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Choosing the right web hosting provider can be a task that seems never ending. With hosts offering the same features and cut throat rates, how you can tell the difference between them? StableHost has quality behind our name. We service our clients with the most reliable hardware, easy to use software and the most knowledgeable support staff in the industry.

You will fall in love with StableHost from the first click. From our simple to use control panels to the easily installable software such as blogs, chat rooms, social networks and more.

Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Had one site and mostly placeholder pages here for a year. When ever I checked, pages downloaded fast, and were always available. They even gave me a credit for a client I referred AFTER they already had the business locked in. (My web needs are so minimal, that I'm leaving for an even cheaper host, but if you want a stable host at a good rate, take em up on their 45 day money back offer -- I think 45.)

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Pham Can

I love Stable Host! Their hosting service is great! I have been using their service for few months. It is true with the word "Stable". I have not had any problem with them so far. This company always have promotions so they are giving very good price!

Highly recommended!

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Le Thanh Thuy

If there was one more choice for rating this host service that is something like " almost perfect" regarding its features, I would go for that one, because Stable Host is very fast and stable, excellent service, and the price is reasonable. But it would be perfect if it has unlimited host capacity, I hope it will be unlimited in the future. But anyway, I am happy with this host service and currently I have two account here.

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Ben Siron

Fast hosting, good support, good price, it was everything I needed.

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