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Founded in 2001, Webhosting UK has grown to become one of the largest web hosting providers in the UK, serving over 35,000 customers and hosting in excess of 1,000,000 websites across our network.

Unlike many competitors that have been brought and sold over the years, we have remained privately owned which has allowed us to retain our small business mentality towards customer care. This means we are accountable only to our customers.

As a private company, we have a unique ability to invest aggressively in new and emerging technologies. Many of the hosting solutions we offer today are the direct result of our continued investment and ongoing research and development

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Paul Gimmicks

Perfect British Ho─▒sting company. Around 1 year with them but I feel them like my mother and father for 50 years of trust!! Especially the Support Team is awesome. I had a highly positive experience with "Aidan K." Linux Technical Support representative and I had a trip to Nirvana with him/her :) Thank you very much wholeheartedly. I recommend them to everyone.

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L King

Online support via live chat with WHUK as always is superb. Quick response and patient knowledgeable staff who always resolve the issue quickly. Especially good service tonight from Kemp M.

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Chris Hardwick

Kemp was very professional, friendly and efficient and quickly helped me with my issue. Many thanks!

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