Our high performance VPS hosting are carefully crafted to deliver the power of a dedicated server at fraction of the cost. All our virtual private servers are run on Premium hardware servers.

We offer an environment that promises high availability, and extreme scalability. Both of these give you more uptime, and better speeds, which will bring your site more visibility.

The VPS works great for new sites, growing sites and existing sites! We offer great VPS HOSTING world wide! Yes this means Offshore HOSTING. We do offer BulletProof Hosting for a higher price but then again you will able to host anything you want as it will be all allowed. These CHEAP VPS are great for HOSTING anything you desire, they are also Reliable VPS and you will not have to worry about your HOSTING going down.


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Dimitri Shikov

I bought this hosting from them around June and since then I've been using them. First it was for my own personal wordpress blog I had going but then since I got more traffic and I was using resources i was told i needed to upgrade to a vps to avoid any sort of suspension on the shared hosting. I did so on July bought a vps and they helped me every step on setting up the vps with cPanel and since then I think I will not leave them. I approve this hosting for anyone that wants something reliable and with the best support and friendly.

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Razar, Ali

I would like to just say that I have been hosted on vpsdatabase for 3 months. So far it has been the greatest host i have been to. The owner has helped me from creating my own site and performing maintenance when I needed it. I have recommended this site for at least 10 of my mates because they have been looking for a good reliable offshore host and they sure do provide a good quality service.

-Ali Razar

Owner of

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John Lakemi

This is the worst host i ever been on, worst support and the support is very rude and scammers also they not wanted to refund me the money i asked for. The link is very poor also. It is the same host owner as watch out the other one is image only don't recommended this

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Sales experience: very poor attitude, hardly answer questons, most of my questions are ignored.

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John Moye

It sucks, they are scammers. I bought a VPS, it went off for two days after I bought it.

I asked for my money back and the owner DELETED my account (I can't even see the support ticket)

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p m

BEWARE. they suck, didn't even have automated billing. so when i didn't have the time to pay their stupid invoice, they cancelled and couldn't even reinstate. his solution AFTER THE FACT WHEN IT WAS USELESS TO ME WAS TO PAY UP A BUNCH OF CREDIT.


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