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Skystra is a technology company that builds and integrates infrastructure, networking and programming into a Cloud Hosting Environment. An advanced fusion of tech to deliver your online presence to a worldwide audience.

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Isabel Lee

My passion is promoting mental health in the workplace, so my website is important to me and my message. It needs to stay up which is why I chose Skystra when they reached out to me over Twitter. They moved my site, reassured me a million times over that the move would be easy for me, and now my site is online. That’s all I need.

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Marcel Dancaster

I've been with Skystra for the past 8 months and it has been great. Their human approach is outstanding and really makes them stand out from the crowd. My website is running so much better since I am with them and I feel like I am part of a huge family. Keep up the good work Skystra and thank you.

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Finding a competent host that takes data and security seriously is rare. Skystra is rare.

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Konstantinos Fotopoulos

No problems so far. Decent prices, really really good support, I don't hate talking to them like i do with my cell phone or internet provider's support. I think I get good value for what I'm paying them.

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Joyce Eacott

My client asked me to design their site and place it “on the cloud”. I did a lot of research and asked my twitter groups who they recommend. Some recommended Skystra, which I reached out to. After a lot of questions, I was convinced to sign up to them for my client. So far, so good. My client is happy on their service, which means I’m happy.

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Mauricio Hernandez

The team at skystra are on the freaking ball! I don't have much else to say. I really like their company and hope to do business with them for a long time.

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Jemelle Mc

I host two WordPress sites with Skystra and they know a lot about it. I'm a newbie and they're pretty helpful every single time and super patient with all of my questions! Honestly I'm really glad I found them after having so many bumpy experiences at other hosting companies.

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I've been with these guys for a while now, and no issues that I can remember. If I have a question they answer me pretty quickly and i gotta admin, they know their stuff. When they asked me if i could leave a review for them the only thing they asked me was to be honest, so i was cool with it. I like these guys a lot

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Maya de Robles

I used to be with with a few different hosts and was happy there until my site kept going down every day. It got really frustrating and customer service was non existent basically. When I moved my stuff over, i never got pingdom alerts again about the site or email being down. I just wish they would offer a promo or coupon so it can be a bit cheaper. That's my only complaint

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Leonardo Medeiros

I use PHP and MySQL and Cpanel to build my websites. Sometimes I use JavaScript too. I code a lot. Sky Stra has a nice editor built into the File Manager. It’s good they have backups too, cuz typos happen, and i need to revert. It’s all good tho!

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Jaiden Parry

I had very newbie questions when I signed up and felt kind of bad asking, they answered them and were very nice. Got my site up in a couple of days and it runs really fast, solid host.

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I am with Skystra for around 6 months and it has been great so far. Everyone is super friendly, responsive and how I like to say: they get things done. Skystra is unique and completely different thank the others.

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I host my blog here and I'm very happy with everyone and everything, prompt and sincere

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Jenna Briggs

Nice and honest company, refreshing to talk to and do business with.

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Christina Wise

Super happy with my WordPress hosting account and service I get on the helpdesk for my questions - :-)!!

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Rhyley Spooner

I run an online store and have no time to think about hosting or whatever runs there in the back and with these guys I don't so I'm happy. I set up my store at a diff place and it was crashing a lot and i was losing sales which obviously didn't help, I'm not really a guy that complains but my bottom line was hit so I had to make a business decision and move to something better, so far so good.

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I had a weird problem with my wordpress site, the data I changed kept reappearing when I went on my site. Opened a chat with Skystra and they helped me out right away and they were pretty fast too. Turned out I had a thing called cache on my computer that I needed to clear. Also didn't make me feel stupid for asking and just kinda took care of it right away for me.. Lovely support team, thank you for the help!

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In a recent email, Skystra asked if I'd leave an honest review of their services. Usually I don't bother with this stuff because I'm not paid for it. These guys deserve it though. I never have problems with them, and that's saying something because I like to push limits. If this review helps them out, I'm good with that.

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James Kline

Got my site up to keep people informed during Covid-19, even with a lot of traffic performance has been top notch and I've been able to serve my community by keeping everyone informed. Thanks.

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