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Slicehost take three things very seriously: customers, servers and networks. Slicehost infrastructure was built from the ground up to satisfy intense demands: the best hardware, customized software, fast networks, a world class data center and redundancy galore. If something goes wrong, Slicehost will fix it fast, tell you what happened and make sure it doesn’t occur again. Slicehost answer to you.

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Michael BOHN 31 May 11

SLICEHOST kick me out twice without any understandable reasons. I'm a German who lives in Thailand and have bank accounts all over the world. That seems to be to much for SLICEHOST.

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Tom 21 Jul 09

You really can't beat this host. There is only one down side and that is it's self managed and there's no hardware firewalls...That could have changed and I could be wrong, but that's Rackspace's selling point over Slicehost...Rackspace recently acquiring/partnering with Slicehost to offer Mosso/Cloud Servers because of Slicehost's really good software to manage virtual servers.

So that said. I'd only recommend this host to web developers. I wouldn't sell a client on it unless they really were on a shoe string budget. Rackspace is going to offer everything that you should have plus what Slicehost has...But it's going to come at an increased price.

This is 100% perfect if you're learning Linux and how to manage/setup web servers. It's perfect for custom web apps and running application you can't run on shared hosting.

The cost is in line with VPS and is on the better end for what you get.

Backups are available for a nominal extra cost.

The tools they offer with their management for your server is great. You can completely screw up and (as long as you have some local copies of your files) you'll be fine.

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Nick Yeoman 21 Jul 09

I've been using slicehost for about a year now, and I'm really happy with their service. I'm planing on moving all my clients here from mediatemple (who is also good just too pricey)

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Justin 9 Mar 09

I signed up for Slice Host a month a go so I can't comment on their long term hosting status, but what I can confirm is the absolute ease at which I was able to set up the slice.

It has been said this is not for the beginner, however as someone with no command line skills I was able to set up the server, install packages, get apache & PHP5 running with MySQL & postgres, and all my DNS settings configured including subdomains based purely on the Slice Hosts excellent online how-to articles.

The backups, although $10 extra per month, have allowed me to set up daily and weekly backups, as well as offering a one click backup at any point (usually takes a minute or so).

The price is a little more then some of your other hosting options, but if you want to learn about looking after and setting up a server this is the package for you.

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Andy 6 Jan 09

Slicehost offers Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) which are a little different than shared hosting. If you are a beginner or not familiar with Linux, this is probably not for you.

I have a had a 256MB slice for about a year. I am extremely happy. I recommend Slicehost to anyone who has the skills to manage a VPS.

You have *complete* control over your VPS. Some people may view this as a disadvantage because you have the power to break things. Even if you really screw something up and can't connect to your slice, there is a web console that you can use to fix the problem.

So far, my server was only rebooted one time. Yes, one time in a year! Servers are not over-subscribed like most (all?) shared hosts are. You are guaranteed to get at least what you pay for, and when the CPU isn't being used 100%, you can use more than your share.

The packages are very straightforward and presented on the main page of their site. There are no contracts or setup fees. The prices are very reasonable.

They are constantly adding new features and they do listen to what the users ask for.

Some of the best features include: bandwidth pooling, optional backups, web console, dedicated IP (with access to rDNS), private IPs (for internal communication if you have more than one slice), choice of distro, and amazing uptime.

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Dan Dascalescu 28 Nov 08

I've had an entry-level 256MB VPS slice with Slicehost for one year.

NEVER did I need any support. Not a single ticket. Things just worked. The slice is unmanaged, but there is a concise management web application that lets you reboot the slice, change DNS settings and... that's really it. You just don't need anything more, yet it's surprising how many tickets you need to raise with other providers (I have experience with JaguarPC and Servebyte).

Reliability: since I reinstalled a newer Ubuntu, my slice did not reboot at all. I run htop and it displays an exclamation mark near the uptime: 182 days.

I don't run a traffic intensive site, but from what I've seen, uptime has been 100%.

Support: Slicehost has an impressive wiki, and lots of articles on how to setup and configure OSes, databases, e-mail, DNS, FTP etc.. There is also #slicehost on, where other users help you with any Linux administration question you might have (even if you don't have a slice), and a few Slicehost employees (PickledOnion, mateu) are online at any time.


* ugrades are not incremental at all. You can't ask for just more RAM; you have to buy the next level slice ($38), which has double RAM, double disk space, and double bandwidth, even if you only need the RAM.

* no CPU or network usage graphs. Linode offers those (ref)

* Price: $20/month for 256MB RAM appears to be a bit much. However, the only serious VPS hosting provider that I found having a better offer is Linode (360MB RAM for $20). I've looked at EuroVPS ($22..32, 384MB), JaguarPC ($40, 256MB), ServInt ($49, 384MB), Fluid Hosting ($40..50, 512MB), then at the top HostJury VPS providers with over 30% uptime: MyriadNetwork ($45, 256MB dedicated RAM), Liquid Web ($60, 384MB), steadfast {$30, 256MB), dreamhost ($31, 256MB RAM but no root access), aptHOST ($40, 256MB), HostICan ($45, 512MB), GoDaddy ($33..42, 512MB), Apollo Hosting ($28..40, 256MB), lunarpages ($40..45, 512MB), hostway (£39.95, 256MB)

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