Tickets answered within minutes. Amazing up time, more services then i can use and all at a great price. Have tried others previously, this is the only one I recommend :)

Review Rating
Katie Schmitz 3 Apr 17

I am really happy with SiteGround. I have always had fast customer service whether chat or email. I would recommend and will stay with as long as their servers continue to stay reliable!

I am really impressed with their pricing too. Including upgrades. Well above the competition when it comes to value!

Review Rating
Dan Hughes 3 Apr 17

Always helpful I could not do this without there support. Thanks for continued help for a newbie,

Review Rating
Ilona Brook 3 Apr 17

Pavlin of SiteGround informed me carefully and with great empathy with registering my StartUp account and domainname. I felt heard and welcome as a new customer. Thanks SG and Pavlin!

Review Rating
Drew 2 Apr 17

No matter what questions I have, the staff at siteground has the answers. I always use the instant chat, they can solve EVERYTHING, and very quickly too.

Review Rating
Steven Eichenberg 31 Mar 17

The customer service is amazing!! I am very happy with SiteGround. Thanks for everything.

Review Rating
LIH1230 30 Mar 17

I just got started today so I cannot speak to reliability or features yet; however, the support I received today from Pavlin on understanding how to transfer my website and domain was so wonderful. He spent so much time talking me through everything so I fully understood what I would receive through their company. The price is also exceptional! I am looking to host a wordpress site and this company has a great price point - so great that I signed up for 3 years today. Thank you, Siteground!

Review Rating
Craig R. 30 Mar 17

I just get super super support - very knowledgable - EVERY time I have needed it, issues are fixed within minutes pretty much - I just switched a site from another host to Siteground - it took Siteground support about 5 minutes - saved me probably 2 or 3 days of frustration - WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

Review Rating
Cihat Aydın 30 Mar 17

I have never seen such a great service and especially the support they provide is excellent. I mean really excellent. I've just had an issue and the assistant named Stanimira helped in just a second. I'm still shocked.

Review Rating
Claudia Falcão 30 Mar 17

I was a little bit stuck with Wordpress issues. Than this helpful support agent from Siteground switch the light for me. Open the door so that I could run my website again.

I certainly recommend Siteground.

Review Rating
Tim 29 Mar 17

Great hosting and more important for me, great customer service. The online chat is very fast and solving my problems. The Cpanel is is loaded with great features, would recommend them to everyone!

Review Rating
Bob 28 Mar 17

The support is nothing short of AMAZING. Every time i go for online chat , they come on and fix my issue immediately. They are amazing. I could not be more impressed.

Review Rating
Ray 28 Mar 17

Read Michael Feldstein comments. I had the same exact experience. We are changing our service. It would take 3-5 hours to get a response. When your site is down, that in not ok.

Switching to another service. It is such a same, because I have referred a ton of other people to them and I will let them know that they are no longer a reliable solution.

Basic tech support is great! Expert level is horrible.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the support you have received from us. As we are unable to identify your account we cannot review your case and investigate further on the issue that caused the downtime. Our service level agreement defines our responsibility for uptime standard of your hosting account. In case we have not delivered the levels specified in our terms we can provide you with a compensation. Please send us more information to reviews at siteground dot com, about your account so we can check on how your ticket was handled.

Oskar Borbas 26 Mar 17

The best support in the world.

Review Rating
Langley 26 Mar 17

Good support is what you want and good support is what you get with Siteground.

Review Rating
Tracy Lynn 26 Mar 17

The best part of Siteground is the customer service. They really do bend over backwards to ensure you're taken care of and you completely understand what and why they are doing things. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Review Rating
Jess Strong 25 Mar 17

Siteground has the most loveliest and helpful staff! :) I feel very comfortable asking them for help knowing they really care. Thank you site ground for your help and adorable crew!

Review Rating
Edwin 24 Mar 17

I'm very happy with Siteground support! Kudos for George!

Review Rating
Peter 24 Mar 17

Great support. Very to the point and helpful. They look directly into your account and help out with any settings that are not correct. Great feature set also and very quick with new features. Also the newsletters contain relevant en actual posts that are really helpful for building great websites for our clients. Great plus, would like I moved to them sooner ;-)

Review Rating
Chad Estell 23 Mar 17

Atanas D. Was a life saver in the helping me out Department! Above the call of Duty! Thanks SiteGround!

Review Rating
Kamie 22 Mar 17

I just LOVE siteground because the support is so accessible!!!! I would hug and kiss the owners if I could!

Review Rating
Venkat Das 21 Mar 17

The sweet lady who helped me was a magician , i have no words for her , but i know her name is Nadia.

Review Rating
Marylyn 21 Mar 17

What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge on the topic of unpredicted feelings.

Review Rating

I had a Security Header issue that shut down my shopping cart. After days and days of working through this issue, something 'told me' to also secure the site. Having issues with that as well, my host helped me with securing the site and then said it should fix my first issue as well. Awesome. Thank you!!!

Review Rating
Timothy O'Brien 20 Mar 17

SiteGround works extremely well for us. They provide automatic updates to WordPress and their customer service is unbelievable. It's the best I've ever experienced. They respond to chats immediately and they are extremely knowledgeable.

Review Rating
A.C. 19 Mar 17

I'm very happy with Siteground for my hosting service. The thing I like the most is their support services. I have called a few times late in the evening or weekends and someone will answer my call. I have also done support tickets and they always reply within half of a day, even on a Sunday. Good job Siteground!

Review Rating
Christopher Mills 19 Mar 17

Ivan Dinev has been incredibly helpful with his ability to understand the issues I faced and provide very clear instructions. I could not have transferred to siteground without him

Review Rating
Anthony Paganoi 18 Mar 17

First, a huge 'Thank you' to the Sitegtound gang. You've been outstanding in both answering my online Chat calls quickly. There was actually one time you took a whopping 17 second to 'pick up the phone' so long, if fact, I was thinking of asking for my money back... :~ )

After 13 chat sessions, only 1 difficult problem was sent to the Advanced Technical only after several attempts to solve it; clear indication you people are well trained.

Also a pleasure to work with. Friendly and patient.

At 65 years of age, there are few who can boast their outstanding service and knowledge level. Can count them on one hand. Really folks, I ***t you not!

The only organization the rivals you is Amazon Prime.

Thank you all!

Warm regards, Anthony

Review Rating
John Thompson 18 Mar 17

I chatted with a support person today about a question about credit to a friend who referred me to siteground. His reply was swift and precise! Thanks

Review Rating
Elspeth Hesbert 18 Mar 17

As a newbie to websites I went with Siteground after reading their positive reviews and I'm glad that I have. The customer service has been outstanding - they have helped me with all aspects of my website and have done so very quickly! I'm hoping the prices remain competitive after the first year and I would love to stay with them going forward.

Review Rating
Misty Richardson 18 Mar 17

As always, I've been led in the right direction!

Review Rating
Andres 18 Mar 17

Siteground is my goto host for all of my sites for a number of reasons. After working with every major hosting company, no one beats Siteground's support and performance of their plans for the price. I won't choose anyone else besides SiteGround, can't recommend it enough

Review Rating
Lance 18 Mar 17

The supports are really awesome. The price is okay. The features are great.

Review Rating
Vassilis 17 Mar 17

I talked with Vladislav and he was very helpful and answered all of my questions quickly and accurately. I am very happy with the overall experience. Cudos to Vladislav!

Review Rating
CG Shaffer 17 Mar 17

Technical support -- via chat were superb. I had Neko who listened to what I needed and did the work to accomplish it, start to finish. He provided just the amount of guidance. He was great! Kudos to Neko.

Review Rating
Ross 17 Mar 17

What keeps me here (4 years) is for the harder stuff, when bits I didn't even know about fall off the back. Stuff which I couldn't begin to fix, they always manage to sort it out ... polite & reliable.

Review Rating
Nancy 15 Mar 17

Support answers quickly and is so helpful! Siteground is still independent and they try harder.

Review Rating
Huey 15 Mar 17

Support from Tervel is greater than fantastic. I broke my wordpress site, not only did he restore my site, he helped pin point some improvements to me. He went beyond his call of duty to help.

Review Rating
Veerhood 15 Mar 17

I changed over to Siteground a few months ago and best design I've ever made. Amazing support, better pricing and most importantly, reliable hosting that hasn't gone down!

Review Rating
Kerry Gingrich 15 Mar 17

The support you receive is excellent. I would not switch to another provider due to the instant and great support you receive each time I have a problem.

Review Rating
Dave 15 Mar 17

Their support is what keeps me there. Fast, reliable and friendly. And they get it right the first time. 5 Stars for SiteGround!

Review Rating
David Rossi 15 Mar 17

Nayden was great. In fact everyone at SG has been great--it's been nearly a year with several domains and lots of setup issues that ultimately were not SG's fault. I used to be with Cartika for 10 years and never realized that a more reliable host with friendly, on-the-money support was available. High fives for SiteGround.

Review Rating
moo bishop 14 Mar 17

With the kindness and patience of a saint, Gabriella helped me through a dark time! I know I don't understand any of it, and to not be humiliated by that fact was very refreshing. Thank you!

Review Rating
Jim Beyer 13 Mar 17

I just spent an hour online with Dima in a support chat. She did not solve my problem. So why am I smiling and giving high ratings. Because she worked very hard to solve my glitch, made no attempt to blame me or my client, and sent it to senior techs when we agreed it simply was not working. Outstanding service!

Review Rating
Diego Torres 13 Mar 17

Cheaper than most dedicated WP hosts I have tried but also much better service, faster load and handles over 2k sessions at a time, which used to crash my site with other hosting providers. LOVE IT!

Review Rating
Santino 11 Mar 17

As an amateur i need a lot of hand holding, I've been very fortunate with siteground support because they really take the time and allow you to learn while being helped in correcting noob stuff. I've stumbled twice, both times were perfectly attended to professionally.

Review Rating
Doug 10 Mar 17

I am mainly writing this review because I was helped by Valentin through the live chat. It was the first time I needed to use and it was a pleasure! Valentin was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review Rating
Mehdi Rafi 10 Mar 17

Siteground is simply the best host I have worked with. Their customer relationship management is outstanding. Keep up the good work

Review Rating
Carlos 9 Mar 17

Used SiteGround several years now. It is so easy to administer, the servers always show great performance, and their customer support is amazing always kind and knowledgable. Started with several standard hosting accounts, and upgraded with time to more professional accounts. I am very pleased being a customer of SiteGround, and look forward to more years using their hosting services. I almost sound like I am one of their employees or owners, but I am not. Just a very pleased customer.

Review Rating
Alan Manson 9 Mar 17

I am mildly technically capable. If I have a technical issue, the Siteground people are always there for me and invariably the problem is fixed quickly and efficiently. I can't rate their service high enough - and I have been with them 7-years!!

Review Rating
Leslie K Druschel 8 Mar 17

As a newbie setting up a blog/eCommerce, I am continually overwhelmed with questions. Both my chat sessions at SiteGround exceeded my expectations for assistance. Friendly, knowledgeable, and above all PATIENT.

Review Rating
Peter Charalambos 8 Mar 17

Always there to help us with a smile

Review Rating
Fabiana Knolseisen 8 Mar 17

This review is most about the support they provide: kind and efficient. I´m not a great judge on issues like "features" since I´m a basic user. Ended up here mostly for a pricing matter but loved the cust service attention. Thank you guys

Review Rating
Alexandru Dinu 8 Mar 17

Great as usual! :)

Review Rating
Mal C 7 Mar 17

SG tech support has always been very quick to respond. All tech advisors have been friendly, courteous, and quick to pick up on issues that needed attention. All issues have been dealt with swiftly. Thank you for great support!

Review Rating
Alexandre Gaudette 6 Mar 17

Excellent service

Review Rating
Harriet 3 Mar 17

After many many years experience (and having worked for others on other hosting platforms) Siteground's support is light years beyond anyone elses. My customers who tried going elsewhere, all came back to siteground. Don't even bother with the others!

Review Rating
Bethany Wells 3 Mar 17

The tech support is incredibly friendly and helpful! Ivaylo and Koylo were incredibly helpful and kind. I appreciate this chat service so much! Thank you also for the discount code!

Review Rating
Reza 3 Mar 17

A new Commer to SiteGround, but so far really satisfied with the professionality and speed of supportteam.

Review Rating
munira 3 Mar 17

Great support of siteground all the time they are ready to give you quick support. i Suggest everyone to use siteground

Review Rating
Ron Robbins 3 Mar 17

Ivan S. was extremely attentive with helping me transfer all of my files from my previous host to SiteGround. Literally the best customer service I've had in ages from a hosting provider - literally leaving HostGator in the stone ages. So glad I decided to swap over, even after 6 years of experience with them. Keep up the great work and buy the man a beer!

Review Rating
John Trotto 2 Mar 17

Since switching my web hosting to SiteGround it has never been down. The site loads faster including the many videos I have.

Review Rating
Roy 2 Mar 17

Great hoster, i had a lot of questions and they fixed is all in minutes. Never seen high end support like this anywhere. But Siteground is the best

Review Rating
Lynne 1 Mar 17

Can you tell us more about this? I'd like to find out more details.

Review Rating
Matt B. 1 Mar 17

Going on 3 years and still get great service from our host. Siteground is very good to deal with and my servers are in the USA.

Review Rating
Kelley Wemark 1 Mar 17

SiteGround Support is amazing. I transferred my Wordpress site from a developer at another hosting service, and it came fraught with a myriad of problems. The customer Service is ALWAYS available, knowledgeable, VERY patient, and prompt at getting back to me. Very Happy customer. My last host was none of the above.

Review Rating
Sherry J Martin 26 Feb 17

After three excellent support sessions, today was awful. Valentin informed me that I needed professional help designing my website.

I am an accomplished database systems designer and competent on all PC computers. This was a very disappointing reply. I may have to cancel this account.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello Sherry,

We are sorry to hear this. We checked the chat session in question and would like to clarify that as much as we are willing to go the extra mile to help our clients, our hosting service does not include web development and creating of web pages. Our responsibility is to ensure that your website is secure, loads fast and works without issues. In addition to that we provide a large number of tool - such as free applications installers, which allow users to set up the application they want in only few steps, as well as website statistics and other management tools. We also have a large collection of tutorials with screenshots and videos, showing how users can build their websites.

From there on, adding additional pages, extending website functionalities or changing the look of the website are in the hands of the site owner.

Please note that we do not advertise web development as part of our service, and thus our chat representatives cannot help with this. As we see from the chat, our rep has mentioned to you our tutorials which you could use to make the changes yourself, and as an alternatively recommended to hire a professional website developer - which is often advised in case the customer does not have the time to read and follow the steps in the tutorial.

Kelly 26 Feb 17

Every time I have needed help during the process of setting up my website, the staff at Siteground have been more than helpful. Even when things are beyond their scope, they help. I couldn't do this without their support! Love them!

Review Rating
Adrian Quintanilla 26 Feb 17

Used chat support.

- Needed help transferring Domain from a different hosting company & user to site Ground.

- Then needed to switch main domain, with the new domain that just transferred.

I asked, they handled it, done!

Review Rating
Loren 26 Feb 17

I can't say enough amazing things about SiteGround and their staff! They have helped me at every turn with any issue I come up with. I love that once they help or fix it themselves, the give me the instructions on how to do it myself in the future - or so that I can understand what they did.


Review Rating
Megan 24 Feb 17

After 40 hours and about 20 calls to our previous hosting server, GoDaddy, we made the decision to swap to a hosting service that provides excellent customer service and tech support. The agent I spoke to seemed to genuinely want to make my life easier, and went above and beyond in fixing a technical glitch I had during sign up. The start of my relationship with SiteGround has certainly begun better than with GoDaddy; I hope it's night and day.

Review Rating
Ronnie McCarrell 24 Feb 17

The best hosting provider I've ever had. Support is superb, no outages or lags... great service.

Review Rating
Ann F Margolies 23 Feb 17

SG is the best: fast, professional, secure, complete, easy and available to help. The BEST, "period"!

Review Rating
Dimitris 21 Feb 17

You can trust Siteground for sure. It is the perfect balance between cost and value. It is above average the support , the features , the reliability and the stability they offer. I have had many other host companies. These guys are the best

Review Rating
Lucy Banta 20 Feb 17

If I could give Teodore 10 stars, I would. He went above and beyond to help me with a transfer today. Siteground's customer service never disappoints, and today was one of the best!

Review Rating
Kyle LeFevre 20 Feb 17

I have had many webhosts over the years for various sites. I can say without a doubt SiteGround has been the absolute best for any budget conscious person.

I'm sure there are better hosts for more money, but out of all affordable hosts siteground takes the cake. At first I appreciated the server speeds and features. However, I came to be most impressed with their customer service. They respond to tickets almost immediately and correct all sorts of issues for you. Top notch!

Review Rating
Alessandro Bazaluk 19 Feb 17

I feel safe with siteground

Review Rating
Pat dean 19 Feb 17

Ok so I gave the guy that helped a 5 star. But ! I don't give bad reviews for any reason. Here's something to learn from this review. Every time you help anyone remember that you could be talking to me! I am not a it guy. I'm very good at what I do and can talk about it at all levels. But because I know what I just asked you to remember. I have developed a way to make sure when I'm talking, I am not talking over or above that person. This seems to be hard to do for high tech folks. The world is still full of folks like me. Paying customers. Low tech. I know the world is moving on. But I also know that as a business I want all customers. Not just customers who can converse with me on my level. Not all of us are It. Folks.

Review Rating
Robert McPhillips 19 Feb 17

Always so quickly through to Support. They take a few minutes understanding your issue and then they always find the solution.

The best hosting experience I've had in 14 years of websites.

Review Rating
Frithjof Petscheleit 18 Feb 17

I deal with a number of hosting companies for clients. SiteGround has by far the best service. Knowledge and speed are amazing.

Review Rating
Paul Quin 17 Feb 17

Setting up a new account, on tight deadline so it was 4am. Ran into a glitch, got in touch with SiteGround customer care and they fixed everything right away. Awesome service every time. Thanks, SiteGround team!l

Review Rating
Bart 17 Feb 17

I've moved from Media Temple to Site5, which was good until they were bought out, and now to SiteGround. I chose SiteGround based on the support reviews and have not been disappointed.

I primarily build on Wordpress and the multisite migration was seamless as was setting up multiple doc roots for migrating the other multisites I have built over time until different accounts. The caching and pagespeed modules they offer work well, and have allowed me to remove the caching from Wordpress. Plus, the support has been stellar as advertised and this is the one feature of any hosting that I will never compromise on, regardless of costs.

Review Rating
Carolyn Wilson 17 Feb 17

The best hosting support and reliability I've ever experienced.

Review Rating
Diane Hutt 16 Feb 17

As usual, great helpful service!

Review Rating
Chad 15 Feb 17

Amazingggg support, the people know what they're doing and like to help people.

Review Rating
Chris_L 15 Feb 17

Made swapping my Wordpress site from a slow UK based service super easy.

Speed and reliability are excellent. Free SSL is a bonus for ecommerce sites.

Support is fast and efficient and the team really know what they are doing.

Would not hesitate to recommend them.

Review Rating
David R. 12 Feb 17

I was a customer in the past and returned.

I feel at home and I have all the features I need very cost-effectively.

Highly recommended.

Review Rating
Glen Kohler 10 Feb 17

I searched for alternative hosting services and settled on SiteGround. At first because it knows how to work reliably with Apple's OS X mail client. But the full suite of services and features made it my best choice for all other reasons as well. I have not regretted my decision to switch to SiteGround.

Review Rating
Cgrus 10 Feb 17

Amazing support! answered in less than a minute, resolved my issue in 2 minutes. CS rep was outstanding! Perfection!

Review Rating
charalambos matonakis 9 Feb 17

The most amazing thing is the support! Everyone replies the tickets very very quickly and is willing to help efficiently.

That's the most helpfull feature besides the reliability and the goog uptime.

Although the plans are not cheap (far from cheap i'd say when the first year passes), the price is a well spent fee for anyone who wants his various problems and issues to be solved.

I'd prefer a plesk system instead of cpanel but....

Highly recommended!

Review Rating
PCS 9 Feb 17

the Live Chat is extremely good, it is impossible to be this good !

Review Rating
Howard Beye 9 Feb 17

I am very happy with Site Ground. Service/Support is fast and professional.

Review Rating
Dan H. 8 Feb 17

I always get the help I need. Great Support

Review Rating
Mark Richard Russell 8 Feb 17

I have been using SiteGround since 2013, and they are ALWAYS top-notch. Even when I bugger things up so badly I can't make heads or tails of it.

Review Rating
Jason McDonald 7 Feb 17

VERY happy especially w/ their support. If you're new & haven't built a site, they'll always help you via chat. Very good people. I've installed 3 sites w/ them and have no complaints.

Review Rating
Lasantha 6 Feb 17

Working with siteground from 2011. "thank you guys!" for the great support.

Review Rating
David 1 Feb 17

I have worked in service centres and these guys go above and beyond. Their support response times are now very high. They can communicate in excellent english, give extra help without asking by offering to solve a problem or download/update/connect something. They are impressive and i do not have much spare time in my life so well done to Siteground Keep up the good work! David

Review Rating
Cindy Murdock 31 Jan 17

Pavlon was sooooo helpful and considerate. Lots of patience and very knowledgeable. He also promoted his business very well and I think him to be a quality employee. It makes such a difference with a good host. Thanks very much Siteground and Pavlon!!

Review Rating
Jim Kent 30 Jan 17

The customer support is always quick, friendly and not just answers any questions but takes the initiatives to solve problems. I have recommended them to friends and would happily do so again.

Review Rating
Maria Lara Dailey 30 Jan 17

I always get a knowledgeable, empowered customer service representative when I go on chat. Customer Service is King! You rock!

Review Rating
Nick Donovan 29 Jan 17

One thing I really LOVE about Site Ground is the amazing support they have. Every single issue I had so far they were here to help and solve it in like 10-15 min tops. Amazing guys!

Review Rating
Gilles Salmon 29 Jan 17

Utilisateur depuis quatre ans je trouve les offres très évolutives la rapidité du serveur et surtout le support sont excellents, j'ai bien eu des déceptions auparavant avec des fournisseurs plus connus, maintenant que j'ai trouvé Site Ground je ne cherche plus.

Review Rating
allan 28 Jan 17

Penka - the support who helped me migrate was perfection!!! - stayed with me for 53min! Kudos to siteground for the experience.

Review Rating
Ward Hopkins 28 Jan 17

Gabriella was awesome and so very patient. I can't thank her enough for the assist. Support like her is why SG is head and shoulders above the rest!

Review Rating
Q Wood 27 Jan 17

Computer literate professional who has tried to remember skills last used a number of years ago. Thanks to the professional support crew at Siteground, I have managed to do most things on my own. Perhaps there should be an option to get x hours per year in extra support, where their skills are used by purchasers to refine, or redevelop web pages and sites. As an add on cost to the customer. It would save me time and effort in trying to find the right team etc and give the team a more entrepreneurial and creative side to the fantastic work they already do. A special note of thanks to Ebru today!

Review Rating
Nicky 26 Jan 17

I have been using SiteGround for more than 6 months.

They have got cheap introductory plans which is worthy for beginners. However their renewal plans are costly.

But they are outstanding in their customer support. A few months ago, I got some technical issues with my WordPress site, i logged in to live chat, to my surprise i got response within few seconds and the tech support is so fast that they resolved the issue within minutes.

so i would highly recommend SiteGround especially for newbie bloggers (that includes me too) who are not in to much technical things.

Review Rating
Bobo Ayanoglu 26 Jan 17

The best hosting ever!

Review Rating
BodyFuel Foods 25 Jan 17

I just started the migration process from Host Gator to SiteGround and within the first 5 minutes of talking to Vladislav R I knew I would be switching.

I've already heard great things and needed to change hosts, but Vlad's friendliness and knowledge were more than I've ever received in an online chat experience.

I look forward to seeing the increase in my site's performance here shortly!

Review Rating
Jeff 25 Jan 17

I'm a small time web developer who had developed a few small sites for a handful of clients. Not a focus for me anymore, but I've still got a couple of sites hosted on SiteGround. I had a client report an outage to me tonight. I checked it out and saw a bunch of PHP errors, so I got online with SiteGround support. It was 8pm at night, but they had a chat option, and I got right through. Ivan fielded the ticket. He was polite, well-spoken and very helpful. He diagnosed that the errors were due to them removing support for an older version of PHP (the site is a number of years old) within 5 minutes, and had it fixed in 5 more. Was still encountering a few errors, but we worked through those in 5-10 more minutes. Extremely Impressed! Great interaction. Thanks to Ivan and the SiteGround team for the quick turnaround...the site is back up and the client is happy.

Review Rating
Steve Messer 24 Jan 17

Excellent support for non-developers like me. Really appreciate it! Fast, courteous professionals, on top of their game!

Review Rating
Deena 24 Jan 17

Siteground is simply the best. You need not go anywhere else.

Review Rating
Jayme Courtney 23 Jan 17

I haven't had any problems whatsoever since switching to Soteground. When my WP site failed, I contacted Valentin with Siteground's live chat support.

Valentin was absolutely incredible. He was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and consistent. He helped me determine the root of my problem and offered multiple solutions to correct it. When I was confused or unable to do something, he gladly volunteered to instruct me, as well as implement the necessary changes himself. With a complex issue, he was quick and thorough, making sure every question was answered clearly, in a way I would understand. He was extremely professional and intelligent. This is, by far, one of the best experiences I have ever had with a Live Chat Associate. Very satisfied.

Review Rating
Jayson Dayman 23 Jan 17

I find that SiteGround provides excellent value and top notch support. Very happy with SiteGround hosting and I am currently moving the rest of the domains that I manage to SiteGround.

Review Rating
Riley Wright 21 Jan 17

This is a fairly new website and I am computer literate but a webmaster newbie. The WordPress support I've been getting from SiteGround is prompt, efficient, and always solves my problem with minimum fuss and maximum courtesy. I am very impressed with SiteGround based on all my experiences with them to date.

Review Rating
Jojo dela Paz 20 Jan 17

We have been with SiteGround for more than 2 years and never experienced a problem or inquiry that cannot be solved by their tech support for both chat and ticket. Never need to call, because its already been solved by chat support. Thanks SiteGround!

Review Rating
Georgi M. 19 Jan 17

I did a lot of research before choosing my host provider, I wanted to have a very reliable service, fast speeds and a good support. SiteGround has topped my expectations. The hosting is insanely fast, my websites have 100% UpTime and load A LOT faster than my previous supplier. The Customer Service is extremely helpful, I never even imagined a Customer Service could be this good, all the employees I've encountered were nice, spoke in a very easy to understand language and helped me with issues that they didn't even need to do. In all honesty I can't recommend SiteGround enough, it's amazing. The money isn't enough for the quality service you will receive. :)

Review Rating
Paula 19 Jan 17

I have had a very positive experience with both performance and support queries.

Website performance is blazing fast and stable.

Support is fast, efficient and very helpful on a range of issues from very complex (moving a large site) to simple small requests.

I have hosted on other platforms (including some premium) and this is hands down the best experience I have had.

Review Rating
Willie 18 Jan 17

I honestly, really like there support I have use them twice now, and both times they rocked!

Review Rating
Ivette F. 18 Jan 17

I switched over from bluehost to siteground...what a difference! Support is QUICK and they are willing to help out with anything! So glad I switched!

Review Rating
Mark 18 Jan 17

As a web developer for over 20 years, I can say that this company has one of the best support teams out there. Fast, prompt and efficient. They are a pleasure to deal with. I am in the process of moving a 3rd site to them and the are always more than willing to be flexible with there services to meet my needs and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Review Rating
Roberto 17 Jan 17

I started having problems with my hosting provider (Hostgator) and moved my site to SiteGround.

SiteGround is 5x faster, support is superb (fast and extremely competent). Excellent choice.

Review Rating
SM 17 Jan 17

I'm always impressed with the speed and efficiency the staff helps me. I haven't had any issues and feel more comfortable using Siteground than any other.

Keep going

Review Rating
Abdul Aziz 16 Jan 17

Exceptional support services. We have used many hosting companies in the past but Site Ground services are excellent and exceeds our expectations. I am happy that we choose Site Ground for our website Hosting.

Review Rating
Alexis Aronis 14 Jan 17

I was very lucky that randomly answered Velizar Y., because I did not realize where was my error: He, in 2 minutes found that the command has the word 'index' where it must be 'Index'.

Thank you Velizar!

Thank you SiteGround Support Team that you helped me so much!

Review Rating
Gabriele 14 Jan 17

Great service, great support. I couldn't ask for more!

Review Rating
Claudio Angeletti 13 Jan 17

Excellent in everything, with a stratospheric customer service, extremely fast, kind and effective.

Review Rating
SB 13 Jan 17

I am already a few year a loyal client of Siteground, I have contacted them many times for updates, upgrades etc.

Sometimes a complain. All get handled very good.

Review Rating
Aaron 13 Jan 17

The support team have been great and very patient with me. They have resolved issues very quickly. The chat options great for little problems, they fix them right away.

Review Rating
Lacy 13 Jan 17

The technical support team is AWESOME! Helped with every little question I had & took over 30 mins of their time to help me until everything I needed on my account was perfect! Love love love!

Review Rating
jimmy 12 Jan 17


special thanks to Evgeni Z.

Review Rating
steve williamson 12 Jan 17

Support is there 24/7.

Consultants Brilliant.

Review Rating
Carol J. Post 11 Jan 17

Siteground has hosted my website for several years, and I have nothing negative to say about them. Customer support is awesome! I contacted them with an issue yesterday and was amazed at how quickly they responded and how helpful they were in resolving my problem. I highly recommend Siteground!

Review Rating
Lian Amber 11 Jan 17

Great service, great support, and extremely responsive. Love Siteground!

Review Rating
Hasan 10 Jan 17

I am happy with them.

Review Rating
Stephen Todd 9 Jan 17

10/10 with World class service. Any issue or problem is quickly assisted even if it is caused by a clumsy customer. Great service from Siteground. Highly recommended.

Review Rating
Gustavo Gutierrez 8 Jan 17

quick reply to any question, effectiveness, and clear support to any issues. Completely happy with the way of working on problems. 10/10

Review Rating
James Wright 7 Jan 17

Support is everything, you may get a cheap host, but support will be bad.

Siteground offers cheap hosting, amazing support, what else could you ask for.

If you have 1 website or 50 like me go to the company that has it all.

Review Rating
Albert Isaev 6 Jan 17

Don't have the right words to describe the greatness,just amazing experience with SiteGround. Made a big research on the web before buying the services of SiteGround, didn't regret at all.

Review Rating
Val Jaffe 6 Jan 17

After a bad experience with an over-rated host, we were very hesitant in selecting a new host. We contacted SiteGround a few months ago, and signed on that same day after discussing all our concerns with the SiteGround staff. We are so relieved to finally have a great website host. Customer service is excellent and uptime has been consistently reliable. It is rare that our website goes down, and it is never for very long. So glad we signed on with SiteGround!

Review Rating
Chad McCullough 6 Jan 17

I've been using SiteGround for nearly a year, now, and I've been nothing but impressed. Over the past 10 or so years, I've used many hosts, but always disappointed after a year of use. The customer support is either bad or the uptime is below par. With SiteGround, the customer support is THE best I have ever experienced and the uptime has been way above par. As a matter of fact, I don't remember my sites ever going down. I highly recommend them.

Review Rating
pattianne pascual 5 Jan 17

i would recommend Siteground above every other hosting service.Their support,customer service and chat help is amazing and fast.The price is great,even for those who are struggling,and the price of Siteground offers better service than those who are much more expensive.i am honored to be one of their customers and so very glad i chose them when i was researching.They truly are the best.

Review Rating
Marie 4 Jan 17

The service is amazing, and the support team is great, I would not look for any other hosting provider!

Review Rating
Clarise Creary 3 Jan 17

They are reliable and excellent customers Service. They are my tutor. Thank you SiteGround for giving me the opportunity because I am a novice and I love wordpress and Woocommerce too.

Review Rating
Vonne Andring 1 Jan 17

Came to SiteGround from Bluehost. HUGE difference in customer support, and a mega huge difference in page speed and reliability. SiteGround is amazing!

Review Rating
Gokhan Taysi 31 Dec 16

I am pleased with this company which responds to the performance inquiry. Especially in cloud services; I was pleased with my customer satisfaction. I would like to thank the technical support department, which provides fast and accurate information.

Review Rating
Chris 30 Dec 16

I've been gong around in circles (admittedly to SiteGround's out-dates and confusing email set up guidelines and tutorials. It's been endless. It crashed and I got on iChat. We started fresh and with some simple brand new (to me) information he solved everything. iChat was very prompt and helpful. Thanks.

Review Rating
Houyet 29 Dec 16

I am always impressed by the quality of the service offered by siteground.

I have a lot of sites that are hosted at Siteground. And when I have a small problem, even a big one, the support service found me a solution within the 10 minutes.

This changes me from the providers I knew before and gave me nights of nightmares.

Review Rating
Penny Hawes 28 Dec 16

I LOVE SiteGround. I'm definitely not technical, but I manage to (mostly) keep my 3 websites up and running because of their excellent support staff. They're quick (I think the longest I waited for a chat assistant was about 20 seconds), they're pleasant, they're knowledgeable, and they always reassure me that I'm not asking stupid questions :-) I'm a customer for life!

Review Rating
Marjan Stojanov 26 Dec 16

SiteGround is the best hosting provider in the world. With first class support and taking care of their customers nothing can beat them.

Highly recommend SiteGround as hosting provider.

Review Rating
mark uihlein 26 Dec 16

Chatted with support for a few minor beginner questions and got a very knowledgable engineer. I am still plodding through all of the features and have not yet launched a site at site ground but will report back as I continue my journey with them. So far so good.

Review Rating
anna 26 Dec 16

Wonderful and immediate assistance... I'm speechless!!

Thanks a lot for your effort in providing such professional, quality and state-of-art service. Recommended!

Review Rating
Dr.Sarah Willard Gray 26 Dec 16

I have never had such assistance as I received to-day from guru Kolyo B

He went out of his way to solve my problems with calmness and optimum professionalism and I thank him very much for doing so.

Review Rating
Jack Ma 23 Dec 16

best I have. I have godaddy, bluehost. siteground is the best

Review Rating
Mauro Rossi Ferrari 21 Dec 16

very fast, friendly and helpful assistance.

Review Rating
stuart griffiths 20 Dec 16

Support staff that are over and above all others. very helpful and knowledgeable, sort any problem in a few keystrokes.

Review Rating
Aziz 20 Dec 16

amazing hosting best of all

Review Rating
Paul 19 Dec 16

Amazing, i was transferring my website and their support team was just amazing.They stayed with me every step of the way and so helpful with any question i had along the way

Review Rating
Sija Mafu 18 Dec 16

I like the timely service and response to challenges that I bring forward. My experience with Siteground has been good and I recommend it to other people as well.

Review Rating
Pablo Queme 18 Dec 16

I changed to Siteground because Bluehost was really slow and had a terrible customer support. It was the best decision I could've taken. They have resolved 100% of my questions and problems, and their staff is really kind. Also, the backup and restore function works like a charm. I recommend them to my clients, and so should you!

Review Rating
Doc Sheldon 13 Dec 16

Since I began moving my sites to SiteGround, I've had numerous interactions with their technical support staff and each time, I've been impressed with their knowledge and level of effort to achieve a quick, satisfactory resolution. I've presented them with a couple of challenging situations and they've always found a quick solution. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending SiteGround, based upon its quality of service and pricing/features.

Review Rating
Stephanie 13 Dec 16

Boris was amazingly helpful and patient. He was able to get my email accounts set up and in a timely manner.

Review Rating
Gina 12 Dec 16

Moving our Website was a very stressful time for us. Their Support Team was there with us the hole way. We would like to tell everyone how much we appreciate their hard work. This kind of help isn't out there everywhere. Believe me when we say service like theirs is what we were looking for with our Small Business.

Review Rating
Kyle Shipp 10 Dec 16

My support advisor for this session was brilliant, friendly, and helped me with my issue in the best way possible. SiteGround Tech Support analysts are always knowledgable, professional, and willing to assist with my needs.


Kyle Shipp

Review Rating
Drew Patterson 9 Dec 16

Siteground is an amazing hosting company to work with, we have worked with over 10 different hosting companies, while offering our Website Design and Hosting services. And we also help other clients on their own individual servers, so talk to a lot of hosting companies regularly. One or two hosting companies I dred calling!!!! Siteground I have no hesitation! :-)

They are always very easy to get in touch with, super polite and very efficient. When an issue does occur, siteground corrects it as soon as it is brought to their attention.

Couldn't be a happier customer!

Review Rating
Lee Branch 4 Dec 16

So happy to be a SiteGround customer.

Used to use a range of hosts, then moved everything to WPEngine.

SiteGround beats all cheap/mainstream hosts AND WPEngine on price, features, and MOST IMPORTANTLY support.

Immediate chat support when it really can't wait, and answers to support tech tickets normally sorted in less than 10 minutes.

Outstanding host.

Review Rating
Sam Lloyd 4 Dec 16

I use SiteGround for four WordPress websites - I have another two with another host that will be moved to SiteGround the minute the hosting expires.

I've never had a SiteGround site go down - ever - and it runs WordPress like a charm. The Cloudflare integration and SSL setup process is as smooth as butter.

But where they really excel is customer service - 24/7 live chat, and they will bend over backwards to help you. Whenever I've had a technical issue, it's been resolved over live chat, generally by the operator doing the fix on the spot.

Very highly recommended!

Review Rating
Drew 2 Dec 16

I recently submitted a poor review because my account was denied for 4 days in a row.

From the live chat today, the tech called and explained why my account wasn't being approved. They were concerned i was setting up an online banking website which would need more security measures than the hosting plan I was trying to purchase. A matter of security, and it makes sense.

I explained that I was needing a simple site where people can contact me to sell their bank notes and annuities, they realized it wasn't going to be an online banking site and I was able to get the account purchased and set up.

Goes to show they are concerned about site safety and protecting against attacks and risky sites on their servers, which I appreciate.

Other hosts just simply let me set up my site without asking anything, which is actually pretty risky, considering there are shared hosting accounts and who knows what kind of crap people are trying to set up these days - and a good chance they're on a shared server with your site.

I recommend siteground; I'd heard their security measures are better than other hosts, and now I've experienced that firsthand so I am convinced.

And they gave me the same cyber monday pricing that I initially tried to purchase with, saving me a good deal of money.

Review Rating
Diego Caldognetto 30 Nov 16

Tech support is fantastic! They are so quick, precise, polite. Until now, they always solved my problems in a few seconds, far exceeding my expectations. Strongly recommended.

Review Rating
Hanno 29 Nov 16

I have only been a customer for 2 days but am liking it very much as far as support is concerned. I was unable to rate the other subjects yet but it will undoubtedly be awsome too

Review Rating
andrea 27 Nov 16

Fast, easy and all my questions were answered. All set up in under 17mins. Really pleased.

Review Rating
Kenna 27 Nov 16

SO glad that Soundground was recommended to use by a friend. I only wish I would have been with them the entire time. Their support is awesome!

Review Rating
Adam 27 Nov 16

I tried nearly 6 hostings but the level of satisfaction that i get from siteground is marvelous. Siteground customer support care alot of their customers, especially Kris.

They Offfer Premium support. i am happy with them

Review Rating
Donna 27 Nov 16

When times are stressful I can always count on siteground. They continue to out-do themselves overtime. Would not be with anyone else.

Review Rating
Emenike Emmanuel 26 Nov 16

This is the best web host I ever came in contact with. Their support is superb.

Review Rating
Massimiliano 23 Nov 16



Site Ground the numbers 1

Review Rating
Prodromos 23 Nov 16

Top notch support, always there when you need them and no questions asked twice!

Extremely reliable host that I have 5 websites running without any kind of slowness or disconnections!

Review Rating
Patrick M 21 Nov 16

Amazingly fast and concise answers

Review Rating
David F 20 Nov 16

This is my third webhost in 10 years and SiteGround blows the others out of the water on price, security, and service. I had one tech support issue and it was rapidly upgraded and handled in minutes. I can't recommend these guys enough.

Review Rating
JD 20 Nov 16

So far I'm extremely pleased with the support from Siteground. I've used the chat option 3 times today and received fast and friendly help each time. All of my issues were resolved promptly. I couldn't be more pleased with their help.

Review Rating
Chris Grigoriadis 20 Nov 16

The support is great so far and the hosting service without problems..

Review Rating
michael 18 Nov 16


Review Rating
Reetu Syal 17 Nov 16

I am new to website installation. I am a doctor who can do many things, but computer stuff -- not my strong point. But, Ivan was awesome. Qucik, didn't make me feel dumb, did everything for me and handed it to me on a platter. I don't have alot of free time. What he did would have taken me hours to figure out, and don't forget the anxiety. I value this type of service more than anything else on your list of ratings.

Review Rating
Grace Nwachukwu-Gabriel 16 Nov 16

I am a new user but my experience so far is very impressing.So far I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who want to use them.Is a secured site as well.Thank you SiteGround.

Review Rating
Martin Rodgers 16 Nov 16

Siteground is just awesome in so many ways. The support team shines above all else though.

Review Rating
Jeremy Insole 15 Nov 16

I am working with a Programmer who made lots of mistakes on the Live Site. I contacted Vladislava at Support and in less than 5 minutes we have restored to a back up taken last week.

If you contact other Hosts, you are still waiting for them to respond to your Chat or call....

Review Rating
Maya 14 Nov 16

Seriously the best hosting provider!! Easy to use control panel for a novice. I always got a response from the support very quickly. Usually I use live chat and hardly wait at all. Cannot recommend them highly enough. For a business you need a hosting provider you can trust and that works 24/7. I was with 123 Reg they are very poor in comparison. Very difficult to get through to 123 Reg and they only work Monday -Friday which really isnt very good also they keep logging you out which wastes time. Siteground prices are average or similar in the market to other hosting providers but I gave them above average because the service you get you dont receive from other providers at the same cost. I just transferred my domains to Siteground as well no problems at all. Also when I transferred my website to them they did demonstrate good technical knowledge. I have a basic website but I think they would be just as good for websites with more features.

Review Rating
Gregory 14 Nov 16

These guys give me more time to play with my kids, to me that's gold.

Review Rating
Miguel 11 Nov 16

The cloud storage service I have with SiteGround has been absolutely amazing. Reliable, and excellent performance. The key thing though is their support. The support team is so efficient that it's almost unbelievable.

I'm delighted with SiteGround and would recommend this service to everyone wanting quality, reliability and fantastic support.

Review Rating
Mandy 11 Nov 16

I have recently transferred two sites across to SiteGround including domain transfers and replacing one of the old sites with a new Wordpress site.

The support has been absolutely amazing via email and online chat.

The speed on the Wordpress back-end and front-end far exceeds my previous host.

Thank you so much for making what is usually an arduous process practically pain free! Highly recommended!!

Review Rating
Stefani Harris 11 Nov 16

Gosh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE SiteGround! Your support is absolutely SUPERB!! The response time is lightning fast and every support person is AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!

Review Rating
Craig Sincock 8 Nov 16

Service is what makes a difference in hosting and SiteGround is far ahead of all others.

Review Rating
Linda 7 Nov 16

Being a senior, with questionable talents setting up my website, I asked for the support team to please download both & Woo Commerce. It was done quickly and efficiently. I'm very appreciative for their help! Linda

Review Rating

sorted out my situation in minutes going from and old provider I was up and running. They got it down!!

Review Rating
Stephane Lacroix 2 Nov 16

Good job, Good service

Review Rating
Glenn Brown 2 Nov 16

I host all of my sites and the sites I build for others at Siteground. The price is right but the real great part is Technical Support. Siteground has amazing Tech support. I have about 40 sites (includes all of those I have built for others) at siteground

Review Rating
Jason carnahan 1 Nov 16

Overall their support is great! There are a few issues which can be EXTREMELY annoying, but for the most part i am very happy with their services and support.

Review Rating
Colin Ibberson 29 Oct 16

Everything about SiteGround genuinley is perfection. They are that good.

Review Rating
Joe Walker 28 Oct 16

Love these guys! Super fast / easy Wordpress site transfers and hosting, excellent customer support.

Review Rating
albert k 28 Oct 16

They are great, having a issue and they will spend the time and effort to resolve it.

Review Rating
Dmytro Vorobiov 28 Oct 16

Best hosting ever! Best support and nice people! Recommend!

Review Rating
Mark H 27 Oct 16

Siteground support is amazing. Our shared server website hosting package reached it limits so we upgraded to their Cloud based solution and our website was seamlessly transferred in less than 5 minutes. Amazing

Review Rating
Arron 25 Oct 16

Super fast servers, amazing customer service who go well out their way! Highly recommend these guys if your a personal blogger or small business.

Review Rating
Angie 24 Oct 16

THESE GUYS ARE AMAZING!! I'm not a techie, but I try to fumble my way through things. I really don't know why I even bother to try to figure some things out on my own. I guess I'm just that way. Whenever I have had any kind of issue, the SiteGround crew have been there to help me, day or night. Usually, the fix is instant. When it's not, they let me know the timeline and it's always done way before I think it will be. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. Seriously. awesome.

Review Rating
Theodor 23 Oct 16

I am migrating from another host, and as far as I could see, this host,Siteground is PERFECT.

The support is the best one I got from any site so far. No exception! The BEST!!!

Review Rating
Lekan Oyefeso 20 Oct 16

SiteGround's support has been absolutely TOP NOTCH! They make hosting/building a website from scratch easy. I would suggest them to anybody looking for a great, reliable place to host their website!! Great folks!

Review Rating
Patrick Charles 19 Oct 16

the prophalab site is not available

Review Rating
Rita 17 Oct 16

Delyan S did a perfect job! Thanks you so much.

Review Rating
Brian Culwell 15 Oct 16

I rarely type a review about anything, but after using multiple hosting companies over the years, SiteGround cannot be beat.

Their service and responsiveness is simply second to none! Excellent job guys!

Review Rating
charlie parker 15 Oct 16

I hardly rate anything, but the support system from Siteground can not be matched; Simply the best! keep up the good works.

Review Rating
M Geaney 14 Oct 16

I have been using this hosting company now for 2 years and have so say that there support is unbelievable. You won't get better believe me!

Review Rating
Maria Bell 12 Oct 16

We have been hosted with Siteground for over a year now, and we are extremely pleased and satisfied with the service and pricing we are receiving for our "Grow-Big-Account".

The technical support is great, immediate and personalised via support ticket.

For tech support there are very good step by step instructions from the team and on the site in the tutorial section.

We are wholeheartedly recommend Siteground as a hosting company.

Review Rating
Tova Roseman 12 Oct 16

Siteground's hosts are always responsive and have easily been able to resolve any of my issues. Such fabulous service!

Review Rating
Dan 11 Oct 16

iIam a beginner and without this support i would be lost.

Thanks for the help

Review Rating
archana jaisingh 10 Oct 16

i was confused about which plan to choose and how to start. all my queries were patiently answered and i now know the best suitable plan for me. looking forward to signing up on site ground.

Review Rating
Brigett 9 Oct 16

Crazy simple to switch over and support was great-live chat was super quick and phone was knowledgeable and friendly. Love them so far!

Review Rating
Daniel Flynn 8 Oct 16

Reliable hosting without any major problems to date, and excellent customer service whenever I do need to discuss anything. Highly recommended.

Review Rating
Gabriele Urban Miller 6 Oct 16

Great support and knowledge all Q&A cleared.

Review Rating
Rachael Gill 6 Oct 16

As a total novice I have needed some hand holding from their support team. Every time they have been unfailingly polite, very helpful and exceedingly patient. I can't fault any member of the team and the assistance they have given has been far beyond what I would have expected.

Review Rating
David C. 6 Oct 16

Siteground support is the most excellent that I have ever experienced. And they keep the server software current. They have existing excellent tutorials. And their hosted sites are very fast.

Review Rating
Benno Pieters 6 Oct 16

We had a problem with not being able to log into the website. It was locked up and had been a problem for a month whilst we tried different things. I got into the support chat of Siteground and Georgi D. helped fix the problem within 15 minutes!!

Great work & support and I will recommend Siteground to anybody wha wants to hear it!

Review Rating
William Brodegard 6 Oct 16

This is the best hosting I have experienced. Support has always been good. The hosting is fast and always up. I appreciate the softalicious and the free https://

Review Rating
April 5 Oct 16

I love SiteGround. They actually answer the phone and even on Christmas day. The pricing is beyond the best and the customer support is superb

Review Rating
Jesse Foutch 4 Oct 16

Great host so far and even better support team! Thanks Siteground!

Review Rating
J Canan 4 Oct 16

Hands down the best hosting service I have ever had! Customer service is really fast! I recommend the "Growbig" plan! You cannot go wrong with free domain + free SSL cert for your first year! Also when you have at least that plan customer service is sooo fast! When I open a chat I don't wait longer than 15-20 seconds! You can't go wrong here!

Review Rating
Cathy 3 Oct 16

The support at siteground is far ahead of any other hosting companies that I've tried. It doesn't matter what the problem is caused by, they always help out or point me in the right direction to get it resolved.

Review Rating
MARCIA 3 Oct 16

I was struggling to stop my auto responder, and I went on chat. a nice gentle assisted me very quickly and I was very happy about this.

However, it would also be easier if it was more clearer and straightforward for me to do it myself.

Review Rating
Jay Argent 30 Sep 16

The SiteGround Help Desk team is absolutely amazing. I recently changed my website from to SiteGround, which gives more freedom but requires more technical skills. The Help Desk has solved my all problems super fast and even with the cheapest possible plan I get answers in a couple of minutes. I couldn't be happier.

Review Rating
Blogging Mamba 28 Sep 16

I'm new to SiteGround thus I can't tell much about the host. So far though it has given me what I need as far as hosting is concerned.

What made me take time to review is their Customer Service.

Hristina made my day today. She has saved not just a few of my hours wasting for further answers, but has also saved a successful blog in the making.

She rocks!

Review Rating
Mat Bennett 26 Sep 16

Siteground have given me one of the worst hosting experiences I have had in 20 years of site hosting.

They sell based on how many visits per month the package is suitable for, but actually limit on processor cycles and simply turn your website off without warning if you break this limit.

Support is not awful in terms of speed but prefer to respond without reading the ticket, which makes them ineffective.

Definitely wouldn't recommend for anything business related.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hi Mat,

We are sorry to hear you have not been satisfied with your hosting experience. We would like to address separately the points you have raised about suggested visits number we have for our plans and resources usage we monitor. In the full description list of features page we have explained that the monthly visits represent approximate number of visits each plan is most suitable to accommodate. We specifically note that they do not represent a restriction of any kind and should simply serve as a reference point to help select a plan.

We also would like to mention that in the server section of the features list we provide specific details on the CPU executions limit for each plan.

Please note that for shared hosting plans resources of one server are shared among multiple users that is why it is important for us to monitor the individual usage in each account. In this way we are able to ensure good performance for all accounts hosted on the server and prevent abuse of resources that can negatively affect the websites of other users. Our customer care reps have kindly explained that we have a system in place that sends notification when you reach 80% and 90% of your allowed quota. Unfortunately when you pass the limit the site is put down automatically. Yet our team is always available to help with this situations and in your case we have increased the limit for the current month, and also provided you with analysis on the IP addresses generating the extra resources usage as well as tips about possible solutions. Our team has promptly addressed your requests for assistance and answered them based on the details you provided. We explained our procedures for handling responses to tickets after the initial report. We understand time may be critical, but we also try to be thorough which takes additional processing and investigation time to be able to confirm the issue is resolved.

Dave Llewellyn 26 Sep 16

Me Again!! LOL.

I come into Chat Support so much I feel obligated to start paying rent, lol.

Another fantastic support session where all my issues were taken care of in just a few minutes. Thanks again Siteground for having such well trained Agents. Thanks for the help

Review Rating
Jim Marnell 24 Sep 16

I just went through a long series of submitting Support tickets because my site was hacked. I got absolutely amazing support from each of the reps who handled my issue and they handled it 24/7, promptly each time. They are very friendly, competent, and willing to put in whatever effort is required to deal with the issues. I've used Siteground for several years now and I'm always happy as a clam! They're terrific!!

Review Rating
Augusto Sosa 22 Sep 16

Thank you Siteground for your great job and service..Your customer service is the best. Reliable and Puntual. We are very happy with your company. Thank you from located GA, Marietta USA ..

Review Rating
Steve Hogan 21 Sep 16

5 Stars across the board!. Never experienced weird downtime issues like I had with my previous hosting co. Also, the provide Let's Encrypt SSLs which cost $0 vs my last provider which wanted $29 per year per domain for my 20+ domains. When I figure that into the calculations, it's like SiteGround is paying me to be my hosting company.

Their tech support is particularly good and extremely responsive. I have never gone more than 1 hour without a response vs all the others I have used in the past that sometimes took over a day to respond.

You will not go wrong with these folks.

Review Rating
David Fritze 17 Sep 16

Just had the best support session I ever had in 10 years. Of course it depends upon the tech. But this guy was super!!!

Review Rating
Francesco Cozzupoli 17 Sep 16

Really interesting, and thanks.

Review Rating
Adam 15 Sep 16

Mirko at SiteGround demonstrated to me what perfect hosting support is supposed to look like.

I have worked in web hosting since 1994 and that includes 4 years selling Tier 1 IDC space into F100 accounts for a major backbone provider. So I have reason to be picky, and stingy with public praise. So posting a review is rare for me, but Siteground does impress. They provide user friendly interfaces and live chat agents to assist in service support that is required in high speed work. The team is empowered both technically and administratively making them trustworthy for deployment.

Review Rating
John Welch 15 Sep 16

Excellent service and technical support. Fast, efficient and friendly. Thanks

Review Rating
Janice 14 Sep 16

I truly appreciate all the help. I am not a pro. I've learned a lot, have a site up and am thankful for the patient educators.

Review Rating
Rosemary Joseph 14 Sep 16

Instant response. Patience and understanding shown for all my novice questions. Left knowing how to go about my next task.

Review Rating
Rox Burkey 13 Sep 16

The SiteGround support team is knowledgeable, prompt, and simply amazing. My most recent support was due some enhanced capabilities I was able to receive from this outstanding service. They are the best around and I highly recommend using them.

Review Rating
Thomas Roman 13 Sep 16

My host is well educated, pleasant to speak with and answers my questions promptly,... including answering my telephone calls within a minute.

Review Rating
Gabriel 12 Sep 16

This is the best hosting service out there. Their customer services is out of this world, their pricing is great

Review Rating
Marshall Clemens 12 Sep 16

I've used the customer service phone/chat line a number of times and the response has been fast, friendly, and technically spot-on. The best technical support I've ever experienced.

Review Rating
John Cotton 12 Sep 16

I've been a web developer for over 15 years and have come to find the perfect hosting partner with Siteground. Normally, I insist that my clients build on siteground, as I have too many negative experiences with other hosts.

The main thing I appreciate is the 24/7 service. I am always amazed at how helpful and how quickly issues are resolved. Oftentimes, I am given technical support on issues that I have messed up - and is not the responsibility of the host, yet that are still keen to help.

Highly regarded, highly recommended.

Review Rating
Alison 10 Sep 16

Siteground are incredible hosts. Always friendly, helpful and responsive. They give great customer service at all times, and are happy to assist with site setup and any hosting questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review Rating
Flo Nelson 7 Sep 16

SiteGround offers the best support I've ever experienced. At my previous host, questions about WordPress would be referred back to me. SiteGround actually helps solve WordPress issues! That plus reliable uptime, great features like staging, and other options have confirmed what I'd heard before I switched to them. 9 months now and I couldn't be happier.

Review Rating
Alan Amor 6 Sep 16

If technical issues are a challenge to you Siteground is the company to use as your hosting company.

Review Rating
eamon kerrins 5 Sep 16

Hands down the best support from any company I have EVER gotten!

Support staff allways friendly and knowledgeable.

Great company.

Review Rating
E.T. Evans 5 Sep 16

Alessandro was amazing today. He's helped me before, and I have to say that Siteground's customer support is unrivaled. There is no comparison.

Review Rating
Santiago Calero 5 Sep 16

From far, the best hosting service. Strongly recomended.

Review Rating
Blair Norton 4 Sep 16

I have been using siteground for several years for our service club's website and hosting. I have nothing by good things to say with the support and ease with maintaining our website.

Review Rating
Marie Well 3 Sep 16

Siteground are easily affordable with unchallengeable professionalism: knowledgeable, courteous, patient, extremely fast in support response, clear and willing to volunteer time for micro tech support that might occasionally be outside the strict scope of their service agreement.

Siteground are definitely the best we have experienced so far.

Their care and professionalism remain unchanged under the pressure of our stress!

Review Rating
Paul 1 Sep 16

Just had some issues with my site, due to my own errors, and the Support team was excellent and helped me work it out. Impressive!

Review Rating
Helen 31 Aug 16

I've been really happy with SiteGround since I transferred my website 2 weeks ago. The staff is very helpful and has answered any queries quickly and efficiently.

Review Rating
Alfonso Diego TAIANO 30 Aug 16

Very good service, fast activation and live-chat help of very high quality. Reccomended!

Review Rating
Julian Del Campo 29 Aug 16

In my many years of dealing with pretty much every host out there, I find Siteground's reliability and support to be unbeatable. They are way ahead of any other host I've encoutered. Excellent work.

Review Rating
Stuart Teadley 28 Aug 16

The difference between this company and the others I have had (about 6 since 1997)has to be experienced to be believed. If the initial support operator can't resolve the issue - and 9 times out of 10, they can - it gets passed up to 2nd level support who invariably resolve it within minutes - although onc, a big problem took almost an hour to fix ;). I'm surprised the support only gets a 94% satisfaction rating - it should be higher.

Review Rating
Hypnotist Jeff Bliss 28 Aug 16

I was searching for a new host (moving off weebly), and SUPER happy about the decision to choose Siteground. Their tech support always answers the phone quickly 24/7. There is NO way I could every go back to email only support after experiencing the siteground phone support. OUTSTANDING! My website also loads fast. Super happy with this company!

Thank you Siteground! You are appreciated!

Review Rating
Ronel 28 Aug 16

I use siteground since 2009.

Since 2001 I have tested Bluehost, Hostgator,,

Hostgator and bluehost, everything is fine till your site start getting some traffic it seams they want to earn more than your business.

One and any hosting in Holland. Never, never believe them, they do tricky things. is my winner. Now I bring all my customers to siteground and it gives me peace of mind.

My sites / / / all of them in a cloud with siteground running perfectly.

Review Rating
Gina Stevens 27 Aug 16

I have been with several other hosts and Siteground has got to be the best out here. They are the best trained customer service organization to say the least.

Wait time is practically a there really isn't a wait time.

They simply do their job and so well. I hope others will consider this host over the others, you get what you pay for when you sign up with one of those hosts that give you 3 years for under $100... you won't stay long.

Review Rating
NC Henry 26 Aug 16

In the past month this would be my 3rd hosting company and I'm certain my final place. I cannot begin to express how wonderful my few short days with them has been. The tech support is friendly and always willing to assist unlike the other companies I dealt with.

No doubt I'm moving my other two sites here as well. Very very satisfied.

Review Rating
Rick J 22 Aug 16

Lately Site Ground gets a perfect 10 across the board. Once you learn how to set up your wordpress site to reduce bot traffic Site Ground excels.

Best value in hosting one can find. But again you need to learn how to reduce spam bot traffic.

If you do not do that you will be very frustrated. But its a rather simple fix.

Review Rating
Liran 21 Aug 16

Siteground have the best support staff ever, the staff treat the customers wonderfully and you can tell it's due to great treatment to their employees!

Review Rating
Rod Warrix 20 Aug 16

I have been with SiteGround for many years. SiteGround has always been great for many reason like reliable support, up time, best Cpanel, easy settings and website management, and more! Pricing is the best too!

Compared to other hosting services

SiteGround matches or beats all the best top rated hosting providers. SiteGround is a very reliable hosting company that is always making it self better with new technology, website management and features!

Really give SiteGround a try and see for yourself it's affordable, professional, and reliably the best hosting you can get.

SiteGround makes it Easy for website creation and website management, with speed, space, features, and is very secure! Thanks SiteGround! Your the best!

Review Rating
Keith 18 Aug 16

Great host, high reliability, Services above all others I have tested. Most secure, seen other hosts that get malware and have poor response and downtime. Siteground is by far the best I have used.

Review Rating
EyeconMedia Hosting 17 Aug 16

After reading great reviews and support one of our clients in moving to Siteground, we decided to start using Siteground for ourselves as well. So far it has been a great experience. Not eveything goes 100% smooth, but that is mostly because we have to get used to new technologies (cPanel is new to us, as we have always used Plesk in the past). Transparency into what happens when, when connecting new abilities/upgrades, can be better. But then, the Live Chat support makes up for that. They are always live, always helpful and always friendly. Keep it up Siteground!

Review Rating
Hudson Kent 15 Aug 16

Outstanding 24/7 live chat customer service. Keeps me paying for this service every year.

Review Rating
David Carlson 13 Aug 16

Really the best. After 2 days of my site server being down I could not have asked for more. Was back up and running in less than 2 hours.

Review Rating
syed bader 13 Aug 16

Good support

Review Rating
Brenda 12 Aug 16

I have not had a lot of problems over the course of the last 2 years but the ones I've had have been resolved cheerfully and quickly. Which is great news espeically when you are a non-technical website owner

Review Rating
Jacob 12 Aug 16

The customer service is outstanding and they're always so quick and helpful. I've had a few minor issues with their firewall system however.

Review Rating
Jerry Washington 12 Aug 16

I like to say that Martin provide exceptional service to me during our conversation and assisting me with my website/domain situation. He kept a cool head which help me keep an almost cool head. He knowledge level and questions helped steer me toward a great conclusion with my website issues. He's a great technician and possess excellent character. I was very happy with the service he provided me...thanks for the opportunity to provide my comments

Review Rating
Diane 11 Aug 16

Siteground's staff have always been really helpful and this is the first time a technical issue came up and the tech guy Georgi got onto it straight away, all done.

They are always quick thorough, never rush you and believe me I'm not very good with Wordpress it is easy but I'm a complete novice but they have always been helpful. Diane

Review Rating
Majid Ali 11 Aug 16

Excellent. Goes out of the way to help you.

Review Rating
golan yarkoni 9 Aug 16

I've been using Siteground for sometime, their customer service can not even be challenged. I have used many hosting companies but they are truly the best.

Review Rating
Joy 9 Aug 16

I have been with Site Ground for over 2 years and they were stellar until recently.

The security has become lax. So much so that I now have to pay for Sucuri.

I have been getting 403 errors in my search console which we finally resolved after 2 months.

Now I am having email issues every 3 days. Email stopped working 3 times in the last week. Today one email address was sending bounce back messages despite email being received by the recipient.

I don't know what is going on with them, but I have had new issues, usually regarding email, every 3 days.

I am about to pull up stakes and move to another host.

Pity, I used to be very happy with them.

Most times the tech support is pretty good with the occasional dud. Mostly good though.

I hope they get their act together or I am changing hosts in a week. They have given me a very stressful month or so.

I am very disappointed.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response


We were sorry to hear you have not been satisfied with the resolution of several issues with your hosting account lately. We are happy to report all your open issues have been resolved and to see you have remained a SiteGround customer.

We would like to address the handling of your cases and assure you that our team was dedicated to give their best to help on all of them. Regarding security we want to point out SiteGround is protecting your account on server level and we even have in place additional security rules to prevent attacks targeting specific applications. When it comes to the website itself, it is up to the client and the site development team to keep it secured. We always remind to our customers that it is important to keep your web applications updated to the latest version and apply any corresponding security patches.

Please note that our team has promptly answered all your requests via chat and the Helpdesk system. You have only reported the issue with 403 errors twice via our help system and it turned out they were related to using third-party application and plugins. Once our team received details on how they were functioning we have suggested a fix for them. You also received our full cooperation with the email problem and once we diagnosed that there were caused by a non-working redirect and non-existing email address we have applied fixes for them.

We take feedback from our customers very seriously and our team will be happy to help you with any hosting-related questions.

Benharcs 8 Aug 16

I've lost count of how many times I've been helped out by the rapid support from the Siteground team.

They have been superb so far. Highly recommended for Wordpress hosting with great support.

Review Rating
Ruud Haasjes 7 Aug 16

Quck fix, immediate support. Very good.

Review Rating
Gene Cirak 7 Aug 16

This is second time that I had to use support on a problem and they are always knowledgeable and quick to fix the problem. And go beyong that to suggest ways to further improve my experience. Never had this level of customer service elswhere

Review Rating
John 5 Aug 16

Just installed Joomla and got fantastic support from Hristina to upgrade Php Version which was preventing me from installing a component

Review Rating
ana Páscoa 4 Aug 16

Free Domain for lifetime of your plan!

Fantastic website builder, great if you're buiilding your site from scratch

Review Rating
Felix 31 Jul 16

If you run a website(s), fast and professional support is essential. SiteGround have the fastest and most professional support I ever saw.

Review Rating
Stephen Rogata 31 Jul 16

I had a problem and was helped by Eleyan C. I went into a chat with him and kept getting cut off by bad connection, but he was still very understanding and helpful, and I was able to clear up my problem. It was great customer service.

Review Rating
Olivier 31 Jul 16

Best all around support. Fast and accurate response. No other hosting company can hope to beat SiteGround for this. They are going to gobble up the market if the others don't measure up, and that's good. Highly recommend! :)

Review Rating
Aleksandar Filipovic 30 Jul 16

I've been with SiteGround for 24 hours now & I've contacted their support team several times already and the conversations tended to last approximately 30 minutes at a time. I can't even explain how satisfied I am with their service.

The only thing that is perhaps a disadvantage about their hosting is the price, however, with the amazing value they provide, it is more than worth it!

I haven't utilized their features fully yet & haven't been with them for long enough to give an educated evaluation of their reliability, however, so far everything seems perfect & with such a support team, I am certain that even if an issue comes up, they will handle it quickly and to satisfaction of each side of the agreement.

I highly recommend!

Review Rating
phil lauer 29 Jul 16

Hi have been working with Hristina A. She is an excellent support person. Very straight forward and helpful. I just happen to ask another question a day later and she actually remembers my issue, she has at lest 40 other support clients she spoke with since I chatted with her. That is called exceptional support. SiteGround, thumbs up!!


Review Rating
Frank Goodridge 29 Jul 16

SiteGround is the real deal with 5 star 100% support on the money.

Review Rating
MITHUN B 28 Jul 16

The customer support team is just outstanding. These guys know what they are talking about. I am in love with the service. Amazing.

Review Rating
Diego Poveda 28 Jul 16

There should be 6 stars for Siteground.

Review Rating
Roberto 28 Jul 16

I have never found a so good customer service before. They helped me with big kindness so many times on every moment of the day and week. Superlative customer assistance

Review Rating
buse 27 Jul 16

excellent service ever, i use different host but site-ground stand alone from others well done guys

Review Rating
Ruby L 26 Jul 16

Excellent service! Everyone I've talked to (and I spoke with 3 different people regarding 3 different issues) Were immensely helpful. Fast to response, prompt and a delight to work with!

Review Rating
Sofia 25 Jul 16

I only tried siteground cause the client chose it from a list of three recommended providers someone else gave them.

I must say I am ever SO GLAD I did! This hosting service is the best I have tried in at least 8 years. Their costumer tech help (real time, chat and ticket) is GREAT. They solve all my problems, my dumb questions and my sometimes stupid requests. (like "I need 3 clon sites of the main site, the client wants to see them all running). I am hoping to move all my clients to siteground over the next year.

I am truly impressed with them.

Review Rating
Daniel Novoa 23 Jul 16

I've been using siteground for 1 year now, and there is not flaw in the service, and when I need support It usually doesn't take more than 15 minutes to resolve my cases... so It's great and I guess I will continue using siteground for a long time

Review Rating
Andrew Avila 22 Jul 16

I love Siteground. Never had major issues, and every time I have any questions, their support is AMAZING about helping me to come up with a solution. Definitely never going to host anywhere else. Im Siteground for life. :)

Review Rating
Warren Nelson 19 Jul 16

Your tech support guy was great! Your auto renewal system sucks!

I had no idea I was auto renewing for $150 bucks a year.

Other than that, wonderful!

Review Rating
jack lesley 16 Jul 16

I asked for an upgrade to my service. Tech rep told me it would not bring anything down. In fact, when they did the upgrade, it brought my entire web app down. 13 hours later - still not fixed. Went to bed, wake up..still broken. Tech support reps extremely rude whole time.

Review Rating
Darrell 13 Jul 16

these guys are ninja quick and don't let go of an issue until it is fully resolved.

Review Rating
Mike Posey 10 Jul 16

I have had a site with this company for a decade and in sept 2015 their auto-renewal failed on my domain but amazingly not on the much larger site renewal fee, resulting in the hold of my domain so I could not renew it for 45 days.

Someone managed to grab it before I could and now it's for sale for 5700.00.

Do NOT use this company.

Review Rating
Andrew Wayfinder 8 Jul 16

New to service so can't comment on reliability, etc. but the support, ease of migration, service on the site have been fast and excellent.

Review Rating
William 7 Jul 16

SiteGround has delivered consistent great service. Every time I have contacted them (all of them) they have resolved every issue I have had. And I have had quite a few because I am a website beginner.

Thank you SiteGround.

Review Rating
Lorenz Crood 6 Jul 16

My name's Lorenz and i'm the owner of 1 website hosted here at siteground. Here in Italy where i live i couldn't find a decent hosting service and after some research in Google i finally decided to choose Siteground.

My overall impression is positive: 99% uptime and very fast tech problem solving by its team!

I know what a bad hosting company means for a webmaster. So i really appreciate Siteground for its commitment with its customers! Keep on doing like this!!

Review Rating
Emmanuel Chrappah Jr. 6 Jul 16

I really love their ready-to-help customer care center. And the services they provide for my website are really great as well

Review Rating
Rosalina Soto 4 Jul 16

I have to say, after dealing with so many different hosting companies, SiteGround is by far the best with their support. Quick, easy, efficient. Tech knowledge was so good. And to top it off, their prices are so reasonable for what you are getting. I will definitely recommend SiteGround to all my clients.

Review Rating
Janine Sarna-Jones 3 Jul 16

I left a host with limited availability and sub-par service. Fortunately, I left that host and found SiteGround. Superior in every way! I am amazed by the service I have received as well as the technical support. Submitting a trouble ticket is easy and the response is quick and thorough. I've been hooked!

Review Rating
Ernesto 1 Jul 16

I've been working with Siteground for close to 4 years now and I've had nothing but great experiences with their services. Thanks to them I was able to build multiple websites and learn more about it.

Their support is unmatched. I am always able to reach somebody and they are always willing to help. I worked with Wix once and it was nearly impossible to get a hold of somebody. I had to schedule a call to even get a person to help me.

But with siteground they are always there. And even their shared services have provided me and my clients with fast, reliable service.

Review Rating
mike 1 Jul 16

This guy should be running, not Hilary and donald. Awesome job!

Review Rating
Gaurav Kochhar 30 Jun 16

Have tried many hosting over period of 7 years, tried almost every hosting, but after siteground not willing to try anything else. For asian continent with singapore server i feel siteground is best.

Cheers team, Excellent and quick suport, super face billing policy

Review Rating
Susie 27 Jun 16

Magdalena K. was wonderful. She helped me solve an issue and was very kind.

Siteground is the best! Thank you for your amazing work!

Review Rating
Giovanni Miele 27 Jun 16

Extraordinary !

Support is always present and prepared .

My HOST forever

Review Rating
Giovanni Miele 27 Jun 16

Extraordinary !

Support is always present and prepared .

My HOST forever

Review Rating
Edward 27 Jun 16

I've experienced 100% uptime plus they have the best support. Truly grateful to their support team.

Review Rating
Roberto Brandão 23 Jun 16

Great service, very helpful, quality of service, yet I have no complaints, are to be congratulated!

Review Rating
Leslie Frey 22 Jun 16

When technology is so crazy, SiteGround makes things simple. So easy to contact and GET ANSWERS that don't require Googling stuff to know what they're talking about. Ahhhhhh!

Review Rating
Barry 22 Jun 16

SiteGround are simply the only host I will use now. The pricing is good, I've never had any downtime, and when I've needed to contact customer support (always my own lack of knowledge, nothing they've done) they have been very quick, helpful and always sorted my issue.

I can honestly say I've never had such excellent customer support with any other product, not just hosting. The best.

Review Rating
Dale Henry 21 Jun 16

Quick response to everything we need. Would recommend to anyone who needs a reliable host with good service.

Review Rating
Edwin 20 Jun 16

I am grateful using siteground. the support is fantastic.

Review Rating
Gareth Roberts 19 Jun 16

Awesome support from rosita and team

Review Rating
Daniel Onoriode 17 Jun 16

I have tried many hosting companies.Never in my life did I ever imagine that customer care could be this professional and timely and guess what . Site-ground did more to give me tech advice that even has more to do with Their hosting platform.

Review Rating
Jordan W. 17 Jun 16

I own over 50 Domains. About 40 of them are 'Parked'. A few others are just PHP Scripted API fed Affiliate Sites. But the main ones are Wordpress. I was Hosting via Namecheap for the first couple years, eventually upgrading to their highest level Hosting Plan, just short of a Dedicated Server.

But they kept suspending my account for using up too many "Resources", which was effecting my sales, my income, and my reputation as an online Seller.

My main eCommerce Store only had about 60 items, and maybe a couple hundred visitors a day, and the Support at Namecheap had next to ZERO knowledge when it came to IT, Script Languages, Coding, or Programming.

That's when I began looking for alternatives and came across Siteground, who's Staff specialize in all of the above, including Wordpress & more.

Their Support Staff are quick to respond, are knowledgeable in all areas (, and are proactive in their approach to Site Security and Server Technologies..

I was so impressed after talking with a salesperson via live chat, that I purchased a FULL Year of their Premium Package that day. They also told me that I was the THIRD person to Switch from Namecheap that same day.

-Jordan W

Review Rating
Larry 16 Jun 16

Ivan in support was amazing. When I couldn't debug a WPMU Domain Mapping issue, and neither could WPMUDEV, Ivan took up the challenge, discovered the problem, and resolved in in a couple hours. It's wonderful to work with a web host that knows Wordpress intimately!

Review Rating
Monroe Mann 14 Jun 16

Darin at SiteGround was a breath of fresh air. He had virtually every answer I needed and helped me change the domain name servers and installed Dokuwiki and set it up for me. Truly unexpected. Thanks Darin! Thanks SiteGround!

Review Rating
hayden tomas 14 Jun 16

This is the best host I have used in all my years as a developer online, every single support question i have had has been answered, many times they help through my issues and fix them for me, they go above and beyond the call of duty for a webhost.

Review Rating
Jonathan Miller 13 Jun 16

Denis D. remained on support with me for over an hour and a half and remained patient the entire time! I appreciate his help greatly and thanks to him I will be able to help the company continue to move forward without hiccups in regular work. Not only did he help me with my siteground account, he helped me with my google gmail account! So appreciative and very nice to receive above excellent customer service and support!! Thanks, Denise!

Review Rating
Wale 13 Jun 16

Siteground's customer service is unmatched! Their response is swift, their reps are polite and they get your problems solved in no time.

It's been about 2 years now and i'm glad i migrated to them!

Review Rating
Liesje 10 Jun 16

My host was brilliant, very polite and at the same time efficient. He was on top of the issue and sorted it all out for me faster than I had anticipated.

Review Rating
gianluca 10 Jun 16

The provider is good but I don't like the limit of inode (number of file).

Infact, data space limit and inode limit will be calculated also on e-mail.

So, for a company, you can have problem with this limit if you have a "lot" of employees. I think that the website doesn't show well this limit.

Review Rating
Katherine Croston 9 Jun 16

You are such a great company, but the BEST of all is this Service Skills you have. In the end this language is pretty foreign to random people trying to manage their website, thats why you exist and do so well.

We don´t need people talking to us in more difficult language, but everything we have received from you is MAGNIFICENT service and the ability chat lively with someone is just so KIND and perfect.

Thank U.


Review Rating
Dede 3 Jun 16

I just signed with them and am commenting on their EXCELLENT pre-sale service. WAY above and beyond hand-holding personal service! A+++++++++

Review Rating
petra margolis 3 Jun 16

they are amazing, the help is so fast and they always find a way to fix it.

i had two websites down and they got if back up in no time, i just love their customer service. they always respond in sometimes less than 5 minutes and work round the clock no matter what time i contact them

Review Rating
frank suero 2 Jun 16

I am not moving from this service people, they are just the best. The best support I ever encounter in the past 10 years. Great people, great options and reliability I do not see how other company can be better.

Review Rating
Mario 1 Jun 16

Great Host! I've been through 4 other hosts and siteground has been consistent and always incredibly helpful when issues arise. Price points are also fantastic. Love them!

Review Rating
Tiziano 1 Jun 16

Super hosting!

Review Rating
Kola 1 Jun 16

Simply Awesome Customer Service!

Review Rating
Teresa Farrell 31 May 16

Over the years I have hosted with all the major site hosts and been disappointed with all of them. I came to SiteGround and was a little apprehensive since they were in Europe but I have NEVER had such excellent, timely and competent service. I have been with them now for nearly 2 years and fully recommend them as the best value in hosting.

Review Rating
rob 30 May 16

Hi i have just started with Siteground and i am amazed at their level of service from the live chat i have used it five times already to setup my site, haven't finished yet but its fast and the staff are supper friendly and knowledgeable so fare so good.

Review Rating
Wardell 26 May 16

I've been doing this for more than 10 years and I've tried a lot of different hosts, including running my own reseller account. Siteground is by far the best. Best environment, but their support just puts them out of the reach of the others. You just don't get that kind of "determined to fix your problem" support anywhere else.

Review Rating
Rosie Taylor 26 May 16

I just had the pleasure of getting support for my hosting. The reliability has been impressive for the past year+. Anytime there has been an issue, they are super responsive. I like that they are also proactive about virus infections if they happen. They don't let your whole server get hacked like other economy hosts. Very happy with pricing as well. Wish they allowed more nodes, but it does force us to take down prototype sites instead of cluttering up the server. Very professional WordPress host!

Review Rating
Dale Principe 26 May 16

I moved my site to siteground from another high-profile host because of site speed issues using wordpress. My web designer recommended the move and I am highly satisfied and confident that we can redesign our site and not have any loading issues with a media-rich site running many plugins for social, etc.


Review Rating
Matt Woodward 26 May 16

I swapped over from Bluehost and wish I'd done it years ago! Far better everything - performance, support, pricing, features!

Seriously, I'm a new customer and I'm already totally sold, these guys are great!

Review Rating
Paul Horne 25 May 16

I recently left Bluehost for Siteground and wow -- I am SO impressed with their chat support. At Bluehost I'd often wait for 15-30 minutes to get a rep, but at SG it's never more than about 15 seconds - I don't know how they do it. Plus everyone is just always happy and friendly (and seriously everyone is hot -- they must only hire hot reps... LOL).

I was compelled to write this review tonight after Penka not only fixed an HTML error I was getting, but resolved a weird theme glitch we've been dealing with for YEARS, and that I had finally given up on. I'm not a programmer and am no fan of managing and configuring Wordpress sites, but these guys have made it a lot less painful. So glad I switched.

Review Rating
OT 25 May 16

Siteground is far from being the cheapest in the market, especially after their first year promotion ends. However, I think Siteground is the perfect blend of price/performance/service.

Most of my traffic is from SE Asia so it's great that they allow you to choose datacenter nearby (Singapore).

On to my second year, I don't move my site to new host just to save small money because one call/chat with support can already exceed whatever I may save.

On that note, Siteground's support tend to be extremely good and knowledgable. It's just refreshing when I tend to get crap services around me in most things.

In all, very satisfied customer and the fact that I'm still here paying 2-3x from previous year speaks volume.

Review Rating
lewis kite 24 May 16

Amazing, best hosting co. I've used. Unparalleled support, their support staff actually want to solve your problem rather than simply fob you off and mark the ticket 'closed'.

Review Rating
Ronald Landry 24 May 16

My host was the lovely and engaging Plamena A. who was extremely patient in guiding me, a hopeless computer "know-nothing" in defining my wishes to copy my 3 websites filled with "priceless" poetic and other literary pieces, along with extensive posts I copied online, and which I felt could all be accidently erased "poof" into thin air unless I somehow was able to save my years of literary effort. I didn't even know the correct "computerese" terminology to express myself, but Plamena A. carefully walked me through the registration process and explained the entire procedure to me step-by-step for which I am indeed grateful!

Plamena A.: Hello Ronald

Ronald: I want to find an online service that will copy my SimpleSite 15-page blog, my Google+ site and my Facebook site onto a disc then mailed back to my physical mailing address My lack of computer literacy is why I feel unable to perform this task personally.

Review Rating
Luca Unti 20 May 16

The best hosting i found in many years of work in hundreds of webprojects

Review Rating
Richard Taylor 19 May 16

Super fast CHAT Support that got my .htaccess file changed for new software need. 5 Stars.

Review Rating
Daniela Salas 19 May 16

Very good support with well qualified attending. I am very satisfied with the changing.

Review Rating
Somone 18 May 16

Moving from an Australian web host to Singapore efficiency - 24/7 support done properly. Thank you SiteGround.

Review Rating
Rafael 17 May 16

Excellent hosting provider!

I'm running Megento-powered online store, and it works fine.

Support team is outstanding - friendly and professional. All issues I ever had were solved quickly.

My only regret is bit low setting of some php variables in shared environment, so some heavy requests from Magento backend may fail, and I have to use SSH ahell then. Other that this, I have nothing to complaint.

Thanks very much to the SiteGround team!

Review Rating
Paul 17 May 16

These people are absolutely FANTASTIC! If customer service in ALL sectors of business were to emulate the characteristics of these individual professionals; keyword: professionals, it is my believe that world would be a much better place.

Thank you, Stephen, Rebeca for providing me with a great customer experience. Siteground will forever be my go to hosting hub, once I've decided what I actually want to do. But for the meanwhile, it has been a great ride.

A plethora of cheers!


Review Rating
Evelyn 15 May 16

I love Siteground! I'm a Wordpress developer and I recommend SG to my clients. I know that if I'm working on a website that is on SG, any questions or issues I have are resolved quickly by amazing support people who are cheerful, friendly and knowledgeable.

I brag all the time that I have never waited even one minute for the chat support person to start the session after I open the window. Great job! Keep it up Siteground.

Review Rating
kevin sheerin 13 May 16

Gloria T should be made head of your support trainign departments.

Her ability to solve problems is much better than her colleagues she has found simple problems to complex issues twice that have been missed by 4/5 other members of staff.

Review Rating
Mahmoud Amer 13 May 16

Very awesome hosting providers who give awesome support and they can solve any problems in you hosting and web work

Review Rating
Michelle Hall 13 May 16

Support was awesome today. I had some difficulty with pointing my mx records over, and Svetoslav was extremely helpful to create the direction for mx records!

Review Rating
Mike H Chase 12 May 16

Best tech support. These techs know their stuff and have helped me out so many times, I have lost count. THAT IS WHY I always recommend SiteGround to my students and clients when they are considering a web host.

Review Rating
Oscar Peter 10 May 16

Fantastic support team and better services than ever!

Review Rating
Greg 10 May 16

AVOID THIS COMPANY. Their products and custom features they provide may look amazing, it may seem like you are going to be using a great host YOU ARE NOT. during a sales call we were mis-sold our VPS contract and provided false information. Upon the realisation I called them to try resolve this. Only to be told they cant help, a manager would need to look into this. However they seem to not have any managers as you cannot speak to them on the phone and the only address they will provide is a Sales@ address which they do not reply to you on anyway. Upon speaking to a girl supposedly called Elvisa she was rude and completely unhelpful, she refused to go directly to a manager, provide me a managers email address, phone number or anything in order to contact management or even their legal team about the problem. We have been with them less than 24 hours and this is THE WORST SERVER I HAVE EVER USED. Their customer support is terrible and do not care and they are the most unhelpful people ever. They claim they have no contact with the companies management or directors and refused to escalate my call to someone more senior as I try to resolve the fact that we were mis-sold our VPS contract from them

Further to this when I decided I was unhappy with Elvisa and her total lack of care or support she refused to provide me anything more than this name Elvisa (Which I doubt is her real name) as they do not provide a surname, ID number, reference number nothing at all aside from 1 name. For about 10 minutes she tried to tell me that she only had a 1st name and no other names.

The company has no complaints procedure does not escalate complaints either and thinks its ok to tell you to wait 24 hours after they have committed fraud and have provided false information which lead to the purchase of services.


Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

We want to start by apologizing for the miscommunication about the root access options discussed during your pre-sales call.

Our representative indeed has made a mistake while describing the Cloud plan features and has now been remarked by our supervisors. We have also taken measures to ensure the same mistake does not happen again.

We also want to assure you that even though management is not available on the phone, we have very strict internal procedures for escalating complaint cases. They are reviewed only by senior level people who are able to address all issues raised in such cases and apply measures to solve them.

A full refund has already been issued and should appear in your bank statement in the following days. We appreciate your feedback, we take the case very seriously and handled it with the respective priority.

Juan Jose Santos Lablanca 10 May 16

They are fantastic professionals!! their support team assisted us as quickly as possible all times, our problems resolved quickly. We are very grateful for the great team within Siteground and service

Review Rating
Corrie 8 May 16

I have only 2 words to say: Simply The Best

Review Rating
Nathan 8 May 16

Just a quick comment on the support team - I had an issue with images not displaying following a SSL cert added to the site. I spoke to Petar via Live Chat and the issue was fixed in minutes. This is the way support should be, just fantastic.

Can't recommend Siteground enough, they're reliable and the support is there when you need it.

Review Rating
Scott Johnson 8 May 16

I've rarely had to used ticket or phone support in the several years I had a site hosted at Siteground. iirc, that has been conssitently excellent.

I've found chat to be all I've needed. The chat techs have been knowledgeable and quick. Case in point, today Simona patiently answered an hours worth of my questions, taking me from novice to knowlegeable on the topics of concern.

Siteground has performed very reliably and is fast.

Review Rating
Emilcar 7 May 16

Vine a SiteGround desde un buen host porque SiteGround me ofrecía algo que mi otro host no me ofrecía: soporte específico para WordPress.

SiteGround ya demostró su capacidad haciendo la migración y hace poco vino el primer problema serio, un error que simplemente decía "¿Estás seguro de que quieres hacer eso?", el terror, un error indeterminado.

Aunque al principio no encontraron el problema, nunca dejaron de dar la cara y siempre ofrecieron soluciones, y a través de una de esas soluciones fue como encontraron y solucionaron el problema original.


Review Rating
Raphael 6 May 16

Simply amazing. I have never, in no field ever experienced such exceptional client support. Extremely competent, helpful, patient and fast! This might sound over the top, but I'm really impressed. Thanks @SiteGround

Review Rating
Natasha 5 May 16

I have been using siteground for around 8 years. Their service is incredible. They are quick to answer and very helpful. The online tools and set up of the control panel is easy to understand and use.

Keep up the great work!

Review Rating
Cassandra 5 May 16

I was kind of skeptical reading all the positive reviews and no bad ones. I decided to take the leap and move my website to SiteGround. Its been less than a month and I couldnt be happier.

Ive contacted customer services a few times. Not for any issues just questions. They were all extremely friendly and helped me with my questions.

Im in the process of moving another site to siteground. Its definitly the best site host ive used so far. I will continue to use siteground

Review Rating
rafat 2 May 16



Review Rating
Philip Knight 2 May 16

Not only do they offer great value for the money, but their service is just special. From stupid questions, to technical programming related issues, the support department always resolves the issue quickly and I am left smiling and happy that I chose them as our host.

Review Rating
Stephen Verdon 30 Apr 16

“We have Tested many Service Provider’s Platforms and I can Honestly Say that SiteGround speaks Volumes. Your Communication and Brilliant Customer Service Technicians are Bar-None as they Directly Reflect the Pride in your Company’s, Ability to Maintain an Effective and Straight-Forward Communication as well as their Enthusiasm with her approach towards providing us with an Effective Overview of the ‘Many’ Benefits included within your Truly Remarkable Services.

Not only have you Saved us a Considerable Amount of Money, but more Importantly, Time, Complete Control of our Database and a Direct Approach whereby Contacting our Valued Customers with less Downtime is a Must. We can only Wish you Continued Success and that Anyone who needs to Communicate with a Large Amount of Customers with Flawless Efficiency. You’re Definitely Miles Ahead of your Competition. Congratulations and Thank you for providing a Superlative Product. BTW: We do NOT Support Egotistical Maniac’s who KILL Elephants (aka GoDaddy).” Stephen and Carmen Verdon, Ph.D.

Review Rating
Adrian 27 Apr 16

I have had to contact them a few times about things I wanted to do, and they often took care of it for me. They also have a really fast response time. I have never had to wait more than 2 minutes to get a rep by phone or chat.

I would recommend them to anyone

Review Rating
Dan 26 Apr 16

I've been tearing my hair out the last few days trying to work on a website I was going to upload to SiteGround. I had run into a last minute problem and had not been able to get a workable solution anywhere I looked. Today I started a (lengthy) chat with Ivelin at SiteGround and any trace of anxiety has been lifted. He was patient, knowledgable and obviously had a good sense of humour. This was probably the best ever service chat. Thanks Ivelin!

Review Rating
Catriz 26 Apr 16

First time ever I looked into buying / creating my own website. I got a very professional first impression. Ivan patiently answered all my questions. Thanks a lot!

Review Rating
Kieran Moore 26 Apr 16

SiteGround's offers exactly what you need, although with the lower end plan's you don't get as much as some other hosting company's offer, The pricing and Technical Support makes up for everything else, quick to respond and always happy to help, I recommend SiteGround to every client.

Review Rating
David 25 Apr 16

The technical support team at SiteGround have been excellent. I faced a range of challenges in setting up my Magento version 2 website and theme, the team at SG offered friendly help in various ways at each step of the process. Thoroughly recommend them!

Review Rating
Eric Platt 24 Apr 16

The best host I've every used, I send my clients to them. Best support, uptime, price. Excellent WordPress support!

Review Rating
Teresa 22 Apr 16

I just used the chat support for the first time and it was great. I had a response within a few minutes and then a fix within just a few minutes more. Best support I've had from any type of service in a long time - maybe every!

Review Rating
kamruzzaman 21 Apr 16

nothing to say, just happy no need to go somewhere else.


Review Rating
Cornerstone Insurance Plc 21 Apr 16

I receive an excellent and professional service from SitGround. The greatest of all is their response time and fast resolution of any issues regarding the service. Just being happy for them.

Review Rating
Eamonn Conlin 20 Apr 16

Great help service. Fast and efficient but not rushed.

Review Rating
michele pellegrino 19 Apr 16

SiteGround Pre-setup is TOP NOTCH. I read an article about choosing hosting sites for a blog, and they were on the top 10 list. I tried 3 others via chat because I knew I'd need help moving from Blogger to WordPress. The 2 prior "chats" were pretty awful - no help whatsoever. SiteGround jumped right in and offered to do all the domain mapping RIGHT THEN AN THERE. They were patient and clear in all communication as well as super friendly. It took about 25 minutes but they successfully moved my blog to SiteGround/WordPress with almost NOT PAIN invovled. The other 2 hosting companies I contacted, did nothing but confuse me and not really answer any of my questions with clarity. Way to go SiteGround, you gave me hope for a great, profitable blog going forward.

Review Rating
Carlos Morales 19 Apr 16

Tanya´s custom service was excellent. She was really kind and patient because we had some issues with the payment and was patient with my english level (Im from Colombia). She answered me tons of questions very pleased and was very very very helpful. I must say I ended up 100% satisfied. Great job Tanya!

Review Rating
Jen 18 Apr 16

I've just entered my 2nd year with SiteGround and I'd not dream of going elsewhere. Their customer service is INCREDIBLE - seriously. 24/7 and almost immediate, and so personal. I'm not technically minded and I'd be in a very different place mentally and career wise if it wasn't for them. My sites have 100% uptime. 100%. I just cannot fault them - best company I've ever dealt with.

Review Rating
Claudio 18 Apr 16

Hi! I think Siteground is one of Best Host at the moment! It's fantastic for any kind of website!

Review Rating
Amanda Ricks 17 Apr 16

This is my first self hosting account but when I compare my experience with that of my peers and their various hosts I feel as if I made a very wise choice in hosts. The price ia actually lower than most of my friends' and the service so much more superior!

Review Rating
Benjmarc 16 Apr 16

We have been switching from host to host until we stumbled across Siteground and decided to give it a go. Although the pricing might not be super competitive compared to other more mainstream offerings, but, and this is a huge BUT, it's so so worth it. Accompanied by their legendary support team and fast customer service, we've not seen services like this before. Siteground is here to stay!

Review Rating
Graham 14 Apr 16

Needed tech help after just setting up my domain via Siteground. Was informed that there were 42 people ahead of me - within 2 minutes -> help arrived. First impressions = excellent.

Review Rating
emanuele 14 Apr 16

Really good, professional. The customer care, is ok!

Review Rating
Doug 14 Apr 16

I have been hosted by Siteground for over two years. From day one I have had nothing but the BEST possible customer service which has always been friendly, fast and knowledgeable. The Customer Service team is so good, I feel like I know them as friends. They have character and know how to express it. The company I work for shares the sames goals as Siteground... CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Review Rating
Livolo Europe 13 Apr 16

The most reliable hosting we have ever found in a period of 10 years in every single aspect.

Review Rating
jennifer 7 Apr 16

I've been using siteground since 2006 and have never looked for another hosting service since I signed up. The customer support is fantastic, the prices are good and I've never had downtime because of them. Pretty good for 10 years. When I cause a problem, their support has never failed me and always gets me back very quickly. Siteground is awesome.

Review Rating
Sean 7 Apr 16

Aside from reliable servers and features, the SiteGround support team always get the job done quickly and efficiently. Often times even going as far to do the little extras for convenience, which they are not obligated to. Great knowing you have real support when you need it.

Review Rating
sezer 5 Apr 16

Siteground is best. Miroslav and others support me everytime. Even if i make a mistake, they fix it as soon as possible.

Review Rating
Ashley 5 Apr 16

Siteground repeatedly blow me away as a hosting provider! Their support system is absolutely flawless! Customer service is probably the best I have ever come across and the cost is very fair. There are a few cheaper options out there but the support in my opinion out weighs the extra cost by miles!... If your looking for a cheap host that actually does a great job hosting and offers priceless support (even with matters that are unrelated to hosting) these are the guys to go for! Thank you siteground for hosting my site and I hope you keep up the great work!

By the way, I'm a very novice computer user and have managed to make a basic website with the help of this company and its all been easy! Every time i'm unsure of anything, a quick message using the chat system and your on your way again.

Review Rating
Cory 1 Apr 16

Ivilin was my last IT person to support me. He was great, patient, and knew his stuff. I changed from Ipage to Siteground for Wordpress Expterise, and I have not been let down. Thanks.

Review Rating
Leon Barton 31 Mar 16

You guys do a great job with service, I couldn't be happier.

Review Rating
Prem Gyani 31 Mar 16

I've been using this hosting company for 3 years and their 'Geek' service is second to none. believe me, I've tried them all over the past 20 years. Such friendly people with such a drive to deliver perfect customer service. I cannot recommend any hosting service company any higher than SiteGround.

Review Rating
David 30 Mar 16

In under 24 hours I had the first of 2 sites transferred to siteground. They took care of the transfer and got everything up and running, which I was able to confirm before changing the nameservers. Their support is utterly amazing. Very quick, very competent, always there and helped me with all sorts of issues that most web hosts won't deal with. Their pricing is saving me hundreds every year. Turn around time on support tickets is minutes, not hours or days.

They have a huge number of features available, very good pricing, and the people are great! I have been living in the dark ages for years with my previous host.

Review Rating
Eran Zeira 29 Mar 16

For sure the beat support you'll ever get for a hosting company and for any company.

I love to work with siteground.

Review Rating
Kristen 28 Mar 16

I have been with this host for over 5 years now and they are always there to help or to teach me by giving me resources. I also find my self asking them questions that after I realize the issue has nothing to do on their end and they are helping me with the issue, explaining it to me or giving me resources to lead me in the right direction. They have never left me out in the cold. Thanks Siteground!

Review Rating
Ken Shea 26 Mar 16

Have been in the On-Line business for over 15 years, consequently have had experience with numerous hosting providers.

When your livelihood depends on your hosting provider these areas become critical.

1) Timely and experienced support.

2) Reliable up-time.

SiteGround excels in these areas, to date I am exceedingly pleased with their performance as a hosting provider.

Review Rating
Graham Getty 26 Mar 16

Look, I realize if you haven't committed to a hosting provider, you might suspicious of such glowing reviews, but Siteground truly is that good. If you are even the LEAST BIT technically savvy, I promise Siteground will be a dream come true - fast, reliable, great customer service - nearly instantly available via chat. So good. I almost don't believe it myself.

Review Rating
murugajothii 25 Mar 16

amazing support i love them.ll of them very super good

Review Rating
Josh 24 Mar 16

I've moved through multiple hosts including GoDaddy, Bluehost & Arvixe and was never truly satisfied until finally landing on Siteground. Having been with them for over a year now, I can honestly say that the biggest draw is their incredible support.

They're not the cheapest, but that's easy to look past when you have a reliable network, professional tools and again, perhaps the best support I've ever experienced from a hosting company. Generally when I have an issue, it's fixed within minutes with Siteground's support.

Best hosting company currently in my books!

Review Rating
Jasmine Robinson 24 Mar 16

Fantastic Host! My first host for my very first website, very happy with them. Being a beginner in all this website 'stuff', after reading through tons of reviews for many different hosts, I was hesitant about what to expect and wanted to find a host that was reliable. Siteground's online support team are fast, reliable, helpful, polite and have been able to assist me with every query I have had. Getting started was easy, the layout of the site is user friendly and there are many more great features and options (for the professionals i presume) that I don't actually need (or know how to use), because technical support are always there :) Would highly recommend Siteground to everyone. Jasmine Robinson, 26, Essex

Review Rating
Nancy 23 Mar 16

INCREDIBLE, FAST support every time for this rookie wanna-be blogger. Good pricing. Great tutorials.

Review Rating
Kevin Jones 22 Mar 16

Service time and outcomes OUTSTANDING. Makes it hard for the competition in my experience. Keep it up SiteGround. You are my host recommendation #1

Review Rating
Al3abMizo Games 22 Mar 16

I just tried SiteGround today by choosing my "Enterprise Cloud Hosting" i hope it satisfy my needs and won't regret the move step :)

Review Rating
Shannon Polok 22 Mar 16

I have already raved about these guys, but again they are miles ahead of anyone else.

I had 3 domain names wiht Crazy Domain, and they were all set to not auto renew, but again this year despite that setting the renewed it and even added a extra charges for certificate that was for expired site.

After a number of days of emails they would not refund the reuewal claiming that they have already purchased it from their suppiler.

Spoke to Siteground and they can tranfer and migrate it and even sent a how to video on the exact method and tip all in less than a few mins by live chat that was answered in about 20seconds. Now that is service... definetly worth the $3 extra a year to get service like that and avoid the frustration of overstretched web hosting and domain sales!

Review Rating
Aasiyah 17 Mar 16

SiteGround is the most amazing Web Host I have used. They go the extra mile for their clients and their support is top notch! Super :)

Review Rating
Jeffrey M 16 Mar 16

Got no complaints! Everything is perfect.

Review Rating
ADAM Cie 15 Mar 16

The best thing's it happens to me was to purchase 4 website with no kind of problem.

Site ground should be recognise as the best hosting company in yet !

Many thank's for the staff. Every thing was clear at first and at the end. Nothing more.

I really really appreciate this.

I hardly recommend this company.


Review Rating
Vedad 15 Mar 16

So far the best service for middle range hosting.

Customer support very personable ,pleasant and efficient.

Review Rating
James Evans 14 Mar 16

New to WP so had a learning curve. Sitegrounds various support replied to every question 24/7 within a short time of ticket being published. All I can say is if you're a newbie who needs a little extra assistance, these guys rocked it compared to my previous hosting place. All thumbs up for all the support crew!!

Review Rating
Andrew Williams 10 Mar 16

Have been using Siteground for around 3 years and it's been great with very minor issues. We have used several other hosting services, like Bluehost and Fatcow, and have not had positive experiences with either of those companies. Highly recommend Siteground.

Review Rating
Bob Harshman 10 Mar 16

Every time I need support, the reps are awesome.

I recommend SiteGround completely!

It just works, it's priced right, and customer support has been top-notch.

Review Rating
Matt Hanna 8 Mar 16

Support is extremely fast, friendly and knowledgeable compared to my old provider. Haven't been with SiteGround very long but extremely impressed. - Matt Hanna, SignArt, Inc.

Review Rating
Ashley 7 Mar 16

I first joined Siteground about 2 years ago after looking to upgrade to a new web hosting company. At first, their customer service was friendly, amazing, and responded quickly. Over time, once they had me lured in, I learned the truth about them. First of all, they are "upgrade happy" - meaning, rather than trying to make suggestions and help you with an issue first, they immediately want to recommend you upgrade. I made did twice with them in less than a year! Of course, they prey on those not as familiar with such a thing to "sucker" into their upgrades that they may or may not need.

Flash forward to September of 2015 I hired a web developer/programmer to go in and clean up the code of my web site. Well, that's then I discovered just how bad things were from Siteground "helping". I should have known that when you get different answers from different techs it wouldn't be good, but again, I didn't know better and just went with the flow. Since I was pleased with my developers service I went forward with a full site re-design and upgrade which meant also moving to a better and more reliable webhost. My design was a complex one that took months and during the process there were issues with my server on Siteground where the developers would try and work with them to fix the issue. Siteground seriously lacked in response. They will respond within the first 15 minutes, but the next response could be hours or even days later. It's during this time that I discovered Siteground had LIED to me to get me to sign up. I knew the questions to ask when I joined, including about refunds and things of that nature. I was promised the same 30-day refund if I was not happy. Unfortunately, they did NOT mention that my account would not qualify because I joined with the Cloud account - which is not covered in this deal. Also, they never mentioned that they CHARGE YOU $25 if you were to cancel in that 30-day period.

I've experienced a LOT of down time from Siteground during my time with them and each time they claimed it wasn't their fault, yet I have SCREEN SHOTS showing when THEIR site showed THEY are having issues with the SERVER. Somehow that would always get twisted into something that was my fault though according to their techs.I've also experienced being lied to further when tickets were supposedly forwarded to a supervisor, but it literally took HOURS to do so. It shows when a ticket is in progress or has been forwarded. Basically, Siteground just delays and never fixes things like they claim.

Fast forward to more recently. Once I moved over to my new web hosting company, my web developer requested a backup of my database from Siteground. Siteground seems to think they did us a favor by providing this for free, but it literally took them DAYS to get this completed and probably would have been longer if not for me opening a new ticket to check in on them. Here's the real problem though, they provided INCOMPLETE backups as well as CORRUPTED ones. Siteground denies this, but my web developer PROVED to them where he even saw in the coding that the backup was incomplete. Siteground is STILL denying this and basically called my developer a liar. They are also claiming that THEY cleaned up my database coding multiple times. Unfortunately that is NOT true. Siteground did NOTHING of the sort. My programmer, which I paid to do, had to clean up all the coding and basically said it was a nightmare in so many words because of how bad off it was. So if Siteground did "clean up the coding" they must have had someone in there who knew NOTHING. The fact that Siteground has the nerve to LIE really bothers me. If they provided me corrupted backups, then I'm really concerned about times in the past I had them restore my site - did they honestly only make it worse because they're incompetent to even send a completed backup? Before anybody asks why I did not do a backup on my own, Siteground has the backup button DISABLED. That's right. It's turned OFF so you cannot do your own backup and have to PAY them $50 to do it! This is something they do not tell you up front either. You have to dig around to figure it out. Every little thing requires money. Siteground is over priced and has techs with no skills or knowledge.

The point of my rant though is I want to be refunded for all my down time, since I was promised to be online 99.9% of the time and I wasn't. I want to be compensated for all their lies. I want to be compensated for the money that I had to pay extra to my web developer due to Siteground's lack of responding. I mean, my developer did try to talk by phone to them, but they would only allow him to submit a ticket and not deal with him any other way. Same goes with me. Everything had to be done by ticket. Yet for signing up they would talk on the phone for as long as you needed. This hosting company is junk. They are disrespectful. They are dishonest. They are the perfect example of a scammer who wants to cheat people out of hard earned money.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

We are sorry that the customer feels this way. As our team informed them already in a ticket from September 2015, the data base (1.2 GB in size) of the website was too big for the selected Cloud plan; in addition to that, the website had 60 plugins installed and issues with the code, which also affected negatively the performance of the site. Since the customer's website was using more resources than the ones allocated to the used plan, our team provided information about the possible solutions, which indeed included an upgrade to a higher plan with more resources or seeking the help of a professional web developer, not offered by us as a service.

In regard to the backup request of the customer:

We certainly did not disable the backup functionality - the reason why the customer was not able to get a backup is that it was large in size and the server did not have enough free disk space to hold the backup restore data.

In regards to the accusations that we have lied to the customer about our refund policy:

According to our records, the 30 day money back guarantee was not discussed during the initial call. What was discussed, was the fact that the website had optimization issues already with the previous web host, and that our company does not offer web developer services.

What is more, refund is usually available for new shared hosting accounts only, and not for Cloud, nor for renewal payments. Since the Cloud account was purchased already in 2014 and renewed 3 times since then, a refund as per our 30 day money back guarantee coundn't have been issued.

During the entire time the customer was with us, our representatives have assisted with much more than what's actually included in our hosting service scope, and provided multiple services for free, although they were time consuming and complex, and required involvement of web administrators. Since the issue was not caused by our support specialist neither by our server setup, we cannot provide the refund requested.

Wills 7 Mar 16

Brilliant they really want to help when you contact them and understand your issue. I came from another very well known host which was appalling and am so glad I found Siteground as a replacement. I cannot praise the support highly enough, they do not assume you are Tech Savvy and take the time to explain without being patronising. Well Done highly recommended

Review Rating
Jen Chang 6 Mar 16

Really amazing, super satisfied with the service :)

Review Rating
Kotia 5 Mar 16

just excellent

Review Rating
nikita 3 Mar 16

I moved away from HostGator VPS Level3 to the GoGeek Package, and comparing between the two, I like SiteGround better!

The most amazing thing is that there is NO wait time for the support... and the support actually takes care of things unlike HG.

Also they got you covered against hacker attacks, which was the main reason I switched. when my sites on HG got hacked, they refused to even scan for malware, whereas here they took my files, cleaned them up uploaded them and gave me a fresh start?! I mean WOAH!!!

These guys are the real deal!

Review Rating
Daver 3 Mar 16

Loved how responsive and how forthright the online chat guys are. Email outbound not extensively tested but delivery seems solid so it seems they keep their email relay servers clean.

Two gotchas for us, that obviously do not trouble most others, are lack of gcc/g++ and restrictions on MySQL naming (which impacts transition from one host to another)

Review Rating
Kam Victory 3 Mar 16

This is my first day with the host company. Cesar provided amazing, exceptional service. I am grateful.

Review Rating
Neil Rawlinson 2 Mar 16

Forget the rest, these guys rock!

Not the cheapest on offer but you have to ask yourself how important support and services for these kind of things are to you?

Keep up the great work :-)

Review Rating
Mark Dunne 28 Feb 16

A great service. I've had faultless support from the team at Siteground when I've run into difficulties. Would highly recommend!

Review Rating
Jorge Lopez 25 Feb 16

Great support and willingness to assist students taking intro to CMS courses. Thank you for all your work.

Review Rating
tony lepera 22 Feb 16

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Miroslav at siteground support. He is extremely patient and very well trained. Always an excellent experience with Siteground

Review Rating
Stephanie 21 Feb 16

Yes it's a bit pricey, but the support you receive always helps you solve the issues IF they can on their side. They might suffer from the robotic feeling support, but occasionally there is a great member that reminds me why I love this place. I host 3 different websites through them and have done so for along time. Wonderful service and product all around.

Review Rating
Jim L 18 Feb 16

In the beginning we had a few bumps, but recently SiteGround has proven itself to be the right choice for my site. I run a Ballistics eCommerce site and the support team has been a very important part in getting the site up and running like it should. After going through 5 other hosting companies, SiteGround is the permanent home for my site!

Review Rating
Grant 13 Feb 16

I've been using Siteground for a number of years now and they have proved to be incredibly reliable. Their support team are really great if you ever have any questions or need help. A very happy customer!

Review Rating
Renalyn 10 Feb 16

Great service from nikolay p. Keep up the good work!

Review Rating
Asaf Kuller 10 Feb 16

Technicly there where ok.

Support was good

Sales where awaful allways pushind services I did not needed.

Price went very high after first year.

All these sales dirty trick made me leave this hosting.

Review Rating
Katrien Debrier 10 Feb 16

Fantastic Service. Live chat is always available and if they can't solve it then they submit a ticket to the technical support service. They even solved a problem that was not a server issue but just a wrong setting in our wp backend . Very happy !

Review Rating
Ronnie 7 Feb 16

Awesome service. If you're looking for a reliable hosting company that provides excellent support, then choose SiteGround. I am extremely happy with their services.

Review Rating
Alfredo 5 Feb 16

It's reassuring to have SiteGround's support team available and responsive to any issue I've had-including a fatal error on a theme install. They've got your back-with backups readily accessible and helpful guidance in chat sessions.


Review Rating
Shah 3 Feb 16

The most amazing part of siteground is their outstanding customer support. They help me on each and everything i ask although many of them were not relevant to them. I can't imagine to work with any hosting company other than siteground. Simply amazing!

Review Rating
Katie 1 Feb 16

I was really happy with the help I got from support. It was just what I needed. Dessy P did an excellent job.

The price for SiteGround is very reasonable, especially including domain services. I am happy with the reliability and ease of use.

Review Rating
Julie Wilson 30 Jan 16

I've used many hosting companies over the years and Siteground was recommended to me about 9 months ago. so glad I decided to purchase hosting from them. Definitely 10 out of 10 from me, especially with the fast and efficient support

Review Rating
Warsaw Chapter 26 Jan 16

Great and fast support resolving sll problems if possible !

Review Rating
Handytechplus 25 Jan 16

I love to use the hosting of Siteground. although the price is quite expensive compared to others, but I am still proud. all the problems I had resolved quickly, especially through chat facility. I use hosting GoGeek Plan, so it will get quick response to any problems.

Review Rating
Owais Bhat 24 Jan 16

The best part about siteground is their Support team.

Review Rating
David 23 Jan 16

Highly recommended host Siteground with their Supercacher support, really respectable services.

Review Rating
Paolo Bardon 23 Jan 16

Hello my name's Paolo, i'm the owner of 3 blogs hosted at siteground. In Italy there isn't a good hosting service for wordpress, so I decided to go with Siteground, that is very fast, always uptime, tech problem solving by its team.

I appreciate so much Siteground.

Review Rating
Peter V 23 Jan 16

Miroslav was perfect with his communication and answering all of my pre-sale questions. He has a perfect balance of tech knowledge combined with knowing how to up-sell but also making sure the customer purchases what they need. .... He earned Siteground a new client (hopefully for a long time) that has hosting all over the place and dealt with most of the providers out there from amazon, rackspace , to the smaller once like arvixe (I have used almost every hosting company in the past 20 years and seen many come and go. Having great staff like Miroslav will keep siteground around for years to come. I may just have to recruit him myself to come out to California to work on some start-ups, thank you again. Peter V.

Review Rating
Jonathan SAYEB 17 Jan 16

Big thumbs up for Nikolay and his patience. He has been super helpful. Please keep up the good work and especially your excellent support!

Review Rating
Mina 14 Jan 16

I just love this company! Their support team is truly second to none. I can't fault their services. A very well organised and thought out business operations which makes for a very effective service to its customers.

Keep up the good work! :)

Review Rating
Acacia 11 Jan 16

Really liked them, just ended up no longer needing the service.

Services were great and support was always helpful. A load of useful features

Beware of a cancellation fee if you don't catch your auto renewal early (It's pretty low tho, like $25 US).

Review Rating
Stuart 9 Jan 16

It's 23.45 on a Saturday night. Half an hour ago I ran into a major issue with some 3rd party e-commerce software for a job which has to be finished by mid week.

Half an hour later, problem solved. Site ground support looked into the issue and resolved it, as they always do, quickly and efficiently.

Their up-time is excellent, their C panel gives me everything I need and more and their pricing is fantastic value for money.

The best company I have ever dealt with, in any field of business.

Review Rating
Jay 9 Jan 16

I have been using close to 100 IT services for the last 20 years(including two other server hosting companies, a few email services, and etc) and I personally think siteground is among the few best in terms of Customer Support as well as reliability. I would highly recommend Siteground to any web hosting starters

Review Rating
Bruno Alecrim 9 Jan 16



Review Rating
Kevin 6 Jan 16

I cannot say enough good things about the support at Siteground. I am quickly connected with Live Chat whenever I need it and they have never failed to resolve any issue I have smoothly. I am very happy with our decision to host with them.

Review Rating
Kristen 6 Jan 16

Siteground has been a great support behind my website that I do not even think about. That is good service - when it is invisible. I had a problem with my site - contacted support and within a few minutes - things were rolling - through no fault of theirs. I appreciate good and competent assistance!

Review Rating
Alessandro Vellutini 4 Jan 16

Siteground is the best hosting company with an awesome support service. I’ve GoGeek plan. 5 stars for me.

Review Rating
Francisco Galdamez 3 Jan 16

This company is great. The tech support Excelent!!!!

Review Rating
Casey 2 Jan 16

As far as reliability, features, and pricing go they are a little bit above average. However, in terms of support is concerned I find siteground to be the best support I've encountered for hosting services. I previously used dreamhost, which has an okay support system; however, siteground has been truly excellent. They are prompt, courteous and have continuously gone the extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly. Definitely recommended.

Review Rating
Russell Smith 31 Dec 15

The best thing about site ground is the customer service. It's second to none. Each time I jump on a live chat to set up a new hosting they install WP and set up my FTP access right there in the call. No hassles, and amazing responsiveness. Very happy.

Review Rating
Jim 29 Dec 15

I have tried Media Temple, Dreamhost and several others. I can honestly say that the people at Siteground know their stuff when it comes to supporting your site needs!

Review Rating
Jannet Remigio 23 Dec 15

Christian Nica with SiteGround offered fantastic service in our conversation, which helped me to get my WIX domain transferred to SiteGround. Thanks, Christian!

Review Rating
Flora 23 Dec 15

SiteGround support is so fast and so helpful. I am very glad I switched to them.

Review Rating
Debbie Geng 22 Dec 15

Exceptional fast response for support issues. Got me back up and running in the blink of an eye. Tech Stamen was very cordial.

Review Rating
Ramon Misfeldt 22 Dec 15

I am happily writing here about SG's super heroes. They have very fast in response. Such a good services. Server are very good fast and perfect.I will suggest to my friend and every bodies for this hosting, especially for WordPress hosted site owners.

Review Rating
verleshwar singh 22 Dec 15

World class customer service!

Review Rating
Kerri Mackenzie 18 Dec 15

Had to contact support with a billing question – Dobromir was the operator who helped me, he made it easy and his response with fast. I really appreciate professionalism like this... thank you!

Review Rating
Big Picture 13 Dec 15

I give


for all services offered.

I am disabled newbee novice webmaster.

They have made the impossible, possible

and fun!

Review Rating
I Jones 13 Dec 15

I've been with SiteGround for almost two years now, and I can honestly say that they're simply the best host I've come across. Chose them because of reviews which highly rated their customer service in particular, and I can confirm it is truly excellent. Friendly, helpful, no newbie question too daft or too small. It's not a managed account, but it's certainly the next best thing. Any issues, I simply get on the chat, and I'm most often sorted within minutes. I've not noticed any downtime, and the sites loaded quickly, email works fine, etc. etc. This is a genuine review, from a genuinely very happy customer. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Review Rating
Brian 13 Dec 15

Being new to working with a host, I cannot comment on all the aspects of the service; however, my experience with the Service Desk today was exceptional. I work in IT support and rarely find good support from companies. Saturday afternoon, support within minutes, answer questions needed AND fixed the issue for me to ensure it was completed right away. Thanks!

Review Rating
Jake 11 Dec 15

Wow, what a change after bluehost. With bluehost the tech support doesn't even listen to you. I ask them how to transfer a domain to my host they tell me how to open ftp accounts. After terrible service Siteground is like Heaven. Support is great. people are great. Speed is so much faster than bluehost.

Review Rating
Wong 10 Dec 15

I am new to SiteGround. My website transfer has done within 5 hours, after that I just need to change my name servers and wait them to take effect. A lot of work and time saved for me.

Everything is fine so far and I hope they can help me to keep this on.

Review Rating
Gaz 9 Dec 15

Excellent support will looks forward to taking from pre-sales now into a full Gheeko plan! Thanks far superior from current hosts Dollarwp who keep going down and are slow.

Review Rating
neil mcmahon 7 Dec 15

just used the support for an issue and i have to say really good and prompt help. my issue was dealt with straight away and is getting resolved right now! thanks guys.

Review Rating
Jean 2 Dec 15

Used Siteground successfully for ablout 12 years- always excellent. BUT got seduced by ads for FastComet and swithched to them - BIG MISTAKE! Their support and their tecchies are nowhere near as efficient nor as fast as good old trusty Siteground- so I am happily back with SiteGround, which has to be THE #1 host!!

Review Rating
AKINFENWA Sunday Akindele 28 Nov 15

I wanted to transfer a 2 years old domain name which I just bought through Godaddy about a week ago after being auctioned but I didn't know how to go about the transfer. I wanted to chat with Godaddy customer support to get instant information on the steps to take but Godaddy's live chat support was offline. I felt so disappointed.

I decided to take my issue to Siteground where I actually wanted to transfer my new domain to mainly because I am 100% sure that Siteground's live chat support is always online. I initiated a chat for Technical Assistance and a female representative of Siteground attended to me and gave me all the necessary information concerning the transfer I wanted to make and also told me what I need to do while waiting for at least 60 days as required of a new domain. The time I spent to let her know what I wanted to do and the time she spent to give me all the necessary details was around 5 minutes.

It was not my first experience as far as Siteground's speedy responses and 24/7 live chat support is concerned. I am always 100% sure that I will get someone to address my issue whenever I have any issue with the services rendering to me by Siteground. I am one of the Siteground's happiest and satisfied customers in Nigeria.

Review Rating
Darrell 28 Nov 15

Dimitar (spelling may be wrong) just showed me how to change my WordPress admin password from the WordPress Toolkit feature in C Panel. Exactly what i was looking / hoping for. Thanks guys. Great add-on feature.

Review Rating
Alessandro D. 26 Nov 15

Basic plans are expensive, and with very limited resources; the bad practice to autorenew plans without customer's explicit consent and with penalty charge of about 27€ to be refunded before natural ending of contract is almost a symptom of bad customer care practice. At the end be aware if you're using their hosting with Wordpress and professional ENVATO themes: most of them doesn't correctly install and work (this is due to lack of resources assigned and really available to users and CPanel misconfiguration by the IT team. Very low quality, for me.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello Alessandro D.

Our web hosting services are set to auto-renew as explained in our TOS, in order to prevent downtime for the customer and possible loss of business. In addition to the detailed information in our terms section, we send out several reminders in advance which ensures that the customer has enough time to decide whether they want to keep their website or not. If we do not receive a cancellation request, the account is renewed. Cancellation fee may apply if the renewed services include 3rd party products that are non-refundable for us as well, and if manual work was required by our team.

As for the resources allocated to each account - since shared hosting accounts are hosted on a server together with other accounts, each one can use only specific amount of resources. This ensures that all websites can function properly. All limitations are listed on our sales pages and in our TOS.

John 23 Nov 15

I set up a hosting account with Siteground based on a strong reoommendation for not only the hosting reliability but also for the customer support. At this stage my site is not live, so can't comment on that, but the set up support has been poor, primarily because no one has bothered to fully understand the complexities of my situation, and have provided generic answers that have either been plain wrong, lead me down the wrong path, were incomplete or inadequate. This has cost me a lot of time, and their staff a lot of time. One decent tech support person paying attention to the big picture would have saved a lot of frustration and helped ease the pain and downtime of changing domains, websites and email accounts over.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello John, we are sorry to hear about your experience. If you share your domain name, we will be able to investigate your situation in details and try to assist in finding a solution. Regards!

terri lee cooper 21 Nov 15

The support I received in the initial set up was above and beyond what I have received with any other host.

I am really impressed with Siteground and highly recommend them.

Review Rating
Pet Pad 19 Nov 15

These guys are the bees knees. Super fast response, usually within minutes. Super fast services with all the latest software. I'll never try another host again.

Review Rating
Brian Boyce 17 Nov 15

I have used Siteground now for several sites. Originally for a small charity and then moved our business sites over to their hosting because of how impressed I have been with them as a company. Their support and the knowledge and attitude of every one of the support team I have ever dealt with has been exceptional in every case. I highly recommend them


Review Rating
Christopher Schultz 17 Nov 15

The best customer service with a website host I've ever had or heard of. I'm constantly bugging them via Live Chat and they answer all of my questions in a way that I can actually understand. Other hosts I've had have been very confusing to talk to, or just unknowledgeable.

The only downside is the price. If you don't know a lot about managing your own server, the price becomes worth it due to their high level of customer support. I could see the price not being worth it to folks with system admin knowledge.

Review Rating
Barbara Errickson 11 Nov 15

With our GoGeek service the SiteGround Support team is amazingly responsive. I get courteous, helpful, accurate responses asap every time and have been able to fix each challenge!

Review Rating
Iakovos Frountas 9 Nov 15

I am trusting SiteGround the last 3 years. They really have 99,9% uptime on their servers and their support is more than excellent. They solved me all my issues around 5-10 minutes. If you need a fast and secure hosting provider then SiteGround should be your choice!

Review Rating
Rashad Pharaon 8 Nov 15

I've had numerous issues with hosts and SiteGround was referred to me by my web designer. I am thoroughly pleased with their customer service and reliability. Pricing seems to be comparable to competition, but the service sets SiteGround WAY apart from the rest.

When you're having an issue at 3am and need some help, they always have someone readily available to help you within less than a minute. I've had to wait far longer with other hosts. They also resolve tickets within an hour--at least, that's been my experience so far.

SiteGround is in a class of their own.

Review Rating
Antonio Nesic 7 Nov 15

We used to have a lot of different hosting companies we used priort to SiteGround. SiteGround might be a tiny bit more expensive than its competition, but it is worth every dollar you pay. Server uptime is 99.9 to 100%. FTP access with no hiccups, and awesome WAF system in place. Their support system answers tickets and chats within minutes, and so many positive reviews can't leave a bad impression I think. 5 stars from me

Review Rating
Sofia 7 Nov 15

This is my third host company for my website which I have had for about 10 years. So far this is the best place I have used! Tech service are brilliant and courteous. Everything is made convenient and if you need help they are there in a flash. Hands down the best I've used!

Review Rating
Oliver Chibwe 3 Nov 15

Thank you team for ALL the support every time all the time.

Review Rating
Peg Figore 29 Oct 15

I am a web designer and have had only positive results with Site Ground which has resulted in happy customers and my recommending them as a host to many companies/clients.

They are very knowledgeable, quick to respond to issues and questions and are so pleasant and thorough in explaining the steps needed to complete tasks. They follow-up to ensure that your needs have been met.

My sites are always up and running and I have migrated sites to their hosting and will continue to use Site Ground.

Thank you Site Ground!

Review Rating
Lars Steen 28 Oct 15

I have had many host. This is by far the best in every way.

Review Rating
Raffaella 27 Oct 15

Very good hosting service and fantastic support!

Review Rating
Jane Barnes 27 Oct 15

I love using Site Ground Hosting. The support is so fast and efficient. Really top hosting.

Review Rating
Collin 26 Oct 15

Customer support is uber responsive, and super friendly. I'm absolutely amazed at how much so..

The tier 2 support tickets are usually responded to almost as fast as a typical chat session.. crazy fast. crazy surprised.

As for reliability.. well that's my fault really.. I exceeded their geek level shared hosting account with only 3 sites... but hey, you can't blame a guy for trying... lol.

the long and the short of it is this.. If you have a site that needs highly tuned hosting, and you like to be pleasantly surprised when you need support (even when it is your fault) then.. siteground.

that said, if you have uber high traffic sites... maybe only one site per account.. or get a bigger account.. cheers. ;-)

Review Rating
Jack Dye 24 Oct 15

I am very surprised that anybody can give Siteground a bad review. Their support is excellent and speedy and frankly I am very suspicious of anybody who says otherwise. Keep up the good work!

Review Rating
Carol Ann Quibell 23 Oct 15

I use their customer service periodically and have always found them to be extremely helpful. They always seem to be able to fix my mistakes with good humour.

Review Rating
Alison Kellogg 20 Oct 15

Careful when using this host. When my trial was up they charged me for 1 full year up front without my consent. I had to spend over half an hour trying to get the customer support agent to process my cancellation and refund. He kept trying to get me to stay by adjusting their terms. I finally got rude and said stop trying to hard sell me and give me my money back. I was exasperated as he was the second agent I tried to work with. The first was so slow to respond, even when I asked if she was still there, so I escalated it. I'm switching hosting services. I don't appreciate their billing surprises, nor their wasting my time trying to convince me it was okay to charge me for a year up front "because all the hosts do this". It's a bold faced lie, as I'm a dev and have several hosting accounts, and none of them do this. My advice is to save yourself the hassle and pick someone else.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello Alison, we always send out several early reminders regarding the upcoming renewal. Since we haven't received from you a cancellation request for the service, as per our TOS it has been renewed in order to ensure the uninterrupted uptime of your website (a standard practice in the entire web hosting industry). Although as per our terms renewal fees are non-refundable, we are willing to work with out clients and find a suitable solution for them. In your case we have issued a refund for your account - it should appear on you bank statement in up to 10 business days. Regards!

Nicholas Loudermilk 17 Oct 15

SiteGround's support team and speedy hosting is the best ever!

Review Rating
Jongbin Lee 15 Oct 15

It's been the best all the time! No grits whatsoever for my 10 year of royalty. Thank you!

Review Rating
Jacobo 9 Oct 15

Tengo una tienda con Joomla! y VM que me he traido de otro proveedor.

Y de momento, servicio impecable, y con mucha diferencia el mejor soporte con el que he tratado en años. Realmente muy satisfecho.

Review Rating
Trond 9 Oct 15

Siteground is without any doubts the best webhosting company I have ever had. Their services and personal interests in what they are doing is outstanding!

A 7 on the dice...)

Review Rating
Deepak Mehta 8 Oct 15

Great support. Prompt Chat response.

Review Rating
Luce 8 Oct 15

Friendly and thorough sales and support. For a beginner like me, I could not have wished for better. A special thank you to S.S in sales for his patience and time. A great start to what I am sure will be a long and fruitful partnership.

Review Rating
Erin 7 Oct 15

Awesome support and really easy to work with! Love it!!!

Review Rating
Robin Pedersen 6 Oct 15

Tried alot of hosting partners, this is my favorite off all!

Review Rating
Steven Salim 4 Oct 15

Apart from cost, I love SiteGround's support and time to response. Fantastic!

Review Rating
upfashiony 4 Oct 15

its reliable from other, supportive and collaborate.simple its admirable

Review Rating
L Mou 3 Oct 15

Very satisfied.

Review Rating
Fred Koh 29 Sep 15

Excellent Technical and Customer Service! Can't find any better rate than this!

Review Rating
Alicia Fritz Herman 29 Sep 15

I just registered with SiteGround yesterday and the setting of a new site is not complicated. The customer service is totally outstanding. Hristina is very helpful, so do Deasy from technical support. It's great to find some geeks behind the something you're very new known about. Outstanding!

Review Rating
Emilia 25 Sep 15

Bozhida on chat support is the best ! really i am amazed by thes upport you guys give! thank u so much for your help! WOW


Review Rating
Steve 24 Sep 15

I switched from another popular host in June 2015. It's not end of September 2015 and I'm very happy with the service. The response time for support is excellent, the quality of service is great and even things like their wordpress installer is far more secure and simplified than my previous host. I'm glad I made the switch and hope that Site Ground maintains this level of service. My previous host was good but their service degraded after a few years (they got too big).

Review Rating
Colin Matheson 22 Sep 15

I really appreciate their personalized support. I have always been able to get help quickly whenever I have a question. Their team tried to convince me to stay with a higher level of service than I thought I needed. I didn't listen and downgraded. I then realized my site needed the features of the GrowBig service and was able to add those features back quickly with almost no disruption in service. So in short they tried to protect me from myself and then helped me when I realized my mistake :) Been with them happily for years.

Review Rating
Rod Warrix 21 Sep 15

I liked Siteground from the start. They easily transfered my hacked website with in hours and secured it. I've been with Siteground for four years now and still great unbeatable service. Easy to use, easy and great support. Site has been secure ever since no problems. I now have GoGeeks service and it's great! Lots included and for a person like me lots of room to grow. Try them out be amazed with how fast things are and additional features to help ease the management and running of a website or four or five. No down time ever. No hassles to deal with just the best!

Review Rating
Thaon 21 Sep 15

Hi all guys , my name is Thaon and starting from a few mounths ago I chosed Siteground to host my blog.

All I can say untill now about Siteground hosting is 100% uptime, fast and good support by the team and last but not least they are hearty .

Hoping their services will keep good levels even for the future , I recommend it to those who are seeking a good hosting for Wordpress platform.

Review Rating
Charles 19 Sep 15

Most Siteground techs are excellent but Georgi Vichev has a very condescending and pseudo-insulting approach to customer relations, I hope I never have to deal with that guy again.

Review Rating
Sarah 16 Sep 15

New to this whole process and I gotta say siteground's customer service is fantastic. I'm blown away by their team of support behind the scenes. They answer all the little nitty-gritty things - that I'm not even sure what I'm asking the question correctly, but they 'get it'! Top notch!

Review Rating
Kathy 16 Sep 15

Your chat support is excellent. Paco was incredibly patient with me and spent almost an hour helping me configure my email. Cheers to him and all your staff!

Review Rating
Sarah 15 Sep 15

Possibly the best ever customer service. Real people, real time, real results. Very pleased with the smooth communication and prompt replies. I'm looking forward to my new relationship with them! PERFECTION!

Review Rating
Megan Fisher 14 Sep 15

I love their customer support. Very helpful, quick to respond and easy to understand their instructions. Their cPanel is great and easy to use for those of us who are more on the design/art side of web development.

Review Rating
Ricardo Gerochi 14 Sep 15

To: Todor’s Manager

I have a problem logging in to my newly built website ( hosted by SiteGround. I was just chatting with Todor who handled it quickly in just a couple of minutes. He is good and the next time I have a problem, I am requesting that he handle it again if possible.

Just to let you know…..


Ricardo Gerochi

Review Rating
Tony Woodall 14 Sep 15

Siteground has never had a problem with my site. Today it had an error connecting to the database. The Support team responded to my ticket and had the problem resolved before I got back from my walking my dog around the block.

Thanks SiteGround

Review Rating
Tuomas Mäkinen 11 Sep 15

Absolutely great customer support service! Best experience ever and fastest resolution for issue I had.

Review Rating
Marcus J Wilson 11 Sep 15

We have been working with Siteground for nearly three years, and have 30+ WordPress sites hosted with them currently. We have always found the service to be very reliable. They offer a range of packages to suit different budget and requirements. And the support is superb.

Review Rating
GadgetByte Nepal 11 Sep 15

Very Much satisfied. I ask them from help and they are even ready to teach you that they did to solve the problem.

Review Rating
Ed 10 Sep 15

The pricing and features are outstanding but it is the support that exceeds all others! I wear these guys out with all my questions and anytime any day, day or night, when I submit an online ticket these guys are back in minutes with good answers to my problems and in may cases they fix it themselves. IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN SITEGROUND !

Review Rating
Ahmad Abrar 8 Sep 15

I love siteground they give best top notch support. highly recommended

Review Rating
Patrick Richardson 4 Sep 15

I just signed up for a shared hosting account and I must say that SiteGround is truly superb--especially their technical support, which I just learned is available 24/7. Konstatin just took care of my technical question and immediately resolved my issue right in our chat session. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial hosting relationship with them.

Review Rating
David Kogan 3 Sep 15

SiteGround has the best customer support I have ever had.

Review Rating
imran suýed 2 Sep 15

their support team is the best...!!!

Review Rating
Chuck 31 Aug 15

The support team is the best! They chat almost instantly and work hard to resolve issues. Highly recommend!

Review Rating
Pete 30 Aug 15

Kate helped me with everything, fantastic quick knowledgeable customer support as always 5*****

Review Rating
Andrew Hamilton 26 Aug 15

SiteGround has provided impeccable service, the site is always up and anytime I've had questions or concerns their support team has been very responsive and helpful... all at a very reasonable price. I have yet to have a bad experience. Keep up the great work.

Review Rating
George Kinghorn 25 Aug 15

Needed an error fixing - submitted a ticket and it was sorted within 10 minutes!

Review Rating
Deb Dahlke 23 Aug 15

Siteground support is thorough & gracious, and whether I call, chat or open a support ticket, their response time is almost immediate. I host all of my sites with them. They are miles ahead of my former host.

Review Rating
Michele 23 Aug 15

The support you get with Siteground is the best ever. They are always willing to go the extra mile to handle any problem you may have. Momchil is my new super hero.

Review Rating
Esohe Ebohon 23 Aug 15

Only been with them a few days and I have never seen a support system like this before. This is support and customer experience first level!

Tickets are responded to quickly and thoroughly. Whilst others talk to you in technical terms and expect you to do it yourself, not so here. There is a ticket system, online chat, you name it. Will be sticking with them for a long time if this is how they operate.

Review Rating
Dave 23 Aug 15

I have been on other support sites but, SiteGround is way above average. The speed in which they reply to the ticket. The great part they stay with you until you are completely satisfied with the results. I had a major problem and they cleared it up and made me a happy camper. I'm not computer literate, but, they showed patience with me and explained in words that I could understand. This is the place.

Review Rating
Mike 20 Aug 15

Amazing host.

The tech support is absolutely superb - replies to tickets are within minutes.

The service is phenomenal, they have a ton of FAQs for anything you might need, and the Cpanel has a bunch of amazing plugins to speed up your site and do other fancy things.

Best host I've ever used, and I've used hostgator, godaddy, bluehost, and some smaller ones before.

Review Rating
justin 18 Aug 15

Never seen a support like this before. This is support and customer experience first level!

Awesome and great.

Review Rating
Dale 14 Aug 15

WOW I have never been treated better by a host! I can get an online support tech quickly. Get features like daily backup (site and database) with my GrowBig plan. Sitegroud is a breath of fresh air compared to my previous host.

Review Rating
Paul 14 Aug 15

I called them before signing up and they assured me their tech support was great. The tech support couldn't even move my site? Except for some low level customer service people, no managers or better techs will talk to you. Do yourself a fovor and stay away from these guys...

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello, the information you have provided is limited, but we think we were able to identify your account. Our records show that the remote system contains several WordPress blog files. The reason we were asking for a control panel (and not only FTP access) is due to the fact that our free website transfer offer is only for one website unless there is a cPanel which we can restore. An alternative would be for you to upload the files you have to your account with us along with the databases of the sites, and we will then set them up for you. Please check your ticker for further information.

Crazy Joe 12 Aug 15

The 2 sites I have on SiteGround both rock 100% up times. The support is incredible, fast, and thorough. Paco K just shed 17gb of unused data off one of my oldest sites. You can Live Chat any Wordpress problem and they got you covered. All for under $50 a YEAR! You can't beat that with a bat.

Review Rating
Jon de Mol 8 Aug 15

Hosting my websites for about a half year at Siteground. Wish I've done it years ago.

Great support, fantastic price and a lot of possibilities to grow into. You can easily scale up for fair prices.

Review Rating
Kenny Williamson 4 Aug 15

Just had to write a review.

Transferred site manually (cut and paste) to wordpress from proprietory webbuilder.

Sitesells support have been really helpful with all the questions and things I needed corrected in this process.

Thumbs up to them and thanks.

Review Rating
Ahmed 28 Jul 15

I have moved to Siteground because my last host was too slow. No such problems here, fast response. Also I will say bit more expensive... but if you have a business - honestly pay it. Their support is really the best, these guys really seem to care.

Review Rating
Renee 28 Jul 15

I am SO happy that I switched to SiteGround. The pricing is amazing, the support is fantastic, the speed is outstanding. I could not be happier. I just used the online chat help today and even though it was my error, the support tech was amazingly helpful to get me back on the right track, and even fixed my mistake.

Review Rating
Shankar Bandaru 27 Jul 15

One of the best hosting companies I have ever come across. Highly recommended, peace of mind with 24/7 live chat support. I have already hooked on so many people to Siteground and there feedback is same as mine.

I can always sleep well knowing that I can resolve issues within no time and keep customers happy.



Review Rating
Nina Contini Melis 27 Jul 15

I had no experience with hosting but found Siteground technical support very good in helping me to set things up and maintain them. They are prompt and friendly and patient and explain things in not too techie language so us common mortals can understand, a trait unfortunately not that often found. I can highly recommend Siteground to whomever needs a hosting service.

Review Rating
Iaroslav 24 Jul 15

The best hosting provider ever! Helped me with fixing all of my issues. All of them doing this, thats right! BUT how fast they did??? I love siteground and i will use them in the future for sure!

Representatives very helpful and quick.

I am happy to be in suteground family!

Review Rating
Jennifer 23 Jul 15

The assistant was thorough and answered all of my questions about adding a logo. To add perfection to the call the assistant asked if there was anything else before disconnecting the call. I hope Siteground continues this high standard. It was a pleasure.

Review Rating
Brian 22 Jul 15

If you are looking for PCI compliance for an ecommerce site this is the host to go with!

Review Rating
Chris Treadwell 20 Jul 15

Really fast wordpress hosting. Amazing live chat support, any time I need it. The sales and support staff communicate well with perfect english and always know what I'm talking about with minimal explanation. This is the best value in hosting I've ever experienced.

Review Rating
Scott 18 Jul 15

Without fail the support team guided me, a novice Joomla operator/business owner, through the pitfalls of switching and upgrading. Go with Site Ground "Geek" plan and you will not be disappointed.

Review Rating
Peter 18 Jul 15

Site Ground's support is really excellent. The supporters do a great job whenever there's challenge with our website's administration.

Review Rating
Kay Edstene 7 Jul 15

I am new to SiteGround and experienced some problems with my site right after transfer. Everything was fix by tech support with a very short time. And before the transfer, all my question were answered quickly. Great service!!

Review Rating
Amanda 3 Jul 15

In addition to being knowledgeable, Denitsa was so friendly and helpful. Patience and respect are valuable tools in the support toolbox!

Review Rating
Thea 2 Jul 15

I had to make a hosting account. As a newbee I needed help.

Tanya gave me a great support and help. She did not gave me the feeling I was difficult. She encouraged me and put me at ease. It saved me a lot of time and sweat. Amazing. Thank you.

After a disconnecting Ivaylo helped also in a great way.

I surely will recommend.

Review Rating
Daniele Giorgi 2 Jul 15

perfect hosting!

Review Rating
Christina 30 Jun 15

Thanks to Dobromir N. for his very helpfull support in a domain pointing issue. Very fast, very nice, very helpfull. Thanks :).

Review Rating
Dean Biggs 27 Jun 15

Best support I've ever had. Any time, day or night they respond quick and fix problems quickly.

Review Rating
Mark Russell 26 Jun 15

I have moved from one webhost to another looking for one that works for someone who must be on the internet, but isn't a "computer type". I have found me a home. SiteGround is always, always, always 100%. I love 'em. If I weren't already twice divorced and jaded, I'd marry 'em.

Review Rating
Jeremy 25 Jun 15

excellent support and very helpful when moving to them. BUT that helpful attitude continues well beyond your first few days of interest and this is a pleasant surprise.

Review Rating
David E 24 Jun 15

I just signed up to a medium level hosting plan and needed a bit of assistance. Contacted live chat support and the guy (Nayden) was immediately knowledgeable and on top of my request. Top notch support is 80% of the game for me. 20% is platform and features. Very happy with SiteGround. Excellent first impression :)

Review Rating
David 23 Jun 15

If there were more than 5 starts, they would get them.

Review Rating
Petrina 21 Jun 15

I was nervous to make the switch from DreamHost to SiteGround, but a few months in- I'm not only so glad I did, I wished I had done it sooner! Pricing is wickedly reasonable and, more importantly, their customer support team is phenomenal.

Review Rating
mo 21 Jun 15

Service 100%

Review Rating
Rafael Haddad 18 Jun 15

With great confidence I now start to etch away at a vision, and with the help from Site Ground, am transitioning this vision into reality.

Site Ground and their extremely very friendly staff are quick to respond, very efficient in actioning requests, and very helpful with sorting out any concerns or issues I have or may have.

They have given me confidence that what I now build will become a great success, and I want to say thank you so very much. It is good to share good news about the good people in this world.

Review Rating
Rhonda 18 Jun 15

Just move to SiteGround from HostGator. The Customer Service chat was quick to get to me and answer my questions

Review Rating
abrham 18 Jun 15

Very Nice website Hosting Services!!!.

Review Rating
Edmond 15 Jun 15

I was told from the staff that the speed (mainly) will higher through their host and the extra setup. I thought i give it a try. It seems i will stay here as i have seen the difference as they promised (so far). Support is very good. They seen to know about staff. So far i am happy with Siteground.

Review Rating
Yasir Kundlik 6 Jun 15

Guys, please do not expect what they do not promise. In Fact, they under promise and over deliver as far as pricing is concerned.

A lot of dedication by their team. Even the best players that are Magento certified do not provide application level support, such as very minor issues that are technical, basic and not design related (quite obvious!). Always, immediate responses, they acknowledge the receipt of the ticket manually, even if it cannot be resolved immediately.

I must say, the Singapore server is definitely reliable, impressive uptimes!

Review Rating
noor 5 Jun 15

Fantastic support for my site, i m very thankful...

Review Rating
BAJEU™ 5 Jun 15

Not a lot of words that need to be delivered, SiteGround was amazing. I feel comfortable being on this hosting. Suport services they are sincere and dedicated .. Even though the details of things .. I highly recommend SiteGround hosting services. Good for your professional or a beginner in building websites

Review Rating
Priscilla 1 Jun 15

I should have been using siteground all along! The technical support is impeccable and I love the 24 hour chat. Also the people I've gotten to help me have been so friendly and helpful, pretty much without exception. When I add another website, I'm definitely upgrading, me thinks. :D

Review Rating
Colin Ibberson 30 May 15

When you're dealing with a large company they support is usually either naff or downright appalling. Siteground buck the trend. Their support is genuinely AWESOME. They answer their Live Chats in seconds and they always deliver. They are brilliant and I just wish that I'd known about Siteground before I waster precious time and money with Hostgator - Hostgator's support is crap.

Review Rating
Wendy Gardner The Glow Lady 22 May 15

I am so glad I swapped - the team at SiteGround take such care. I am a non-techy type so love that I can trust SiteGround to look after me. The live chat, any day of the week where the staff actually care enough to do a GREAT job, every time. Thanks!

Review Rating
Andrea 21 May 15

Three months ago I purchased Siteground "StartUp" plan ab three. To this moment I never had any problems. When I bought the plan, I hand over the free domain, because I wanted to transfer my old domain. Cause a problem with my old registrar I haven’t been able to make the transfer. So I contacted SiteGround support and they happily fixed the problem and gave me the chance to have a new free domain.

Great hosting

Review Rating
Alpha Dog 21 May 15

They say above to BE "HONEST" in the description when I am to review SiteGround, (talk about balls) See,i was a bit hesitant but all of the sudden, I felt this need to be super honest. I hope we can all move past this, but sorry guys, here it goes. You asked for it!

You see, my team and I as new customers to SiteGround are simply DUMBFOUNDED here. Baffled in fact. Here is why:

Because here at now hosted at Siteground; we have had nothing but a constant head ot head battle in our own minds to finally just accept that we are in the most amazing and absolute best overall experience in hosting - possible (on earth) BAR-not-a-ONE with Siteground. Again -FINALLY!

This HONESTLY means a great deal to us too because aside from this brand new and completely ridiculous ("take the dog niche world over by storm") start-up idea I now got going over here; I am now also overwhelmed with gratitude.

Now Finally and Honestly: Here's "Why"We Feel This Way:

Just think about this! up until now (today)..I have been at this hosting/dns/pointing/publichtml/folde/loading/ stuff for over 17 years. I have experienced what was before supposedly the best,and to the other extreme where just trying to get supports attention, id have to prop my chin up top two red bulls to sleep during the WAIT TIME only to be timed out over and over again. If ever connected - the limited half answers were enough to crush those two cans as well as my inertia and practically in reverse, wanting to give up and nto ever try again..HERE - after support alone -I get JUICED to continue on in the wee hours because the wait time is NOT, and the Answers are right in what they GOT..17 years to find Siteground. I am al in. and we silly little rained officers of it, recommend it more than oxygen itself, WAIT..more than say a red bull! about more than every other host I have ever encountered... Uptime Redundancy, knowledge, speeds,tools, and deed which we all need are here so please HEED my words. Host here, become and remain happy once again, and build your business, not your business, not your tolerance, reserve that and your patience for your own customers...You know Like Siteground - simply the best overall hosting experience E-VER ( said like valley girl)

Want up-time, speed, no greed, relentless quick response from support with actual answers you need? Great do this now: - STOP - Scroll - Click Register today.

PS ( I know, I know) ..but PS. Make sure you thank them every time THEY put up with the big long dumb drwan out partially clear inquiries too! I know for certain They like that. :)

Review Rating
Mohamed 19 May 15

Great real time support

Review Rating
German 18 May 15

Really great support and Hosting Services. Renewal services pricing should be reviewed.

Review Rating
Rachel 18 May 15

Just moved over to SiteGround because previous host was terrible. Fantastic LiveChat support from Svetoslav made the whole thing seamless. If this is a sign of things to come, I'll be very, very happy

Review Rating
aytac 15 May 15


Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello Aytac, we were able to locate your account and track back your correspondence with the support team. From the looks of it, each of your requests made to our support team was addressed in a timely manner, with adequate advice and solution offered. We could not have helped only with requests that are beyond our service scope, thus advising you to seek the help of a developer. Again, anything that was in our range of expertise was accordingly assisted with and we are sorry to hear you feel this way.

Miq Moham 14 May 15

Awesome services. I am surprised their excellent customer care service. I recommend everyone to take advantage of their services. Within seconds my queries are responded. I give five out of five star to this company.

Review Rating
rupert 11 May 15

Excellent host, their support is fast and comprehensive, both live online and through tickets. I have had one or two strange problems and they always seem to manage to find the problem.

Review Rating
Doug Patterson 9 May 15

I got scammed... they 'sold' me several services and promised money back guarantee. Cancelled within 1 day, but was only refunded 1/2 of my money. I was told that the 'backup services' would not be refunded. After escalation, the supervisor stood by their decision not to refund the entire amount. Total scammers.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello Douglas Patterson,

The money back guarantee applies to our web hosting services. In your case you have purchased our StartUp plan for $47.40 - this amount has been refunded already.

You have additionally purchased the following 2 extras - HackAlert and Backup service, which are third-party services that we pre-pay to the respective provider and are non-refundable for us as well. These extra services are not covered by the money back guarantee. If the pre-sales representative has missed to mention this during the initial chat, we do apologize and will make sure that this rep will receive feedback from their supervisor. As he specifically recommended to you to add these extras, without clarifying the money back options for them, we have now initiated a refund for the remaining amount of money - it should appear on your bank statement in 7-10 business days.

Chad Gensel 8 May 15

SiteGround has AMAZING technical support. I have opened up two tickets, and they have solved both issues that weren't even their fault. The first WP theme I choose crashed and they fixed it. A plugin I downloaded was bad and they fixed it. All I can say is thank you!

Review Rating
Roger 8 May 15

Siteground does what they say they will do for your site. Outstanding support and excellent servers. This is a company that loves what it does and that is very obvious. Siteground is not a diamond in the rough. They are a polished and perfected gem.

Review Rating
Patrick Valmont 6 May 15

I was looking for a reliable host. Reliable as in support, uptime and service quality. I ran accross SG. Though it took me a month to decide, I made the best decision. Haven't experience any issues whatsoever so far.

Review Rating
Konstantinos 4 May 15

For my joomla site, is the BEST host for support and very good prices! Highly recommended!

Review Rating
Michele Liuzzi 3 May 15

In my opinion Siteground is the best service hosting that I know!

Review Rating
Greg Smela 3 May 15

Best support I've encountered in using online services for decades.

Review Rating
Joey Flannery 3 May 15

Please consider allocating more email storage space with each hosting account!


Review Rating
Rodrigo 30 Apr 15

I have been struggling with many hosting providers, but this company, guys, get with them, NOW, they are awesome, really are.

Review Rating
Aernout Schmidt 30 Apr 15

For someone accustomed to European practices, Siteground's chat service is stunningly quick and effcective.

Review Rating
Renzo 29 Apr 15

GREAT! i'm a newbie of the web and of WP and the help of Stanislav was great!!!!

Review Rating
KW Townsend 28 Apr 15

I always find the support staff to be helpful and they go the extra mile. I am forced to work with other hosting providers where English is also not their first language, but the staff at SiteGround use English very, very well. I never come away feeling like I was not understood because of that possible barrier. A barrier, I might add, that other companies can't seem to overcome.

I only work with WordPress, these guys are awesome!

Review Rating
kelvin 27 Apr 15

I am extremely impressed with the support team. They are friendly and fast in tackling my problems and goes the extra mile to help me. Price may not be that great but I'm absolutely happy with all the support given.

Review Rating
Maria 26 Apr 15

very bad my website without remind me first for any action

Review Rating
chelsea 25 Apr 15

Awesome support, this is my second time working with them, as I am a noob.. but they fixed my site, well they fixed my ftp error when i uploaded.. these guys and their support is the best ever

Review Rating
Abdul Rahman Ahmad Hashmi 22 Apr 15

I am a gogeek package user at Before this i used hosting services of two companies. Now if i compare the performance of my website with the website that are hosted on the previous companies where i was having hosting account, i found that the speed of my website at is 94% higher then the others on previous hosting company. They have a very high functioning super cache plugin and contribution of cloudflare that is helping my website to grow faster with high speed.

I hope that the services will become more powerful and reliable.

Best of luck

Best regards,

Abdul Rahman Hashmi

Review Rating
DJ Nicke 15 Apr 15

I am thoroughly impressed with SiteGround and their team.

I have never had an issue that was not immediately resolved by their awesome support staff.

I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to host a website - from serious to person.

Review Rating
Karla 14 Apr 15

I have used several hosts but since we are hard core Joomla users there is none better than Siteground. Support in real time no matter what time of day.

Review Rating
Avril 13 Apr 15

Every time I need support, they offer it quickly and resolve my challenges without a fuss. It is refreshing to be a long term customer and still be surprised and delighted by how good a host can be. My web site is always up. The staff are always helpful. Siteground is the net's hosting company, without a doubt. 5 Stars :)

Review Rating
Michele Christensen 12 Apr 15

They've thought of so many details... make installing google email a one-click process vs. 10 minutes of MX entries, for instance...

A very humane, reliable host. I'm so much happier than with my prior host.

Review Rating
Gary Baughman 12 Apr 15

Excellent chat support

Review Rating
dearing wang 11 Apr 15

Top notch service!

Review Rating
Mahmod Abd Elmoneim 10 Apr 15

I am really happy with the service I get and I appreciate all the help I got from the great team in Site Ground... I can not thank you all for your help and caring about my domains with you and keeping them in safe hands.

Review Rating
Jessica 9 Apr 15

I haven't been with the company long enough to rate reliability (so take the "average" rating as a default), but I wanted to do a review now just to give kudos to the support staff. It is THE fastest support I've ever encountered. I've never called, but the responses to tickets I open are impressively fast.

Review Rating
Jeff Wilson 9 Apr 15

Since moving to Siteground a couple of years ago, my hosting administration as become a breeze, previously the only way I could get support was via email on my old host, but with Siteground it is there 24/7 and there is no problem the guys do not get to the bottom of quickly for me. As a major host of mainly Joomla Sites, it is a pleasure to talk to a host that supports and understands Joomla!

Well done guys and I look forward to a long future in partnership.

Review Rating
Larry Bridle 8 Apr 15

Siteground support people are the best I've experienced in my 5+ years of web development. They are always quick and on the money. Today, I asked 4 related questions on implementing SSL certs, and in 15 minutes got a thorough and easy to understand answer to each and every question.

As well, the caring manner of their responses reassures me they care about their craft, their business, and definitely about their customers.

Review Rating
Robert 7 Apr 15

We are very satisfied with the support people at SitGround. They are very professional and helpful. We made the right choice in switching to their service to host our site.

Review Rating
Tamer Hussain 6 Apr 15

I've never ask the support team for anything and regret it.

they are really professional team and i wish this site all the best

Review Rating
Jason 3 Apr 15

I have been with SiteGround for more than 15 years. I have used their services for everything from eCommerce to technical forums. I have always been given great, responsive support. If I had to describe it I would say it is like having your own in house team. A++++++++++

Review Rating
Ajay 2 Apr 15

I am new to Siteground and have not had a lot of time to check out everything they offer but i did have a problem with having my domain name with godaddy and hosting the site @ Siteground and Siteground chat support could not have done a better job with getting my issues resolved

Review Rating
g 1 Apr 15


Review Rating
Carsten Odgaard Christensen 1 Apr 15

The support is really helpful and really quick

Review Rating
Enrico Boscaro 1 Apr 15

Great service and great support! With the support chat I always solved all my problems and support team is one of the best I've ever seen !

Maybe I'd prefer to spend just slightly less money but anyway I understand is not so cheap because of the great service that always grant!

Keep it up!

Review Rating
John A. 29 Mar 15

No matter what company you go with there's always going to be unsatisfied customers for various reasons. As you can see for yourself, there are a lot of happy / satisfied customers in here. I am one of them! They answer questions very fast with their support tickets. 5 stars for that alone...

Review Rating
Paul 29 Mar 15

Best hosting company I have dealt with. Great Support. Very happy and pleased with them!!

Review Rating
Eliya 27 Mar 15

For the few years I have used different hosting co. Siteground they are very reliable and efficient

Review Rating
Pham Hai Nam 27 Mar 15

Excellent support service.

Very quick and efficient.

Review Rating
Manuel 23 Mar 15

never before seen customer support. for real.

Review Rating
Mian Waqas 21 Mar 15

Best Host ever

i used more than 20 hosts in last 10 years, SG is best

Review Rating
Ranieri Panchetti 16 Mar 15

Simply everything you'll ever need plus a FANTASTIC support! Price is absolutely worth.

Review Rating
Lisa Wilkins 15 Mar 15

Just the best hosting service I've ever used. Their realtime chat support is just brilliant. I cannot recommend these guys enough :)

Review Rating
Victor Toso 13 Mar 15

Anyone who has maintained a web site for more than a year knows what it is to have their a$$ in a sling. And we're experts at NadaChair because it's actually our job to put a$$e$ in slings. (No, we're not attorneys nor Mafia. We actually turn your pain to pleasure.)

SiteGround rescued us from a host whose habit was extorting us for SEO fees before they would provide us the most commonsense and basic service. Too many hosts now charge for services that are not needed or are ill-performed.

SiteGround stands apart in performing fundamental support with incredible speed and precision while making sure the ground you build on is both solid and secure. They are the third host we have hired in as many decades. We're happy campers.

Review Rating
Emanuele Canepa 11 Mar 15

Simply excellent!

Real time support!

Review Rating
Nancy 10 Mar 15

Support is immediate and exactly what I need. Available software keeps growing. They understand Joomla better than anyone else

Review Rating
Butch 9 Mar 15

Siteground is the best hosting site I have ever used.

Review Rating
IO Kirkwood 9 Mar 15

I'm still new to this but the support staff has been GREAT! My teeny little problems are taken very seriously by the support staff and that makes all the difference when I'm struggling with something easy for a more technical person.

Review Rating
Tema Frank 8 Mar 15

The support from Stefka was great. And I was delighted that it was available on a Sunday evening, with almost no wait time.

Review Rating
Jon de Mol 7 Mar 15

Very quick responding and very helpful in guiding me through my problems and gap in knowledge. I really needed their time and in the whole long time consuming sessions I never noticed a time pressure from their site. For me that’s new and a blessing.

I have just started with SiteGround this week. Unfortunately my current hoster will not allow me to change dns to external servers (strato) and there my problems started. But with the help of SiteGround I can continue.

I will transfer my other sites as well.

Review Rating
Karl Hedison 3 Mar 15

Although not the cheapest, we're moving all of our clients across to SiteGround as their Support is second to none. The 24h live chat support team are amazing, friendly, efficient and always resolve any issues or requests quickly which is really invaluable.

Review Rating
Zinah Alassad 3 Mar 15

The best of all is the support system, you can always seek their help ... and they are very profitionals

Review Rating
Robby 1 Mar 15

I have used SiteGround for a year now and could not be happier. Their support is awesome. My sites have not been down at all since switching. I have tried a few different hosting companies, SiteGround is the best by far! Very Happy!

Review Rating
Vidyadasa 28 Feb 15

very responsive...i had one assistant who was ok but i got confused to escalated it to supervisor Boris and they were amazing!

Review Rating
Eric 27 Feb 15

Once again SG support demonstrates the reason for the stellar comments...second to none. And its the support that sells and brings new customers; you can be sure I'll continue to guide my clients to SiteGround.

Review Rating
terry 26 Feb 15

I've used Siteground for over a year now ... and I am truly impressed by the Tech Support folks ... THEY ARE AWESOME! I do all my work in Joomla and they are extremely knowledgeable in that area. Super nice folks too!

Review Rating
Kim H 25 Feb 15

Incredible support, extremely affordable and reasonable pricing, great features across all packages. I was told about Site Ground by a colleague and have never looked back. Not a spammy review, I work at a digital agency in Sydney and genuinely appreciate great service.

Review Rating
Jeroen Visser 24 Feb 15

Amazing customer service. I have been contacting them a lot. Always quick and super helpful, and that 24/7! Good customer service is vital and Siteground is the best experience from all the hosting companies that I have worked with in the past 10 years.

Review Rating
Brenda Tharp 23 Feb 15

Great support team- always there when you need them and very knowledgeable.

Review Rating
Lucy 20 Feb 15

I can't imagine hosting my websites anywhere else. Siteground's support goes above and beyond.

Review Rating
Avrohom Gershon 19 Feb 15

Very prompt and very competent technical support! It's very easy to open a support ticket, and they very competently and promptly solve the problem. What a breath of fresh air in the hosting world.

Review Rating
iyydo 19 Feb 15

Best Hosting ever

Review Rating
Mikey Colon 19 Feb 15

I can't complain when it comes to the service or customer support. As compared to Bluehost - there is no comparison. They're a bit pricer than Go Daddy but if you want serious hosting with top notch customer support look no further. A+ from me!

Review Rating
John Buesseler 19 Feb 15

I switched to SiteGround last Fall and have been immensely pleased with their service and support. Today I had a rather complex issue. I called and was immediately helped. I needed to send in some additional files and within an hour the problem was resolved!

Review Rating
Dawn Keating 18 Feb 15

I have been immensely pleased with the customer service & support provided by SiteGround--

Thank you VERY much for all that you do to help your customers,

Dawn Keating

Review Rating
barbara 18 Feb 15

Very impressive. Anton was extremely helfpul and patient today over web chat as I set up my hosting package. He was very informative, and spent the time to help me understand all of my options.

Review Rating
Eric K. 18 Feb 15

I've got all hostings and domain names at Siteground since 2009.

Never had any problem. A good Support service. Always ready to help you ... I recommend Siteground to every body!

Review Rating
Rachel 17 Feb 15

Impeccable support. Very fast! Solved my issue in less than 10 minutes

Review Rating
BakuMoz Books 14 Feb 15

Most hosts offer the same thing but each has its own flexibility.

Siteground is different because they really help you not just show you.

Sometimes support just do the job of theme developers which is not their responsibility. They do not tell you go here and there or ask your theme developer. They simply fix it. I love it as it takes only 15 minutes. They are real of what they are saying. Support is what it is meant not just marketing.

Review Rating
Adil Cheb 14 Feb 15

Absolute crap. I have been with siteground for nearly 10 years now. I paid for one of my client's domain names to be renewed far from expiry date and all was fine, somehow they haven't renewed it with a glich on their system or god knows and ended having an expired domain name. it was available to the public to register, luckily I bought it back through another registrar as Siteground system wouldn't allow me to bring it back to them. it was absolute chaos, they didn't know what had happened. My client was exhibiting his products and people weren't able to check his website out as all was down. I had to pay the price for it while siteground couldn't even accept liability for their mistake, I have over 14 accounts with them and multiple domain names and I'm so moving them away even if it costs the earth.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hi Adil,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are aware our Customer Care team already contacted you in regards to your inquiry and have assisted you accordingly with the resolution. However, we wanted to follow up with you here as well. Since the domain name in question was initially registered with a different company and then transferred to us, we did not have access to the admin details associated with it. Your registry Nominet has started a massive campaign for validation of domain names, and has sent several validation emails to the admin email associated with the domain, which was still managed by the previous company you've used. Although we did renew the domain and received confirmation of the expiration date extension, we never received an email about the validation issue. The fact that you brought this to our attention is extremely appreciated as now we will take precautions and make sure we advise our customers to double check whether they have access to the admin emails they used upon the domain name registration whenever they transfer their domain names. Please contact us via our Customer Care channels if you have further questions or need assistance.

S Barry 10 Feb 15

I am thrilled with this company. What an amazing breath of fresh air. I have never been treated so politely and professionally and my goodness this crowd move quickly to resolve issues. Superb transfer of our Magento from previous rubbish hoster. Awesome company - Thank you so very much and all the staff should be proud to work there!

Review Rating
prince samir 9 Feb 15

siteground are the most unserious company I\\\'ve met in my life who treat their customers very bad.

I will never be a customer of siteground again and new never recommand anyone to signup there, I already know one, and I will get him to cancell the acount as well!

siteground do not know what customer service means and I\\\'ll write about my experience anywhere on the web. everyone should know that it has cost me 156 Euro for 15 hours hosting. 10Euro/hour.

Siteground does not hold what they promise. The sales have promised me money back guarantee. but when I canccel the order after 15 hours, it was not possible to get money back at all.

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello Ali, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have found out that there was a miscommunication during the initial chat when you purchased a cloud solution. The Sales representative did not clarify with you the terms and conditions of our website transfer. But neither did he confirm that we would transfer 70 websites for free. During the initial chat there was also no discussion about our refund policy. This rep has already received feedback and has been sanctioned. In the meantime a supervisor was assigned to the case and explained in detail to you the terms of our website transfer promotion. Our offer includes free transfer for only 1 website of up to 1 GB. Since we are not able to transfer the rest of the 70 websites for free, we have offered you a full refund. From our records I can see that currently you have decided not to cancel you service and keep the account active. If you need further assistance, please let us know.

Popsana 7 Feb 15

They give you the best services at a moderately affordable price. With siteground, you're not alone.

Review Rating
Ron 7 Feb 15

The best host ever for all my sites. Siteground offers the best technical support assist. And their datacenters are the best in usa, holland and asia.

We host with them:






Great services



Review Rating
raj kapoo 6 Feb 15

nikaya helped me today.

my compliments.

Review Rating
Aj 6 Feb 15

I am very much satisfied from the support guys. this is for the first time in my life i have seen such a fast support almost like thunder light fast support

Review Rating
Jon Ruddat 6 Feb 15

The support chat reps stay with you until the issue is resolved. Hosting service is fast and reliable. Support also helps a bit more than just with hosting trouble. A breath of fresh air to finally be with a hosting company that services the customers.

Review Rating
Felica 6 Feb 15

Just signed up via chat and it was so painless and quick. I loved the chat agent's quick responses and knowledge of the products offered. Thank you Tanya!

Review Rating
jcn50 5 Feb 15

Those guys are selling 10-years old shared hosting service:

* dedicated IP mandatory on shared hosting, with no regards to SNI, despite running on cPanel

* only 1 dedicated IP per shared hosting (and they push you to buy a dedicated server for SSL!?!): that breaks all multi-stores' engines.

* 48 EUR for having the privilege of bringing your own SSL certificate for an "installation fee"

* at the time of moving out, found that the "cPanel full backup has been disabled because your account is more than 500MB", unbelievable lockdown!

I do not recommend for ecommerce stores!

Review Rating
SiteGround's Response

Hello jcn50,

Unfortunatley we were not able to identify your account with us, but we would still be happy to address your concerns. We upgrade our hardware on a regular basis and entirely - we make sure that old and new customers receive the latest gear to ensure the best performance for their websites.

1. dedicated IP mandatory on shared hosting, with no regards to SNI, despite running on cPanel

- Having a Dedicated IP is not mandatory on our shared hosting accounts. It could be purchased in order to improve your search engine rankings or if you plan to install a private SSL certificate for an e-shop. We do not support the SNI option on our shared hosting plans, but if more customers start demanding it, we will surely consider this suggestion.

2. only 1 dedicated IP per shared hosting (and they push you to buy a dedicated server for SSL!?!): that breaks all multi-stores' engines.

- On a shared hosting environment, users have only 1 cPanel, and we assign dedicated IPs per cPanel. Customers certainly can have an SSL on their shared hosting account, it even comes for free for the first year with our GrowBig and GoGeek plans. If a customer, for some reason needs multiple dedicated IPs, they will have to purchase a Cloud server or higher solution that uses dedicated resources.

3. 48 EUR for having the privilege of bringing your own SSL certificate for an "installation fee"

- The installation fee for an external SSL is 24 Euro and there is additional cost of 24 Euro for dedicated IP. Bringing over an external SSL certificate and installing it on our servers is not an automated process thus our support officers perform such services manually. There is manpower involved and it's not a one-click installation as this sort of procedure requires preparation, code generation, etc. hence it is a paid service.

4. at the time of moving out, found that the "cPanel full backup has been disabled because your account is more than 500MB", unbelievable lockdown!

- The cPanel full backup is an option available for up to 500MB content. The reasoning behind this is that this is an automated process (that can be scheduled to be performed at certain periods of time) and for bigger contents, an automated backup will eat up a lot of the shared resources. You could however, do a manual backup through your FTP at any point.

Please contact us if you need further assistance. Regards!

Robert 2 Feb 15

I am fairly new to the IM world and the learning curve has been daunting. My experience so far as far as being satisfied has been one of mostly frustration. My dealings with SiteGround has been nothing but exemplary and fruitful in every way. I cannot give enough Hurrahs! for their service.

Review Rating
Diane 2 Feb 15

Customer service was exceptional and reliable. I started by asking all my questions and ended by signing up for hosting. Believe all the great reviews.... This company and it's support staff are the real deal. Happy customer!!

Review Rating
Faisal and Umair 29 Jan 15

Amazing hosting provider, love site ground in Exceptional support and supporting staff. I have used lot of hosting companies like, blue host, dream host, just host, I page, but no one can compare with site ground in all aspects either, support, uptime, features or price. Siteground is the King and Master in hosting. Siteground helps their clients very professionally and in a very kind and helpful manner.

Live Long Siteground

Review Rating
Mike Sollinger 28 Jan 15

We ran into problems with our original hosting service and found Siteground after a TON of research.

We wanted to make sure this was the last time we ever had to switch hosting companies. So we were VERY careful who we signed up with. And this is our opinion so far:

Server speed: Excellent

Reliability: Excellent

Pricing: Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for and we had to learn this the hard way. Just ONE additional sale can pay our hosting for several years. So don't worry about a few extra dollars per month.

Tech Support/Service: The BEST in the industry. Hands-down. And this is crucial when you're in a jam.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Review Rating
Bren 26 Jan 15

Great support very patient with clients

Review Rating
Kat Smith 25 Jan 15

I'm new to all this & I have to say that this company has the best customer reps and support! The chat help is fantastic and I have been very impressed with how quickly they have responded & helped. Thank you Siteground and I will definitely recommend you!

Review Rating
Grace K 25 Jan 15

I will say this: while I have encountered an occasional lackluster, lazy response from some of the agents, each response HAS BEEN INCREDIBLY FAST. And even with the lazy responses--with a little kicking and screaming, it was resolved.

The majority of the support I have received has been excellent by truly detailed and polite agents. All in all, Siteground has my previous host, 1&1, beat by MILES.

I'd definitely recommend Siteground.

Review Rating
Aasiyah 22 Jan 15

You know Ive been in the internet business for a long time and been with many hosting companies as well,and as far as am concern SiteGround is the best in prices,features and the best is the support totally amazing.

Wish i found you guyz a long time ago.

Thanks SiteGround

Review Rating
jaap 22 Jan 15

Very fast, many possibilities and wonderful support!

Review Rating
Sharon Quigley 20 Jan 15

I have used a number of hosting providers over the past 20 years and Siteground is by far the best. Their tech support exceeds anything I have ever come across! Nothing compares to Siteground, they are brilliant!

Review Rating
Francesco 20 Jan 15

if a customer service has to be voted from 0 to 10 SiteGround is an 11!

Review Rating
Alessandro D. 18 Jan 15

Quick and reliable support from SG guys. You can not ask for more. Great!!!

Review Rating
James Taylor 12 Jan 15

I have had Siteground host all my business sites since 2006 and I am always amazed at the incredible service level. As everyone knows with technology bad things can just happen and they do at the most inopportune times. My down time has been almost nil for all these years because Siteground's staff does such a great job. Every efficient.

Review Rating
Dave van Horik 12 Jan 15

I have been using the services of Siteground for about 4 years now. I used a handful of other hosting providers before (and one of them still because my client is used to them), but all had either poor customer support, poor reliability or a poor feature set or a combination of these.

Siteground has a very attractive pricing structure, great reliability and above all a perfect customer support. Through the years I have come up with some pretty tough questions and some complex transferring situations, but the chat support and the ticket support have always been quick, resourceful and very polite. I have never felt pushed away, not when the questions were to difficult nor when they were "stupid".

I always recommend Siteground to friends and clients.

Review Rating
David 12 Jan 15

I've used a number of hosts but these guys are the best I've ever come across for wordpress hosting.

Super fast (have their own caching plugin), very secure and the technical support is amazing.

I used their live chat just now, there were 22 people in the queue before me and they got to me in about 30 seconds.

They're live chat is also to the point and helpful, compared to other hosts who give vague info that doesn't real provide any value or help you solve problems.

Highly recommended!

Review Rating
Terry Llewellyn 10 Jan 15

As someone who who has never been responsible for a server I was nervous, but I chose the right company. Tech Support is amazing thank you guys.

Review Rating
Patricia Mitchell 6 Jan 15

SiteGround has always provided me with exceptional support, especially resolving major problems - usually because of something I did. Would recommend them without hesitation.

Review Rating
Ismail 1 Jan 15

The best host that you will ever find.

Review Rating
Eric 30 Dec 14

My New Year is starting out great with the successful transfer of a WordPress website to SiteGround (SG).

The support at SG is second to none and far, far apart from the frustration commonly found at Network Solutions.

And with the cost savings realized from SG additional services were added to further reduce the stress level of site management.

Thank you SG.

Review Rating
Andrew 27 Dec 14

I have been using siteground service for last 8 years. Fully satisfied with their servic and technical support. Very fast problem solver. It is best hosting company in the world.

Thank you Siteground team

Review Rating
Mr TAnveer 25 Dec 14

top support received and database back up features are excellent

Review Rating
Pete 24 Dec 14

The support team have been super fast responding to my tickets. Actually I am amazed every time because it is so fast and also because the response exactly the answer I need to resolve my issue.

Overall I am very happy with using SiteGround.

Review Rating
Ethan Hunt 24 Dec 14

Issues happen, but its how we resolve the issues that matters in my opinion. Site Ground excel at this and as a busy man with lots to do its always a pleasure to chat to the guys in support who are friendly, efficient and experts at what they do. Well done all of you and for anyone reading and thinking about who is the best ... Site Ground thats who ...

Review Rating
Joe 24 Dec 14

Have tried other hosting COs and Siteground has proven to be on point to provide exactly what i need. Thumbs to team SG!

Review Rating
Grace Care 23 Dec 14

Siteground has been very attentive and their followup is excellent. Their support staff, especially Kamen who worked with me tonight, was great. I really felt looked after.


Review Rating
Mirsad Dubravić 22 Dec 14

SiteGround is really the best hosting company I worked with, but for my budget they are to expensive. They support is faboulous, except sometimes where you encounter someone who do not understand your questions :) They reply in max 10 minutes time, and if they line support doesn't now their senior experts are quick to assist and solve to case.

I have been 5 years now but now I will try with other hosting company. I hope I will have good luck. :)

Review Rating
Ralf Hungerland 21 Dec 14

The Service is excellent. Very helpful, quick and friendly.

Best Wishes

Ralf Hungerland

Review Rating
yuling 21 Dec 14

Very happy with all. The support is perfect. Quick, professional, knowledgeable. I always recommend SiteGround to every one who needs hosting service.

Review Rating
Kent Routen 21 Dec 14

I highly recommend for anyone who needs fast websites and fast tech support!

Review Rating
Glen Bishop 19 Dec 14


Review Rating
David 17 Dec 14

I previously had some word press questions that the technical team were unable to answer. They seemed to have a limited knowledge of wordpress, and when unable to answer the questions i had, referred me to a page that outlined how to use wordpress .... not very helpful!

Otherwise A great service!

Review Rating
Alain Badan 17 Dec 14

Friendly, helpful people. Fast and reliable server, high quality features.

I highly recommand SiteGround.

Review Rating
Mark Walton 17 Dec 14

My initial chat with an operator answered all my questions... I'm going to sign up!

Review Rating
Ben 14 Dec 14

Very helpful staff and knowledgeable. This hosting showing very reliable so far. easy to manage and easy to install websites.

Thanks siteground

Review Rating
Maria 9 Dec 14

Best web hosting service ever. Reliable, fast customer service, fixed my broblem in seconds.

Account is very easy to use.

Hosting has extra features for Joomla and WordPress users.

Cpanel is clear and simple.

Review Rating
Ahmed Nouman 8 Dec 14

I've got 15 or so websites hosted with them, all working flawlessly and usually without so much as a hitch.

And even if a problem does present itself they usually do go above and beyond to help unlike other customer service reps in other companies SG guys actually check your problem not read you a script and toss you to the ticket system.

Summing up, its reliable, affordable , good customer support.

Review Rating
Rick Goodman 7 Dec 14

New customer - website transfer was flawless. Support was superb and very quick. Glad I made the switch.

Review Rating
Charlie Centa 5 Dec 14

I set up my first website using Magneto's open source platform a couple of months ago. Previously I had only used 'ready-to-go' platforms such as Big Cartel and Shopify.

When I started on my endeavour to set up a Magento website I soon realised I needed a server but had no idea about it all worked. I soon came across Site Ground and signed up with them for a very reasonable price.

Since then I've been using a few of their services and I have to say I think they're incredibly good at what they do. Their team of experts really are that - experts - and they reply to all support tickets within a very short space of time with lots of detail. They seriously know their stuff.

Plus I got a free 1 year SSL certificate with them which is another great bonus.

Great service and great support!

Review Rating
Hilde Salverda 5 Dec 14

I don't agree at all with the negative critics of Michael Feldstein. In the contrary. I have been active on internet for about 102 years for my own websites and for websites I build for others. I had to deal with dedicated servers, vps servers, all kind of website hosts in the Netherlands and international, including GoDaddy and Hostgator and I am very glad that some time ago I discovered Siteground.

It is the best server and the best helpdesk I ever had.

I was totally astonished the first times I added a ticket for support, because there happened something I never experienced before…. I got an answer and even within 5 minutes and…. they were helpful and solved my problems (sometimes caused by my own "stupidity"). Fantastic!

On their Cpanel is software installed, I never had seen before on Cpanels and it makes my work much easier and even better.

One of that great softwares is Staging, a fantastic tool for development and maintenance. Regular it happened in the past that updating Wordpress or a plugin caused a bug which made the whole website invisible for visitors. Now that's not necessary anymore because I can use Staging for updating and when it's okay I can send it to the real site.

The same counts for the available backups. Most hosts don't make the backups available directly to their clients. You have to ask the helpdesk to execute it for you and because most help desks are not so fast, the result sometimes was that a website was not available for several days.

That is something that will not happen on Siteground I expect, because now I can easily install the backup myself.

Next to that, Siteground is not very expensive, which is an important factor too for freelancers like me. So, I am very glad that I discovered Siteground and I will stay with the websites I (have) build for others. Anybody who will ask me where to host, I for sure will send to Siteground.

Review Rating
Melissa Lind 3 Dec 14

I'm so thrilled with the depth of support I've received. Thank you thank you!

Review Rating
leslie 3 Dec 14

super helpful getting me set up. offered to stay with me and also to help with program installation. service well above average

Review Rating
Jacob Adirachmat 30 Nov 14

SiteGround is very good, in hosting and supporting all my domains. Technical support Dessy is great to do the customer service.

Bravo SiteGround

Review Rating
Rod Wallace 29 Nov 14

Chat host was able to simplify my request and also answer a further technical question

Review Rating
Estudos Gospel 27 Nov 14

I love SiteGround, I work with joomla to several years, and never useu a better provider SiteGround !!!! it is perfect !!! I am very happy - http:

Review Rating
Alex 26 Nov 14

I had tried several Wordpress host options. And i can say that Siteground is faaaar the best! They respond my ticket in minutes! I am using ProGeek package. I have staging tool, hack monitor option etc... They are really the best host company i had tried. And believe me. I had tried several high end companies. Thumbs UP!

Review Rating
Carolyn 26 Nov 14

I receive helpful and instant support on live chat - important to me as I am a novice and Siteground makes it easy to achieve my goals.

Review Rating
Peter Bohus 25 Nov 14

SiteGround still surprise me how professionally support and services can be! Support is amazing or LiveChat or support. They are still ready to answer your questions, even they are "stupid" - as meine :)

Review Rating
g.braakman 25 Nov 14

Siteground is by far the best host. I tried several others in the past and they were overpriced and sometimes unreliable. I host all my sites at siteground and used their services for the last 5 years. Their support is outstanding; they managed to help me with every problem I had, be it an upgrade, a hosting problem or an administrative problem. The answers were superfast and to the point. I'll stay with siteground as long as i am in the sitebuilding business. I've come to trust and depend on their support for my profession.

Review Rating
Liezl 24 Nov 14

I have not used yet but by the prompt service and support so far and also from what I read I think it is definitely the host I'm gonna migrate to...

Review Rating
Adrian 23 Nov 14

When I decided to switch my wordpress hosted site from godaddy I did extensive research to figure out which hosting company would be affordable, provide advanced solutions and have great support. From the first day I was able to tell that I had made the right decision going with SiteGround. They worked with me through out the day to seamlessly port my site over and have continued to provide excellent service. They provide amazing tools including a staging environment and also the ability to make daily back ups of your application. Not to mention the overall speed of my site has increased by over 75%. I have since moved over all my other hosting accounts and could not be any happier.

Review Rating
Jorg Mohnen 23 Nov 14

In a nutshell, all metal-on-metal at any ISP or solution house boils down to cpanels, domain registration, and the SAME whooplah. So all these posts ABOVE are mooted and mute to the following. These guys are IMMEDIATE with telephone calls and IMMEDIATE with online CHAT. When I mean IMMEDIATE, I mean EXACTLY that. Instantaneous help and every ticket I ever had was resolved in under 10 minutes (that is saying a whole lot because I can get real technical). Even if you are not technical, as many of my referral customers to siteground are, you are still helped in under 10 minutes.

These guys have perfected ISP's and hosting to the punch and core.

Go with them! They are outstanding compared to the hours of wait times and continuous issues you will find at most other internet service providing companies.

Review Rating
Michele 20 Nov 14

Siteground is a very good host, the best I have tried until now. I am writing this review because I am very satisfied by their service. The best is the support, they solve every ticket in few minutes and in less than one minute you can chat live with an operator. Highly reccommended

Review Rating
celeste 20 Nov 14

Thank you so much for being so kind and helpful. Special thanks to Anton! Love being hosted with you guys!!! <3

Review Rating
Olerato Salepito 20 Nov 14

Perfection is their habit. Extremely happy with their service

Review Rating
David Hardwick 19 Nov 14

Just started with SiteGround after careful condsideration of other hosting companies available. Although not a "techie" and having a few issues in installing my new site, I have been guided with consideration and care throughout. Also vey quickly by patient and understanding support staff. A promising start that I hope will be maintained.

Review Rating
Ed Elliott 18 Nov 14

I am very pleased with SiteGround, the support in particular is excellent - everytime I break my drupal installation they fix it and never compain!

Review Rating
Derek Gau 17 Nov 14

I had to cancel my account because I wasn't ready to build my website. SiteGround stood behind their Money-Back Guarantee 100%. I will be back when the time is right, as the price is definitely right for the features you get.

Review Rating
Adrian McGivern 12 Nov 14

I am really pleased with the service that I get from

I have several sites hosted with them for maybe 7 years plus. I have always been pleased with the service and support reveived.

I recommend them highly.



Review Rating
Alejandro L. 10 Nov 14

I am very satisfied with the superb support Siteground provides. Polite, kind and patient with non advanced users like me. Good work!

Review Rating
Jamie P 9 Nov 14

I work thru a few different host providers and it is always top notch support at Siteground, just open up a chat and they will certainly get your issues resolved.

Review Rating
Jean-François 8 Nov 14

I have moved to Siteground for almost a year now and I feel super happy with my choice. They have an astounding support: instantly reactive, super pro, not greedy of their time and advice. Really amazing in a world where more and more you speak to machines (computers or machine driven humans). The only thing I would improve: the shared CPU allocation. Not sufficient even for a conventional usage like email check or bots scanning the website. Sometime my site went down because of it. Apart from that I have recommended siteground to every person I know looking for a good hosting provider.

Review Rating
Ashton Gong 7 Nov 14

I recently moved my website to Siteground, and I am very happy with their service. Their customer support is just amazing. I am more than certain that Siteground is the best hosting in the world.

Review Rating
imran khan 17 Sep 14

i takes package of for 1 year on shared hosting few days after than said you need to upgrade your package from shared to vps hosting. because my site remains off line with low speed. i upgrade package. the pvs package of siteground is so poor and my site remains offline and gives different errors. they also don,t gives you back up of your website. if you need backup first you need to pay them. they takes from site from earning site to zero site. i don,t share my own site due to security purpose. butt i really suffer from they just said we are speedy system butt in real so low speed of servers. their customers gives early respone butt in real the servers have old and slow speedy system.

Review Rating
michael todd 17 Sep 14

FANTASTIC support. Can't speak highly enough about them.

I am very new to WP and they have (very patiently) walked me through several problems and even logged in for me to fix it themselves. BRILLIANT.

Review Rating
Majid Ashi 11 Aug 14

if you are not hosting with, then your on the wrong train simple

Review Rating
Anand Rao 8 Aug 14

I cannot speak highly enough of Siteground.

We have been using their services since 2008, starting with a single domain & hosting service and now have more than 5 of our critical domains hosted on SG.

The support, features, reliability and performance have all been top draw.

We are extremely happy to be associated and congratulate SG team for their wonderful service.

Best Wishes,

Anand Rao


Review Rating
Steph 7 Aug 14

Excellent host

Excellent customer service - the staff are very well trained

Review Rating
Eleni Koi 1 Aug 14

We have been with siteground since their early days.

They have an excellent product and an even better support.

Strongly recommend them

Review Rating
AMOFA 22 Jul 14

Anyone with a low review for Siteground seems to be someone who depends on public purchased templates, creates websites without following security updates from the CMS they installed and expect Siteground to fix their website when some bug is injected into some unsupported plugin they installed on their WordPress website or something.

NO HOSTING SERVICE FIXES your website page issues. That's for your web designer. I am a web developer and graphic designer with a BSc. and 12 years experience coding and designing ... so i guess I know what I am talking about.

Siteground offers a knowledge base on how best to protect your CMS and front-end websites free of charge. A lot of people who are not web designers buy templates and decide they will be their own web designers .. but fail to follow those technical steps to protect their own site free of charge.

Honestly those steps are sometimes very technical so you should understand that at a certain point you need to hire a professional to follow Siteground's FREE KNOWLEGDE BASE to better protect your website ... especially if you are on the WORDPRESS bandwagon.

Siteground has given me consistent up-time with the sites I host with them.

I have hosting services with GoDaddy and other big names as well. To be honest, Siteground performs just as excellent as all my other host providers.

Their support is 120% --- THAT'S A FACT .. even a bit better than GoDaddy sometimes.

--- ---

Review Rating
Mario Nobre 31 May 14

Whenever I needed support it has been always very kind, friendly and efficient, at any time! Great

Review Rating
Dave Harris 21 May 14

My previous host forced a move, they could not even render my basic WP site. Research brought me to Siteground and it has been an eye opening experience. This is how it's done, these folks are professionals.

I started with the GroBig shared hosting plan and later upgraded to GoGeek. Their SSH access, custom git tool and staging create a powerful trifecta. Combined with many performance tools, it's a complete package for WP hosting.

Support is simply amazing. So far there has never been a wait. They don't waste my time, they solve issues as soon as they pop up.

Tip: if considering between GroBig and GoGeek, start with GoGeek. The transition from the first the the second was not completely smooth and the upgrade price is not the same as a new account price.

Review Rating
Rich 2 May 14

Super Easy process with phone confirmation to check my details direct and avoid credit card issues.

Olga was super friendly and no-nonsense and spoke great first call from Bulgaria ever :-) Kudos to all!


Review Rating
Raul 4 Apr 14

Later so much positive reviews, I opened an account with sitegroud. The fist the server went down half an hour. I contacted support and told me that it was routine maintenance, and then I was not allow to have my money back, but their offer was to give add 30 minutes more to the end of my contract. Amazing offer.

Review Rating
Lorraine Moorhead 1 Apr 14

These people are professionals.

They do exactly what it says on there website.

Review Rating
C. Smith 30 Mar 14

I have used many hosting companies thus far - wpengine, godaddy, hostgator, flywheel - and am loving Siteground.

The support has really been incredible, love their cpanel, and most of all, the staging server.


Review Rating
Anand Paul 25 Mar 14

you wont believe me, my site was hosted on godaddy for an year and half, with premium hosting, due to their pathetic performance i had to change my hosting. Then i read about siteground. i must say this is the ideal place for a wordpress site. My site rankings and traffic has increased 4 fold now. and the back end performance is excellent. Love you site ground.. the way you people care customers.. its simply amazing. never become like godaddy when you over grow them. im sure you guys will some day.. god bless this hosting.. finally, now i feel like working on my site..which used to be a nightmare on godaddy

Review Rating
Frank Calje 6 Mar 14

I am developing new businesses and logically creating sites for them. We are moving very fast, thus site content (and site names) need to move fast too.

All new site registrations are performed instantly, restoring/copying site content and site rights is performed by the tech team in a flash. And whenever I have a question as well the sales support as the tech support is super friendly and accurate.

I am so glad I discovered Siteground and can recommend it to the planet!

Review Rating
Iqbal Malik 3 Mar 14

A simple interface for controlling accounts and unparalleled service on first and second tier issues which are sorted within 10-15 minutes. A service that i would without hesitation recommend to anyone wanting to run a memory intensive application such as Magento. Price I cannot complain about, especially with level of support and what is offered. Uptime so far 100% whilst being a customer for 2-3 months or so.

Review Rating
Danette 11 Feb 14

I love Siteground. I am slowly moving all of the sites I manage over to them because Siteground is so efficient. I know if I have a problem, they will help me resolve it quickly, and they will do so graciously. My previous host is going downhill.

Review Rating
Erin Eckert 11 Feb 14

These guys rock! No matter who I get I am satisfied! From live chat to the tech gurus, I am in awe. I left Bluehost and am sorry I didn't sooner. I have a complicated site and these developers saved the day when the theme designer disappeared from the face of the earth. If there was a way I'd take them to lunch. Bravo!!

Review Rating
Alaa Sadik 9 Feb 14

Almost 1 year since I established and hosted my PresentationTube project with SiteGround. Very happy with the site performance and stability. Support team is really very friendly and helpful. CPanel is always updated and work very well. Thank you.

Review Rating
pink lotus 2 Feb 14

I had used Siteground a few years ago. So, when I was ready to set up a new website I had no hestitation in returning to their hosting services.

I also had to use their developer services to customize my website. The price was reasonable, the work was good and when I was unhappy with some of the results, the 'fix up' and response was just as courteous, quick and great as it was when I was praising their work. I would recommend the site and all of the components without ANY hesitation. Thank you, Siteground Team!

Review Rating
Kelechi 18 Jan 14

As usual, siteground continues to fill my heart with joy! the customer service response is simply incredible!!! i've just purchased yet another domain and hosting with siteground and i assure you, there;s a lot more where this is coming from! ;) Keep it up!! Siteground (Awesome Host)

Review Rating
Roberto Mazzanti 4 Jan 14

My name's Roberto and i'm the owner of 2 websites hosted here at siteground. Here in Spain where i live i couldn't find a decent hosting service and after some research in Google i finally decided to choose Siteground.

My overall impression is positive: 100% uptime, very fast tech problem solving by its team, and they've even opened a Europe center here in Madrid!!!

I know what a bad hosting company means for a webmaster. So i really appreciate Siteground for its commitment with its customers! Keep on doing like this!!!

Review Rating
Richard Wells 14 Dec 13

This is my first contact with SiteGround. The service rep was very knowledgeable and courteous. So far, so good.


Review Rating
Simon Kloostra 12 Dec 13

I'm with Siteground for a year now, like their service a lot. Especially their knowledge of Joomla and their focus on security and speed are appreciated. Also support is usually fine, and always very swift in their reactions.

Review Rating
Jeffrey Jones 7 Dec 13

I moved over from Hostgator to Siteground and never looked back. Same interfaces (Cpanel) same pricing basically but the cache tools on shared servers are a godsend. The performance I have on my magento installation on my shared server matches or exceeds the dedicated VPS I had on hostgator. Nothing aginst hostgator its just a better deal for what we were paying.

Review Rating
Bill Cochran 5 Dec 13

I have used Siteground for 5 years. I have about 10 sites they host. Everytime I have had a technical issue response has been Fantastic.

Review Rating
Victoria Valeri 17 Nov 13

Site Ground is THE best hosting company. I would never go anywhere else. The site performance is perfection and the customer service is fantastic!

Review Rating
Cherie 10 Nov 13

I was in a pinch with a failed upgrade and the support team came through and repaired my site to a working state again in a timely manner. Thanks.

Review Rating
Cathy Neff 11 Oct 13

Siteground has been perfect for me. I had many a host nightmare previous to this experience, and Siteground has just been stellar. I can always get a live chat if I need help, up time is incredible, security unparalleled, and all reasonably priced. I'm glad I found them.

Review Rating
Adam 9 Sep 13

I must say the service from is not normal, I wonder how they are able to offer such a service...

I mean it's like I'm their only customer and I have 24/7 support. It's amazing, any chance planning start an airline could do with some decent service in that industry.

Top company, you'll be very successful, keep it up, but don't let your success ruining your service.

Review Rating
ian comer 30 Aug 13

Always very satisfied with the service when I have to contact the company for either technical or billing. The live chat is very very good. Would recommend the hosts to anyone.

Review Rating
Dustin 19 Aug 13

I did not understand why my website did not work and contacted their technical support. It turns out it was my mistake. The person I talked to was very nice, patient, and helpful.

Also, when I had a billing issue, the person that handled my case was helpful and fair. Thank you.

Review Rating
Debra Bayne 9 Aug 13

I am new to siteground and have had a few "challenges" to say the least. I am not the most technical person going around but the service that the team at siteground have provided in the short time that I have been with them is amazing. I am so impressed with their systems that I need to review my own customer service to follow in their footsteps. All the team have been so helpful and patient with me and I appreciate it and I will become an affiliate and market Siteground to others. Thankyou again and keep the great service up.

Kind Regards

Debra Bayne

Affordable Coach

Review Rating
John C 8 Aug 13

Host has been a great host for many years. Recently (I do not know when as I took my site down to develop a better one) I come back to re-upload all images as before to host my image site and found that I am now limited to 10gb. I don't know about anyone else but 10? really? 30 GB costs $360 a year which is very overpriced for such low space. I have been with them since 2009 and never once was I limited back then when I had my site up and using about 21 GB of space. Time to transfer hosts I suppose and hope their marketing decisions keeps them above water. I know many who are also changing due to same limitation they have placed in order to make money.

Good luck SiteGround.

Review Rating
Mary Mangold 6 Aug 13

I've been with Siteground for around 5 years now. I've always been satisfied, but nowadays, since they updated their website and really began to take their support to a new level, I've been EXTREMELY PLEASED. I just had a situation where a new customer requested to have his retail pharmacy site moved to Wild Web West from my competition. Just after my meeting with the new customer, the competition's server crashed and has been down for 2 days now. Pity. My Siteground server experiences 99.9999% uptime. I received a tgz file that was causing me problems and I so wanted to get back online (and soon - jazz up the design which leaves much to be desired). its a joomla site 2.5 and I was struggling with getting things in place. Lubomir came to the rescue, got my site installed and now I've modified the dns. My new customer will be SO HAPPY when his site is back up - and now under the care of Wild Web West (and Siteground). Thanks Siteground! I'm a customer for life! Sincerely, mary

Review Rating
Eric Thomson 4 Aug 13

I recommend them because I don't have many issues and have the tools to do what I want.

Recently I had an issue, which I was able to resolve with a quick online chat for free. Turns out is was the use of a WordPress plugin that I didn't realize affected my subdomains.

Prices are consistently among the lowest and I don't have to change my timing to get in on sales.

I felt they handled recent brute force attacks better than other hosts; because they identified vulnerable sites and kept them up, while making required changes and informing the owners by Email.

Review Rating
Franz Pouchet 27 Jul 13

I have to say that sometime 3 years ago I happened upon this hosting provider.

To date I am a fully satisfied client. Site Ground has surpassed my expectations and in my opinion are way better than many of the big name hosting companies out there.

Love the support, their flexibility and most of all their human touch.

Franz P

Review Rating
Claude Cote 6 Jul 13

My site is currently waiting for my former hosting company to address my unsettled tickets and then it WILL be hosted by Siteground.

I freakin' LOVE these guys! (and gals.) They are 100% reliable. I know that I am talking to a real person and they are INCREDIBLY helpful and RESPECTFUL (even when their hands are tied by the inadequacies of another company that is not cooperating in letting them take care of me i.e. transfer my site to them.)

Not only this, but their site and cPanel set-up is intuitive and easy to use.

I will definitely be recommending Siteground to everyone I meet and hope to have a long and fruitful relationship with them.


Review Rating
ilias 4 Jul 13

Best in everything, and very much in support and uptime!!!! Bravo!!!

P.s. i had use many host services and i had many problems. With siteground i will never think to change server again. Never

Review Rating
Mike K 28 Jun 13

I read these comments and it not eve close to my experience. They seem to be fast and go the extra steps to help when they can. They even have logged into my site to test the issues on several occasions. I can't believe someone complained about the country the tech support is in. For my other hosting there are 2-3 levels of q&a before I get to tech.

Review Rating
Larry Bridle 12 May 13

Just transfered to SiteGround today. I've been thru a few other Hosts, the last a Big Daddy... enough disappointments on obscure un-advertised stuff.. eg UNLIMITED 'this' but not 'that'.. So I've been moving every year or so. SiteGround has been A #1. No surprises. Pure, good ol'fashion respectful and knowledgeable service. Big Cheers!

Review Rating
BlogManager 12 Apr 13

After evaluating SiteGround as a possible expansion place for client WordPress sites, I found my experience not to be as glowing as many reviews might lead one to believe. And, I am a bit curious why it is so highly rated on I signed up for SiteGround's Shared IP Plus service and immediately learned that all customer and technical support is in Bulgaria, a former Soviet state. The relevance of my mentioning that is that I consult in such countries. While many of the people are lovely and wonderful to work with, too many others were raised in the dark, inhospitable, and rigid former Soviet culture. Bulgaria, particularly, has been slow to embrace the Western manners that they need to be nice to win friends. SiteGround's technical support clearly is populated by those rigid people raised in that Soviet holdover environment. They are not nice. As for SiteGround's hosting performance, I found it less than average, possibly a sign of too many accounts per server. Most striking was a sharp increase in spam, a clue of a crowded server possibly also used to host porn. When I asked SiteGround to cancel my trial of their service, they pulled the plug instantly, leaving one site offline for a while. They are not so quick at refunds. I'm still waiting for a refund. As a veteran in this business, I can assure you that there are much nicer places to buy web hosting.

Review Rating
Mary Mangold 9 Apr 13

I've been hosting with Siteground for over five years now. I stay with Siteground for numerous reasons. One of those is the support. The support guys who've been there for years are so excellent. I tend to try to figure things out on my own, such as dns issues, but when I really need them, they come through with flying colors and they're quick to open tickets and respond. I've enjoyed an outstanding experience with Siteground from 99.9% up time to helping me know right away if a Joomla site has been infected with malware. I'm a very happy customer and recommend Siteground for those Do-It-Yourselfers who just need to know the environment is secure and that support is available with quick response, when needed!

Review Rating
Glen Draeger 29 Mar 13

I've been with Siteground since 2006. Service is great. They always respond very quickly when there's a problem. You're always going to have some problems with the question is always: how responsive is your hosting company? Siteground almost always responds within minutes...I'm not kidding. I recommend them all the time and host dozens of sites with them.

Review Rating
Ian Sexton 15 Feb 13

inodes issue caused by an application resolved immediately, excellent service as always :)

Review Rating
Paolo Mereu 22 Jan 13

Great hosting service. Great support in minutes. Tank you

Review Rating
Androklis Giastoglou 21 Jan 13

The on-line support is out of this world. There has not been a problem that was not solved, no matter how long it took.

Androklis Giatsoglou

Review Rating
Carol Tomalty | CarricDesgin 17 Jan 13

I have been using Site Ground for almost 7 years, for both my own site and many client sites.

The most notable element of Site Ground is their service - speedy, fixes the problem, patient, thorough.

The only thing that would make this a better experience for me is to be able to pay in my own currency...but that is a small price to pay.

Review Rating
Paul Hicks 15 Dec 12

I'm a UK-based web developer and started by using UK ISPs. A couple of years ago, someone put me on to SiteGround and I tried them out. They offer good value and good service, compared to the British ISPs.

I've had some difficulties - mostly over understanding the differences in American and British "English" but they have always persevered and got things sorted eventually. They always reply to tickets very quickly - something that I've learned not to take for granted elsewhere!

I've given up expecting perfection from anyone but this ISP is definitely above average and I would thoroughly recommend them.

Review Rating
Barry 27 Oct 12

New to siteground. Just reached out to tech support via chat. Wait time less than 30 seconds. Great, knowledgeable rep - addressed three different questions that I had. Great job. Couldn't be more pleased.

Review Rating
alke 19 Oct 12

The support of Siteground is astounding. Any other provider takes hours/days to respond, I have never even have to wait an hour with Siteground. The support staff loves to interact with people and shows that always. I'm a fan for years now!

Review Rating
Michael Dorfman 11 Oct 12

State-of-the-art hosting services. Support is amazing, kind, straight, and, over all, is HUMAN-oriented. I declare mysefl a huge fan.

Review Rating
Luigi Recca 1 Jul 12

Great Support!!!!! Kind, professional and QUICK!!!!! Thank you guys :-)

Review Rating
T.Rob 14 Jan 12

Extremely happy with this host overall. Dropped ratings a bit due to some difficulty getting an expired cert on *their* server renewed. It finally was resolved but it took too long to get them to realize the problem was not my cert but theirs and then it took hours for the renewal.

Other than that I'm very happy. In particular, this host allows me to have a catch-all email address. This is a firm requirement for me but fewer and fewer hosts provide it.

Review Rating
Michael Feldstein 26 Aug 10

The reliability was fine and the price was good, but I had to move because of horrifically bad support. I had a problem where, for whatever reason, the search bots were just killing my site. Not SiteGround's fault. But they sent me a really confusing series of emails about what they thought the problem was, and their main answer was to upgrade the account. I was skeptical that a site with my traffic levels really needed semi-dedicated hosting, but I went ahead and upped my account.

A few months later, the same thing happened. Once again, I got contacted by the help desk with a confusing email. They said that there was a script loop on my site, but when I pressed them for details, it was clear that they were giving me a stock answer and hadn't really looked to see what the problem was. They wanted me to upgrade my account again. After a few go-rounds, we came to the conclusion that it was probably the search bots again. I lowered the Google crawl rate. They said they would let me know if I needed to lower it further.

A week later, they shut down my site for "abuse." Once again they told me that I had a script loop and once again they asked me to upgrade my account. I flipped my lid. After a day of back-and-forth, during which time they became increasingly unresponsive, they first said they would restore my account, then couldn't figure out how to restore it, then said they wouldn't restore it. And, of course, there is no phone number to call. If you file a ticket and they don't respond, you have no recourse.

Don't go with these guys. They're bad news.

Review Rating

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